Let the memory of Sherry be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on June 30, 1975 .
  • Passed away on January 30, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sherry Rank 40 years old , born on June 30, 1975 and passed away on January 30, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Debra Lisser on 28th February 2018
So today I was watering my plants. And just remembered something you did when you were about 7 I think, well sometimes you didn't like to meats beef. Well one day I was smelling something and it smelt real bad. I looked under the table in the window seal finally I looked in my plant. And sure enough was a few pieces of beef in my plants. But of course you didn't do it. You finally told me you did it. I think about all the times we had fun. I know I wasn't the best mother but I did my best being 15 when I found out I was pregnant and 16 when you arrive. I miss you so much Love you
Posted by Debra Lisser on 30th January 2018
In 12 hours you will be gone for 2 years. What I wouldn't give to have you call me and tell me what you did the night before. I would love to say Sherry Lynn your naughty. Or to hear you say mom can I have the potatoes and gravy to take home. Or you asking to go for a walk to the thinking tree. Or that dam tunnel and you laughing because you gave me a flashlight that didn't work, and you going ahead and turn your off. I keep telling you your going to give me a heart attack. You are so missed.
Posted by Sabrina Lisser on 27th January 2018
Mom, it's been almost 2 years since you've been gone, everyday gets a little harder, but i try my best to survive. Aniya asks about her ooba a lot lately, she misses you so much, it breaks her heart when she knows she doesn't get to see you. It breaks all of our hearts. We miss you so much. I just wish i could call and talk to you, or come over and visit. I love you mom
Posted by Debra Lisser on 25th December 2017
Well it’s another Christmas with out you. I try to have family share a story about you. The one that keeps jumping in my head, is the one when we said Amy wasn’t going to make it. So we started to open presents, And then I drugged out a big one for you. Than Amy popped out. We all had a good laugh. Laughs are not as much now with out you. You would call me to make sure I was making potato and gravy. Miss you so much. So many people are having a hard time of this year. Please be with us today Love you my Red headed Angel
Posted by Debra Lisser on 1st September 2017
So was really thinking about you a lot Sherry. I was thinking about you and those stinky ducks. And you hand feeding that little bird. We all miss you so much. In 4 months it will be 2 years. And life still sucks without you. Jess is living up here now. You are so badly missed
Posted by Debra Lisser on 29th June 2017
My dear Sherry Lynn Rank June 30 will be your second birthday in heaven. You would be 42. And you should be here with us. I will sing to you and let balloons go up to you. If I can remember the train tunnel I'm going to go to it. You gave me a flashlight that kept going out, you thought that was funny. You would go ahead and turn your light off. I'd be like Sherry where the hell are you. Than we would start laughing. I I hope Jessika and Sabrina will join me. I miss your laughter. God I wish I could go back in time I never would have said good night that morning you called at 3 I never would have hung up that dam phone. Nothing is normal it will never be again. When I look at some old pictures I just start laughing. Than it changes to crying. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN Heaven my baby my Red headed Angel
Posted by Debra Lisser on 11th May 2017
Well Sherry it's getting very closd to a yeas for mom being gone. You always said you wasn't important but you were so wrong. Nothing is the same everyone is so sad. Ok that's all the venting. This time of the year its warm but not hot.flowers are coming up.your strawberries are growing. Mothers day is this Sunday and we would go out to eat if i was down.BUT if i wasn't your girls would do something with you. I miss you so much.Nothing is the same. Happy Mothers day in heaven.
Posted by Debra Lisser on 30th January 2017
Sherry it's been one year now. When you left so fast without a goodbye. This year has not been easy everyone hurts and misses you so much. I will just start thinking of you, we did some fun things taking a walk going out to eat. Picking your strawberries. You were so proud of it. You loved your sunflowers very excited to see them growing. I wish I could bring you back but I know that's impossible so I'm going to live with all your memories and hold them close always. Love you and miss you so. Fly high Sherry fly high
Posted by Amber Feibel on 21st January 2017
Love and miss you best friend and cuzband. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.
Posted by Michelle Marshall on 21st January 2017
Sherry you are truly missed. You were one of a kind and thats what made you so unique as a person. The world is a different place without you now. I think about you often and the memories I shared with you. No one could ever forget someone like you. One memory I will always cherish was you crawling down your hallway telling me and carrie not to leave you. We laughed so hard. You always made me and everyone else laugh all the time. You knew when to be serious but you had such an amazing personality that we couldnt be in a bad mood around you. It is still hard to believe you are gone but I know you are with everyone in spirit. Love ya Sherry!
Posted by Debra Lisser on 20th January 2017
Well Sherry it's getting closer to a year, Things have not gotten any easier. We had Halloween without you. A Birthday, Christmas, mothers day. And on January 30 will be a year. Sometimes I will look up to the sky, and feel your watching over us. I'll see a bird, a feather and your there. I wish I could hold you one more time. I never realized how much a person can hurt. Someday we will be together again. Please forgive me for moving away from you. Oh how I wish I could change things. But I can't. I love more than yesterday and my heart is broken Love you Sherry my Angel fly high Sherry fly high.
Posted by Ken Harlson on 20th September 2016
Sherry was a friend of mine. I met her through my sister Sandi (Strawberry). She always had a smile for me and made me feel better about myself. Naughty or not I will always have a place in my heart for her. Miss you lots Hun!
Posted by Ray Towne on 7th September 2016
Never had a chance to meet you but I could Imagine the funny and inspiring lady you had to be.
Posted by Jessika Pulver on 7th September 2016
I will always be your baby girl momma. I miss you everyday, more and more. I love you
Posted by Christal Clewis on 7th September 2016
I remember how scared that I was having to have a MRI done and I can't thank Sherry enough for giving me advice to get through it. I love an miss you Sherry will forever cherish the memories we have and share them with you in spirit!
Posted by Christine Lissers on 7th September 2016
She used to braid my hair all time when I was little as I grow older she always took her time to talk to me when she seen me at my jobs and said me messages of encourment
Posted by Debra Lisser on 21st August 2016
Sherry my baby girl. You left without a word. I never got say good bye. But I will feel you everyday in my heart. Nothing will ever take my pain away. This world will never be the same without you in it. Fly high my baby girl be free.

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