This tribute was added by Alexus Wise on July 29, 2017
2day makes 8yrs mama u been gone since I was five now I'm 13 going to the 8th grade i go 2 high school next year that's just how long u been outta my life mama I miss u 2 the death of me rest easy mama boo
This tribute was added by Tarsha Harris on September 2, 2015
Happy Birthday my baby, you r truly missed, rest in paradise
This tribute was added by Kimberly Murphy on March 5, 2012
This is to my best friend (vita) I remember all or days having fun together in the apartments 323 all day...Braiding hair laughing at every and anything just cooling it..I know that we didn't see each other often but i wouldn't thought that i wouldn't be able to see you ever again..I miss you so much friend.I didn't get to say bye or see you lay to rest.. But know this I LOVE YOU BIG DAWG
This tribute was added by Tarsha Harris on October 30, 2011
happy belated my sweet baby may you rest in peace forever,i luv u always

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