Shared by courtney hoskins on March 7, 2011

sherry was always so much fun to be around and she loved life and just wanted to have a good time. Thats one thing we always had was a great time. i cant believe shes gone. i had so much fun at her house when i  was a teenager she was like my second mom. the really fun one that never got mad at me. i really miss her soo much and cant wait to see her again.

My mom

Shared by Jessica Jones on March 7, 2011

        My mom was an amazingly frustrating person. She was loved by many. I miss her more then anything. There is nothing that measure the pain in my heart.

      She was fun, happy, and one of the most vivacious people ever. She had her faults, but we all do. One of l the things that I miss is the fact that my children will never get to the know their "Grandma Washington".They spent time with her, but never got to know the actual person that she was. 

      There are so many stories, fun times and sad times. I hope that anyone who knew my mom would take a moment to share one of her wacky crazy moments. Or anything that you choose to write. Its all appreciated by her family and friends she left behind.

        She was dubbed "Grandma Washington" by my oldest daughter, who is now 9. When Alesha was about a year old when mom went back to Washington and take care of Grandpa. Alesha would ask where Grandma was and I would tell her that she went to Washington. From there it stuck, when she would talk to her on the phone she started calling her Grandma Washington. Even when mom had made her way from Washington to Alaska, and eventually to California, she ultimately was called Grandma Washington. by all 3 of my children. 

        I believe she loved my children as much as they loved her even though they didn't get to spend much time with her. What time they did get they remember. 

  So I love you mom! I will remember you every single day. 


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