This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sherry Fine, 75 years old, born on July 17, 1945, and passed away on April 6, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Marcia Lenser on April 6, 2022
Dear Sherry continues to rest gently in my heart, and I find myself smiling whenever I think of her. I will miss her forever.....
Posted by Kathleen Van Boven on April 6, 2022
I think of Sherry often and her warm and loving ways.
She lives on in my heart.
Posted by Kathleen Van Boven on July 17, 2021
Sherry was such a beautiful person inside and out. I will always remember
and love her.
Posted by Betsy Sentz on June 9, 2021
I'm so sorry Ned, my loss to have never met your beautiful Sherry. I lost the love of my life, so I know how how you must be feeling. Feel sure you are receiving support from your family. Be grateful for all the years you shared together. Your Classmate Betsy Sari Sentz
Posted by Kathleen Van Boven on June 1, 2021
I just received this Life Tribute from Bill Polkinghorn.
I loved Sherry from the moment I met her in the 90's. And I told her that every time we were together. Her gentle heart was always giving, and she had a quiet way of letting you know that she cared. I have a special place in my heart for Sherry.
Posted by Gene McSweeney on April 26, 2021
My sincere condolences to Ned, Jessica and Rebecca,
I didn't know Sherry well but I do know she was very loved and will be missed greatly. My thoughts are with all of you, Gene McSweeney
Posted by Cari Carter on April 25, 2021
Aunt Sharon was a great woman. I unfortunately did not get to know her that well. Her, Ned and the girls moved away when I was young. I was so glad to see her in January of 2020. Sharon came to help me and my dad (George) with my mom's funeral. I had not seen her in years and really regret not getting to know her better.
Posted by AMY HAWTHORNE on April 25, 2021
Sherry was a beautiful, kind, and warm person. We Hawthornes (Trish, Tony, Amy) always enjoyed seeing her at Fine family gatherings, especially Thanksgiving at Mary Ellen's house. Her presence always added so much to those occasions. We especially enjoyed hearing about her extensive travels. We send our deepest condolences to Ned, Rebecca, and Jessica. Sherry is very missed. 
Posted by James De Meules on April 19, 2021
Ned and I were lawyers at Morrison & Foerster when we first started practicing law back in 1970. We had a great social group. Sherry was so cheerful and friendly and such a pleasure to be with. We saw the Fines many times over the years, including a surprise meeting on a cruise ship where we had a great time together. Ned, I am very saddened by your loss.
Posted by Susan Fox on April 17, 2021
As Sherry’s fellow Pan Am flight attendant, member of Napa Valley Sistahs
& Marin World Wings, Litwit member & Mah jongg devotee, I came to see Sherry almost every week…… This is before the pandemic curtailed all of these activities. I so enjoyed being in her company.  I found her always to be kind and generous and ready to have some fun. I admired her in many ways; in particular I admired her determination to keep up her Spanish language ability and also her sense of optimism as she anticipated each of her many trips; whether to Savannah or Manchuria, she always was confident she was going on an exciting adventure. I shall miss her very much.
Posted by Melanie Flood on April 17, 2021
I met Sherry through being friends with Rebecca at Woodside Elementary School and Woodside High School. Sherry was always the sweetest, kindest Mom and wonderful host. I remember many slumber parties, pool parties, birthday parties and cheerleading practices at Sherry and Ned’s home. She was a beautiful and warm soul that everyone liked. She loved her family so much and being in her home was always fun. Although my travels and living overseas for a decade took me far away from our Woodside days, I always felt like not a day had passed when I got to enjoy catching up with Sherry, Ned, Rebecca and Jessica in California. The last time I saw Sherry was at Rebecca’s house in Napa and I got to enjoy a nice charcuterie board with her, Ned and Rebecca. The conversation and wine were always the best! My love and prayers to all of you and your families during this very difficult time. I’m sure you will create new traditions to honor her memory. Lots of love from me, Mina and my Mom.
Posted by Mary Beth Lenser on April 16, 2021
I was born five days before Rebecca when our families lived on the same block in the Berkeley hills where our mothers became close friends. Therefore, I have know Sherry even longer than Rebecca! As Rebecca and I grew up, we also became close friends and remain so to this day. The Fines are like family and Sherry is already deeply missed.
Posted by Carol Ferguson on April 16, 2021
I was very fortunate to meet Sherry through my friend Ed. He had know Ned and Sherry for years and insisted that I would really enjoy both of them. He couldn't have been more correct. Sherry and I hit it off immediately and became good friends, sharing lots of "Fine" meals and frequent hiking. In 2006 we decided to take a trip to New Zealand and spent 6 months planning it. Since Rebecca was working for an Australian wine group she arranged a special stay at one of their wineries. We spent time on both north and south islands driving, exploring, hiking, and of course, wine tasting. We happened to be in Hawkes Bay Area when they had their annual Wine Festival so we devoted a day to that. We hiked all day up over the mountains used in the film Lord of the Rings. It was very foggy and steep, but the views were spectacular. Sherry was truly an intrepid hiker and a great travel companion. The boat trips in both Doubtful and Marlborough Sounds were awe-inspiring. The entire trip will always be one of the best of my life.
Posted by Mary Ellen Fine on April 15, 2021
My Sister-in-Law, Sherry

  My sister-in-law, Sherry, was a wonderfully kind and caring person. She was especially kind and caring to our mother-in-law, Emily, in her declining years.

  To me she was so generous. I am forever grateful to her for planning and taking me on many special trips. We went to England, France, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Bali, and Lompoc together. Traveling with Sherry was always interesting and so much fun because she had visited all these places many times, knew them so well, and could tell me so much about them. She made me feel so comfortable when I went with her because of her vast traveling experience.

  She was such a good mother to Rebecca and Jessica, a beloved grandmother to Issac, Emmet, Logan, and Emily, and such loving and caring wife to Ned. She was a perfect companion for him. He loved being with her as they traveled throughout the world.

 Although I miss her, she will always be one of the most cherished persons in my life. I have an exquisite picture of her that I treasure from one of our many Thanksgiving celebrations. It completely captures the spirit and energy she brought to our many family gatherings.

  These are just a few of the memories of Sherry that I will never forget. I gives me such great joy when I think about what I shared with her.
Posted by Marsha Gebara Geiger on April 15, 2021
Sherry has been my dearest, beautiful, wonderful friend for over 52 years. We met as trainees for Pan American World Airways in 1969.
She has also been the sister that I’ve never had. As a matter fact I managed to convince everyone at the hospital the day after Rebecca was born that I was her sister so they would allow me to see her and her beautiful baby girl!
I could write a book about our friendship over these many years. I’ve delayed this tribute in the hopes of finding some of the most special photos of us but to no avail. I’m sure I will find some of the pictures soon and be able to post them.
I will end with this one incredible story that is just one example of the incredible person Sherry has always been. On a flight from Auckland to Honolulu with a stop in Pago
Pago ( pronounced Pango Pango). I became very sick and fainted. When the plane landed in Pago Pago, unbeknownst to me because I was still passed out, the captain announced he was going to take me off the plane. Sherry immediately told the captain if he dared to take me off the plane she would get off too and there would not be a legal crew to go on to Honolulu! The amount of courage it took to speak to the captain in that way in 1971 is impossible to describe. No one could have a better friend! She will be with me always.
Posted by Raima Audiss on April 14, 2021
So sad, Rebecca, about your mom. My prayers to you, as well as Pops and Jessica. Found a cute picture of all the grandkids in the pajamas she gave them. Though they’ve outgrown the pj’s they will never outgrow the memories. She will be forever missed.
Posted by Dan Cooperman on April 13, 2021
I am a former squash/ golf/ travel partner of Ned's and visited with Sherry and Ned from time to time. To see Sherry and Ned together was always a joy for me. Ned, of course, has always been a bundle of activity, but Sherry was serene and steady. She was such a kind, warm, caring and engaging person -- indeed, just the type that Ned needed. I am so saddened by her passing. But I am confident that the many sweet memories of Sherry will light up the lives of her husband, her daughters and her grandchildren forever.
Posted by Sandy Clarke on April 13, 2021
I am a Napa Pan Am Sister to Sherry and we all enjoyed our bi-mothly luncheons with her. She did miss a few because she and Ned were off on some far-off adventure. Sherry will be missed, but she will forever remain in our hearts. Cheers to you, my sister.
Posted by Diane Dodge Bianchini on April 13, 2021
I’m deeply sorry to hear of Sherry’s passing. As a Pan Am sister, more so our Napa PAA Ladies Lunch Sisters, this lovely lady will be remembered and we will continue to raise a glass in Sherry’s honor! May you Rest In Peace and may the good Lord bring comfort to your family at this sorrowful time.
Posted by Nancy Quick on April 12, 2021
Oh Ned - I am so very sorry about your loss. I know you had alot of wonderful years and memorys. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Your Wakefield friend forever. Love , Nancy Quick
Posted by Roger Quillen on April 12, 2021
As a young lawyer with Fisher Phillips, I temporary worked in our San Francisco office (under Ned's leadership) in the summers of 1983 and 1984. Initially, Sherry, Ned and their sweet little girls, hosted me in their home in the Berkley Hills. From then until now, I have always loved the Fine family as my own California family. Sherry was so gracious to me, so funny, so intelligent, so generous and so interesting, that I feel impoverished to think I will not enjoy her company again. Her passing leaves an empty spot in my heart. "Sherry Really Fine," I will always miss you.
Posted by Beth Carmichael on April 11, 2021
I met Mrs. Fine through my dear friend, Rebecca, when we were in college. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had many meals and trips with Mrs. Fine ever since--from our college study abroad in Paris, to mother-daughter trips in Vermont and Michigan, and from Napa to Vail and Gettysburg. I’m so grateful for the time that I’ve spent with Mrs. Fine over the years. Her kindness and warmth and caring nature were obvious from the start. So, too, were her quiet strength and brave spirit and her loving dedication to her family. I love seeing all of these photos and having glimpses into other parts of her life. She will be deeply missed by so many people—a true testament to the grace and joy and love that she so generously shared throughout her life.
Posted by MARY RYAN on April 11, 2021
Bill and I are truly sorry for your loss. Sherry was a sweet and lovely lady. I'll treasure the many trips we traveled together. She was an excellent tour guide and planned our wonderful trips with the expertise of a world traveler. I'm certain Ned, Rebecca and Jessica have many cherished memories to hold in    their hearts forever.  Love,
Posted by Dotty Hopkins on April 11, 2021
Dear Ned and Family, I was so sad to hear the news about Sherry from the Roberts. Sherry was just such a gently and loving person that the world needs
so many more of. She left us way too young. My heart goes out to all of you and I hope all the wonderful memories you've made over your lives with her will help you heal the hurt. 
Posted by Joan Joiner on April 11, 2021
How saddened I was to learn of Sherry’s passing. We became friends working as volunteers at Filoli before she and Ned moved to Napa. Those days were so enjoyable knowing we could “visit” while we assisted the guests. We also belonged to a small walking group. We hiked the Sawyer Camp trail while trying to solve the Worlds problems. Such fun on a sunny morning. After the move to Napa I always looked forward to newsy Christmas cards full of details of the grandkids and recent travels with Ned.  I will certainly miss Sherry!!!

Thank you so much for notifying me, Rebecca.
Posted by Scott Martin on April 10, 2021
Ned and Sherry have always welcomed me (and my family) into their home as if I were part of their family. Thanksgiving, etc... My only regret is not taking more time, and truly relishing the time, to spend with each of them and their wonderful daughters. Life is short and precious. May we all strive to be like Sherry - reaching out to those we love - cherishing those times we have to spend with them. I know it may sound old fashioned but - “Carpe deim “.
Posted by Jennifer Pierce on April 10, 2021
Aunt Sharon: Thank you for the many welcoming visits over the years to your home…and the memorable trips to visit us in Chicago and London. I’m so sad you will not have the opportunity to see Juno Beach, ‘the one place in the world’ you had never heard of after all your travels. I will cherish the memories of your warm welcoming hugs, incredible hospitality and how you made me feel special by giving your undivided attention when I’d visit, as if there were no place you’d rather be in those moments. Love, Jennifer
Posted by Curt Carnemark on April 10, 2021
My golfing partner Ned has lost a wonderful and caring wife and devoted mother and grandmother—my condolences and best wishes to the extended family. May she rest in peace. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.
Posted by Eaton Brown on April 10, 2021
I met Mrs. Fine through her amazing daughter, Rebecca. And like Rebecca, Mrs. Fine was a sincerely kind, loving, and devoted mother and friend, as well as a gracious hostess. I am grateful to have known her. Her memory lives on through her dear husband, her sweet girls, and her precious grandchildren. My prayers are with your family as you grieve her loss during this time. Lots of love, Eaton
Posted by Randy Skidmore on April 9, 2021
Sherry was an altogether sweet and caring person, devoted to her husband, daughters and grandchildren, and cherished by her friends. My very best wishes and healing thoughts to my friend, Ned, and to Rebecca and Jessica and their families!

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Posted by Marcia Lenser on April 6, 2022
Dear Sherry continues to rest gently in my heart, and I find myself smiling whenever I think of her. I will miss her forever.....
Posted by Kathleen Van Boven on April 6, 2022
I think of Sherry often and her warm and loving ways.
She lives on in my heart.
Posted by Kathleen Van Boven on July 17, 2021
Sherry was such a beautiful person inside and out. I will always remember
and love her.
her Life

Thank you Note from Ned & Obituary

A thank you note from Ned (4/30/21)

I was comforted by the numerous tributes, stories and photos which friends and family entered onto this memorial website. I also want to thank all of you who sent additional sympathy cards and flowers. These were also much appreciated and I am sorry I didn’t get to call each and every one of you individually.

Sherry was my friend for over 50 years and of course a loving wife and amazing mother. She is missed every day now as I try to move forward. Let me add now some additional thoughts.

As most of you know, Sherry spent half of her working life as a flight attendant. Her benefits provided me and our family a priceless and wonderful opportunity to see the world’s people and places. Let me share with you my favorite story from her airline experiences: Sherry was working as the First/Head Flight Attendant on a United Airlines flight returning to San Francisco. Before the flight took off, as is the usual procedure, she introduced herself to the Captain. He in turn said he was happy to have her aboard and stated: “I’m George Franklin.” Sherry promptly responded with—“I have two brothers with your same name.” He then questioned--“You mean you have two brothers named George? ”No, sherry replied “I have one brother named George and another named Franklin.” The Captain replied “Really?” (Sherry’s maiden name was “Riehle” a German name pronounced “really”). Thus Sherry said “No that’s their last name." The captain then in some visible frustration replied “That’s just fine.” Sherry now countered with “No, that’s my younger daughter!” (Jessica Fine). The Captain told her he was going to leave the plane and come back shortly to start over. As a footnote-- Sherry grew up with nine brothers, besides George and Frank, which also include three named: “Tom, Dick and Harry.”

In reading all the tributes and notes about Sherry, one thing stood out—everyone confirmed Sherry was a very kind and friendly lady who I was proud to be with when meeting countless friends, family and total strangers in all parts of the world. Only one person can I recall had a discouraging thing to say about Sherry—one of my former law partners in Atlanta who deemed her a “damn California women’s libber”. I fortunately didn’t have to work with this guy much later inasmuch as he is still in a Georgia prison for life convicted for murdering his wife.

One final note; Sherry’s ashes will on a date in the near future be buried in a little redwood grove not far from the house where we raised our family many years ago. The redwoods (now huge, some 60 feet tall) were planted from small seedlings given to me several decades ago by my late mother.

Thank you again for all your love and support, particularly to my two daughters who were with me during Sherry’s final days. My children (& especially my 4 grandkids) are the reason I can hopefully move on into the future.

With heartfelt thanks,

Sherry grew up on a farm in small-town Wisconsin but ultimately explored the world.

Number ten of eleven children born to Anton and Ida Riehle, Sharon Lee Riehle arrived in the waning months of World War II in Wisconsin. She graduated from nearby Watertown High School in 1963. Encouraged by her older brother Fred, a pilot with United Airlines, Sherry applied to be a flight attendant. It was a highly competitive occupation at the time, but she was hired by United Airlines in 1965. In 1969, she began working for famed Pan American World Airways, an airline practically synonymous with jet-age glamour.

In 1970, on a blind-date orchestrated by friends, she met a young lawyer, Ned Fine, who would become the love of her life and husband of nearly fifty years. Ned had just graduated from the University of California School of Law in Berkeley and was a new associate at Morrison & Foerster law firm in San Francisco. Ned & Sherry were married in San Francisco in September 1972 and enjoyed a round-the-world honeymoon on Pan Am, with stops in many far flung destinations, new to them both.

The couple first lived in San Francisco and then bought a home in the Berkeley hills, where they began raising their two daughters, Rebecca (born in 1975) and then Jessica (1978). The growing family then built a home in Woodside, where the girls finished school before heading off to college. During this time Sherry returned to work, this time for United, and flew for another 15 years. Sherry and Ned moved to the Silverado community in Napa in 2006 after both Ned and Sherry had retired.

Sherry encouraged a love of travel, appreciation of other cultures and traditions in her children and often generously invited other friends and relatives on her global adventures. Sherry and Ned traveled almost everywhere possible in the world: safaris in Africa and the Galapagos; Antarctic excursions; visits to Machu Pichu, Morocco, Mongolia and even Olympics in Sydney; and other journeys to nearly every continent, often on her favorite cruise ships. Sherry always brought a token back from her journeys for her children and then grandchildren. And she loved to capture her journeys in photographs long before the iPhone made it so easy.

Back at home, she relished family and holidays and especially loved her four grandchildren: Isaac, Emmett, Logan and Emily. She was a notorious note-taker as well as a great organizer and planner (famous for her lists, she may have enjoyed the trip planning as much as the trip itself).  Sherry found joy in entertaining, her regular book club, mah-jongg gatherings and walking groups. She always loved nature, volunteering in different capacities at Filoli, the house and garden estate in Woodside, and later at Copia in the Napa community.

Sherry suffered a fall in late February (no broken bones), but complications developed and she was cared for with hospice assistance at home and died peacefully on April 6 with family beside her.  A couple minutes before her passing, her family played the song “I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane,” not only a song she loved from 40+ years ago, but befitting her usual voyages and this ultimate one.

Sherry is survived by 6 of her Riehle brothers (Dick, Archie, Bill, Frank, George and Tom).  She is also survived by her husband, Ned, and her 2 children, Rebecca (Fine) Audiss and Jessica Fine and 4 grandchildren: Isaac & Emmett Kleinman and Logan & Emily Audiss.

Given Covid, no services are being planned at this time.

Recent stories

Shared by brother, Archie Riehle

Shared by JoAnn Carroll on April 18, 2021
As I was in the Air Force for over 20 years, got to see Sharon quite often.  She even brought our parents to Holland when I was stationed there.   We brought the folks to Paris, The Moulin Rouge, and our Dad (a Dairy Farmer) got to see a live cow come onto the stage, something he never forgot.   In 1972, when I was stationed in Viet Nam Sharon and her Pan Am Stewardess friends (who came to bring troops there) invited me onto the plane.  This is something I will always remember.   Brother Archie.  
Shared by Marcia Lenser on April 16, 2021
The Fines and we lived a few doors down from each other in Berkeley, but Sherry and I didn't meet until a mutual friend, knowing we were each pregnant, introduced us.  The rest of the story is a heart-warming and wonderful history of our raising our then babies, born five days apart.  After a few years, we each moved from Berkeley, but always happily stayed in contact.  We liked to say that Rebecca and Mary Beth knew each other before they were born!  I can't over-emphasize the joy of sharing those countless early experiences together and of knowing that Rebecca and Mary Beth remain dear friends to this day.

Speaking of friends, I knew that Sherry had many, but she had a seemingly effortless way of making me feel special, as I'm sure she did with all of the special people in her life.  I miss her deeply and always will -- her warmth, caring generosity, laughter and love for her family and friends will be in my heart forever.
Shared by susan fine on April 10, 2021
Reading Sherry's obituary sparked many memories. I must have been five or six when I met Sherry. She was Ned's beautiful new girlfriend, who came over to our house in Berkeley. As others have noted, Sherry was extremely kind, and we liked her right away. There was a lot of interest in where this new relationship would go, and it was quite exciting when Ned and Sherry announced they were getting married. Although it was over fifty years ago, I have a few memory glimpses of their wedding, which was held at a fancy hotel in San Francisco, and we had oysters on the half shell. Sherry had a beautiful dress and looked like a movie star. Ned was not so bad either. He was most impressive to us, however, because he drove a fun sports car, and he was filled with energy and lived in "the city." He was cool. They were both kind and inclusive of us, Ned's brother's kids, and it was special when they came over. From our first meeting in about 1970 or 71 came years and years of gatherings on Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and other events. Our grandparents were always part of these family events, and Sherry was especially thoughtful with both of them. She also became an important caregiver for our grandmother, Emily, when Emily was on our own and especially when she needed a lot of love and support in the last years of her life. 

Rebecca and Jessica were also, of course, soon to join these events in 1975 and 1978, and it's been joyful to watch both of them grow up and now to have their own children. The pictures here show beautifully the relationships that Sherry built with her grandchildren, and she often shared stories about them when we saw Ned and Sherry, and the girls weren't with us. 

Many years after their 1972 wedding, Ned and Sherry came to my wedding. They also gave us the loveliest of wedding presents: a couple nights at the luxurious and beautiful Ventana in Big Sur. Their presence throughout the wedding weekend was wonderful, and I have memories of Jessica writing and singing a song for us and Rebecca up on this raised platform with Rachel dancing the night away. (As our family is wont to do, we also have photographic memories of all these moments and even Ned's video of our wedding!)

Over the years, my husband, Matt, and I had several opportunities to spend time with Sherry and with Ned and Sherry. Twice Sherry brought my mom, Mary Ellen, to Asia, when we were living there in the mid-1990s. With Sherry's travel experience (and her good airline benefits), she made it possible for Mary Ellen to make these trips and to do so with a first rate travel companion. Ned and Sherry have also taken Mary Ellen on some other wonderful trips and stayed very close to her after my dad died in 1990. 

Ned and Sherry have visited us where we live now in Redmond, WA. They even were here once on a grandparents' and special friends' day at our son Alex's school and stepped right into that role, spending some time in his classes and at an assembly. Ned also had a good time beating Alex at tennis. 

The last time I saw Sherry she was just returning with Ned, Jessica, and Jessica's family from a cruise to Alaska. As always, she was kind and patient and enthusiastic about their latest adventure, one that both of Jessica's boys were able to enjoy. 

I am grateful I grew up with such a devoted and caring extended family. Sherry was a huge part of our family. I am certain that when we next gather, we will face how enormous this loss is and how much we feel Sherry's absence. I look forward to all of us being together, maybe even without wearing masks, so that we can celebrate Sherry's life and remember our many years together as a family. Ned and Rebecca will bring good wine (Ned may even load up and bring his large cooler on wheels, as he did for many, many years for our family gatherings; he might bring us some nice things from Costco, too), we will cook and eat some delicious food (maybe something from Jessica's garden or a lovely apple tart from Rebecca's oven), and we will gather around Mary Ellen's dining room table, as we have so many times before, and we will spend the evening toasting Sherry and sharing our memories of her. Maybe we will also head to the piano, and Rachel can accompany some loud family singing, including "Leaving on a Jet Plane." 

PS I am amazed that Sherry was 20 years old when she headed off and launched her long career working for the airlines. We have our own 20-year-old child/young adult right now, and it's hard to imagine him with the confidence, executive functions, and clarity about himself to join the working world and take care of himself as fully as I am sure Sherry did, back in 1965. I predict she never lost her passport! Or was late to work!