Shauna Malone-Kemp
  • 42 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 31, 1970
  • Date of passing: Jan 30, 2013
Let the memory of Shauna be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shauna Malone. We invite you to add your tribute below and add pictures and stories.

Shauna was a beautiful person, who filled the lives of those who knew her with an unforgettable ray of sunshine.  She was someone who simply loved life, and loved those that she was blessed enough to have be a part of her life.

Shauna passed away January 30,2013, from complications resulting from pnuemonia. She is survived by her husband of 5 years, Andreas Kemp, daughters Mara and Carly, her parents Tom & Mary Malone and her sister, Molly Malone.

We will remember her forever. obituary:

Please send letters about Shauna to Andreas so that he has then to share with the girls later in their lives when they want to know.

Mailing address for cards & letters:

Andreas Kemp
2716 Darnby Drive Oakland, CA 94611

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by June Wedeking on 30th January 2018

"Always in my prayers ......"

This tribute was added by Sabrina Heim on 30th January 2017

"Miss you, Shauna, forever and always.  Here we are . . . me, your high school adult leader . . . but, you are one of my guiding lights.  You have always been a great blessing.  XOXO"

This tribute was added by James Loken on 30th January 2016

"We are still saddened at the loss of a bright bold loving child of God!
And our hearts ache for Tom and Mary and all the family.
We love you all!"

This tribute was added by Joleen Jessen on 14th March 2015

"Dearest Shauna...I just found the most beautiful song and wish so, so,so badly that you were here to sing it with me.  I know you'll love it.  The chorus goes like this: " In praise or lamentation, Peace or desperation; any way I do, I come into the presence of the Lord. "  I miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Tony Phillips on 5th February 2014

"To my old high school friend Shauna Malone- The greatest actress, singer, dancer, & all around super funniest girl you could ever know!! We performed in countless festivals & plays together growing up because Acting was our passion.. It was an honor to share the stage with her, and maybe we always got along because we almost shared the same birthday, merely but a week apart. She embodied Humor in such a way that you just wanted to chuckle alongside her even if it was a serious role, which she did superbly as well.. But she made Funny much Funnier and often Funniest, then had the boisterous laugh to prove it!! And boy could she SING.. hold a tune like no other... Best damn Mary Magdalene i've ever heard!! But such is Life sometimes, and Death it seems, just a roll of the dice on a crappy card table with the odds stacked a mile high against you.. But it can also go the OTHER way, the GOOD way, the HAPPY way, the way of the Eternal HaHa.. So don't forget to Laugh, Smile, Sing, Tap your Feet, & Hug your Neighbor, People!!! Do a naked cartwheel down the the street if you have to... We need the Laughter to drown out the Sorrow!! After all, the next generation has to see us ENJOYING OURS if there's to be any Hope left in the World... So see you around for the Curtain Call, Shauna!!!!!! :)"

This tribute was added by Judi Bendewald on 31st January 2014

"Loving thoughts and blessings on this one year anniversary to all of you!  I am so happy that I got to see you, Mary and Tom, and Andreas, and particularly Mara and Carly!  Missed you, Molly.  It is very special to honor Shauna and her beautiful life by re-reading these messages.  Shauna will always be missed; as the writer Robert above says, "Those we love are never really lost to us - For everywhere their special love lives on.""

This tribute was added by June Wedeking on 30th January 2014

"Years may pass, but that smile will always be in my mind and I can close my eyes and see it whenever I feel down.......we'll meet again......God willing"

This tribute was added by Angie DuPasquier on 30th January 2014

Thinking of you often but especially today, one year later !
You are my little star. When I'm not in a good part of my life, I'm thinking of you, of our talks we had and I go ahead in my life !
Thanks for that !
Love always.
Angie (Switzerland)"

This tribute was added by Ann Williams on 11th May 2013

"It has been many years since I saw your wonderful family but I think of you often.  I cannot imagine the sadness of losing a child and, especially, one as special as Shauna was.  The messages of love show that Shauna was just as loving as an adult as she was as a child.  You will be in my prayers."

This tribute was added by neil doherty on 1st March 2013

"An exceptional person, so full of life, helping  children in our most underprivileged communities;  coping with  heartbreaking injustice, and managing to do so with a smile. She brought such authenticity, sincerity; intellect and optimism to her work; always seeing the good in people.   She made a huge difference in so many lives both clients and staff; her absence is profoundly felt"

This tribute was added by Rebekah Balboni on 26th February 2013

"I think of you every day, Shauna and my memories of you are always that you are smiling, laughing, saying something positive or reaffirming. You truly carried a strengths-perspective with you and not only in your work with your clients but in your every day life. My family and I have started singing the Johnny Appleseed prayer/song before dinner at night. For me, its in your honor.I miss u"

This tribute was added by Sabrina Heim on 22nd February 2013

"I think of Shauna every day.  Today is my day to tell her family - Tom, Mary, Molly, Andreas, Mara and Carly that she is missed and they are loved.  The quality I picked to replace Shauna's is love.  It's a big job--to do something that came to her so naturally.  Love you, Shauna."

This tribute was added by Dick barthelmes on 13th February 2013

"Dear Shauna:
As one of the ancients once said:
"To the day when the strong will be just and the weak will be free"
You are in our hearts as we strive toward that goal.
Bart & Alix"

This tribute was added by Carolyn McGovern on 12th February 2013

"I knew Shauna through the Lutheran Volunteer Corps local support committee, which she co-chaired when we were  just beginning the Bay Area group 10 years ago. I always remember her at our gatherings, in her "Lutheran chick" t-shirt--charming everyone with her humor and making all the new volunteers immediately comfortable. She had so many gifts!"

This tribute was added by Wendi Fuller on 10th February 2013

"As a seasoned traveler herself, Shauna always asked the most thoughtful and intelligent questions during our UWP year. Her natural curiosity and appreciation of different cultures helped all of us learn something new each day on the road. Tom, Mary, Molly, Andreas, Mara and Carly, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I'm so thankful for Shauna's friendship, warmth and laughter."

This tribute was added by Lara Dickinson on 7th February 2013

"Shauna, tonight we sang "the lord is good to me" joyously...Audrey suggested we hold hands at the dinner table and I thought of our camping trips and smiled through my tears.  You gave us many wonderful memories...the growing friendship of our girls, church, camping, spanish, dinners, parties, playdates, and so much hearty laughter.  We all opened up to your warm heart and felt your love."

This tribute was added by Colleen Sanford on 6th February 2013

"Shauna was both one of the funniest people I've ever known, and one of the kindest.  An amazing combination in one person.

I was so excited for her when she became a mom, and happy that I got to see her with her girls.   She was a gift to them."

This tribute was added by Catherine Franck on 6th February 2013

"Dear Shauna,
You left us all too soon.  We are smiling through the tears missing you and remembering you.  Thank you for all the joy you have given us at Eden.  My heart is heavy with you physical absence although I know that you are still here.  Deepest sympathy to your beloved family."

This tribute was added by Rachael Feigenbaum on 6th February 2013

"My dear Shauna, when I think of you, light, laughter and your beautiful smile take hold. I always marveled at your good nature and compassion in all situations. We met on the brink of adulthood and our friendship helped shaped who I am today. Your warmth was infectious and I'm so sorry that your girls will not experience this. I will love you always."

This tribute was added by Carmen Schmieder on 5th February 2013

"Dear Shauna, I'm sorry, but right now I have more tears than words. My heart is so heavy when I think about your kids. They don't even know, what a tremendous, fabulous always giving mummy they are going to miss. I'm so glad I've got to know you. You are able to touch people in their soul.You touched me!! Thank you for that, thank you for being you! Love you always! I pray for your family."

This tribute was added by Eefje Jacobs on 4th February 2013

"Dear Shauna,
I was only 12 years old, when you stayed with us, during Christmas break with UWP. It is 20 years ago, but I still remember you as a warm and kind person. I'm sure you've given that to your girls.
Thinking a lot of you and your family.
Eefje (Geert's sister - Belgium)"

This tribute was added by Jeff Whitley on 4th February 2013

"Shauna, you were a source of joy and happiness to me and my entire family.  All of the Whitleys who knew you (Ralph, Ann, and Joanna) and your family are grieving your loss.  Your family is in our thoughts and prayers, and I will always remember and appreciate your kind and outgoing nature."

This tribute was added by Mercedes Colombres on 4th February 2013

"I remember a Christmass we spend together in Argentina, Molly and Shauna, me and my sister, in our home. We all missed our parents, but we had a wonderful time together!!!!!. Shauna was, as molly is, a very funny and lovely person. We send our love to her husband and children and to Molly, Tom and Mary. Mercedes Colombres y Fernando Herrera"

This tribute was added by michael malone on 4th February 2013

"Such sadness to lose such a wonderful person. God bless Shauna and
we will keep you in our prayers. May your light always shine down on your family. Rest in Peace.
cousin Michael and all the Malones in Milford and Ireland."

This tribute was added by Andrea Martin on 4th February 2013

"We haven't talked in many years, but you were always one of those people who could pick up mid-conversation where we last left off.  The world is worse without you.  Blessings to your family and may your memory live in their hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Natasha Earling on 3rd February 2013

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -Mother Teresa  
"Shauna, you had a kindness and love that radiated from you and touched everyone you met. We feel so fortunate to have known you.Somehow, in your special way, you made everything fun and joyful. We will strive to live up to your example and will remember you always. Tim & Natasha"

This tribute was added by Barbara Stefanides on 3rd February 2013

"No words can express the gratitude of having known Shauna and the sadness of her passing.  Shauna was truly one of the most beautiful people I have every met."

This tribute was added by Shehara Wanigatunga on 3rd February 2013

"I met Shauna through SF Moms group and I always gravitated towards Shauna because of her easy going demeanor and her laughter.  It was very sad when she moved to Berkeley because I knew I wouldn't see her as much but I really wanted to get her know her better.   Unfortunately we never did get together.  Anyone who met her knows she is a special spirit.  My deepest sympathies"

This tribute was added by Colette Magnaguagno on 3rd February 2013

"Dear Shauna, I still have no words! I just miss you and your smile so much. I'm so glad to got to know you and travell with you. Even it's 20 years ago, I still hear your laughter and see you standing right in front of me. My thoughts are with your family and you, Shauna. Love forever.

This tribute was added by Julie Hood on 3rd February 2013

"Shauna...Warmth, laughter, acceptance, love, beauty, respect, intelligence, strength all encompass you. Thank you for the most powerful friendship we will ever know. You loved us so deeply and you are in our hearts always.
Julie, Randy and Bradley"

This tribute was added by Julie Silberstein on 3rd February 2013

"I feel so sad I missed the sunset tribute to Shauna yesterday evening.  If there is another one planned please let me know.  I would have loved to light a candle in her honor and to support her family.  Thank you, Ellen, for posting this message.  All my love and support to Shauna's beautiful family.  Julie Rowe Silberstein"

This tribute was added by Paula Andrews on 3rd February 2013

"Beautiful Shauna, who will laugh with me in the kitchen during holiday prep and clean ups?  Who will slip away with me to the bedroom "to check on the girls" and then talk like crazy trying to catch up on the last few months since we were together?  Who will I stand by during sing alongs so I can keep tune?  (even though you were always harmonizing?)  My life was blessed because of you."

This tribute was added by Heather Schroeder on 3rd February 2013

"Shauna - you were the brightest light in any room and inspiring to everyone who was lucky enough to meet you. We traveled in UWP 20 years ago and she was a dear friend to all. What a kind and genuinely loving person. Shauna just loved every moment. Love to her family in your grief, and thank you so much for sharing this vibrant soul who brought love to so many lives. I love you Shauna!"

This tribute was added by Madeline Trait on 3rd February 2013

"You are a beloved friend and have left a deep imprint in my heart with your unconditional love, adventurous spirit and contagious laughter. You will be missed for all these things and never forgotten for them as well. I am so happy to have had you in my life."

This tribute was added by Leslie Kilcullen on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna, I was so blessed to spend the years at PVHS with you. I will always remember your positive voice through the many years of volleyball games and  practices. You had a way of making everything seem better and brought such joy to everything you was infectious. May your family find comfort in how well you were loved by all who were lucky enough to know you."

This tribute was added by Marlyn Franklin on 2nd February 2013

"Words cannot express the sadness I feel for your loss.  May your strong and deep faith sustain your wonderful family during this time.

This tribute was added by William Yeh on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna, I was lucky enough to attend PVHS and go on the school's Europe trip with you. Even back then I could tell that you radiated a pure happiness that made you unique. Something told me you would carry that happiness into adulthood and use it to bring joy to others. Clearly you have done that, and now, my heart is breaking for your family."

This tribute was added by Alexis Sheehy on 2nd February 2013

"My sympathies are with Shauna's family. I can't imagine the loss of a child, the loss of a sister, the loss of a wife and the loss of a mother to such small children--and Shauna was all of these. I know that Shauna's faith and that of her family is a blessing. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Love, Alexis Sheehy"

This tribute was added by Karen & Steve Hamilton on 2nd February 2013

"We knew Shawna best during the years of 1982 - 1988 through Ticktockers.  She was always a joy to be with, always positive, caring and fun loving.  We cherish the time we had with the Malone family during these years.  Our prayers are with the Malone family.

Karen and Steve Hamilton"

This tribute was added by Karen & Steve Hamilton on 2nd February 2013

"Shawna was such a joy to have known.  We loved being around her and her family during the years she was in Ticktockers, 1982 - 1988.  She was always very positive, caring, and  fun loving  We had many family outings which we will always cherish.  Our prayers are with all the Malone family."

This tribute was added by Jo Sanger on 2nd February 2013

"I did not know Shauna well but I know her Mom and Dad and know that she was loved and admired tremendously. My heart is with all of your wonderful family dear Malones at this saddest of imaginable times. I know that your great strength and love and faith will help you.  Know that Chad and I are with you.  Love, JoAnne"

This tribute was added by Cynthia Leathers on 2nd February 2013

"Mary, Tom, Molly, Andreas, Mara and Carly, it's so hard to imagine this loss. May all of the beauty, warmth, love and kindness of Shauna be with you always. There is so much love to envelope you all. With tears, tears, tears here in Southern California as we try to process this passing. Love and peace to you all, Cindy, Chris and family"

This tribute was added by Deb Swanson on 2nd February 2013

"Andreas, my name is Deb Rygh Swanson and Shawna and I grew up in the same church.  I lost my husband 3 months ago, he was 47.  It was sudden, just like your loss.  This is the hardest thing I have ever lived through but we get up everyday for our kids.  I have found comfort in hearing others like stories so wanted you to know you are not alone on this terrible journey.  I am so so sorry."

This tribute was added by Ted Coene on 2nd February 2013

"Tom & Mary, my heart goes out to you.  I lost daughter #3 child on 1/17 her birthday, her Mother came for her so it was beautiful.  She faught stage IV brean st cancer 5 years and 10 months.  Shana's seems to have been sudden.  Fortunately for me everyone I have lost was after lots of time to prepare.  I can only imagine your grief and shock.  I remember Shauna and what a neat kid she was."

This tribute was added by Jenny Hare on 2nd February 2013

"I have so many happy memories of the Alta Vista and Chadwick friends of my daughter, Ellie. Car pools, trips to the beach, A Midsummer Night's Dream and singing songs in line at Disneyland! Shauna was a shining star and I send love to Molly, Mary and Tom and the rest of her family at this very sad time. Jenny (Hughes-now-Hare)."

This tribute was added by Ellen Hartwick on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna, you wrote the book on mindfulness, of being present to every moment, seeing the big things that we call the "little things" and sharing your joyous lens for others to look through. My memories with you are filled with viewing the humor in situations. You filled life with forgiveness, possibility, delight, love and kindness. My plan--fly more kites with Shauna in my heart."

This tribute was added by Ellen Hartwick on 2nd February 2013

"Dearest Shauna, I love you and am compelled to try and live as you showed us--with love, joy, spirit, and community. If you are Palos Verdes local, please join me today Saturday, February 2, @ 5:00 for a sunset walk starting at Tom and Mary's home, 1617 Via Montemar. Bring a token of love or a flower for Shauna and a flashlight and candle to light for Shauna,"

This tribute was added by Jo Panitch on 2nd February 2013

"I remember you as a shining light, one destined for greatness. And, in your all-too-short life, you did attain greatness as is exemplified in these many heartfelt testaments expressed herein. You deeply touched the lives of so many, bringing joy wherever you went. You brought two beautiful souls into the world. You loved well. You laughed well. The physical world has lost a beautiful soul."

This tribute was added by Charles Durand on 2nd February 2013

"I grieve for you on passing of Shauna. There is something unnatural about a parent burying a child. Across the miles from Tennessee, you will be in my prayers. I look forward to your reunion with her when you, too become transformed in the image of the risen Christ."

This tribute was added by Els De Laet on 2nd February 2013

"Our deep compassion for the family of SHAUNA- she celebrated Christmas"72 in our home(Geert jac) She was a pretty,friendly girl-
we enjoied to have her and see Antwerp .She was always a good friend of Geert.Pictures will come later.We remind SHAUNA FOREVER thinking and praying for her and the family-Els(mother Geert belgium)"

This tribute was added by Marcel Heggli on 2nd February 2013

"My dear Shauna. My heart starts smiling when I think of you. You brought so much happiness and joy into my life. The year that I traveled with you in Up with People was so special thanks to you and your friendship. I will always remember your kindness and your smile. So glad that I got to meet you last July in Tucson again. My toughts are with you and your loved ones. Marcel (Switzerland)"

This tribute was added by Cynthia Morales on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna - you made us laugh, you brought us together and you make us remember that you were simply the best. You were one of the funniest people I met and I'll remember how you paid homage to food like no one else, you petted your friends and you loved us unconditionally! I’m so privileged that you came into my life and to have known you, amiga mia!"

This tribute was added by Sabrina Heim on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna, in my heart  . . . always have been, always will be.  How I hope you have known this over the years.  It was my great blessing to have such a wonderful role in your life during your chldhood and teen years.  You are proof of God's promise that in acts of Christian service we are rewarded greatly.  Participating in your life as youth leader was never a chore, it was my great joy."

This tribute was added by carolyn rollins on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna, beautiful soul that you were, when I think of you, I think of your smile, your laughter, how you ran down the basketball court, how you sped across the swimming pool. You were one of my buddies in high school. We lost most of our basketball games, but it didn't matter. We just had fun. We weren't Oympic swimmers, but we had a good time. Miss you. - Carolyn Trovato Rollins"

This tribute was added by Jill Panitch on 2nd February 2013

"Shauna, dear Shauna, you were one of the most special souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Even though we lost touch through the years, the thought or mention of you would always bring a smile to my face. I can so easily think of singing with you in 8th grade and laughing so hard until our cheeks hurt. I will never ever forget you. Much love to your family..."

This tribute was added by Maria Ernst on 1st February 2013

"Shauna, I can't believe you are gone.  I knew you since you were just an adorable little giggly girl and through your years growing up.  You were in the youth group with my children and you were always such a joy!!! You made everyone happy just to be around you with your laughter and zest for life.  I know God has a special place for you."

This tribute was added by Judi Bendewald on 1st February 2013

"Shauna,  We all are weeping as we all have lost a most wondrous person.  I remember the easy and honest way you shared,   with everyone.  You put us all at ease and you just glowed.  You have been taken too soon, but now your love and light will shine through your husband and those beautiful little girls, and through us all."

This tribute was added by Amanda Gordon Henkel on 1st February 2013

"Dearest Shauna ~ I always saw you as a shinning star. You were someone who I always looked up to all my life. I will still look up to you~in heaven~and be inspired by the vibrant life you showed us all. Love, Amanda"

This tribute was added by gloria gomez on 1st February 2013

"Shauna: I think I told you this before when we met last year in Tucson but now I want everybody to know why you were so special to me...Your smile bright up the moment I shared with you and your sweet words in our talk were very helpful and made me feel a real peace. I know now that God let me the great opportunity to see you at least one last time. Rest in peace. Love you and miss you."

This tribute was added by Cheryl Harman on 1st February 2013

"You, my dearest, Shauna, were infectious and contagious.  When you were in the room everyone became a better person.  Did you ever know a stranger?  I doubt it as you made people feel so special they wanted to be your friend.  Joan loved you greatly.  You were a beautiful maid of honor in Joan's wedding.   Many fond and meaningful memories  I will cherish you in my heart forever."

This tribute was added by Holly Powell on 1st February 2013

"Shauna, I remember your smile from the halls of PVHS, but it's our younger years at Chadwick that have always stayed with me. I have shared, many times, w/ my own 2 daughters the story of the incredible trip around the world you took with your family. It was a lesson in living simply and being a citizen of the world that I've carried since. Hugs to your beautiful family, Holly Bryan"

This tribute was added by Julie Silberstein on 1st February 2013

"Sweet, sweet Shauna.  You were such a beautiful soul.  In high school you were one of those rare individuals who could be in this world but not of it.  I always admired that quality in you. When we reconnected briefly 10 years ago it felt like no time had passed.  You were still the warm and compassionate woman you had always been.  You will always be in my heart."  Julie Rowe Silberstein"

This tribute was added by Shana Lazenby on 1st February 2013

"Oh Shauna,  I can vividly see your warm smile and still can feel your unconditional love for everything around you.  You will be missed, but remembered as the person we were lucky to have known, however short or long.  Heaven should not have taken you so soon!!  Who else could make me feel good about wearing a mop on my head as we did in Joseph, as Pharaohs Guards!!  Bop-shoo-wop!! Luv u."

This tribute was added by meaghan grider on 1st February 2013

"Shauna was a beautiful soul. There was always something special about her earnest kindness and straight shooting conversations. We sang on balconies together, stayed up way too late and laughed with pure joy. She was truly remarkable."

This tribute was added by Marilyn Hoffman on 1st February 2013

"Shauna,--Memories of special times through the years will live forever in our hearts--watching you and Suzi grow up together in church and then again  in Ticktockers , on into adulthood, parenting, etc.. We know you are at peace and hold you and your wonderful family in our prayers. God bless!"

This tribute was added by Kelly Nash Demos on 1st February 2013

"Shauna... This news has hit me so hard and made me so terribly saddened... You were one of those people that I always hoped to see at a reunion or at the store, or just somewhere... You MADE my trip to Europe so fun, special, and memorable. When I think of my time there, I think of you... Tap, tap, "Dick, Dick? Are you there??"   Always a place in my heart- you were AWESOME."

This tribute was added by Stefan Källman on 1st February 2013

We met 20 years ago in Up With People and I'm so proud to call you my friend. I wish I could spread smiles and happiness like you could. This world and I are missing you. I'm so happy I got to see you last summer in July. I will cherish those memories in my heart until we meet again. Miss You. Stefan Kallman, Sweden"

This tribute was added by Alden Chato on 1st February 2013

"My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends and family. I only knew you for a brief moment (staging in Up With People & your travels with Cast C).....I will always remember your smile!"

This tribute was added by Christie Halpenny on 1st February 2013

"Thinking of the people today who hold Shauna in their hearts.  Having travelled with Shauna 20 years ago with Up With People and seeing what a beautiful person she was then makes me appreciate the comments that have been written about her in the last couple of days.  Her strength of character, warm heart, and big smile will live on in her family I am sure.  Christie Halpenny (Canada)"

This tribute was added by Heather O'Connor on 1st February 2013

""Come Vesta, to live in this Beautiful Home. Come with warm feelings of friendship. Bring your intelligence, your energy and Passion....
Burn always in my Soul. You are welcome here.
I remember you."- Homeric poem
My gratitude to have been blessed and touched by such a beautiful soul."

This tribute was added by Tracy Parrott on 1st February 2013

"You were an extraordinary person, Shauna.  I am very thankful for our friendship.  We could go years without seeing each other then reconnect as though no time had passed.  I can still hear your wonderful laugh and feel your warm hugs.  You listened from your heart and smiled from the inside out.  Is it any wonder we all are missing you so much? Tracy (Leichter) Parrott"

This tribute was added by Daniel Lüthi on 1st February 2013

"Shauna, a great smile that comes from the heart has always been on your lips, positive energy wherever you were, a perfect listener for everybody's problems, an open mind that shared so many wonderful experiences and thoughts.
Thank you for giving me the chance knowing you and being friends since UWP. I'll always love you. Daniel (Swiss)"

This tribute was added by Sara Stowell on 1st February 2013

"those who we love will always be in are hearts with us though they will always be remembered LOVE Elias"

This tribute was added by Anders Ribba on 1st February 2013

"I will always remember your smile. All thoughts and prayers goes to your family. RIP. Thanks for all the memories."

This tribute was added by Sandhya Randberg on 1st February 2013

"Shauna:Tack för ditt varma leende. Det kommer alltid att finnas kvar.

Mitt varmaste deltagande er sorg.
With my heartfelt sympathy.
Sandhya Randberg."

This tribute was added by Irene Inderbitzin on 1st February 2013

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. (Anais Nin)

Shauna, you're such a wonderful person and friend which opened to everyone met you a new world. You enriched my life with your happiness and your big heart. Thanks for the time spending with you during Up with People. God bless you and your family"

This tribute was added by Megan Dolan - Haas on 1st February 2013

"Dear Shauna, You always had a smile on your face! You were a ray of sunshine.  I will always remember our Europe trip after high school.  You could be goofey, silly, mature, sophisticated and hysterical all in the same minute:-)  Your whole family was so warm and you always made people feel special.  I am sure your amazing compassion and energy will live on in your daughters, RIP"

This tribute was added by Lorena Fernández-Fernánde on 1st February 2013

I can't stop crying now, but I'll remember your warm hug & smile for ever. We met by the first time when Mara and Lino had 4 months, then you were a beautiful soul in our playgroup. You talked me in my language. Our last conversation, you gave me a big hug and took your hand to your heart in signal of joy. Thank you. Descansa en paz"

This tribute was added by Jessica Hoxie on 1st February 2013

""The first time her laughter unfurled its wings in the wind, we knew that the world would never be the same." ~Brian Andreas"

This tribute was added by Michelle Arce on 1st February 2013

"Beautiful Shauna, I think of us harmonizing to Mary, dancing around the stage during Working rehearsals, putting the tons of bobby pins in my JC wig...and us laughing. Always laughing! I was always able to completely be myself around you. You have made my life better by having been in it. Thank you. I truly feel blessed to have known you, and I will miss you dearly. I love you! Meeshy"

This tribute was added by Nova Goldberg on 1st February 2013

"Shauna - I only knew you for a few months but as I was telling my husband tonight, I felt at ease with you instantly.  You were full of warmth and kindness and obviously loved your husband and daughters immensely.  I'm so grateful I had a chance to know you and I will be thinking of you and your family constantly."

This tribute was added by Erin Malmquist Judge on 1st February 2013

"When I think of you, I see you smiling brightly in a way only you could and your eyes sparkling in a way that feels like a hug. I hear your soothing and cheery voice which somehow seems a happy song. I feel the same feeling I always felt in your presence...warm and thankful to know you. You'll always be like a Christmas morning.  The world is a better place because y"

This tribute was added by Brenda Birchall on 31st January 2013

"Shauna, from the minute Ian and I first met you we felt inspired by your warmth, kindness, sincerity and love of mankind.  We have joyful and long lasting memories when you visited us in Australia with your magnificent family and we will treasure those memories forever.
Your love of life shone through in every word you spoke."

This tribute was added by Izumi Arai (Omori) on 31st January 2013

""Shauna, you have been and always are amazing person. You've inspired me with your travelling experience you have shared with us, which has made me think that is why you are such a positive and open minded person. Since then, I always wish if I can do the same things to my children. Thank you Shauna for being you, I will never forget you."

This tribute was added by Diana Lee on 31st January 2013

"I hadn't seen you in a few years, but have always kept up with your life via friends.  I remember the joy of salsa parties, you first dating, then marrying Andreas, and the birth of your first child. I have had the pleasure of cooking and eating with you and your family.  In the short time I knew you, I have a lifetime of memories I will cherish forever.  Peace be with you."

This tribute was added by molly malone on 31st January 2013

Andreas and I just talked over the phone and allthough we never met, it felt as we've known eachother for a long time. That is so you, Shauna, with your love and compation you're connecting people. You've been doing that throughout your life and even after passing away you manage to go on doing it. Thank you, angel! Geert (Belgium)"

This tribute was added by Robert Andrews on 31st January 2013

"Those we love are never really lost to us - we feel them in so many special ways- throughfriends they always cared about and dreams they left behind, in beauty that they added to our days... in words of wisdom we still carry with us and memories that never will be gone... Those we love are never really lost to us - For everywhere their special love lives on.
A. Bradley"

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