Let the memory of Sharon be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on February 14, 1970 in Indianola, MS, Mississippi, United States.
  • Passed away on September 24, 2016 in Greenwood, Mississippi, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sharon Hunter, 46, born on February 14, 1970 and received her heavenly wings on September 24, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Evelynn Owens on 13th October 2018
Hey Sis Missing u as always I'm so lonely without u and I am trying. I'm still working and paying my bills but u are missed so much. Mom is doing good her and PawPaw. I only wanted to say I love you and miss you so much. LOVE YOU You sister Evelynn RIP EVELYNN
Posted by Betty Goins on 24th September 2018
Hello My Sweet Niece, I was just telling my co worker about this is a sad and happy day. My little niece turned 2 today and u been gone two years today. I miss you so much, I might didn't talk to you often, but you knew TT loved you and I'm glad of that. I'm can tell you this you would be so proud of your babies they're really doing good. I heard Shay Shay won Miss Football Sweetheart, I hope I got the name right. Lynn said that Wanda them is coming down for homecoming. I wish I could be there, but I will be there for her graduation. I love you niece, and keep a seat open for me. Keep watching over us and help us make the right decision on earth. Love your TT Betty
Posted by Evelynn Smart on 14th February 2018
Hey sis as always this is Lynn I laid a flower for missing u and lit a candle to honor our bday. Like auntie said its a honor that ur first grand been born and its a boy he favor u a lot.We been doing good but I haven't been to church since this yr came in got to do better. I'm trying to get me a good car but no excuses. I've been praying to go ahead and get my high school diploma and get a degree before I turn 55 with God grace. We are having Dad a birthday dinner on the 19 of May. Praying for a great turnout. Well sis you continue to watch over us and love and miss u so much. Love Lynn
Posted by Terri Lewis on 14th February 2018
Hello sis it's been a while since I been on here. I just build up the nerve to go into Wendy's I don't want to go in I I couldn't see you. Today would've been a great today because I was always there on this day to gave you you birthday present. You just don't know how much I miss you Happy Valentine's & Happy Birthday
Posted by Betty Goins on 14th February 2018
Happy Birthday in Heaven niece. It's been a long time since I talked to you. I know you are having a ball in Heaven with God. We missing you so much down here. I read all the post and some comments and everyone is doing as good as they can. You got your first grandson and he is so handsome. I wish family members would add pictures and comments here, but everyone grieves in there own way. Love you niece, and Happy Valentine's and Birthday!
Posted by Betty Goins on 25th November 2017
Hello Niece Its been a while since I jotted down a few words to you. I just finished reading your mother comment on your sister Lynn post, and just wanted you to know that they all hanging in there just missing you so much. I pray for my sister your mother often, because like she said only God knows how much she misses you. She said things not the same for her she is always morning your touch, smile, and voice. You know you have a God fearing, faithful mother, so no doubts she will see you again. I love you Shell and you will forever be in my heart. Continue watching over us and being one of our Angel. I can understand why God would want you there with him because you really lit up the earth with your beautiful, kindness and love, I know you are really shinning in heaven. Love you, and with God will I will see you again. Love TT Betty in you voice!
Posted by Betty Goins on 24th May 2017
Hello My Beautiful niece in Heaven, I love you so much. I still be feeling like you are just in Mississippi and I'm here. I know you are brighten up heaven even more. Today it's been 8 months since you received your wings. I'm still working on my life to make sure I will see you again. As far as I know everyone is doing the best they can without you here on earth. I love you Sharon Hunter! Your TT Betty
Posted by Lynn Smart on 24th May 2017
Hey sis it's Lynn today makes 8 months u been gone and 7 months we put u to rest. I'm doing OK some days and tired some days but I dare not to complain. Each day I carry myself as the woman of endurence cause I know I can do better. Ur store is really lost without u and they r trying so hard but its a big lost without u. I love u sis and can't no one or nothing change the hurt I feel without u love u so much. Ur sis Evelynn Smart
Posted by Betty Goins on 19th May 2017
Hello Shell It's Tete again, we doing fine down here. I know you're really enjoying yourself in Heaven. I be seeing The family on Facebook, look like everyone trying to carry on with life, but missing you as well. I love you and you will always be missed. Love your TT Betty in your voice, TT!
Posted by Betty Goins on 4th March 2017
Hello Shell my sweet niece, I miss you so much, I know we didn't spend a lot of time together, but the time spent together was very special, I love you and very happy you were in my life.I wanted to post a recently picture of the girls, they are growing up to be beautiful ladies. Continue flying high my sweet niece. Love TT
Posted by Yolanda Lewis on 21st February 2017
Everyday, I feel like I'm living in a dream. I just feel like you are at work and too busy to call. But then, I see R.I.P in front of your name and reality sets in. I realize you not coming back. I looked at all your birthday comments and I just couldn't mustard enough energy to type happy birthday because I knew you would never respond. I miss you so much and I want you back here, but I know God had better plans for His angel!!! I love you so much and everyday I tell myself that it is going to get better, but the thought of you hurts. I love you with all of me. Save me a seat next to you in heaven... Cause we going to walk around heaven all day
Posted by Betty Goins on 14th February 2017
Hello my Sweet niece Happy birthday in Heaven, I miss you and still trying to put It in my head you are no longer with us, it's just so hard to believe. I love you and will love you forever. I can still here you saying TT. Today I won't stop the tears, I will let them flow in the memory of you. Rest on my sweet niece, fly high! Love your Tee Tee Betty
Posted by Priscilla Dye on 14th February 2017
Hi sis I miss you so much. My head continue to hurt cause I miss you so much. I know you are watching over the entire family. Love you so much.
Posted by Betty Goins on 25th January 2017
Hello Shell I'm doing pretty good in this mean old world. My cousin Scooter got his wings a couple of weeks ago. Please show him the ropes, i know y'all are really having a good old time in Heaven. I love you and missing y'all everyday.
Posted by Betty Goins on 13th December 2016
Hello Sharon my niece that's in heaven. I miss knowing you are not in Mississippi living your life. I was talking about you yesterday and still the tears continue to come. Hopefully one day I will be able to talk about you without crying. Shell every time I talk to someone I love I try to tell them that I love them. I talked to Shay through text a couple days ago and she said she really had a nice time at her sweet 16 party. I wished I could have been there. My husband and I is leaving next Friday to spend Christmas with our oldest daughter, I'm nervous and excited to. I love you so much and missing you very much, continue resting easy, your TT Betty!
Posted by Evelynn Smart on 13th December 2016
Hey sis thus Lynn again ur baby sweet 16 celebration was very nice u wouldn't have approved wat she had on but she was so cute.She growing up before u know it she be married I'm so sorry I didn't tell u I love u before u passed but prayering u knew love u so much my sister I want u to sleep on in Jesus arms
Posted by Evelynn Smart on 7th December 2016
Hey sis Lynn again looking at our picture BESTMAN HOLIDAY. U and I looked at this and cried like a baby. Thinking about the time we shared while u was here.
Posted by Evelynn Smart on 7th December 2016
Love u mid u always my sister!!!!!
Posted by Evelynn Smart on 7th December 2016
Hey sis this Lynn love u and miss u so much doing good ur children are doing great to with God help.Spend a lot of time with mom. Went to ur store and had a moment but was ok after a few but had that moment. The store is nothing like wen u was there u are missed there. Finns take my GED test praying I get it. Bay miss u too so much he's doing good and I love him so much even though he make me mad sometime. Continue to sing and watch over us sis heaven surely got a angel love u!!!
Posted by Betty Goins on 3rd November 2016
Hello my sweet niece, I'm doing ok. All of your family missing you very much. I am still trying to hang in school but it's hard these days, but I know God going to keep blessing me. Love you until the next time. Your TT Betty
Posted by Evelynn Owens on 28th October 2016
Hey sis this Lynn again, I really been going Thur this week. I mean our car broke and we hitch hiking again yes and Bay got a job with animals.I know I got my heavenly father and my guidain angel.Mom is somewhat OK but u know mom. Shay,Twin,JJ is missing u so much but they OK.Miss u sis and continue watching over us love ur sis Lynn
Posted by Evelynn Owens on 26th October 2016
Hey Boo this Lynn, I'm here missing u so much its getting close to the holidays and I miss u being around so much. And I can't believe u really gone but God got other plans for u. I love u so much sis and u are missed daily,hourly,second,of my life.I got the house I been wanting and I wanted u to be here to help me decrorate and putting ur inputs in.I love u and I miss u sis I miss u.
Posted by Betty Goins on 25th October 2016
Hello Shell, I miss you so much, I promise you I will not stay away so long. I am glad I came home that January before you went to your ever lasting home, until we meet again I love you!
Posted by Betty Goins on 22nd October 2016
Hello my sweet niece I'm laying here trying to go to sleep, but I keep seeing your face. I miss you my sweet niece, just the thought of not talking and seeing you living again hurts so bad. I love you and won't never stop missing you!
Posted by Yolanda Lewis on 16th October 2016
Hey Sis, it's Mandy. Girl, I wanted to tell you that I got the counseling job. Hey look at God working it out. I wish you was here to say "Good Mandy Earl, I'm so proud of you!!! But I told you I was not going to quiet this time. I love you and miss you sis. Until we meet again, heart to heart, soul to soul, I love you!!!!
Posted by Evelynn Owens on 13th October 2016
Hello sister this is Lynn as the days gets shorter and the nights grows longer I miss u and as the trees turn brown and the leaves began to fall I miss u my heart is racing as I write this I'm missing u more I love u sis and I Dont want to cry but its so hard not to SHELL I JUST MISS U Im in school and with God hands I'm getting my GED and going to get me a degree I'm going to continue praising our heavenly father daily love u sis until we meet love u always
Posted by Priscilla Dye on 13th October 2016
Hello Shell, This Scilla your headache. I miss you each and everyday. Words can't express how much I miss you. I can't believe you are gone, I think about you daily. I love you and want to be save like you. So I accepted Christ in my life. And is not turning back. I know you are smiling down on me. I even want to be a Minister to the youth. Until we meet again.
Posted by Robert Hunter on 13th October 2016
I will make you proud of me sis I love you and miss you everyday
Posted by Yolanda Lewis on 13th October 2016
I never would have imagined you not being here!!! There are so many things I want to tell you, but when I start to dial your number I remember you are no longer here. I miss you calling my name and laughing with your head slightly tilted. There are so many things I need to tell you, but I felt like I had forever to say. Now, that you are gone I realized time is of the essence. If only I could hear your voice again
Posted by Shuntae Hunter on 28th September 2016
Rest in Heaven Sharon..❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Romonia Harper on 27th September 2016
I said I wasn't goin say nothing. Mrs Sharon you was like a mother to me. I miss you so much, I wish you was still here. Things you told me that you want me to do I'm so just what you told me. I miss you so much. #ripmommysharon/boss lady. Love you alway. I will never forget you. You will never be forgotten
Posted by Edgar Gibson on 27th September 2016
As an ex employee of Carlisle Corporation/ Wendy's My experience with Sharon was on a friendly basis and every time I would go to her job I would always have to make her smile. And last Monday I was messing with her, how hot it was in Wendy's and she started laughing. This women of God was a blessing to the Greenwood area. She touched lives far more than you can imagine and was a great encouragement for those that worked under her. I pray strength to the family. As a minister, if there is anything I could do for you, do not hesitate to give me a call.
Posted by Angela Johnson Wade on 27th September 2016
You were my parents neighbor for years, I watch you go from work to church to home, you were such a wonderful person an God knows best, he called you home, it's a hard reality that we never know when our time comes but you were a wonderful person in this earth an I pray for your babies an your family
Posted by MsEyesopenwide Banks on 26th September 2016
Posted by Margie D Clark on 26th September 2016
Hello Sharon im praying for ur love ones n heaven will gain a beautiful angel u r loved n will b truly missed
Posted by Veronica Cole on 26th September 2016
Hey Sharon, I'm glad I got a chance to know you. Your spirit was always sweet and you were very soft spoken. Beautiful singing voice.....I enjoyed singing with you on Natha's Praise Team. You left us too soon. I'm glad that we told each other that we loved you every time we saw each other. It was a sad day at Natha's yesterday. We missed you so much and the emotion was so high I that we couldn't sing. All you heard was crying and weeping cause we miss you sooooo much. We know you are in a better place. Thank you for all the laughter and smiles. God loved you so much that he wanted you all to himself. Thank you for my nick-name "Ronnie Co". I love you for being you. Thank you for gracing my life with your presence. Your Natha's family will always cherish your memory.
Posted by Betty Goins on 26th September 2016
Hello Shell It's me again your TT. I just sign in to stare at your picture. I love you and wonder what it meant you coming in my dream singing, are you telling me you are rejoicing with God and to hold my head up and be strong for the rest of the family. I love you and miss you already!
Posted by Evelynn Owens on 26th September 2016
Hey lil sis I miss u so much Lord I wished I could just hug u Missing U
Posted by Betty Goins on 26th September 2016
Hello my sweet niece, There is so much I want you to know, I love you and missing you like crazy. Although I didn't live in the same state with you I didn't love you any less. I know without a doubt you are looking down on us. I have confidence in our family that we are going to rally together and remember the good memories you shared with us. Sharon (bka Shell) love you until we meet again!

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