Let the memory of SHEARY be with us forever
  • 73 years old
  • Born on August 26, 1942 .
  • Passed away on April 24, 2016 .

SHEARY BYINGTON,  born on August 26, 1942 and passed away on April 24, 2016.
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister and HUGE animal lover!
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Posted by Norma Pezzini on 22nd December 2018
Dear Sheary, We miss you. Zeus is enjoying life here. We have a big yard with fully mature trees. He has room to roam and the chocolate lab up the street is madly in love with him. Those days at the church dog park where we were kicked out are long behind us. Jim, you and Jean are gone. Rocky, Michi, me and Pete remain. Pete is moving to Oregon soon. Fond memories of that old gang of ours. Love, Norma and Zeus
Posted by Norma Pezzini on 25th April 2018
Sheary, we think of you often and fondly. Love, Norma and Zeus
Posted by Norma Pezzini on 26th August 2017
Desr Sheary, Not a day goes by that i dont think of you - whether it is seeing the portraits of Zeus that you painted or using the kitchen towels with doggie prints that you gave me. I rescued a dog and found him a loving home. It took 8 months to do it and i kept thinking of you and remembering your dedication to the feral and homeless cats. What would Sheary do i kept thinking in that long drawn out, painful process leading to freeing Sunny from the cage he lived in for 10 years! I kept hearing your voice and sensing that you were with me in my efforts to free this dog. And finally after 8 emotion filled months, it happened. Thank you dear friend. We miss you and will always fondly remember you. Love, Norma and Zeus
Posted by STACEY MORO on 1st May 2017
Mom, Its been just over a year. At times it feels like yesterday, and other times I feel like it has been forever since we talked. You don't realize just how much someone is in your life until they are gone. I relied on you for much more than either us ever knew. I miss you so much. Love you mom!
Posted by Norma Pezzini on 24th April 2017
Hey Sheary, love from Zeus and Norma.
Posted by Norma Pezzini on 24th April 2017
Dear Sheary, Time has passed so quickly since you left us. Zeus and I have become New Englanders. Finally moved here last December. Zeus has his very own dog park in our back yard.
Posted by STACEY MORO on 27th August 2016
Happy Birthday Mommy. I love you
Posted by Debbie Pollei-Isaac on 26th August 2016
Who was Sheary to me? She was my dear friend... She was like a mom to me... She was a grandmother to my daughter... A mother-in-law to my husband... She filled a spot in our lives that nobody can ever possibly fill! She was so silly, sassy and fun to be around! We love you Gram, to the moon and back!!! How it all began... I had a friend, who had a cousin, who had a friend, her name is Stacey. Stacey and I became fast friends, I quickly became part of the family. Within months I was having a great time with them on vacation at Lake Shasta. I celebrated my 14th birthday with them on that trip. I turned 50 this year and this is the first birthday in 36 years that Sheary wasn't helping me celebrate in some way. Sheary was like a mom to me, she filled a spot in my life that was lacking. She loved me unconditionally, just like a mother would. I wasn't always the easiest to love at times but she loved me anyway. When I look back, she was there for all of the important moments of my life... She saw me off to more than one prom, talked me into trying out for the swim team (that didn't work out so great, clearly I am not swim team material), she was there with roses in hand for graduation, she encouraged me to take the cosmetology program at school (this was a much better plan than the swim team), she helped me plan my wedding and even though she couldn't be there for the birth of my daughter, she was the first person Brian called 2 minutes after her birth. She was always there for me, I always knew that no matter what, I could call on her for anything and I do mean anything. There is a huge hole in my life that I must fill with memories... I feel very blessed to have so many great memories but feel devastated that there are no more to be made. So with that being said, I will hang onto the promise that I will see her again in heaven.
Posted by Norma Pezzini on 26th August 2016
Happy birthday Sheary. We miss you. Have been wearing the shirt with zeus's portrait that you so lovingly painted on it.
Posted by Madlyn Herrmann on 19th June 2016
Sheary was a great cousin and person to be with. She was 8 years older than me and is the source of some of my most memorable childhood memories. I got to wear her "hand me downs" and, believe me, I thought I was something! I was allowed to be one of Stacey's first babysitters and enjoyed 2 or 3 trips to Tahoe in that capacity. I never learned how to water-ski though! But I did have my first ride in a Corvet! However, it didn't matter what I did with her, it was always fun - eating ice-cream, going to the pie place, riding in the car. She was just a fun person to be with. She was also a great friend and support to my sister who died young of cancer. She painted a wonderful protrait of our brother David when he died at 42. She visited our Mom (her Aunt Eva) everytime she came to Oakdale. Here's a poem by Robert Frost that corresponds well to the Sheary I knew: WHAT FIFTY SAID When I was young my teachers were the old. I gave up fire for form till I was cold. I sufferred like a metal being cast. I went to school to age to learn the past. Now I am old my teachers are the young. What can't be molded must be cracked and sprung. I strain at lessons fit to start a suture. I go to school to youth to learn the future. Sheary loved the young and always made them feel comfortable and important. That's how I'll remember her.
Posted by Marilyn Reed on 1st May 2016
Sheary brought light to all she touched, loved life and all those in her life. You are missed by so many, and will be remembered always. Frolic with the angels, Sheary, and we will meet again.
Posted by Curtis Molinaro on 29th April 2016
Remembering Sheary, Mom's BFF I remember beach days, the coconut scent of sun-tan lotion and boating on a crystal-blue lake. My first time water-skiing behind a sparkly green speed-boat. The bright orange wood water-skis left behind as I learned how important it is to let go of the rope. It was then that I decided to prefer riding on water in its frozen state. For me, Sheary represents the good'ole days of California sunshine, of which many more are still to come...She was creative, crafty, artistic and quick to give. My knitted tan pot-holders bear testament to her many talents. Sheary you will be missed and I look forward to the days when we can all boat again. Only this time I'm just goin' along for the ride!

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