Posted by Ladonna Owens on January 14, 2019
When I was 16 I moved to El Reno to live with my aunt and uncle i didnt know anybody here so it was scary and lonely at times then i met this girl (Amanda Hale) she became my best friend She introduced me to her Mother and she welcomed me instantly. She had such a strong inpact in my life taught me so many things. I fell In love with her son and we later became husband and wife . I was truly blessed to have a mother in-law like her she was a very special person i will never forget everything she did for me will love nd miss her always.
Posted by Beverly Crowley on January 14, 2019
Shawna and I always had a special friendship. We were sister in laws for a few years so that made us family forever. Her and Jack divorced but it didnt stop our relationship. I always looked up to her and what she accomplished in her life, raising those two children by herself being mom and dad and I never heard her complain about it. She loved her family and raised them up to be great people all by herself. Our whole family loved her and looked up to her, she was strong and a beautiful spirit. We should all strive to be more like her. She is missed by many the world lost a special angel. Rest now Shawna job well done.
Posted by Nina Kennedy on January 14, 2019
Mama, I Love You
Mama I Love You, And Always Will
I Loved You Then,
I Love You Still!
You Always Helped Me When Times Got Rough,
Even If It Was A Little Tough.
You Always Made Me Laugh All Kinds,
You Always Got Me Out Of Binds!
Remember All The Stuff We Did,
Remember How In The Car We Rid?
With The Music All Blastin'
Man, How Me And You Were Laughin!
I Love You Mama, Because We Always Talked,
Remember Gossiping While We Walked?
You Always Loved Me When I Was Bad,
You Only Got A Little Bit Mad.
You Always Forgave Me No Matter How Bad The Thing I Did,
I'm So Happy To Say I'm YOUR Kid!
Hopefully Your Glad To Say Your My Mom, Cause Mama You Sure where the mama I could ask for
Mama I Love You And Always Will,
I Loved You Then I Love You Still!!

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