Let the memory of Shawn be with us forever
  • 36 years old
  • Born on December 19, 1974 .
  • Passed away on December 16, 2011 .

Shawn M. McFarlane, 36, of Austin, Texas, formerly of Bancroft and Emerson, Nebraska died at his home in Austin following a brief illness. Funeral services for Shawn will be held on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 10:30 A.M. at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Bancroft; Fr. Paul Ortmeier will be officiating. The visitation will be held on Wednesday from 3:00 until 8:00 P.M. at the church in Bancroft. There will be a prayer service at 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday evening. Burial will follow lunch at St. Michaels Catholic Cemetery in West Point, Nebraska.

Shawn was born on December 19, 1974 in West Point, Nebraska, the son of Michael and Marlene (Hagedorn) McFarlane. He grew up in Bancroft, and was baptized at St. Mary's Caholic Church in West Point, NE and confirmed at Holy Cross Catholic Church. Shawn graduated from Bancroft – Rosalie High School in 1993. After graduation he worked in Lincoln, Nebraska at Meginnis Ford. Shawn later moved to Emerson, Nebraska, where he helped his father at Mikes Foodtown. He moved to Chadron, Nebraska for a short time, before moving to Austin, TX, where he was a sales manager at Mac Haik Auto. Shawn had a passion for the Dallas Cowboys, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Kansas City Royals, Golfing, Cars and especially fishing.

He is survived by his parents Mike and Marlene McFarlane of Emerson, Nebraska; a sister Staci Kiser of Lincoln, Nebraska; a special friend and her daughter Jennifer and Cadyn Lersch of Fort Worth, Texas; numerous uncles, aunts, cousins and many friends.

Shawn was preceded in death by his grandparents Wallace and Mildred McFarlane, Casper and Clara Hagedorn, and an uncle Cappy Hagedorn

Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 20th December 2018
Happy Birthday Shawn, I didn't forget, it's just that I've been sick. Still feel kinda crappy so bear with me!! Please ask Jesus to make dad and I feel better ok ? Thanks. We're having our family Christmas Sunday. Sure do wish you'd be here!!!:o( I know you'll have a beautiful Christmas with everyone there tho but we'll sure miss you here!! Tell them all Hi and Merry Christmas from all of us! I can't tell you enough how much you are missed and LOVED down here and remembered and how many times your name comes up. There are always some good funny stories floating around!! haha So many good memories. Ok, goin back to bed before I start crying AGAIN and before you go saying "Oh Mother it's ok I'm good and I'm Happy!!!!" We Love you so much forever and always!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 17th December 2018
Hi Shawn, Another year has past and NO it has NOT gotten any easier. Whoever said it would is Crazy!!! Even tho we Know you are with God in the best place ever and you're with so many loved ones you have so many of us down here that miss you something awful!! Ok, I'll quit feeling sorry for myself, for now;o) Dad and I were with Ryan and Stephanie today. He really misses you but he's doing really good. He's turned his life around. We're proud of him. This morning Shaun texted after he got home from work telling us he was thinking of us. How I wish you could have met him and the kids. You all would have gotten along so good. Staci is so Happy. You would be really proud of her and so happy for her. I know you're watching over them. Keep up the good work!!!:o) We got to watch Manny play basketball yesterday. He plays his little heart out and he's good. Kinda reminds me of you!!;o) He just goes and goes!! haha Tomorrow is the kids' Christmas program. Can't wait to see them all again. Their amazing grandkids. Like I've said before, you would have loved them. They fit right in the McFarlane family!!! Well, your ol' Mother is getting tired so I'm gonna go to bed. Dad and I love you so much and miss you so much and always will!!! Please keep watching over us! Hugs and Love to you and everyone and Merry Christmas!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 8th September 2018
Hi Shawn, How's Heaven?? Stupid question I know! But this IS your Mother after all!!! ;o) I know you already know this but Ryan and his girlfriend were here a couple of weeks ago and then again last Sunday. He is doing so well and it was so great to see him again. Stephanie is such a neat person and helped/helps him tremendously. He still misses you as we do but as I said he's doing so good and we love having him back in our lives again and we certainly welcome Stephaine into the family also!! Your Golf outing is the 29th. It sure doesn't seem like 6 years since you've been gone. I guess that's 'cause we miss you still and it hurts just as much. Who says time will heal!! Oh well, we know where you are and that helps alot! Well, I think I'll cut this short this time. Need to recline. Please keep watching over us all. We LOVE you and MISS you so much!!!! Mom and Dad to
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 8th September 2018
Hi Shawn, it’s kinda late I know but couldn’t sleep thinking about you and missing you! I just can’t stop remembering the last time we saw you and how I knew it was the last time I’d see you alive!!! Wow what an awful feeling !!! I remember telling you to please come home for Christmas...and you did just not the way I wanted!! How’s that for a memory!? Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. We miss you so much and it still hurts so bad!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 18th May 2018
Hey Shawn, Sure did miss your "Happy Mother's Day" call!! Are we ever going to miss you less???? We still cry because you're not here!! We see Cardinals in our back yard every once in awhile and Staci says "There's Shawny come to visit!" It helps some!! Dad and I are going up to WP to pretty up your grave today. That's a hard thing too but we'll get it done! We Love you so much and miss you something terrible. Tell all the family and friends HI and give them our love and some hugs too!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 7th February 2018
Hi Shawn, it seems like forever since I wrote. I guess it has been. I haven't been feeling real good for awhile but am getting better. I missed your Happy Birthday phone call again. BUT I have a little story to tell altho I guess you already know it since "you" made it happen. Well, you and Dad!! He bought a birthday cake and flowers this morning. One was a bouquet of different kinds of flowers and one of Roses. Well, all day every once in awhile we could smell those roses all over the house. He finally told me those roses were not from him but from YOU!! He bought them with you in mind. I had been telling him that I never smelled the roses he got me before and that's when we knew WHY these smell so good. It was YOU! So I just want to thank you for being here with me/us on my Special day!! Of course we cried for awhile but felt better knowing you are always with us. We miss you so much and it still hurts. I guess it always will. Staci of course was here and brought dinner so we got to celebrate with her. She is amazing as you well know. We always look forward to seeing her at dinnertime and the weekends are kinda hard when she doesn't come. Their weekends are so busy and with Shaun working nights we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. But they make an effort to come when they can and we so love it when they do. Anyway...I just wanted to tell you how much we miss you and Love you and that you and Staci and Dad made my day so Special and you are and always will be in our hearts. Mom & Dad too.
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th December 2017
Happy Birthday Shawn. I can't believe you've been gone so long when it seems like yesterday we were in TX with you or you were here or we at least were on the phone. We miss you so much. I can hardly see to write this through the tears. This week has been horrible remembering that awful phone call!! But we know you are with your Grandparents and Uncles etc etc and especially with God. It sure did help to go to the kids Christmas Concert last nite. I sure hope you were watching. Your nieces and nephew have so much talent. We're so proud of them. I can't believe you were gone before ya'll could meet. How you would have loved each other. OK, can't do this anymore so gonna sign off with all our love!!!! Mom & Dad Did you and Ritchie have a good visit the other day? Ya got all of the NE football problems figured out?! ;o)
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 1st December 2017
Hi Shawn, It's been awhile. How was your Thanksgiving? I'm sure happier then ours considering we weren't in TX with you. But...it was fine thanks to Corey, Amy & Maddie!! They took us under their wing when you left. Your Sister and Brother-in-Law are Amazing too. I have NO idea how we'd get through these days without them. I keep thinking of the days that are coming and especially the 16th. It hurts so bad when I think of the last time I saw you and I KNEW it WOULD be the last time. But I keep telling myself that you are Happy and in the best place ever. I still have Christmas shopping to do but I'm in a bit of pain these days so will wait til I'm feeling better to finish. Maybe I can get your sister to take me some time!!;o) I know she's reading this!!!:o) OMG, to have you home for Christmas just one more time! That would be so Awesome. Oh well, SOMEDAY we'll all be together again. We Love you so much and Miss you somethin awful!!! Mom & Dad too Please ask Jesus to watch over us all!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 16th September 2017
Hi Shawn, We're kinda sad down here. I'm sure you've probly seen Midgie by now?! She fought so long and hard sorta like you except We didn't know how bad you were. How I wish you would have told us. I think about that so much. If only we'd known you might still be here. But then I think of how you are so much better off and happier where you are and that makes me feel ok. We still miss you like crazy but that will go on until we see you again. Your Golf thing is coming up again so we'll get to see some of your old friends again. That's a good thing but we'd rather just have YOU here! Are you watching Manny play football? He's the size you were when you started I think. Watch over him ok? He doesn't need to get hurt too. I'm sure you probly saw me fall and booger myself up huh? haha I scared the crap out of your sister tho. We got to laughin so much we almost didn't get me up!!!! I don't know what I'd ever do without her. She's always here for us. Take care of your Dad too. He's in a lot of pain. Just ask Jesus to please let him be able to keep his leg ok? Oh and ask Him to please find Shaun a job that will make him HAPPY. Not that he's not happy now but we'd like him to find one where he doesn't have to work all the time and at such weird hours. Ok, gotta go. Can't sit here anymore. Give everyone our love and know that we think of you every day and we love you and miss you forever!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 17th August 2017
Hi Shawn, Sorry it's taking so long in between notes to you. Lots going on down here as you well know. I really need you to ask Jesus to take Dad's pain away or at least some of it. He tries so hard to keep it from everyone but you can tell how bad it is when he walks. We went fishing with Babe & Rick a couple weeks ago. Ronnie, Angie and Cody went too. We caught so many Bullheads it was crazy! So much fun but Dad was in so much pain. He, Babe and I had to leave early most days but he sure enjoyed it anyway. We went to Gary & Arlys' after that and to Jerry and Gwenny's too. We have such a good time with them all. Can't wait to go again. Staci needs a car and we all wish you were here to help them find one. They do have one in mind and looks like a real nice one so maybe you ARE helping!!;o) The 26th we're going to Gen & Charlie's for their 60th Anniversary and Austin's graduation party. Can't wait to see them again. Rick & Babe had their annual fish fry last Sat. Those Bullheads were soooooooooo tasty!! Only thing, Shaun & Staci couldn't come. Shaun had to work. They have vacation in Oct so I'm hoping we can spend some time with them then. Well, I best get back to bed. We Miss you like Crazy and Love you even more!!! Keep watching over all of us please!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 17th June 2017
Hi Shawn, Tomorrow is "Dad's" Day and I know he'll miss your voice. I hate to tell ya but this is not getting any easier!!!!:o( We miss you so much. I think I could sit here every nite and write you but then I'd cry and I couldn't see worth crap to type!!! ;o) Are you and Jesus helping those Royals out?? They are doing so much better and so is Alex. Cool!! I knew if I told you they needed some "special" help you & Jesus would do somethiing!!:o) Staci, Shaun and the girls are coming tomorrow. Shaun is gonna grill.It will be so great to have them all here with us. We'll miss Manny tho. They're such great kids. I can't believe you never got to meet them. Ya'll would have had so much fun together. And Shaun...well if Staci is right and we think she is you brought them together so thank you from all of us! Anyway... Dad is getting better too. One more week and we'll find out if he can travel again. He sure is getting bored. I guess I better get to watchin the game. Tell everyone HI and we love them. Oh btw have you seen Amy's Dad yet? Tell him hi from us all too. We LOVE you and MISS you FOREVER! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 11th May 2017
Hi Shawn, I know it's been forever and I'm sorry but lots has been going on here as I you well know because I felt you with us in the hospital when Dad was there. Would you please ask Jesus to heal him and take away his pain. He seems better everyday but still hurts quite a bit. Also you might wanna talk to HIM about the Royals!!! They're have a wee bit of trouble too!!;o) just sayin!! haha Staci, Shaun and I are going to Lisa's graduation party tomorrow nite. Dad can't go anywhere yet except to the Dr. They'll all miss him tho. Your golf outing is the 30th of Sept. so you might wanna look down on all of us. Make a little "visit" to your Uncle Jim and tell him to make sure he and Liz get here for it!!! ;o) We Think of you, Miss you and Love you...ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 23rd February 2017
Hi Shawn, It's been awhile and I'm sorry but sometimes it's hard to put thoughts into words when it comes to you!! I/WE miss you so much. There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of you!! It sure isn't getting easier but we're coping. Just taking it a day at a time as they say! Nights are the worst. No distractions I guess. Altho when we watch tv, I think at least once a day we hear your name. I guess we picked a popular name when we named you!! haha I thought of you on my birthday but knew you wouldn't be calling again!:( I know we'll see you again but dang it's so hard not to be able to call you or jump in the car and go down to TX to see you NOW!!!!!!!!! Oh well, God knew what He was doing so I'll just let Him handle it all!! Ok, it's getting hard to see through these old teary eyes so better sign off;o) Just wanted to say HI and tell you how much we MISS & LOVE you...ALWAYS!!!!!!! Give everyone our love please!!! Mom & Dad too Keep watching over us all please!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas Shawn. I just know you were with us today...in Spirit maybe but WITH us!! We had a Wonderful Christmas with Staci, Shaun, Bailey, Hanna, Manny, Amy, Corey, Madison, Davida, Patrick & Lina. How you would have love to meet them all and they would love you. We miss you so much every single day and we LOVE you Forever! Please keep watching over us all!!!!! Tell everyone HI & Merry Christmas for us too until we see you all again!! Dad & Mom Dad made some AWESOME steaks for dinner!!;o)
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th December 2016
Happy Birthday. 5 years...can't believe it. You would think it would be easier but whoever said that LIED!!! Day after day, just can't stop thinking of you and wishing you were here!!:o( We know you're in the best place ever but we still miss you so badly it hurts. Please keep watching over us. We LOVE you SO much!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 18th November 2016
Hi again, notice what time of year it is?? Yeah, we should be again planning our TX Thanksgiving trip!! But once again we're not!!:o( Thank God for Cory, Amy & Maddie. They have us all for Thanksgiving and we're surrounded with "Family". It's not the same as spending it with you but it sure is nice to have them care so much!!:o) I hope they know how much they're loved. We went to WP to decorate your grave and Grandpas, Grandmas, Uncle Cap, Uncle Irvie's and Uncle Davids too yesterday. Hope ya'll like it!!:o) Missed seeing Staci for dinner tho. What a blessing when we get to see her most everyday. Wish we could see her and the family everyday!! But we take what we can get!! haha We also got to spend time with Nancy, Jeremy & kids and Jessi and kids last weekend. That was such a treat!!! Sure do miss them. Ok, gotta get some dinner started. Just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE you and MISS you!!!! Mom & Dad Tell everyone HI and we love them & miss them too! HAPPY THANKSGIVING Shawn!!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 1st November 2016
Hi Shawn, guess what....it's Nov again and we're SUPPOSE to come see you!!!!:o( Why isn't it getting easier?? Every nite is awful. Daytime not as bad. We get to see Staci which helps so much!!! Not sure what we'd do without her, Shaun & the kids! We miss you so much it still hurts like crazy!!! We LOVE you FOREVER!!!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 5th September 2016
Hi Shawn, It's been awhile since I've written but not because we quit thinking of you or missing you because we do EVERYDAY!! It's still so hard here on earth without you. You're ol' Mom is just getting lazy I guess!!;o) You've been getting a lot of company up there in heaven lately. Wow. Ya'll must be having some big reunion. Staci & Shaun took us to the State Fair Sunday. What a FUN time that was. Thank God for them. And cousin Patty came down and we went and painted again. I did perty darn good this time if I do say so myself. Patty helps me thru these sad times too. I'm so happy we have such good friends & family. We were in Thurston at Rick & Babe's annual fish fry and this weekend we'll go up for Watermelon Days. Always love visiting them! Sure do MISS you. That will NEVER end I know. We LOVE YOU so much!!!!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 8th July 2016
Hi again, missed that Happy Anniversary call. I just wish it would get easier but we just miss you so much. You must be so happy tho so we'll just try harder. So how's your Uncle David?? Did you meet him at the gate? I'm sure you did and Gwenny thinks so too. How about Leora? Remember all the treats she use to make just for you and Staci? What a good lady she was. Dad and I are watching the Royals. Well, I've been. Dad's been sleeping awhile. haha His leg is getting better but I'm sure you know that cuz I know you're looking after him/US!! Shaun, Staci and the kids are camping. Did you know your sister loves camping? She sure doesn't take after ME!!;o) Watch over them too please. Well, I'm going back to the game. Just wanted to tell you again how much we LOVE you and MISS you!!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 11th June 2016
Hi Shawn, Just told Larry Happy Birthday. I'm sure you're at his Party!! Keep watching over Dad please. His surgery went well but he sure is getting antsy not being able to get out and about. He's not use to this as you well know. haha I don't know what we'd have done without Staci & Shaun. Staci was with me the whole time Dad was in the hospital. Her and Shaun got me/us thru it. She even stayed overnite with me. Yeah, I'm still a scardy cat!!!! haha We miss you so much. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. Please keep watching over us all down here. Tell everyone HI please. Love you FOREVER!!!! 'Til we see you again...Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 8th May 2016
Hi again Shawn, will we ever stop missing you? Nope, perty sure we won't!! Day after day we think of you. Not a day goes by that we don't. I'm so HAPPY we get to see Staci almost everyday. Seeing her and her family helps a lot! Watch over Hanna ok?! As I'm sure you know...she broke her collarbone, just like her Uncle Shawn!! Hope you can keep her safe so she doesn't do what else you did when you had to have that body cast!!!;o) Oh and please watch over Dad. He has to have surgery on his leg again. Ask Jesus to please guide that Drs. hands when he does his work! Thanks!! Oh how I wish you were here. I'm so glad I have Babe to talk to since she know's what we're going thru. She lost her son Joe awhile back too. We help each other!! Ok, better sign off and get ready for bed. We love you so much forever and miss you always!!!!!! Tell everyone HI and we love them!!!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 25th March 2016
Hi Shawn, Yep, still missing you!!! I'm sure that will never go away!:o( But we have many great memories which makes it easier but sometimes harder too. Again we won't get to hear your voice on Easter Sunday!:o( We're spending the day with Staci, Shaun, Tom, Patty, Davida & Lina. We're also going to stop and see you. AND we're even going to get the Christmas flowers off and put Spring back on your grave!!!:o) I sure wish we could ALL be together again but I'm sure that day will come eventually and we'll all be with you in the BEST place ever. So just keep watching over us until we see you again!! We Love you so much and always will!!!! We think of you everyday and miss you so so much!! With lots of LOVE, Mom & Dad Oh and watch over Rick too please. He's having surgery this morning!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 7th February 2016
Hi Shawn, Sure am missing you!!!:o( I've been waiting for your phone call since Liz said Happy Birthday this morning!!!! I actually forgot what today was!! Does that mean I'm getting old??????? OMG NO!!!! haha We had a great time down south except for today and knowing you wouldn't be calling. Thank God for Staci & Shaun. They always make my day happier. How I wish you were here with us. We'll miss you and Love you ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep watching over us please!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 24th December 2015
Happy Christmas Eve Shawn, It's not a HAPPY one without you but it will be "happier" when Staci, Shaun and the kids come. Oh how I wish you were here with us!!:o( We miss you so much! Love Love LOVE you FOREVER!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th December 2015
Happy Birthday Shawn! Sure do miss talking to you and wishing you a Happy Day even tho we know you ARE having the BEST day ever!! How could you not being in Heaven and all and having so many great family and friends to celebrate with. But really wish you were HERE. We miss you so much and these December days are really hard to get thru. But get thru them we will!! We Miss & Love you FOREVER & A DAY!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 16th December 2015
OMG what a sad SAD day this is. I can't believe how much we miss you and then having to bury your Uncle Irvie yesterday too, it was a hard day to get through! But we're so happy he is with you and everyone else & not suffering or laying around in that nursing home. What a super Christmas ya'll will have. We'll be ok since we have Staci, Shaun and those incredible grandkids, but you surely will be thought about as you always are. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you and miss you and LOVE you. I'm hoping we can sleep thru the nite . Your Dad is totally exhausted but I know he's thinking about you and it will be hard. Please keep watching over us all! We'll Miss you and Love you FOREVER!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 17th November 2015
Hi again in Nov and the time we SHOULD be getting ready to come spend Thanksgiving with YOU! But again, another one without you!!:o( We miss you so terribly, 'specially at nite. Days are usually filled with "happenings". Like last nite we went to Hanna's basketball game. What fun. She sure is a little go getter!! She's so tiny and reminds me of when Staci played. Altho I also thought of you when she'd run down that court!! And then we had Bailey's play one Sunday. She's a very good actress and Manny is the footballer in the family. Yep, he reminds me of watching you at that age. He never gives up either!!! We're looking forward to their Christmas concerts too!! They help so much just being them. And Shaun...can't say enough good things about him. Jeremy and the kids were here last weekend. Oh what fun we had with them. I remember how much you & Staci loved that "little" guy. You guys were always asking if he could go with us wherever we went!!:o) He's still that special little boy 'cept for the growth spurt of course!! lol What fun his kids would have had with you just like the grandkids if only you could have known each other!! Could you ask Jesus to watch over Marie Cain please? She's having lung surgery soon and I know she has to be scared. Ok, guess I'll sign off before I start crying my eyes out again. So so hard being without you! We love you so much and miss you something awful!!!!! Mom & Dad Give everyone up there our Love and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ya'll!!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th September 2015
Hi Shawn, Missin you like crazy!!!:o( Your Memorial Golf outing was another success!!! Jason & Pam etc always outdo themselves. What a great bunch of kids. Love them so much. Talked to Matt Wegner too. That was great. He's a neat young man!! We're going to Staci & Shaun's today for their housewarming party. The weather is perfect so will be a fun day I'm sure. Only YOU will be missing. Hope the kids will get to be there. They are so special!! Ok, what is happening with the Royals????? Haha Hope they get back on track soon!!!! You would so love this place where we live. We have deer, turkeys, hummingbirds and even a coon in our back yard. Well, the deer & coon are a little further down in the "gulch" but still out back. You've probly watched your Dad feeding them and making a path to get to them. One doe is gonna make her way up here one of these days. She keeps coming closer all the time. That's cuz she likes me!!! haha Well, I best get ready. We're waiting for Rick & Babe and they will follow us to De Witt. Rick is going to fry fish. So wish you could be here. My heart still hearts. I know you're in the best place ever but sure does feel awful down here!:o( But we'll see you again!! Miss you so much and love you with all our hearts!!!! Mom & Dad too PS Thanks for helping Staci meet Shaun! What a great little family and we love them more then they know.
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 4th August 2015
Hey Shawn, I'm sure you were watchin over Dad yesterday but sure did miss talking to you when you "would have" called him to wish him a Happy Birthday!! I'm STILL waiting for it to get easier losing you and whoever said it would, just plain LIED!! Night after night I think of you and wish you were here. I think about going to TX to see you and knowing it won't happen!! Just have to wait til God calls us home too!! As bad as I want to see you I sure would miss Staci, Shaun and those beautiful kids. I just have to believe we'll all be together again some day and I DO believe that. How's Cat & Uncle Bill? We'll will miss Cat at the golf outing this year. I know Dad will for sure since they golfed together last year but I'm sure you'll both be watching from Heaven. We're watching the Royals so guess I best get back to the game!! Love you so much and miss you something awful!!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 22nd June 2015
Hi again, Sure did miss talking to you yesterday for Father's Day! Miss you all the time but those "special" days are really hard, but we know you're happy and have no more pain which is great and we will see you again some day!! We had a fun time with Staci, Shaun and the kids. Oh how I wish you could have met Shaun and the kids. They are so amazing and your sister is so happy. Thanks for watching over her and her family! How's your Uncle Bill??? and Cat??? Dad and I saw this awesome rainbow the Day Uncle Bill passed and there was a little one right next to it. I knew then that he made it to the "other" side and that you were there to meet him. Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz are coming next week. Can hardly wait to see them. It was great to see your Uncle Irv, Aunt Mary Jean & Brian the other day too. We always look forward to seeing them. Wish you could be here for the big reunion on the 4th of July. You can watch from Heaven tho. We'll be thinking of you as always!! Love you & Miss you FOREVER!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 5th June 2015
Hi Shawn, WOW another SAD day down here on earth!! Have you seen Cat yet?? I hope you met him when he came or maybe you were with him when he passed. That's what I'm going to believe!! I'm so happy we got to see him before he went to be with you all! It sure doesn't make it easier but I know he's where he'll be so happy. And BTW...please watch over your Uncle Bill!! You'll be seeing him soon too. Your Golf Memorial will be sadder then usual this year but I know you and Cat will be watching it all from Heaven so knowing that helps!! We Love you and Miss you so much. It still hurts so bad but we just have to keep moving on. Tell everyone HI and we Love them too!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 18th May 2015
Hi Shawn, Another phone call I needed and didn't get. Sure do miss those calls from you. I did get a text from Rashel tho. That was really neat. Miss her and hope to see her again. Hopefully sooner then later. Staci & Shaun didn't make it for Mother's Day. I'm sure you know all about their troubles. They had such a mess but things are beginning to look up for them. It'll be nice when they get moved. Please watch over them!! Dad has to go talk to the Dr. tomorrow. Be with him too ok!? I get so worried when it comes to him and his health but knowing you and Jesus will be with him helps. Tell the grandparents hi. I had a dream about MY Mom & Dad one nite. It was so cool as Mom gave me a hug and Dad was waving and smiling. Now if I could just dream about YOU and get a HUG I'd feel so much better!!! Just sayin!! ;o) We miss you so much and LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!! Mom & Dad too
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 20th April 2015
Hi Shawn, Had to write a little bit. I'm missin you again, still, always!! Dang!! I'm sure you know we were in LA after Norm died. You know also I'm sure that we missed the funeral. Jeesh!! That was a sad time but also good to see Marie and all the family again. Have you seen Norm yet? Tell him HI when you do. He's such a fun guy and looks like Santa. You can't miss him!!! :o) We're watching the Royals. They're doin perty good too. Hopefully they'll win again tonite. Dad is itchin to go fishin!!!! But we want to go see Uncle Jim & Aunt Liz too. Lotsa "trippin" to do but have to wait til Dad gets his bone marrow test done again. Please ask Jesus to heal him totally!! The Dr. is very positive which helps us get through it. Well, I guess I might as well sign off. Just wanted you to know how much we miss you and LOVE YOU!!! Mom & Dad Give your grandparents a HUG from us please & Uncle Cappy too!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 12th February 2015
Hi Shawn, Missed your "Happy Birthday Mom"!!:o( Dang, sure would love to know when this is going to get easier!!!!! I KNOW you are with Jesus and all our family & friends but it sure is hard on us people here!! Anyway...Rick, Babe, R.J and Sara came for my b'day. Rick fried fish, spuds and onions. It was so good!!! And really great to see them again. We miss seeing them as often as we use to. But it's so good to be close to Staci, Shaun and the kids. Tomorrow nite they are coming and we'll celebrate my b'day again. Really looking forward to that. Always love having them over. Dad is getting better so please Thank Jesus and thank YOU for watching over him. He has a way to go yet but it's all looking good. Not sure if we'll get to LA & GA tho which we were so looking forward to that trip. You and Jesus please keep watch over Norm in LA. and watch over Midgie too. She's not doing very good and I know she'd appreciate your prayers too. We'll be going to WY to see Joe & Judy in March and hopefully we'll get to see Flora & Terry too. We LOVE you and MISS you forever!!! Mom & Dad too.
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 25th December 2014
Merry Christmas Shawn. Miss you so much. I know we didn't spend Christmas with you all the time but you ALWAYS called at least and by this year we probly would have been together. I feel that in my heart. Staci, Shaun and I went to church last nite nite and they sang "Silent Night" and wouldn't ya know it...your ol' Mother cried...AGAIN!! Good Grief!! Steve told us NOT to let them sing that at the funeral cuz it would just hurt every Christmas when we heard it. Boy I wish we would have listened. Even Staci said, "Steve told you not to let them sing that"!!!! ;o) Oh well, we love that song and so did you!! So we got through it, but just barely!! Dad couldn't go as he had his procedure yesterday and didn't feel up to it. Please ask Jesus to make sure he's ok and YOU just keep watching over him and ME and of course Staci, Shaun and the kids!! You do such a great job with that!!!:o) We love you so much and miss you every day!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th December 2014
Happy Birthday Shawn, Seems like yesterday you came into this world. OMG How Happy Dad & I were and your big sister couldn't take her eyes off you when we brought you to Grandma & Grandpa Hagedorn's to pick her up to take our little family home. I can't believe that was 40 years ago. How I wish we could celebrate with you. One day we will. Watch over Dad please ok?! We MISS you and LOVE you Forever!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 16th December 2014
3 years? Seriously? It seem like yesterday. Will it EVER get better?? I guess not cuz it's not even close to getting easier!:o( Good thing I have to go to the dentist. I'll have about an hour & half to think about drilling and filling etc. & you KNOW how I feel about going to the dentist so could ya maybe hold my hand??:o) Thanks!! Tonite we're going to Bailey's Christmas Concert so being with Staci, Shaun and the kids will help some but will still be thinking of you the whole time. I know I said this before but you would have loved that little family so much. They are amazing. Please keep watching over us all. We MISS you and LOVE you FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 26th November 2014
Hi Shawn and Happy Thanksgiving!! I'm so sad cuz we SHOULD be in TX with you!!!! I know Dad is feeling the same way. You can just tell!! Could you tell all our family & friends Happy Holidays for us too please? We're going to Amy, Corey & Maddies tomorrow. They're so good to us. Staci, Shaun and the kids are coming tonite for supper. Really looking forward to seeing them again. Anyway, we miss you so much. When will it get easier??????? Our hearts are hurting but we know you are HAPPY and that helps a lot!! We love you so much. Until we meet again...Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 15th November 2014
HI Shawn It's been a while since I've written. It's just so hard. I know it's been 3 years but it seems like yesterday and it's still so so hard for us:o( Thanksgiving is coming soon and another year of NOT seeing you. We miss you terribly even tho we know what a better place you're at. Christmas must be AWESOME there. You getting to be with your grandparents and Uncle and cousins and friends and JESUS!!! We've been in WY again and had a super time. We got to see Flora too. I hope next time we go we can stay with them longer. Sure do miss her!! We had a GREAT time with Joe & Judy and their family and we'll be going to LA and GA in a few months again too. Could you just keep watching over us all please? It's really nice having our very own ANGEL, so thanks!! Well, Dad's in bed so I think I'll go join him to watch some tv. You probly saw the MESS we had here in the apt, right!?!? Yikes!!! haha It's getting back to normal tho. Anyway...we miss you soooooooo much and Love you FOREVER!!!!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 15th September 2014
Hi Shawn, Well did ya watch the golf outing? Perty cool, huh!?!? Your Uncle Irvie & Uncle Jim had a good time as did everyone else. Had another good turnout but missed Ritchie!:o( But he and Tonya have their hands full now. What lucky little ones to have them for parents. Jason, Pam & Brandon did another AWESOME job. What great friends you have. We sure appreciate all they do. It was a sad but happy day for us! I tired really hard not to cry but you know your ol' Mother!! haha I'm sure you saw Shaun, Staci & Hanna visiting you. Have you seen Terri yet? And Pauline? I'll bet they were happy to see you too. We miss you so much. Our hearts just ache but we know you're in Great Hands now and so at peace. That helps us get through the days and nites. Well, ok, sorta!!;o) just miss you like crazy!! We had a super time with your Uncle Jim & Aunt Liz. Came to visit you a few times while they were here. They also got to see Uncle Irv & Aunt Mary Jean one day. Wish they could have seen Uncle Bill & Aunt Valdean too but that didn't happen. Well, my dear boy, I'm tired and need my bed. We LOVE you soooooooo much. Please keep watching over us, ok!? G'nite for now! Love, Mom & Dad too.
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 4th August 2014
Hey Shawn, Missed your call yesterday! I'm sure Dad really missed it since you ALWAYS called him on his b'day!!! We thought of you as we always do. Staci, Shaun and the kids certainly do help us. OMG how you would have loved those kids and they you. I think of that so often when we're together. Staci believes you got her & Shaun together and the more I see them all I'm sure of it too!!! Shaun is a lot like you! So fun, so loving, so helpful. I'm sure you watched over their wedding. Staci knew you were there next to her. It was sad without you there but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY cuz we know you were watching over us!!!! Love & miss you so much!!!!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 8th July 2014
Hi again Shawn, Yep, we had another Special day and another MISSED Special call!!!!:o( So, have you seen Aunt Gracie yet?? I'll bet ya'll are having a grand ol' time again. I know how much you kids loved going to visit her & Uncle Fat! Saturday is going to be a fun & sad day. Fun because Staci & Shaun are getting married and sad because YOU won't be there to celebrate with us. Oh how you would have loved Shaun and the kids. I know you'll be there in Spirit tho and that will help us all have a Super Day!!! Dad got me flowers for our Anniversary. They sure are pretty. They're yours and Cadyns favorites!!!:o) All different colored daisies!! Well, my dear I guess I'll go to bed now. It will be another long nite!!:o( How we MISS you and we LOVE you so much!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 15th June 2014
Hi Shawn, Sure did miss your "Happy Father's Day" call. I know Dad really did :o( It is so hard to think we'll never go to TX again to see you or that you'll never call us again but we take it day by day. Staci, Shaun & the kids were here today . They made it a Special Day!! Dad made steaks, chops and hot dogs on the grill. Dad is a great "griller"!! haha I think you must have learned your skills from him!!!;o) Well, I'm tired and I'm going to TRY and get some sleep tonite. Nights are really hard cuz I just keep thinking of YOU and missing you but LOVING you!!! I'll write again. Please keep watching over all of us. With all our love forever!!! Dad & Mom
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 11th June 2014
Hi Shawn, Sorry it's been so long since I said HI but we've been doing our traveling, here there and everywhere. But not a day goes by that we don't think of you and MISS you and LOVE you!!!! We went to WY & MN last month. This weekend Jeremy, Paige & the kids came. What a great time we had. Plus Staci, Shaun, Bailey, Manny & Hanna plus 2 of their friends. Logan & Blaine. We had an apt. full let me tell you!!! haha But the FUN was well worth it!! We so wish you could be here for the wedding but I know you'll be watching over them and all of us. BTW, have you seen Kooter yet??? That was so sad but I'm sure the 2 of you are having a great time. Oh and Dad's cousin Sonny is there with you also. It must be like "old home week" in Heaven!! We miss you so much and will LOVE you ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 11th May 2014
Hi Shawn, Missed your "Happy Mother's Day" call!!:o( Staci, Shaun and the kids were here which helped so much. Don't know what we'd do without them. When we're missing you, which is ALWAYS, they are here for us to make life more bearable. How you woulda loved Shaun and those kids!! Oh and thanks for the sign I asked for....it always helps when I get a sign so I know you're ok and with Jesus!!! We miss you so much. It's just so hard without you. We LOVE you always!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th April 2014
Hi Shawn and Happy Easter, I'm sure you'll have a Great one, being with Jesus and all the family & friends. We'll have a good one too but it's always a little sad around here when we celebrate something without you!! We miss you so much and will always LOVE you!!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 17th February 2014
Hi Shawn, Did you meet your Aunt Teri at Heaven's gate?? I'm sure you were there for her. Keep watching over your Uncle David as he is taking this pretty hard and Dad is worried about him too!! We miss you so much and love you LOTS!!!
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 6th February 2014
Hi Shawn, Gonna wait for your call tomorrow even tho I know it won't come. Miss you so much and especially on days I KNOW that you would have called. I use to look forward to my "Happy Birthday Mother" phone calls. I just keeping telling myself you're so much happier where you are. Guess what, it doesn't help all the much!! Sorry! Anyway...please watch over your Uncle David. He's not feeling too well but he IS getting stronger so hopefully he'll get to go to the Grand Island VA home and we can see him more often. We love you & miss you still and always wil!!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas Shawn!! How we missed your Merry Christmas phone call and how we would LOVE to hear your voice again and SEE you just one more time! We know your Christmas was great cuz how could it not be. You get to celebrate with Jesus and all your family & friends. We love you & miss you so much. Keep watching over us please!! Mom & Dad
Posted by MIke & Marlene McFarlane on 19th December 2013
Happy Birthday Shawn, sure wish we were celebrating with you!! We were so happy 39 years ago and today....well, not so much. We miss you everyday. When will it ever get easier??? I'm thinkin it won't so we just have to take it a day at a time. So so hard to do tho!!! We'll LOVE U FOREVER!!!!!! Dad & Mom

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