Let Cousin Sharon be in our hearts - always.
  • 56 years old
  • Born on November 27, 1955 in Mingo County, West Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on May 10, 2012 in Buskirk, Kentucky, United States.

This Memorial was created in the memory of our loved one;

Sharon Elizabeth Taylor-Wallace
56 year of age

Born on November 27, 1955
Passed away on May 10, 2012

We will remember you always Sharon

God Bless us all,

Paul D. Williams
Cousin - Glasgow, KY

Posted by Paul D Williams on 27th November 2018
Dear Sharon; It's begining to get Christmas busy all around and I didn't want to leave you out of all the fun. Love and miss you cousin. God bless,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 15th March 2018
Hey Sharon, just want to stop by and checking in. Still going through all my memories and photos of all my family that I can find. Love ya' Cousin, God Bless
Posted by Linda Estep on 27th November 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven!! I still miss you so much. We had some good times together...Love you!!
Posted by Paul D Williams on 27th November 2017
Dear Sharon; Just checking in with you on your Birthday today - you are missed Cousin. I'm always going through my memories of our families as we both grew up in different parts of the state. Love and miss ya' girl.
Posted by Linda Estep on 10th May 2017
I really miss you. I wish you were here to talk to..so much is going on. You were always my Rock. I love you!!
Posted by Paul D Williams on 10th May 2017
Sharon; It has now been five years today since you were called home to be with your Lord. You are still missed and thought of daily. Wish I could get in touch with Jim and say hello; just to check on him. Love and Miss ya' girl,
Posted by Paul D Williams on 24th March 2016
Miss you Cousin Sharon - I've tried to reach out to speak with Jim, but I am not able to make contact with him. God Bless Troy also, I know that he is with you now. I'm hoping that Jack is going to be OK. All I can do periodically is to ask Cousin Dreama about him, now and then, as I Just do not hear back from any of Troy's children. God Bless you Sharon and Troy, Love and Miss,
Posted by Jerinel Taylor on 23rd February 2016
Went to church for many years with Sharon and loved her dearly! I miss singing the song Build My Cabin with her!
Posted by Paul D Williams on 27th December 2014
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cousin; wanted to check in with you on Christmas Day but was out on the road until about 7am; simply passed out when I got home. Getting ready to head into the New Year girl, sure wish you were still with us so that you can help keep us all straight. Love ya' girl - I'll check in from time to time. Cousin Paul Glasgow, KY
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 27th November 2014
Good morning Cousin Sharon. You and I were not very close, but the many conversations that I've had with my brother Paul has made me feel as if we had been best of friends. I share the same feelings as many of your family and loved ones have already said above. God Bless and know that you are thought of often. Sammy
Posted by Paul D Williams on 27th November 2014
Hey Sharon; just wanted to stop by and say "Happy Birthday as well as Happy Thanksgiving." We think of you often, you are so missed. I know all is well with you and your Lord. God continues to bless you cousin - I'll stop by several times through the year, to check in on you.
Posted by Chrystal Lell on 14th November 2014
November is here, I think about you all the time & I still miss you so much but especially during this month. I remember how this month was always so hard for you & how I would call you more often just to make sure you were ok & I would tell you that November was the best month because you were born in it. I love you forever & always
Posted by Paul D Williams on 9th September 2014
Hey girl; I wanted to stop and say a few words, and continue to wish you well in your new found home with your Lord. God Bless you Sharon - you are so missed. Love ya',
Posted by Paul D Williams on 27th November 2013
Hello Sharon, I know you can hear me - Just wanting to check in with you and tell you that your 58th Birthday will be celebrated by many today. Miss you so much girl, our long talks on the phone over the years. I will think about you often, and will always hold a special place in my heart for you. Love ya',
Posted by Chrystal Lell on 27th November 2012
Happy Birthday Sissy !! I miss & love you so very much xoxo
Posted by Taylor Styles on 14th October 2012
I miss my maw-maw so much and i still cry about it but i know she is always with me through everything
Posted by Roger Dehart on 27th July 2012
Just missing you a lot, my sweet Sharon. Thank you for blessing my life and making me feel so loved. I'll never forget and I'll see you soon! Love you always...Judy
Posted by Linda Estep on 9th June 2012
It's been almost a month since you left us...it still doesn't seem real. You were always there for me whether it was just to talk or pray for my family. I know you will have many jewels in your crown because you have done so much for all of us. Thank you for being my friend.
Posted by Mary Ellen Smith Hamby on 8th June 2012
What a beautiful day the Lord has made, those words will always be with me thanks to Sharon. I miss our talks on FB and your sweet prayers for my family. You were a wonderful christian lady! Enjoy heaven, cuz!!
Posted by Marsha Chambers on 4th June 2012
Sister Sharon was such a Blessing to all who came in contact with her.i know she is heaven watching over all of us . god bless all of sharons family .
Posted by Tammy Sirbaugh on 26th May 2012
I feel so lost without my sissy. I miss the daily calls while I was on lunch, I miss the "I luv u but God luvs u more" everytime we hung up. I know where you are and that has comforted me thru this all. I know mom and aunt Hattie are right there by your side and you all looking after us down here from Heavens golden shores. I will see you again, I love and miss you, your little sis...
Posted by Judy Campanella on 14th May 2012
I will miss your posts of your appreciation of life every day and all of God's blessings. Your love for God was shown every day and now you are in His presence but your encouragement to others facing trials will be remembered. Now you are enjoying the blessings and rewards that God had in store for you.
Posted by Chrystal Lell on 14th May 2012
For as long as I can remember Sissy Sharon has been in my life, she was there to share my joys & my shoulder to cry on during the sad times. I will miss her so very much. I Love you Sissy xoxo
Posted by Tom Williams on 13th May 2012
I never met my cousin Sharon in person but from what I hear about her, and when I talked with her on the phone she seemed to be a very pleasant and very congenial person. My family will be praying for her as she meets our Heavenly Father and we'll be praying for the family she leaves behind. May God bless each of you during this difficult time. Tom,Deborah, & LeAnn Williams (Mississippi)
Posted by Paul D Williams on 12th May 2012
"Just sitting here thinking of you Cousin Sharon – and I ask the Lord, to please hold you close and to allow you to feel your family’s love as you remain in our hearts and minds as before. You have always been a good servant of the Lord and have always followed in the Lord's path; God Bless you Sharon. I love you, always have and always will - and God Bless your family."

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