Let the memory of Shereen be with us forever. Her Sunrise was 26 May 1945, and Sunset 28 Feb 2011. She is now an Angel of God. Bless you my Precious - I will love and remember you forever - you are in my thoughts daily.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on May 26, 1945 in Turkey.
  • Passed away on February 28, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our precious and beloved wife and mother.

Denise our daughter, son-in-law Andrea and I will remember her always.  This to the Father we promise.

Posted by Norm Boyajian on June 18, 2014
My Sweet Shereen: Today, 18 Jun 2014, I received a somewhat distressing e-mail from Denise. She had a dream in which she saw you. But a part of that dream was somewhat upsetting to her. I made an attempt to interpret it for her by using an online source. She may be having difficulties and you need to be sure to go to her - to help her - to calm her. She and I often feel your presence and I believe you already know of any difficulties she may be experiencing. So for me, please be sure to stay with her until any adversities pass. I know I don’t have to ask, but I feel better doing so. I think she very much needs you, her mama, to help her - just as you have for all of her life.

As always, I will never stop loving you. Norman
Posted by Norm Boyajian on June 8, 2014
To My Precious Shereen: 

Today, Sunday the 8th of June 2014, is our 51st wedding anniversary. Because God took you over three years ago, I will once again not be able to celebrate with you by my side. Instead, I will sit alone at your memorial here in the home and softly and tenderly talk to you. I will remember so many of the anniversaries we celebrated together, but it will be with overwhelming sadness that I no longer have you here so that we can celebrate another milestone event together. We often talked in the past as to what we would do for our upcoming anniversaries. For our 50th anniversary, we wanted to take a long trip to various parts of the world, including of course a stay in Switzerland with Denise and Andrea. I think the fact that we planned on taking a long vacation together to various parts of the world was the event we most looked forward to. But of course that didn’t/couldn’t happen, nor will we ever be able to take any trips at all. I have nowhere to go, nor do I want to go anywhere without you.

So again, I will simply sit and talk to you about the plans that will not come to fruition. The dreams we had will not now happen. But I will also try to remember all of our past and happy anniversaries and gifts you received that made you so happy. My gift was in seeing you so happy, so excited, to get them - it warmed my heart in a way you will never know that I was able to bring so much joy to you.

I continue to miss you so much my precious angel. Yes, I will shed more tears, but that is something that can’t be avoided. But I will also smile as well - perhaps even laugh a bit as I talk to you.

I know your spirit is here with me - I often feel your presence. So my darling, Happy Anniversary! And thank you for all those wonderful years you gave me - you were responsible for making me whole, making me feel loved, wanted and important. For all of that I again thank you so much for your warmth and love.

Rest my angel in the arms of God. Someday I will see you again. Someday we will be together again.

With All My Love, Norman
Posted by Norm Boyajian on May 26, 2014
Happy Birthday My Sweet Shereen! Today, Monday 26 May 2014, is your 69th birthday and the third one since God took you. 

As usual, I will sit alone at the memorial I have to you here in the home and talk to you. I will ever so gently and tenderly place my hands on your urn which has draped around it your favorite piece of jewelry which you wore every single day - the gold Hawaiian Kuuipo (Sweetheart) necklace I bought you for one of our wedding anniversaries. Attached to it is your wedding ring and a small gold heart and key - the key to your heart. 

But there will be no card for you to read; no presents to open; no special dinner to share together - nothing but complete solitude with just my whispering voice to pierce the terrible silence. What should be a happy event will instead be a somber remembrance of our life together interwoven with my cherished memories of a life which you so generously, unselfishly, and compassionately provided me.

This tribute to you is in the form of 'Laying a Flower' - and naturally that flower is your favorite, the Tulip.  

I love you my precious wife and mother - we all love you. Never will we forget you nor fail to celebrate every birthday, holiday and anniversary with you. 

With Our Everlasting Love, Norman, Denise and Andrea
Posted by Norm Boyajian on May 24, 2014
My Precious Shereen:

I originally wrote this on 28 Feb 2014, then decided to rewrite it a bit.

It is now fast approaching 2am on 28 Feb 2014 - the third year since you passed. I regularly have thoughts of joining you - sui caedere - and I plan on doing so soon.  I am in such terrible despair and darkness that I must end it soon. I pray that you will take my hand and guide me.

Since your passing I’ve been living a life of solitude - such complete and utter loneliness that I want to be with you. Although it’s said that time cures all, I have yet to experience any lessening of my grief. In fact, I feel ever worse - I’m slipping - I am weak and heavily burdened from losing you. 

I’m told and have read that taking one’s life is a sin. That is not necessarily so. God will forgive me - after all, it is just yet another way He has of calling us to Him.

Yes, I have talked to our daughter about my thoughts and the very peaceful means by which I can join you. She is of course terribly distressed, but too, I know I am a burden on her in so many ways and it all needs to stop.

I love you Shereen. You were and still are the love of my life - the Angel that God sent to be my partner in life. Oh how I miss everything about you. If it is time for me to join you, then please guide me in that direction. If it is not yet that time, then please help me through my grief - I so much need that help at this point in my life.

God bless you my precious wife and mother. Rest in peace in the arms of God.

I love you always, Norman
Posted by Norm Boyajian on May 12, 2014
To Our Sweet and Precious Mother and Wife. Today is Mother’s Day (due to the time difference, this tribute may show the date of 12 May, although here in Hawaii, it is still Sunday, 11 May 2014). 

Yesterday I talked with our daughter Denise. You know of course how much she loves and misses you - the same as I do. Because she was feeling bad, I tried to comfort her by saying that I know you would be with her on this day - a day she misses you so much and a day that brings up a flood of loving memories she has of you. 

So many times over these past three years she’s told me how fortunate she was to have a mother like you - she often recalls those many happy, even funny times she had with you. 

As I have often said, we will never forget you nor will we ever stop loving you. We regularly pray that you are free of the terrible disease that took you from us and that you are at peace in the arms of God. 

Today was very lonely for me as well, but later in the day, I felt your presence and took comfort from that. We love you so much and it is hard to go on without you. I myself await that time when I will join you so the two of us will look down on our sweet daughter to guide and comfort her. 

Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart. With all our love, Norman and Denise.
Posted by Norm Boyajian on January 11, 2014
To my precious Shereen. The holidays are over, and I continue to miss you so much. I remember how much you loved Christmas and how you’d decorate the home. 

But once again this year, it was quiet and lonely. I can only continue to hope and pray that with God, you are not only free of the terrible disease that took you from us, but that you are at peace as well. 

Denise, Andrea and I will never forget you as the caring and loving mother and wife you were. 

Rest my sweet Angel in the hands of the Father. With our love forever, Norman, Denise and Andrea
Posted by Melissa Pavlovec on December 28, 2013
I pray God will bless and keep you now and always!
Posted by Janie Cox on November 18, 2013
""""By being here you have communicated that you care.
This gesture is of immeasurable value, and speaks significantly
about the impact of the life we commemorate.""""
Posted by Janie Cox on November 18, 2013
""♥†Sorry4ur loss...""
Posted by Norm Boyajian on May 26, 2013
Hello My Precious Shereen: The 26th of May 2013 is your birthday, and Denise, Andrea and I want you to know that we remember you, and of course always will. It will be a hard day without you here, but we hope your spirit will be happy knowing we continue to remember you. Rest my precious wife and mother - rest in the hands of God. We give to you all our love. Norman, Denise and Andrea
Posted by Norm Boyajian on October 16, 2011
Shereen, you were the Angel who came to make me whole, but I lost you all too soon and my grief is overwhelming. But I feel you by my side teaching me not just how to survive the storm, but that I can still dance with you in the tempest. But I must admit, it will take a very long time for me to learn - without you physically here, life is so very difficult.

Rest now my Angel in the Father’s glory. With All My Love, Norman

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