Sherri At The Park - 4
Sherri Ann Austin Jackson
  • 47 years old
  • Date of birth: May 12, 1965
  • Date of passing: Jan 2, 2013
Let the memory of Sherri be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sherri Austin Jackson, 47, born on May 12, 1965 and passed away on January 2, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ken Austin on 4th January 2017

"Sherri, It is hard to believe that it is now four years since your passing. Time sure is getting away but we never forget.  I think of you everyday. You are right up front in my mind. I learned after you died that you were a big Snoopy fan so I looked around and got myself a great Snoopy.  He sits on my bed so when I make the bed everyday, right there leaning against the pillows is a memory of you, girl.  I love you, miss you and hold you forever in my heart. You are and always will be my little girl.  Love to you sis, will talk soon. Poppy"

This tribute was added by Culture Clash on 2nd January 2017

"She liked me. That means everything"

This tribute was added by Ken Austin on 12th May 2016

"It is amazing to me that you would have been 51 today.  Time sure does fly by. I see you everyday, sis, as I go about the days business and think of you always.  You are still my little girl! We had a great life together and that is a gem that I treasure. It is hard to realize that it was 51 years ago today that you were born.  Kevin and I stood out on the sidewalk and waved at your mother way up in the hospital window. It was touch and go for a few days as the doctor had to change your blood but you rallied and began you life. It was a wonderful journey watching you grow. You were such a loving and tender little girl. A bright and lovely teen and you became a woman of great stature. I shall always cherish my time with you and I remember with such fond memories our relationship. You were one person that I could really let my hair down with. We could be frank but loving, direct but caring and always remain buddies. I look forward to our continued relationship in years to come.  That will happen, sis, as I know that Lord is in control. That is why as Job said, "we rest in hope." The morning of resurrection is coming and the bright sun of a new life is just moments away. I love you, miss being with you but you are never far away. I love you so much kid!  Poppy"

This tribute was added by Kris Chase on 4th February 2016

"I remember the day you let me drive the Charger.  I was having a rough day and you seemed to know that would cheer me up and it sure did.  I remember you told me to open her up at the light off of highway 55 and Floating Feather, Sydne was in the back seat and as soon as that light turned green I lit up the tires and got her up to 95 mph before you realized how fast I was going and you told me to slow her down.  I do miss you Sherri/mom, I am sorry I didn't get to see you before you passed.  You treated me like I was family and I do miss you, you were a special woman and I am very lucky to have called you mom."

This tribute was added by Kevin Austin on 3rd February 2016

"Dear Sherri,
I swear, this time of year is hard on me, as are many. Strange how certain things trigger memories, they run through my mind like a slideshow. My anger is gone, the pain is diminishing, and the melancholy runs rampant inside me. You are never far from my thoughts. So many reminders daily.
I can not remember if I ever thanked you for the part you played in the fact that I am still alive. Every day of my life is a gift, and you helped me make it. I will always be grateful to you for your efforts to save me.
So often when I think of you, I feel blessed to have had you in my life.
I guess it was time for you to move on. While I often wonder why, I can not question His timing. Sometimes His plans are beyond our understanding. I stopped trying to figure it out, too frustrating. Only He knows why.
I love you so much and miss you more than words can describe. While I am coping much better with losing you, that hole is still in my heart and I am afraid it always will be. A 47 year friendship is impossible to forget.
My favorite memories of you: all the hysterical laughter. Laughing so hard we cried. Laughing until our faces and stomach ached. Those were the best times. I think of them often.

All my love little sister,
Your big brother"

This tribute was added by Sydne Barnett on 3rd February 2016

"Hi mama...

There are days in life where I am so full of gratitude that I forget the hollow chasm that is your absence. We are growing and learning in such transformational ways, and I feel so grateful to see you in only the most radiant moments. In the subtle waltz of winter's naked those frozen moments where sun frees itself from the confines of looming storms in a piercing ray. In the amiable glitter of snow collecting along the edge of that wandering creek we used to study together.
You are the beauty, grace and resilience within this unpredictable, enchanting and oh-so-temporary world. I feel you in my fingers as they type. They've gotten skinnier, you know. They don't quite possess that elegant spindled look I always envied you for, but they're stronger now. Just like the rest of me.
I like to think that you'd be proud of the woman, wife and mother that I've become. And, more importantly, the woman I fully intend on becoming. Blessed as we are, there are still days where I reach for the phone to call and tell you something funny, or seek your wisdom. Days where you are still so alive in me that for the sharpest breath, all of that ache, sorrow and loss is forgotten. And suddenly I am in that hospital again, staring at that monitor, heart paralyzed as I hang on for one more second waiting for our miracle. I remember, and force myself back into the unjust reality that your voice will not enter my home in this life. I remember that I must seek out your energy in those captivating flashes of beauty...

Bentlee and I are overcoming a nasty cold today, and I have to say I've been down for the count. Being stationary seems to trigger thoughts of your absence. And yet, I feel so loved, so blessed by your influence. Hailey came to lend a hand, and I haven't the slightest clue how I could tackle life without her. She's filled with the most amazing energy - just like you- that just pours love into her surroundings. I laid my head on her lap and got her to play with my hair, stroking my face, and I couldn't help but smile at how similar her touch is to yours. I wonder if I feel as sweet to my son.
You would get such a kick out of him. He's the most enormous blessing - the beam of purest light that illuminates this journey for me. When he was feeling better, he would stroke my hair, kiss my forehead, and lean back and smile through those endearing, hazy, cold-hangover eyes.

...He loves to be surprised. I don't know why I started doing it, since I hated it as a kid. But, one day I was thinking of your crazy pranks and teasing and I couldn't help but leap out at him and roar and he threw his little head back and cackled so loud. I still smile when I think of it :) Ever since then, we take turns 'scaring' each other. I know you would win if you had the body to do it. Even still, sometimes I think you're playing with us. nyquil is hitting, so I suppose I shall rest.

Until next time, sweet Mama Bird.

I love you,


This tribute was added by Taunya Richards on 12th January 2016

"It's been three years...I can't believe it. I still see your smile in my mind. I remember the times I'd stay with your family and I'd be snuggled safe in your room. You taught me to read, a gift I'll forever be thankful for. You treated me with kindness and I never forgot.

I love you still and always will."

This tribute was added by Michele Ashford on 11th January 2016

"Hey Sister,

We have talks everyday as I pass your resting place.  Still missing our visits face to face, but grateful for the time we had together.

Love you always,

This tribute was added by Deb Roman on 9th January 2016

"Dear Sherri,

I love you and am so grateful for all that you have taught me.

Often, as I work, I feel like we are working together,
as we talked of several times.  Thank you.

I am inspired by the way that you welcomed children into your life
and encouraged them to believe in themselves.

I am inspired by the beauty and wisdom of the words
in your poems and writings.

I am inspired by the strength and resilience of your beautiful daughters,
a lovely reflection of those same qualities in you.

I am inspired by way that you faced cancer with determination and grace.

I love you always,

This tribute was added by Starr Aldridge on 9th January 2016

"Our dear Sherri, on this the third year since your passing, it's amazing how the deep pain of your leaving has turned in to twinges of pain now & then, but mostly sweet memories.  As I was growing up I remember seeing you & Kevin and your parents at meetings now & then when we would travel from Washington, or you would come to Portland meetings.  When I moved to California and met Norm and married him, I was so thrilled to have you & Kevin become part of my family too.  I loved getting to know you better, and as time went by and you became a mother I was so happy for you.  Your girls were the light of your life, and you took on the role with such passion and love.  I was heart-sick when you & Kevin lost your mom (and Norm lost his sister), but as difficult as that was you powered on and used her advice and love to become the best mom you could be.  You definitely were the Mama Bird to not only your girls, but so many others - you truly believed in them and that gave them courage to become the best they could be.  There's no price you can place on that feeling that someone has your back and believes in gives you courage that you never thought you had.  Bless you for that.  And bless you for believing in Kevin when he was struggling and couldn't see the way out; the brother-sister bond never failed either of you, even when the going was tough.  I was in awe of the way your brother returned that love when he cared for you through your darkest days & nights - not many brothers would take the time and effort to do what he did.  You were always SO special to your Uncle Norm too...he loved you so deeply and still misses your long phone calls and the big hugs when you saw each other. I also enjoyed our in-depth conversations and our connection with music and how that enriched both our lives - you introduced me to many new artists and genres of music that I really loved! In closing, please know that your loving legacy lives on in the lives of so many, and we will always treasure your time with us.  Looking forward to seeing you again one day. Love, Aunt Starr"

This tribute was added by Tammy Barnes on 9th January 2016

"This is the note I wrote 3 years ago, but still holds true today. Think of you often and you continue to live on thru your big bro and children (all of them)!

Sherri Austin Jackson!! You are missed my friend.
January 2, 2013 at 6:35pm
Met you when we were young!  You were a pastor's daughter and I was a preacher's kid.  Our social circles may have been different but I know our souls touched.  Your mama was a mama to many, at your sacrifice I'm sure.  But her love for her Saviour never wavered, just as her love for her kids (all of them)!  I'll never forget spending time with you, her and Kev as we discussed the many gaseous family times.  I discovered her sense of humor to be a breath of fresh air :) in more ways than one!  Y'all know how to laugh and that's what got you through!  You love life to it's fullest and many will benefit from the fruits of that gift!

Your mom and I shared a phone as we both dated the loves of our lives and she never went to sleep 'till I was safe at home.  She had a mother's heart through and through!  :) Roy loved her as a queen and she adored him too, their anniversary a week from ours always gave a special tie.  Wish I could have seen your smile at that time!  You were raising kids and finding your way, but I know your love for Christ never went away!

She passed the mother trait on to you.  I watched you with your girls and unconditional love came through!!  They've been blessed to have you as their 'mom' and I know they will thrive with the love of their Saviour and you as they press on!  

Your light shown so bright that God must have had a need for you and as we grieve, He'll be holding you.  Your time here was done, though we'd like to differ, God must have needed you more than we could consider.

Love you my dear friend as do many others and I'm so so sorry for your daughters.  Christ will care for them the best and we will know that your mom and you will be making Him laugh with the gifts of humor and love for life that you both possess!"

This tribute was added by Kevin Austin on 9th January 2016

"Thank you Pop for creating this memorial site for Sherri.
Sher, we just past the third year mark of your passing. I was able to handle this one much better than the previous two. The pain has lessened greatly and the anger of how we lost you is gone. But I still think of you and miss you every day. At times it still doesn't seem real.
I hold on tight to the countless memories I have of you. We shared so many things, going clear back to our childhood. We went thru rough times and good times together. I will never forget how you stepped up to help me and get my life on track when I was such a mess. Not many people had the guts to even try. But you and Pop refused to give up on me. I thank you for that.
I carry you in my heart and will never forget how important you were in my life.
All my love,
Your big brother"

This tribute was added by Ken Austin on 9th January 2016

"Well, kid, it has been three years since you left us. I think of you often . . . when I see the flowers, the birds, when a cloud floats by and especially when I look at the smile on your grandson's face.  Also, when I hear the music of Mozart that you gave me. I am not in grief, sis, because of the peace I have knowing that I will be with you again. I rest in the sure and certain expectation that we shall be there and see the Lord face to face, together again.  I love you, you are and shall always be my baby girl. Rest in hope!  
Your Poppy"

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