Shared by Megan Rentfrow on December 13, 2010

I can't just tell one story because we had too many good times together so i will just mention some things that happened. When i first met Shawn, he was dating a friend of mine and we all had P.E together. We would act silly and he thought i was nuts. haha. Then the next semester we had a math class together and go to know each other a lot more. He helped me through a really bad relationship and was there for me to talk to whenever i needed it. I started dating Allen and then Shawn and Allen became really good friends and we were always together. We would go to concerts or swim and just hang out at each others houses. He drove all the way to huntsville for me so i could get a puppy i really wanted. He was a really great person and i miss him very much! He was at one time one of my best friends and i will never forget him!

he was my sloth..haha

Shared by Sheena Pullen on December 7, 2010

well me and shawn started talking i believe my junoir year, and one particular memory i have of him and our group of friends we had. i had gall bladder surgery before thanksgiving, and he worked the day of and him big mike and lauren, which all three were my best friends. a day didnt go by that we didnt see eachother or at least talk on the phone. well anyways the day i had my gall bladder surgery shawn mike and lauren came over an they brought the 2nd ice age movie.. shawn could sound jsut like the sloth..haha it was so cute. well i was sitting in the chair leaned back becasue i had a spot in the bottem of my belly and it hurt to sit up. of course i was still drugged up so the movie was alot  more funny than it really was made out to be.haha.. well shawn said everytime he looked at me i was nodding off.haha and when i was awake i would try not tolaugh but it was so hard for me not to... so finally when the movie was over, he picked me up because i nodded off again and took me and put me in bed... and sat there with me till i fell asleep for good that night... i woke up to a card and a dozen roses telling me he hoped i felt better and he would see me the next day.. till this day i ahve one of the roses he gave me on my bulletin borad next to his pictures...

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