This memorial website was created in memory of Shelly Macy, 52, born on June 25, 1962 and passed away on November 27, 2014. We will remember and miss her forever.

The site is currently being choreographed, but I wanted to put it out in the universe for us to share our memories and rejoice in her life. 

Please post your stories, memories, and pictures so we can celebrate her magnificent life.

"It is not length of life, but depth of life."  -Emerson Ralph Waldo

Posted by lucy mudrick on June 27, 2019
Lucy J. Mudrick
Shelly. I will never forget you. How can I when I have known you since you were born. Loved you so much while you were growing. Up Saw you almost every day because I worked at the dance studio
You went on to become the best dancer ever. Now your girls are following your footsteps.
Love you and always in my prayers.
Posted by Stephanie Williams on December 22, 2018
The best things in life come in threes...friends/children, dreams and memories.
Posted by Stephanie Williams on June 25, 2018
Happy Birthday Shelly,
Never to be forgotten, an angel guide for all she left behind!
Posted by Melissa Hall on June 25, 2017
Shelly, I cannot believe it's been three years.. I remember the first day I met you .. we were at Burt Reynolds theater in FLA. and I was an apprentice at Burt's and you were hired as a dancer for one of the shows.. that was in 1984-1985 and we remained friends .... I was always in awe of your skills. I also remember the last day I saw you in the hospital prior to your exiting the world. You told me you were not afraid and that you were ready because you were tired of fighting ... You are always in my heart... and will always be a big part of my life .. miss you and happy b 'day my friend xo
Posted by Melissa Hall on November 27, 2016
Happy Birthday Shelly ... miss u and love u xo
Posted by Stephanie Williams on June 25, 2016
Those we love and lose are no longer where they were before. They are now wherever we are. 

Happy Birthday Shelly
Posted by Caryn Harbour on June 25, 2016
Happy Birthday, Shelly - how I wish you were here to see how the girls are becoming even more lovely dancers and how your work and love for them continues to show.
Posted by Melissa Hall on June 25, 2016
Happy Birthday Shelly ....You shine brightly in my heart eternally xo
Posted by Stephanie Williams on June 25, 2015
Happy Birthday my dear friend. I know you are still near, but without pain. Just miss you!
Posted by Melissa Hall on June 25, 2015
Happy birthday Shelly ..... Ur light will forever burn bright ....
Posted by Juliana Nalbandian on December 9, 2014
Shelly was such an inspiring woman, I'll never let go of her impact on my life. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her kind words and selfless actions. What a beautiful service today that served as a reminder to always live life to its fullest and brightest.
Posted by Geneva Caponi on December 9, 2014
Ms. Shelly was so much more than my dance teacher. Ms. Shelly inspired me to be the best dancer i could be and the best person I could be. She believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself.  I started Ms. Shelly's classes somewhat later than others at the studio and she immediately accepted me into her dance groups and encouraged me to work so hard every day. When I look back on all of my years of dance that meant so much to me, I always remember the first time that Ms. Shelly pulled me aside and encouraged me to work hard because she saw potential in me. I don't think Ms. Shelly knew how much that meant to me at the time. I attribute so many of my achievements to her encouragement and love and i miss her so much. Ms. Shelly was such a loving and beautiful person inside and out and will be missed by so many. She will be in my heart forever.
Posted by colie cassidy on December 8, 2014
Shelly will always be my "dance godmother" who gave me so many wonderful memories that I will hold close to my heart forever. I pray that I can be half as good as she was in life, love and motherhood. Until we meet again in heaven and work on my fouettés, I will live passionately and with purpose as you have taught me!!!!
Posted by Sophie Nguyen on December 8, 2014
Words cannot express how much you meant to me and inspired me. You welcomed me into your class even though I started jazz very late and immediately told me that I could do it and that you believed in me. You never stopped believing in me, even after I left for college. You left behind 3 beautiful children that have touched my life and made me feel honored just to know them. I am so grateful that I had the honor of knowing you as a teacher, second mom, and individual. My heart breaks every time I think of returning to the studio and not seeing your beautiful smile, but I know that you're still with all of us in spirit. I love you forever and think of you always <3

One last time, here is the essay that I wrote in your honor.

"How can you, a doctor, whose duty it is to study man and who has more opportunity than anyone else for studying human anatomy - how can you fail to see the character of the man in the whole story?"
Crime and Punishment
Fyodor Dostoevsky

Diagnosis after diagnosis, test after test. Thousands of tiny numbers. After hours of organizing cancer patient data, I find that the names beside each data set gradually blend together and become forgotten as negligible details in a greater scientific endeavor. Doctors discuss cancer in such an objective manner, because it is in fact a disease identified by malignant neoplasms composed of abnormally proliferating cells. But I do not believe that definition fully explains what cancer is.
While sorting through patient data, one name jumped out at me: the name of my dance teacher who survived breast cancer. To this day, I remember comforting her daughter as she broke down in fear and despair after having left her mother at the hospital. I remember the piece that she choreographed while ill to express the helpless feeling that engulfed her throughout her struggle. I remember her tearful expression of gratitude as she accepted a special achievement award before an audience roaring with support. Recalling everything that she went through, I look at her patient data and realize that it does not at all evoke that story, just as cancer's scientific definition cannot convey the magnitude of her struggle. Cancer is a disease that wreaks havoc on its victims in intangible ways that cannot be forgotten, in ways that far transcend its biological impact. Although scientific study is undoubtedly fundamental, passion remains key to the understanding of man, because data simply cannot explain particular phenomena regarding the spectrum of human emotion. As human beings, it is our duty to pursue scientific discovery while simultaneously seeking outlets through which to comprehend that which science cannot.
In my case, I use dance to express those emotions that I can't explain through science, or even through words. What has always amazed me about ballet is the fact that although the first ballets were staged centuries ago, modern audiences worldwide can still relate to their stories. This is because ballets are timeless expressions of those quintessential aspects of human nature that remain scientifically inexplicable. When I hear the final notes of the nineteenth century ballet Giselle, as twenty-four girls dance in unison, I feel connected to those who lived before me and experienced the same trials. I feel hope. I feel the unity of the human spirit. All of these constitute abstract entities that apply to all members of the human race, but yet cannot be touched through science.
Dance has remained my passion my entire life because it complements my innate thirst for knowledge about the physical world. I believe that science and passion must walk hand in hand on humanity's quest for progress, as one without the other constitutes an incomplete human being. Seeing a familiar name in that data reminded me that in order to "see the character of man in the full story," doctors and scientists must retain the ability to connect data with an image of an individual with feelings, because science, albeit indispensable, can never completely explain all that humanity is.
Posted by Charlotte Klein on December 7, 2014
Shelly was a beautiful, talented wife, mother, daughter and friend. She was a dedicated member of Dance Masters of America. She touched many lives and will be remembered and missed
Posted by cortlandt jones on December 6, 2014
I remember you well in the days of my involvement with DMSC Chapter 1. Your love of dance was amazing.
Posted by Dawn Fetterolf on December 6, 2014
Shelly was, is, and always will be an inspiration to anyone she a student of her Mother I always admired and looked up to Shelly. Not only for her outward beauty, but for her inner beauty that radiated from every ounce of her being!
Posted by lucy mudrick on December 5, 2014
I have known Shelly all her life and I wiil miss her very much. Even though miles separated us she was always be in my thoughts. She was a very brave person and full of love. We had a very special relationship. I will always remember what a beautiful person she was.
Posted by Melissa Hall on December 5, 2014
I met Shelly in the early 1980's at the Burt Reynolds dinner theater.
I was an apprentice and she was a dancer in many of the shows . We remained friends from Fla to CA. I remember the early struggles of being young , then she found her wonderful hubby .. Got married and had the most beautiful children , whom she adored and cherished .
Shelly was always kind and loving .. Never heard a harsh word .. From her ..
Ever ... What an inspiration ...
Even the last time I saw her in the hospital . She was the ine who offered comfort to everyone .. How amazing of a person is that . I was in awe . 7 months prior to Shellys passing we attended a memorial if a dear mutual friend . She pulled her oxygen tank behind her and heart filled with sorrow , she continued to push on and give more . What can I say .. Shelly you lit up the world you were in .. I will forever miss u .
Love ,
Posted by Terre Marriott-Nguyen on December 4, 2014
I will miss Shelly. We had many good times working together with DMSC Chapter #1 running PAC, Titles competition, being on the board together. She was truly passionate about her family and dance. She was an amazing, strong beautiful person. I send my heartfelt hugs and love to her children, her husband and to her mother. May God Bless You and comfort you all.
Posted by Kriss Constantine on December 3, 2014
Our studio family many years ago at Lee's School of Dance had one awesome and competitive baton & marching corp known as the Trojanettes from Butler, PA! Traveling to 2-4 parades a week and our many, many practices brought us close together as friends and as a competitive team! My closest friend and I decided to adopt ourselves "little sisters"! Shelly was about 6 years younger than me and I knew that she would be the one I would look after as a little sister! She had stolen my heart! She and another little friend of hers were always hanging around us so it was a meant to be kind of thing! I just loved her! Who could resist her dimpled smile that would light up the room!? So those two girls would frequently sit on our laps or right beside us on our many bus trips and we would have so much fun! She was a doll baby! It is something I will always remember! The fondness I have in my heart for her and this experience is still there after all these years! In this life we have seasons together and then usually life moves us on in the direction that God intends for us! Many years later I am sitting here deeply saddened yet more than grateful that I had a season of my life with Shelly
sitting on my lap, holding her hand, and laughing! God is so good! I miss that little girl and the woman she became who I never really got to see much after those years! In recent months, Shelly took the time to contact me to be of some help to me in my own health struggles! I could tell that the little girl that I loved so many years ago had grown up to be a loving and compassionate woman who thought of others even through the greatest storm of her own life! I am so happy that I found Shelly again through FB! My heart and prayers go out to her amazing mother Lee, her husband, her children, her brothers, and to the many others who fell in love with her the way I did! She will ALWAYS be in my heart!
Posted by Sandi Frahm on December 2, 2014
Shelly will always be with us through Elle's beautiful smile and dimples, through Cassie's zest for life and Will's caring character. She has left an incredible legacy that has touched many, and may we be reminded of her everyday when we see a simple butterfly, or think our obstacles are too big to overcome.
Forever in our hearts.
Posted by Marilyn Tynan on December 2, 2014
As the mother of a childhood friend of Shellys,I remember there was always something special about her She demanded attention without ever trying .If you saw her in a line of dancers on stage you only saw her.She was quietly sweet .There was just something special about her !
Posted by Tera Luedde on December 2, 2014
Brave, strong, a fighter, confident, proud, secure, sure of herself, a leader, creative, kind, supportive, inspirational, caring, loving, tender, achiever, visionary, mentor, teacher, believer, smart, fun, talented, beautiful, and amazing, when I think of Shelly these are the words that are front of my mind that describe her. We had a lot in common, daughter of a dance teacher, dancer, sister, mother, friend, lived in Pittsburgh, grew up part of DMA Ch 10, moved to California, believed in DMA and fought to keep Chapter 1 alive and building a strong chapter that we are proud of. I am so thankful that Shelly recruited my sister and I to help save chapter 1. She was our fearless leader and guided us into a rebirth. I learned so much from her and it was an honor and pleasure being her 2nd co-vice president. I will work to continue to build our chapter in her name. We will honor her legacy and keep it alive forever. I'm blessed to have traveled with her and Cassie to DMA Nationals. We had such fun memorable times. Her smile lit up the room and will shine forever in our hearts. She is an inspiration to me forever. I know she is dancing in heaven with the Angels and will protect us all! My thoughts and prayers go out to her friends, family and loved ones.
Posted by becky hammonds on December 2, 2014
Do you know how there were those "older" girls in school who you thought were just so beautiful, amazing and talented, and you thought wouldn't it be great to be just like them?? Well Shelly was that older girl to me, I thought she was so gorgeous and I see through Facebook that her life was just that, beautiful, amazing and full of crazy awesome talent. I send prayers to all who loved her for comfort during this sad time.
Posted by Hannah Silver on December 2, 2014
Shelly wasn't only a dance teacher to me but was like a second mom to me. She brightened the room everyday with her beautiful smile. She took everyone of us in and taught us all life lessons that we will never forget. When we were at our worst she had ways to bring us to our best and it is truly inspiring. I am so blessed to have been able to learn from her for just about 7 years and she has helped mold me to be the person and dancer i am today. I miss you so much but I know you are looking down on all of us and I will always keep you in my heart. I dance for you Mrs.Shelly.
Posted by Tara Gusman on December 2, 2014
Shelly taught me not just how to dance and perform perfectly, but she has taught me how to believe in myself completely. I don't know what I will do waking up every morning knowing she's not here to cheer me on. I know she will be forever with me and all of us as an angel. She is the most amazing woman I know and I will work hard everyday to make her proud. I love and miss you my beautiful Shelly! Save a glass of Chardonnay in heaven for me. Xoxxxx
Posted by Caryn Harbour on December 1, 2014
Shelly brought out the best in my daughters, she taught them grace of movement and the joy of dance. They will blessedly always have that and I will have the memories watching them learn under her direction and care, something that Shelly gave me. We miss you, but hold you close.

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Posted by lucy mudrick on June 27, 2019
Lucy J. Mudrick
Shelly. I will never forget you. How can I when I have known you since you were born. Loved you so much while you were growing. Up Saw you almost every day because I worked at the dance studio
You went on to become the best dancer ever. Now your girls are following your footsteps.
Love you and always in my prayers.
Posted by Stephanie Williams on December 22, 2018
The best things in life come in threes...friends/children, dreams and memories.
Posted by Stephanie Williams on June 25, 2018
Happy Birthday Shelly,
Never to be forgotten, an angel guide for all she left behind!
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Forever loved

Shared by alison harbour on May 18, 2015

Mrs. Shelly Macy was my amazing dance teacher, and even when we knew she was in pain she even came to teach us  lyrical dance class. Mrs. Shelly will always be a part of my life forever and always . In dances at the studio , she made me Cinderella and Alice from Alice in wonderland , everyone thought that she was playing  favorites but I knew that she loved everyone of her students equally.  I have her to that for  my first place wining trophy  for the last  dance/ solo she ever coura graphed while she was still with us. One time I was in a private class with her and she had brought me some costumes to try on, she handed me this beautiful yellow sparkly costume, and I Tried it on and I knew that it was amazing. And it turned out that her dance teacher had given it to her to where when was a student at my age. It felt amazing to put on, she said that the next time I preform in that costume I would do the best I had ever done, and she was right , so right that she gave me a standing ovation. Love her and miss her sooooooooo so much but I know that she will never rever be gone because she will always be with us in our hearts for ever and ever and ever.