Aging without Choi Choi

Shared by Cecilia Pfeiffer on July 9, 2018

It's been 7 years since I left the sunny beaches;  But, I brought with me lovely stories and memories of that life. One was my fun times with Sharon. As I mentioned she is always with me looking over me with her last gift but our funny times together also make me smile throughout the days, and years. For example, she taught me to like small fedoras and wear them in style.

When you have a strong bond as we did it never diminishes with death....the memories carry me through my years with laughter.


Every day

Shared by Cecilia Pfeiffer on July 9, 2015

Choi is always with me as each day I pass her last gift to me sitting on a stand near my living room. She embroidered a good fortune sign in a shadow box. She makes me smile and I still think of our good times and silly times as well as our bad times. She was a true gift to me.

Getting to know Sharon

Shared by Tamara Francois on July 13, 2010

I've never told this story before (it's SO embarrassing!) -

I first met Sharon almost 10 years ago at Adolfo and Sarah's 4th of July Birthday BBQ.  I was there with my boyfriend and Sharon was sitting with him on the stoop.  I had never seen this girl before and of course my insecurities kicked in.   "Hi, who are you?" I asked.  It was Sharon and I did not like her.  Not for any other reason than the fact that she was talking to my boyfriend on the stoop…LOL!  By the end of the evening I was thoroughly embarrassed because anyone who knows Sharon knows that she is the nicest and sweetest person that you'll ever meet.  Who knew that I would grow to love her so much?

I've had the pleasure of becoming friends with Sharon over the past 2 years when she moved up to NY.  Although she did not say much Sharon always cracked me up – I think we cracked each other up!! She had a jovial spirit, even when Adolfo was making fun her.  They teased each other mercilessly.

This past Christmas Sharon bought me a cookbook.  I could tell it was a cookbook prior to opening it because of the wrapping and I just knew it was a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, my favorite chef.  Instead it was a book by the owners of the restaurant group Momofuku.  At first glance I was confused.  Why would she buy this for me?  All of the recipes were SO DIFFICULT and had 1,000 ingredients.  “Sharon, you think I am much better than I really am!”  But as I really read and dove into the book I became touched by her thoughtfulness because all of the recipes were Korean American recipes and thanks to the Choi family, everyone knows that I love Korean food.  Sharon was sharing her heritage with me in a way that I could love and embrace it.   It was actually the perfect gift from Sharon, caring and thoughtful like she was.   

This weekend we were at Sarah’s house and I gotta tell you, you were truly missed.  We didn’t want to talk about it because we are all mourning you and together we work hard to keep our spirits up.  But every so often I would catch myself turning my head to see where you were.  “Where’s Sharon, what is she doing and when is she coming over?” 

It’s amazing the ways in which people touch your life.  I’ve known other people longer but when Sharon came to NY she was instant family.  Whenever I saw her she would always ask about Mom and that always touched me because she was so sincere and I knew that really cared.  It feels like a whirlwind – Sharon moved to NY, loved us and we loved her back.  

I’m thankful for the time we spent together.  I wish it was longer.  I don’t know why God took you from us but I know without a doubt that you are shining your spirit in Heaven, in God’s Kingdom, among all of the angels.  Say “Hi” to my Poppy, I prayed and asked him to come and greet you.  And I can’t wait to see you again!

I love you and miss you.


From Auntie to Auntie

Shared by Yolanda Vasquez on July 12, 2010


Sweet Sweet Sharon,

You have left me a Big job caring for our girls, I could never fill your shoes, BUT you know I will love them for the both of US!

 I know you are watching over them always, and I will always tell them how much you loved them!

I know you are an angel in heaven, your spirit is in our girls!!!

I know you will guide me and let me know what they like and what they don't!!!

I will always see you in them, particularly Nina. She has your smile! 

And you will forever be in my heart!!!!!

Rest in Peace,

I love you, Julie

My thoughts are with the entire family.

Shared by Michael Alvarez on July 12, 2010

Why do we cry at the death of a friend or family member?
Could the tears bring them back, if it were that easy.

We shed tears to say goodbye, and to rejoice.

To say goodbye to a beautiful person who changed our lives,
who made an impact, who made things better,
and who was truly loved and will be missed.

To rejoice in whom they were, in what they became,
in what they overcame, in the grace of their soul, and
in the footprints they left behind that will never fade.


Sharon passed away  far too young,  with much life left to live.

My thoughts are with her entire family, I only hope their pain softens, and the
memories make them smile far after the tears of sadness have passed.


Friends forever

Shared by Jack Reilly on July 12, 2010

I hired Sharon back in 2001 to work at DataServ, in Blue Bell, PA.  Sharon was part of the original 8 member team that led the way to our success.  Sharon will always have a special place in my heart.  She was a quest at my house for a few Reilly parties and I'll never forget her throwing balloons full of shaving cream out ny bathroom window.

We worked hard and we played even harder.  I'm filled with great sadness recalling all the wonderful memories we've had over the years. 

To the Choi family I extend my sincere condolences.  I can't even begin to imagine the loss of a child, especially someone as wonderful as your daughter Sharon.

Eternal rest grant unto her my Lord and may perpetual light shine upon her.  Be Beslt my friend.

Quiet moment

Shared by Jacob Morris on July 12, 2010

This was probably taken after our many nights out dancing or working one of our numerous gigs.  But having her with me was a comfort.  Really more like a little sister.  I looked out for her as she fiercely looked after me.  That is one of the many, many good thoughts I will be holding onto for the rest of my life.



Atlantic City

Shared by Jacob Morris on July 12, 2010

Here is our beautiful Sharon with the old gang in Atlantic City.  She looks fantastic.  A great story about how she is dressed was that when I met her she had this habit of wearing baggy clothes and brushing her hair in that it would cover most of her face.  Well, I told her driving back from the club one night that she was beautiful and should show the world her looks.  She comes out  with her hair done up wearing a gorgeous vintage dress and just looking absolutely stunning.

My Dear, Sweet Friend

Shared by Jacob Morris on July 12, 2010

I met Sharon back in the late 90s during the swing dance revival in Philadelphia.  I needed a dance partner for gigs and Sharon become my partner (actually through proximitiy default as she was sitting right next to me and I turned to her and said, "You're my dance partner."  And she just nodded her head and said okay).  In no time she become my friend. 

For me it's like I have lost a sister.

I love you, Sharon.  I will miss you.

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