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Shared by Maggie Booth on September 4, 2011

 I remember when you lived in that trailer in plainview.  Don was still alive.  I used to bring the kids down there if they were with me to visit.  We used to sit up and just talk and laugh with the kids.  I will always remember you with fondness.   You used to make me smile. 

Shared by Theresa Jones on July 7, 2011

I remember a fourth of july when she lived in Plainview she had a B-b-q eveyone was there.she called me inside she was standing at the kitchen sink i asked her what she wanted,she then turned around and smeared food all over my face and in my hair,she laughed so hard she feel to the floor and was farting we all started to laugh.thatwas a good fourth .i love you mom.

The Bull

Shared by Shauna Walker on July 7, 2011

When living in Plainview, grandma had went outside to untangle the dog. Bent over with the chain in hand attempting to untangle it, grandma said she felt something starring at her. Dropping the chain she stood to her feet, turned around, and suddenly was face to face with the neighbors bull.

Now I can't tell you the rest of the story because if you knew my grandma then you would know that when she told a story she would have you laughing so hard you couldn't hear the rest of it. I can tell you she made it safely back into the house.... since she shared the story with me.

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