In Memoriam:This memorial was created in the memory of our dear husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend - Shawcross Moore Obioha. He was born on January 28, 1957 and passed away on December 20, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Additional memorial details including funeral service information will be provided here. Please check back often.

If you would like to play a part in the burial Ceremony of our Beloved Father Chief Shawcross Godwin Moore Obioha(Man of Peace).



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We the Family of Shawcross Godwin Moore Obioha want to show our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all those who contributed and supported our family during this time, we say a Big thank you and God bless you all...


Posted by Angelica Obioha on January 28, 2022
Happy 65th Birthday Daddy. We miss you, we love you, and we're always thinking of you.
Posted by Angelica Moore-Obioha on January 28, 2020
Happy Posthumous 63rd Birthday Chief. Over 9 years later and you still remain in our warmest of thoughts and fondest of memories. Our love for you is unwavering.
Posted by Iam Donald on January 28, 2019
Eze nwa chi na emere, nwa oke okpa na eyiri akwa!!! :-)
Posted by Alexander Shawcross-Obioh... on December 20, 2018
You remain in our hearts forever Dad. I miss you Dearly. May the good Lord continue to keep you in His Rest.
Posted by Chimaobi Shawcross Obioha... on January 28, 2017
Happy Posthumous Birthday Our Dearest, Husband& Dad, Today you would have been The Big 60, But God always knows Best. We all miss you like it was yesterday. Your Large Heartedness and Famous Quotes and Honorable ways continue to guide us till this day. It's been 7 yrs Since your Painful Demise, we take Solace in the fact that you lived an impactful life.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the only One who can truly give rest and Peace,Our God almighty. From Your Wife & Kids & Grandson
Posted by Ugoh Okoro on May 15, 2015
Was still short of words.
Posted by Iam Donald on January 29, 2015
Happy birthday uncle Shawcross... Keep beaming your ever bright smile. :-)
Posted by Chimaobi Shawcross Obioha... on January 28, 2015
Happy post humous 58th birthday dad, we forever love and miss you.
Posted by Stella Udeozor on January 30, 2013
To you dear friend. I heard this sad news when I came home. I know you are peaceful and happy with our loving Father. You made so many happy in your lifetime. That counts for so much. From Stella Obioha.
Posted by David Glass on January 28, 2013
Most everyday I think of Shawcross, his infectious laugh and what a great friend he was too me I am so happy he was able to spend time with me in home shortly before his departure. I did enjoy my travels with him to Ghana, and other places. He is so very much missed.
David Glass
Posted by George van Hoff on January 28, 2013
Yes Chief, the memory of our long business conversations ending with the feeling that at the other side of the line it was always a friend and not merely a business partner that was talking to us is greatly missed. You were coming or I was going, it was always like that, and it will remain as such. Forever in our hearts.
Posted by uche onwukeme on December 12, 2012
Shawcross Gee (Akaose),
I join the many to say 'gaa nkeoma, Chukwu dubegi'.
It was not long after we caught up over the phone, and we were to meet, only for the sad news to hit to me, under two months of that phone conversation. 'sochukwuma'. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Asiwaju Chidi Akobueze Oj... on October 9, 2012
May your gentle and handsome soul continue to Rest in the bosom of our Lord...
Posted by Egondu Ikeatu on March 6, 2012
Uncle, you remain evergreen on my mind. I keep seeing you in real life colors, with your smiles, generosity, down to earth attitude and robust zeal for life.. I just want to drop by to say I miss you but I believe you are in a better place.
Posted by Oguagha Clint Moore Obioh... on January 28, 2012
Ezenwachinemere, the pain of your death and the intense sadness it brings at every reminder of who you were is a constant reminder of how much of a rare breed you are. Today you would have been 55, bubbling and rocking as usual but death won't have that.
Mazi,may your kind, gentle and humble soul continue to rest in the bosom of the lord. R. I. P
Posted by omasan etchie on January 28, 2012
A complete fine gentle man, and a wonderful father and uncle to those fund of him, he lived life to the fullest and was a great astute business icon. Very kind at heart but yet firm in his words, Sir you are still greatly missed, even though you are absent & in a better place, we still celebrate you this day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR SHAWCROSS OBIOHA 1... Rest in continued peace.
Posted by Grant Obioha on January 28, 2012
Uncle, i pause to pay tribute to you on this day that you would have been 55 years old. I have no doubt in my mind that you are in a better place. Rest in peace
Posted by Kemmy Obii-Obioha on December 20, 2011
Dear Uncle Shawcross, it was just like yesterday when I heard the sad news of your passing. I can't believe its been a year since then. Your memory will live on in our hearts forever. Rest in Peace Nwachinemere. Amen.
Posted by omasan etchie on December 20, 2011
Its already one year, how time flies, it seems like yesterday just gone by, we pray for the repose of his soul, Rest in Peace.
Posted by folashade kassim on March 25, 2011
Brother Shawcross I will miss u!. I say this with all sincerity of my heart. You where a friend through thick and thin. When all chips where down, you stood your grounds. I thank God for your life. May the Lord keep your family. RIP.
Posted by Tita Obii-Obioha on February 26, 2011
Uncle Shawcross, even though I hadn't seen you in a while, the memory of your kind heart and amazing smile live on in my mind continually. You were a great man and you left us too soon but your memory will live forever. Farewell until we meet again! God's blessings to your family.
Posted by Uju Obii-Obioha on February 5, 2011
Uncle Shawcross,I still remember the conversation we had around Oct 2010, little did I know,that I was actually saying my final goodbye. It is so sad to know that you're no longer with us in this present life. Your memory will surely live on. I pray the good lord will grant you eternal rest! RIP!
Posted by majek kuyoro on January 29, 2011
Our sincere sympathy to the Obioha family on this great loss of their son and father. Our heart broke when we learned of the sudden, unexpected death of your dear son & Father, and we cannot imagine the depth of the family sorrow at a time like this.

I wish we had words to comfort and sustain you in your grief., R.I.P Shawcross. Dorah&Majek Kuyoro
Posted by Obinna Nwafor on January 28, 2011
My condolences to the whole of the family,it's never easy when we loose those we love and cherish.Uncle you have filled all our hearts and minds with so many loving memories and we love you dearly,so sorry you had to leave us. Rest in peace x x you shall forever live on.
Posted by Kemmy Obii-Obioha on January 28, 2011
EzeNwachinemere, you were a shining light and source of inspiration to our family. The news of your passing was a great shock to us. We will miss your warm and friendly presense but are encouraged knowing that you are in a better place. We miss you dearly and pray that God's blessings will flow abundantly to the lovely family you left behind. Farewell Uncle Shawcross until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Franca Ukpabia on January 26, 2011
Uncle Shawcross, It is very hard to believe that you are no more. You were ever so peaceful, calm, humble and gracious. You lived a good life but it is quite sad that you have to leave now at such a youthful age but God knows best. We will all miss you very dearly. It is very hard to say goodbye. Rest in the peaceful bossom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ until the resurrection morning. ADIEU
Posted by Uwadiae Vincent Osaze on January 26, 2011
We,the family of Uwadiae Sympatize with the family of Obiora on the passing away of a loving, caring and gentel man. continue to rest in the bossom of thy lord.
Posted by Nonye Anachebe Eneje on January 26, 2011
A great tree has fallen and I couldn't say why so early. Nwachinemere can only be remembered with his smile and charisma; always kept his cool and carried himself with pride,yet with much humility. Life, they say is full of misteries and who are we to ask God "why". Nwachinemere, may your gentle soul, rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ugonna Ezekwem on January 22, 2011
Most gentle man and dear husband of my friend and sister Eve. The wicked hands of death has struck again. Another shocking blow but God knows best.Take heart dear Eve and children.Your husband and father was a role model and a star among his peers. Death can never dim the legacy of kindness and sharing he left.
Shawcross , dear brother-We love you but God loves you more. Rest in peace with God .
Posted by Izuchukwu Obioha on January 19, 2011
Gentle man to the core. i have always admired your gentle and kind nature.We are going to miss your smiles, cheerfulness and warm reception. we take solace that God allowed it. Rest in peace
Posted by Ifeoma Ina-Obasi on January 16, 2011
My Nonso's brother, once I met you, I told Chika you were a great man.You spoke with so much wisdom on my last visit with my in-laws. God gave you as a cherished gift to your loved ones and now has taken you for his glory. May your ever gentle soul rest in perfect peace. To the family, in-laws and friends. IT IS WELL. May God grant you comfort and peace on this great irreplaceable loss.
Posted by Pastor Carlton Williams on January 16, 2011
My Dear Neigbhour,

It was just a few weeks ago we were chatting from your balcony and making plans about spending some time together. I miss you and fondly remember the precious time and banter we shared. You were always full of life and joy and I'm very blessed to have known you.
Posted by Emeka Kanu on January 14, 2011
My dearest Uncle, I never imagined that when I said goodbye to you during Thanksgiving weekend this past November, it would be for the last time. I am grateful to God that I and my family got that one last opportunity to spend time with you. It is truly a tragedy that I will never again see you in this life, but I can smile knowing that one day I will see you in the next. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Nneka Kanu on January 14, 2011
My beloved uncle, you will be greatly missed. My heart is heavy because I will never see you on this earth again. I am grateful that you spent Thanksgiving 2010 with my family and that I had the opportunity to see you and hug you one last time before you were gone. I love you and I pray that your soul rests in perfect peace. - Nneka Kanu
Posted by oby & Amobi Obioha on January 14, 2011
Just like water has no enemy, you were a cherrished friend to many.
   Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will be re-linked.
   Nwanne mu nuforomu ara, aka ose, aka atu igba atu, Nwachinemere oke okpa na eyiri golden eggs, nwokeoma jee nke oma.
                    Oby & Amobi
Posted by Kelechi Umoga on January 13, 2011
A Rare Gem indeed!!....but who are we to question the scriptwriter. He knows best. Rest in the bossom of the Lord Sir Shawcross....Adieu!!
Posted by Obii Ibeji on January 12, 2011
Truly Truly an irreplaceable son, brother, husband, father and friend has gone. I will always remember your kind words in all situations - A peace loving man.
To the Wife and rest of the Obioha family our thoughts and prayers are with you

"Every step, Every move we make
Every single day, Every time we pray
We will be missing him
But one day we leave to meet again" Amen
Posted by Ngozi Nwafor on January 12, 2011
Nwachinemelu Oke-Okpa n'eyili akwa, I still can't believe you are gone forever. You were a nice and caring man. Only God knows why it happened. May your gentle soul rest in the bossom of our Lord.
Posted by Chichi Okafor on January 11, 2011
It is a great tragedy to lose such a wonderful and loving uncle. You are missed greatly. I pray that God keeps you safe and sound in his hands. And may your light continue to shine long after you are gone. Rest in the perfect Peace of God. Chichi & Emeka Okafor
Posted by Benbella Anachebe on January 11, 2011
Nwachinemere-okokpa-na-eyiri-akwa, your demise remains for me, the rudest tragedy of the last year. You were so vivacious, compassionate, and a leading light in Ozuomee family, our native community and amongst your peers. You were everything GOOD in a man and will be sorely missed. We however take solace in the inevitability of death. Rest in perfect peace,beloved brother. Benbella Anachebe,SAN
Posted by Senator Florence Ita-Giwa... on January 11, 2011
You were principled, hardworking, fearless, bold, resolute, confident, strong-willed and honest.
You were a source of inspiration to your beloved wife and children whom you taught to be bold and face the world without fear. We miss you....
My heart goes out to your dear wife whom i know will miss you dearly. REST IN PEACE.
Posted by Pestkil Nigeria Limited on January 11, 2011
A Tribute to the Son of our Chairman/Mmanaging Director Late Chief Shawcross Moore Obioha

We the Management and staff of pestkil Nigeria Ltd received with shock our demise. We lack words to express it but believes that God knows why he called you at this time. we miss your good suggestions and care. May God almighty grant your soul eternal rest in his bosssom. Adieu! Mgt & Staff of Pestkil
Posted by moscol transport on January 10, 2011
The Board, Management and staff of C. Moore Obioha group of companies mourn with deep sense of loss your sudden and untimely death. You lived a humanitarian life that touched the lives of many that came across you. We miss your ever charming and pleasant personality. Your love and care for fellow human being new no bounds.Death you have struck again! You have stolen our dear friend.
Posted by ADAOBI NWAFOR on January 9, 2011
As the family mourns your disappearance on earth,Our heavenly father welcomes you into his kingdom.You have filled the family with so much joy and we love you so much.You will be forever missed.
                Adieu beloved nephew xx
Posted by MIKE OGBONNA on January 9, 2011
Shawk, My wife and I waited for your usual xmas visit to our home in the village last December but you never showed up. It was then we came to terms with what has befallen us. You were a good man who liked the good things of life and there will never be another SHAWK. AKA OSE REST IN PEACE. Mr/Mrs Mike Ogbonna
Posted by Emeka Madu on January 8, 2011
My Condolences to the entire Obioha Family. I pray that God will continue to guide and protect you in this difficult time of mourning. I also pray that Mazi Shawcross will rest in perfect peace in the hands of our Lord.
Posted by uchenna madu on January 8, 2011
what a loss!!! only God knows what is best. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Jerry Okaro on January 8, 2011

Nwachienemelu, your death is still a shock to us at C. Moore Obioha Group of companies. From your days with us as marketing director, soon after your graduation & return from USA. You exhibited hardwork and excellent leadership quality.
When you left to Establish you business you also true to self excelled.

You are a pragmatic, humane, humble
Posted by Peter Obiagwu on January 8, 2011
G.O.C.; a fine gentleman with a trace of compassion.
Your generation will miss you even the generation yet unborn, because you were like a candle ready to light another.
With you, there were no dull moment.
Your expression of love to others depicts affection beyond attention.
In your children your legacy continues
Live on G.O.C.
Posted by Oguagha Clint Moore Obioh... on January 7, 2011
"Indeed, a rare life has been stolen....Although death is inenvitable, it is quite mysterious but saddening how people who love and cherish life so much could still let go that life which they love so much for death to snatch". Shawcross, you should have held on a little longer....My Brother! My Brother!! we will forever miss you!!! Adieu, till we meet to part no more...Chief & Mrs Clint Obioha
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Posted by Angelica Obioha on January 28, 2022
Happy 65th Birthday Daddy. We miss you, we love you, and we're always thinking of you.
Posted by Angelica Moore-Obioha on January 28, 2020
Happy Posthumous 63rd Birthday Chief. Over 9 years later and you still remain in our warmest of thoughts and fondest of memories. Our love for you is unwavering.
Posted by Iam Donald on January 28, 2019
Eze nwa chi na emere, nwa oke okpa na eyiri akwa!!! :-)
Recent stories

To My Dearest Uncle Shawcross

Shared by Erica Obioha on January 27, 2011

Well Uncle Shawcross,

It’s time I write my tribute to you. I have to say I was so honored when asked to write one to you. I wanted it to be the most beautiful, inspirational, and most elegant tribute that you read from me, but its so hard for me to do so with so so much sorrow upon my heart and unanswered questions.  So I waited until now until I had some peace about what happened.  It’s so ironic that today of all days one day before your birthday I was awakened to find myself coming to tears and I knew they were tears of sorrow for you.  I started to think of our last conversation and all of a sudden I had this feeling of peace come over me and I knew it was you keeping your promise, so then my tears turned to tears of joy and I knew Joy Comes in the Morning I could write my tribute now.

When I think of you uncle so many words come to mind but the one that sticks out the most is THANK YOU.  So Uncle Shawcross I personally want to say THANK YOU  for being a great father , it shows through your children and I’m  glad I have the chance to see it first hand through your baby girl Angelica. Uncle she is doing so well here, THANK YOU for bringing my baby back lol I missed her so much.  THANK YOU for being a great husband, THANK YOU FOR BEING A GREAT UNCLE, THANK YOU for your unselfish ways, THANK YOU for being a great example for the family, and I THANK GOD I GOT TO KNOW YOUR PRESENCE in my life.

Our last conversation you promised me you would take it easy and get some rest, and I knew that would be hard for you since you were always on the go and loved to travel.  I know now God had a master plan, we always feel that the good people are taken from us to soon. I believe God has a plan and of course he does things on his own time not on ours, so I get comfort in knowing this was God plan because he knew you were getting tired even if we didn’t know. This poem came to mind so I wanted to share it with everyone.

God Saw You Getting Tired

God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be

So he put his arms around you and whispered,

“Come and go with Me.”

With tearful eyes we watched you slowly fade away. Although we

Loved you dearly, we would not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating….Hard working hands were laid to


God broke our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the best.

I love you soo much Dearest Uncle my Daddy Warbucks ;) and I know you are in heaven looking down on us…. I must tell you I will keep my promise even though I could not take care of you like we talked about but I promise I will take great care of our lil baby girl Angelica so you don’t have to worry.

With all my Love,

Erica Chinyere Obioha.


A Message to my Lovely Aunt Evelyn and Dearest cousins;

I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:  And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

John 11: 25-26

Also remember from the dust raises the almighty Phoenix, one of the most beautiful and powerful birds. So everything will be ok once the dust settles.

Love you guys,



To Beloved Bro. SG.

Shared by Bube Ike on January 27, 2011

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Destiny has a way it unfolds. In the early '70's as a very young lad in our then prestigious Ihemgram. He left as he came with a noble character of associating with those two or three classes above him. This attitude he carried all through his life here on earth, hence keeping him ahead above his peers.

In two days time we will be burying this gaint of a man, who ordinarily will be mounting the podium to exhibit his charming charisma. "The only man whose cock lays the golden eggs"

Death--------------- WHY NOW???

For those who do not know this my bro, browse through the gallery and see his dressing in the '70's  and compare that with what yours was then. Is it his smile which improved over the years... Now you can begin to imagine what a great JEWEL we lost...

Death---------------BUT WHY???

Its extremely very painful for me writing a tribute for SG. However destiny has made its way. It is hard to come to gribs that SG is gone. Where is the charming smile now? I still picture him dancing on the streets near Warri, Delta State welcoming I and the others the day we went to his inlaws.


Chimaobi, I thank God Almighty that I can comfortably say that you know SG. Keep to his doctrines, if you are confused, ask questions. Always look up, you will see your comforter.... {Remember Joshua 1:8-9}....


Engr.& Dr. Mrs. Ike CN Obioha



A dime of a man

Shared by Bube Ike on January 27, 2011

   I did not believe it when I heard of your death. It came as poison to my ears & I refused to accept that a dime like you had been taken from us.

   As time passed, i began to realize what this meant. I wouldn't get to see you anymore; the way you carried yourself was an inspiration to us all.

    Well, what can i say, we may have lost you now but not forever because you have just walked into the next room and i know we shall all meet again.

    This is goodbye just for now.

                                              Otutochukwu Ike-Obioha.