Happy 57Th birthday

Shared by Jennifer Garcia on August 26, 2019
Happy birthday in heaven mom! We love u and miss you deeply !!

miss u mom

Shared by Jennifer Garcia on June 26, 2019

We miss you!! 

I remember when we went camping and had the best food on the fire. 

I remember all the times you were there.

I remember all the wisdom and advice you gave.

I remember you were one of the few I could whole heartily TRUST and COUNT ON any time of the day. 

I remember your laugh and smile as if we saw you yesterday. 

As the day and months go by one thing remains the love. Love you Mom we will always remember you, honor you and cherish you. Never forgotten. 


Sharon Lynn Cazier (Raquet)(Emig) 


Shared by Jennifer Garcia on June 1, 2019

Remembering playing poker with mom and all the good.timss :) so many things come to mind. So laughs soany good times. My mom taught me so much .... I remember our conversations and all the wisdom

 The adventures and amazing fun times

Going to Disney, AZ, Idaho, OR, WA and North Carolina. My whole life I had my mom and in a flash she's just gone. We will never forget u and always lift your name and honor.u! 

Thank u for loving me

Supporting me 

Havimg unconditional love 

Being my best friend and confidant. 

You were one rock star Mom and truly one of a kind with a heart literally made of gold 

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