Shared by Elise Stone on July 29, 2020
My sister Sheree and I were just always laughing together for no reason. It was like we were created for laughter when we were with each other. We would just crack up at everything. My mom used to call us the silly sisters when we were little, and come to think of it, she never stopped using that nickname for us. We could just laugh at the smallest thing until the tears were running down our faces.  I always thought we would be really really old ladies together one day, and we would be like big helium balloons, laughing until we floated up to the ceiling - like that scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Sometimes, other people didn't know why we were laughing so hard or what we found so funny. But we didn't care, we would just laugh and laugh. I will try to remember to laugh again like that - to honor my sister. I know that she would want that because she just wanted everyone to be happy and because I know how very much we loved one another. She would want us to remember her for her ability to find joy in even the hardest of times. My heart is broken, but I will keep her love and humor and kindness alive. So she will never truly be lost to us. I promise sissy, one day we will laugh together again - until then, I will carry your laughter with me in my heart. I miss you so. 


Shared by Terrie Day on July 25, 2020
Posted by Terrie Day on July 24, 2020
Dear family and friends, I read about Sheree's passing on Facebook a few days ago. I don't usually look at any posts unless they are addressed to me. I almost passed the post until I saw Sheree's name. I stopped and went back, shocked to read the post. I believe Sheree was taping at my shoulder to tell me to look at that moment. We met when we both worked at I-Hop in Los Altos. We became close friends immediately, of course you all know how Sheree was always kind, funny, and passionate about her beliefs. We worked side by side for 5 years until they closed the restaurant. We had the most fun going to the bar to watch the 49ers play football on Sundays . I'm not sure who screamed louder at their victories. So many wonderful memories: like the time we both dressed up on Halloween. Sheree was a kitty cat and I was a bee and the customers loved us. We even went trick or treating with the kids. My brother Michael always had a crush on Sheree, even to this day. She was always kind to Michael as he was sick with a mental illness. When Sheree was in the fire, John and I went to see her and I remember her mom telling me, "only come if you can be strong for Sheree". Which we were, and my husband John who could always make her laugh did. Even with such terrible, and tremendous pain She managed a smile. She was doing it for all of us. Her strength amazed us all. We continued to visit even when she moved up to Berkley for special burn victim treatment. A while later she moved back to Fresno and I got a call from her asking me and my daughter Jessica to be in her wedding. I was so proud that she asked me. Jessica, even though she was only about six, still remembers the wedding and the fun she had on that special day. Although we both lost touch years ago, we found each other again through Facebook. I have been ill for over 15 years now and time has slipped by, yet we promised each other we would meet again. I will meet you again one day when my time is up Sheree and we will have a toast of coffee and Kailua just like we used to do at work. Best of times my beautiful, kind, and loving friend. Love, Terrie
Shared by Craig Smith on July 23, 2020
Thank you Maria.  Lovely.
Shared by Maria Gap on July 23, 2020

Thank You 7 Cups

Shared by Craig Smith on July 20, 2020
Not a story -- but I want to say a huge thank you to the 7 Cups folks who are posting on this site. This is a part of Sheree's life that we knew little about.   Your posts are greatly appreciated and deeply moving to her family.
Shared by Craig Smith on July 19, 2020
I really only knew Sheree post fire. I very briefly met her before the accident, she was visiting her sister in NYC and Elise and I were dating at the time.  Elise and her beautiful sister came up to me - at the theatre as I remember-- Elise said "this is Craig" they both stared at me for about 6 seconds and both giggled and then left.   

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