Her Life

My Granny


My Granny : Sharon Steward ( Stanton)  , she was born on August 9,1941 . She had a twin sister who misses her very much . Her name is Karen Reddy. They were born to Leonard and Dorothy Stanton . She had alot of brothers and sisters. She was born in Indianapolis,IN .  My granny had  kids  they are Sue McNew , Kathy Cox, Beverly Cagg , Roxanne Isom, Darla Sadler, Bobby Sadler , Timmy Sadler, Roger Sadler .  She has 14 Grandchildren , and 21 Great Grandchildren. My granny had times when she struggled , but who hasn't ? She loved to play B-I-N-G-O , she loved sitting on her front porch , she loved her Family , she loved Country Music.

As a child I remember staying with my granny when my mom went into the hospital. Her and my papa ( Harry Steward) kept my sister Nikki and I . We went shopping at the grocery store and to Big Lots alot.  They bought us coloring books and crayons and a baby doll. My granny would always give us a bath during the middle of the day , I think just so she could put our hair up in curlers . I was so tender headed , but it looked good afterward . She would then fix us a sandwhich and chips , and afterwards down for a nap. After we woke up she would take our hair down , and we would play for awhile and color. She would color with us , she liked to color. We would watch shows together , like Mama's Family, The Jefferson's, Hee -Haw , Dallas,Dynasty , and more.  We would always have a good time there.  We also use to have kinda like family gatherings there and that was always fun. She was the one to teach us to color , she also taught us to play Aggervation, Uno,Skip-Bo, Phase 10,Bingo.

My Granny also helped my mom ( Darla Sadler) give me a small Baby Shower for both of my girls Heaven and Angel Ulshafer. I love my granny so much and miss her , I still cry every night because it just seems like she still be here. She left us on Christmas Day which was really hard especially since I lost my Sister ( Melissa Kessinger) on Christmas Day of 1991.  I know God had a place for her and was ready for her. But it's only natural for her loved one's to shed tears. Granny is Loved and missed by many , she touched many people's hearts . And everyone who knew her would call her Granny. She was the neighborhood Granny !!!  Granny I picked this song for the background because it was the best fit one as you were Gone To Soon!  Luv U Always .