Sharon's blue period
Sharon Myers
  • Date of passing: Nov 1, 2012
She fed the birds.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Sharon Myers.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Peter Ye on 18th April 2017

"I did not know Dr Myers had left her beloved world until recently when my friend, another student of hers, introduced this website to me. Here, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Dr Myers.
When I first came to U.S. in 2009, my oral English was unpleasant and I could be extremely nervous at a speech in front of a big audience. Dr  Myers was one of the two most impressive teachers at USC that guided me in oral English step by step. She was a "perfectionist", correcting my flaws in pronunciation, however little they were. She had us try delivering speeches in front of the public, while listening to us and helping us polish them until they were good. I was amazed how big progress I made with her help.
Today, whenever I am preparing a speech, Dr Myers's instructions always come to my mind. When I gained awards from a presentation competition, when I expressed my research to numerous scientists including Nobel Prize laureates, or when I taught younger students in a class, I could always deeply feel how greatly Dr Myers had changed me. She is more than a teacher, but an educator.
I uploaded one piece of her audio track to this website, from which you might recollect her encouraging attitude and accurate corrections - her love to every one of her students. I will always miss her."

This tribute was added by Jude Pedersen on 19th October 2015

"I wanted to thank Sharon for her spot-on insights and writings in connection with helping second language learners become better writers. I just came across a couple of her articles in my research on how to become a better tutor. After years of struggling in this area, despite my education and experience, I have finally found answers. I am lucky that she lived, that she wrote and that she cared about truly helping people become better writers and teachers."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 30th April 2014

"Mama, over the months the blooming events can only be for you, they are so spectacular. The desert bloomed all its blooms at once. The Jacarandas spilled flowers. All the strange and exotic blooms that hide for years on end came out this past year. Beauty is always looking for you. All you have to do is let it find you. I water the birds for you. Christine keeps your garden and Quasar. Mama, you were taken too soon and there is such injustice. But the beauty still spills, out onto the concrete, out into the freeways, straight into our senses. There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That's how the light gets in."

This tribute was added by David Torrez on 6th September 2013

"I remember her like a mother. I thought of her as my mother. She was kind and giving. She was the best mother to a beautiful and bright child. I love you both and miss you still."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 4th August 2013

"As I watch BP, Exxon, InterOil, Enbridge, Chevron, Nestle, Suez, Veolia, and more trample and desecrate your grave. Pour toxic waste into the waterways. Kill the birds for fun. Kill the children for money. Kill their neighbors for nothing. I am heartsick, mama, I am heartsick and I feel helpless at the Countless Counts of Profits pouring filth all over your memory."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 4th August 2013

"And the place where we scattered you, gave you to the ocean, mama- that is a creek- a watershed. And now I understand what will happen there after First Flush- the first rains of the season that wash the oil, the trash, the sickness, the death, the horrors, from our streets into the ocean, right across your grave, right into your coffin. I am filled with with heartbreak and anger"

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 4th August 2013

"are your memories just memories, but my memories are too. Wakulla Springs has been polluted. Too many people visit Sitting Bull Falls. Nobody can put their hands in the water at McKitrick Canyons. And the Gulf, oh, mama- now the oil has had time to settle in, in, deep, and kill, kill, kill. Black oiled lifeless sticks poke out of the ground where once lush greenery full of herons were."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 4th August 2013

"Mama, I remember all the stories you told me of natural splendor- the abalone feasts, the monarch butterflies two feet thick as far as the eye can see, trees as far as the eye can see from a plane.. and how you took me to places that were natural and gorgeous. Mama, not one of those places in MY memory exists now- they have all been spoiled with trash, oil, greed, and plastic. So not only"

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 15th June 2013

"The Jacarandas are still weeping petals and fragrant for you. I went to the beach today mama, to help clean it, and there were pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces of plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic in the sands as we dug them out and I cannot help but weep at the trash in the ocean, your grave mama, I will tend it the rest of my life for you."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 18th May 2013

"The Jacarandas are in bloom and Tonio and I saw them today, we didn't see them, we could only see you.

The yellow roses- (Nana envelopes you too), your whole garden, Mama, and all over, they are weeping petals for you."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 9th April 2013

"I miss you so bad mama. I found the most beautiful iridescent shell in the beautiful tidepools you sent me all those pictures of. But I left it behind, since you are in the ocean now, I can't bring it home to you. If I take anything from the ocean now it is taking it from you. So I hope you saw the shell. I know you are here but there are empty places all over where your voice used to be."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 26th March 2013

"Mama we tended your garden. Christine takes good care of it. Tonio and I helped tame the weeds and vines. Fay's memorial is there in the leaves. Christine feeds the hummingbirds now and there is a happy family of them visiting regularly.

I saw you in the store mama. You looked like an angel"

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 2nd March 2013

"I miss you mama. Here is a single white rose. This one glows with moonlight stored in it. During the day it looks as though it is dusted in silver, it both softens and sparkles.

Mama you would dissolve my fears in a thousand points of light. Please come and comfort me tonight."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 19th February 2013

"Here is a long stem red rose and bunches of gardenias. They are fragrant. I'm laying them here. I'm loving you mama. I will dream of strawberries. I reach for our Kin."

This tribute was added by Mary Ann Murphy on 2nd January 2013

"Sharon was so enthusiastic - sharing her experiences, her love of photography, and her expertise in teaching. She pushed to re-open our department's dissertation writing course, a favorite of students and my very favorite to teach, and for that I'm extremely grateful. Sharon, I hope you are enjoying all the love and beauty Heaven has to offer. Faculty meetings aren't the same without you!"

This tribute was added by Eric Roth on 2nd December 2012

"There were many Sharons, and everyone saw a different side of her creative, rich, and full life. As a junior USC faculty member, Sharon generously shared her knowledge, teaching insights, and photographs. We often walked across campus together and smiled or sighed about events, news, politics, and life. "You know what you know."  I miss those campus walks - and her humane, savvy wisdom."

This tribute was added by Daoru Han on 1st December 2012

"I was one of her last students in ALI274, Fall 2011 semester. Shocked by her passing...

And her words always echoed around my ears: "Listen, don't repeat: errr, as in 'bird'..."

She never died. She just faded away..."

This tribute was added by my k on 27th November 2012

"I only know her from a class at USC, but I think she must have lived her belief for her entire life. I am convinced that countless students benefited from her teaching. She had a strong character which sometimes conflicted with students, but no one can deny that she always did her best for her students' improvement. My condolences to those who loved her."

This tribute was added by Chunji Wang on 18th November 2012

"I would never forget her kindness, her patience, her positive mind toward everything, her passion for life. May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Chunji Wang on 18th November 2012

"I was always looking forward to attend the classes of Dr. Myers in that semester. The lectures were easy-going, relaxing, but at the same time informative and challenging. The homework was also interesting, and I felt very good after finishing them. That semester was the first semester for me in this country, and I got lots of help from her, to make the transition of life."

This tribute was added by Dongyuan Zhan on 18th November 2012

"I was in Dr. Myers' class last fall. I learned much in pronunciation from her. She is one of most devoted teachers I have seen. Her passing is a great loss to the school and the students. Wish her rest in peace. Her spirit will always encourage us to work hard, to love deep."

This tribute was added by Moncho Raposo on 17th November 2012

"I was his student of ALI 274. We were both two strong characters, and sometimes we clashed. However, I think she was a extraordinary person, with a past full of beautiful experiences, and it is a terrible lost. My dearest condolences to the family because I am sure she left an incredible void in their lives."

This tribute was added by Wangxue Deng on 17th November 2012

"I was a student in her ALI 274 class. I can't express how lucky and grateful I was to be Dr. Meyers' student. Her carefulness and love to every student in her class deeply touched and inspired me all the way. When I was firstly assigned to her class, she told me this class would be WORTHY. When I finished ALI 274, I realized it's more than WORTHY, it's priceless. May her rest in peace."

This tribute was added by May Guo on 17th November 2012

"I was so stunned and sad to know that Dr. Myers passed away. I took her writing class for 2 semesters. Dr. Myers has been an extraordinary teacher, devoting, loving, humorous, and inspiring. I learned so much from her, and she has a great impact on my writing, helping me to be a consider writer - for the audience. She also invited several students to her home. I enjoyed her very much. RIP."

This tribute was added by Rosa Chan on 17th November 2012

"Dr. Myers was definitely the best professor I had ever had. I took her writing class in grad school. She taught me the importance of communication through writing and presentation. Her extra support and encouragements helped me to get through my most depressed days in the US. I looked up to Dr. Myers as a teacher and role model.
Sharon, thanks for everything. I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Yanting Wu on 17th November 2012

"Dr. Myers is one of the best teachers I have ever had, very knowledgeable and very responsible.  My pronunciation improved a lot because of her. I was in her class in Fall 2011, but I had never thought that I would be one of her last few students. I am very sad to hear the news that she passed away. I will miss you, Dr. Myers, and may you rest in peace in heaven."

This tribute was added by Cheng Chou on 16th November 2012

"Dr. Myers taught me last year. We are her last group of students. When she was teaching us, she had been sick. She is a very good and responsible professor. She spent so much time and energy on helping us despite her health condition. Thank you, Dr. Myers. I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Mehrtash Manoochehri on 16th November 2012

"Dr. Myers was a great professor. I learned many things from her. I became very sad after getting the email today.
I was in her class two years ago, Fall 2010.
Wish the best for her family."

This tribute was added by Tongtong Guo on 16th November 2012

"Dr. Myers was a respectful and knowledgable person. She was one of the best teacher I have ever had. It was my honor to be in her class. I knew it was painful fighting against cancer. But I believe your beautiful and strong mind eventually conquered the inevitable end of all human beings. Hope it was a relief for you and your family.  May you have peace in heaven."

This tribute was added by Helder Filipe on 16th November 2012

"Dr. Myers was an extraordinary Professor, always extremely devoted to her students.  It was such a joy meeting her in my first years at USC. She will be deeply missed. My condolences to her family and friends."

This tribute was added by Wajih Daab on 16th November 2012

"It is with great sadness that I learned of the recent death of Dr. Sharon. I came to know her through the ALI class she taught at USC. She was a great source of knowledge and definitely an excellent professor!
My heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr. Sharon"

This tribute was added by Tessy Tzoytzoyrakos on 14th November 2012

"My dear Sharon,
I hope that as you are exploring the beauty of heaven you can take a quick glimpse of these love notes and remember how much you were loved and admired on this earth. Your bright mind and your warm heart have left their mark on countless students and all of us at USC. We miss you."

This tribute was added by Juli Kirkpatrick-Leach on 13th November 2012

"I feel very privledged to have been touched by Sharon's love.  She was always a very supportive colleague to me and more importantly, made me feel special about myself and my family.  I will always cherish the children's books she passed on to me and the photographs she shared with me. We miss her wisdom and wit at the ALI.  We are all the better for having known her.  God Bless Her."

This tribute was added by Cynthia Dong on 12th November 2012

"I worked with Sharon at the ALI for about five years before I moved to Timor Leste. She was always ready to offer words of wisdom and encouragement and her genuine concern for her students was evident. Two Christmases in a row she was generous enough to share her beautiful photography with me through gift CDs, which gave me a greater sense of the lovely person she was. She will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Martin on 12th November 2012

"I met Sharon & her daughter Kalisa in Tallahassee when they arrived for her PhD work at FSU. We became immediate & close friends & they both remain a part of my family today. Every time I had a conversation with Sharon she would reveal another truly amazing chapter of her earlier lives and provide brilliant insight into my own. I will miss you, Sharon."

This tribute was added by Kalisa Myers on 12th November 2012

"Mama. You made everything you touched love its life."

This tribute was added by Jim Cunningham on 12th November 2012

"Sharon was a good friend and colleague. She worked at the USC American Language Institute from 2005 until 2012, and was known for her expertise in the development and teaching of English classes for international students and teaching assistants. In her free time Sharon loved gardening, cats, and photography. She would often share her best photos with us. Sharon will be greatly missed."

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