Dear family and friends, please feel free to leave a note remembering Sherwin.
  • 64 years old
  • Born on November 23, 1954 .
  • Passed away on April 4, 2019 .

A memorial service will be held in the Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Keystone Room (across from the main sanctuary) on Sabbath, April 27 at 5:00pm. The address is 6810 Eastern Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 

Posted by Gloria Mullings-Antoine on 24th April 2019
Sherwyn, My Friend: You are truly at rest! You came into this world and into lives and have left your mark. Quite impressive. You became a true friend. I am glad for the opportunities provided by our Lord for us to visit each other's homes, and the enjoyment of appreciating your music. We were so proud of your achievement. So sorry plans did not work out for you and Florence's visit to Trinidad & Tobago, but I am sure we will be visiting worlds in the hereafter. Sleep on my friend, it won't be long now before night will be over, and it will be perpetual day forever. By His grace, I am looking forward to meeting you there. Your friend...Gloria.
Posted by Sandra Brown on 15th April 2019
My Dear friend, Tony, words are truly inadequate. ... but I want you, Fely, Richard and other family members to know you have friends that love you, hold you dear at this time, and sincerely care. I never met Sherwin, but as I've read other posts I am inclined to believe he has lived up to the much valued Rugless name - in fact, thanks to HMaynard Reid, I have accessed his project on YouTube - awesome! Be encouraged my friend. It won't be long... our Savior's return is immiminent, and the reunion is going to be amazing! So, go ahead and sorrow for awhile - it is your right, but know that the blessed hope is to be your encouragement. Look out! Lo He comes! Much love from the Lloyd and Sandra Wilson-Brown family!
Posted by Winsome Holness Bromfield on 13th April 2019
Rememberin Sherwin back in the days when I first went to West Indies College back in tge days. May his soul rest in Peace. Condolences to his family.
Posted by Vivien Morris-Brown on 11th April 2019
It seems like only yesterday when the Rugless Family impacted all our lives at West Indies College, bringing music and laughter, creativity, brilliance and charm in so many different ways. Sherwin was so very gifted and active. His music was engaging and it is wonderful that the recordings will remain to inspire and motivate others. It must be extremely difficult for you and your family to cope with yet another loss, Tony. We encourage you to hold on to your faith in the Dear Lord. Hold on to Jesus, it won’t be long now. Our condolences, Vivien, Charmaine, Donna (Morris)
Posted by Frederick Greene on 10th April 2019
My sympathies at the loss of Sherwin. He will be remembered fondly. The many many games of chess back in the WIC days were helpful in honing analytical skills. His musical talents blessed many. I look forward to that day when Christ will be victorious over that old enemy death.
Posted by Kennedy Singh on 10th April 2019
Remember is days at West Indies Collage, use to play his bass guitar with the GC band back in the late 70's.
Posted by Obie Burke on 9th April 2019
Tony, we're so sorry to learn of Sherwin's passing. Please know that we are lifting you up in our prayers as we offer our condolences. A number of us got to know Sherwin quite well through soccer, chess and music from back in the WIC days. We look forward to seeing him again in the earth made new. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you until then.
Posted by Barrington Brennen on 8th April 2019
Tony, Annick and I extend our deepest condolences on the passing of your gifted brother, Sherwin. He was talented.
Posted by Harry H 5443 on 8th April 2019
Hello Anthony, I feel the loss of Sherwin. His footprints will forever be with us through the wonderful messages in songs which can be found on YouTube - The Sherwin Rugless Project. May we share the joyful hope he had - meeting together some day with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Until then Be faithful. Harry Hugh Maynard-Reid Waiting
Posted by Joy Maynarf-Reid on 8th April 2019
Dear Tony, I am trying, unsuccessfully, to understand how you feel, BUT without success. I have never been there - never lost a sibling. What I do know is that it must be very painful and difficult. Your brother Sherwin loved the Lord. He had a relationship with Him... his Project bears testimony to that fact. God is with you, Tony. He will bear you up in His arms. Stand firm, and stand strong. "The Golden morning is fast approaching... Jesus soon will come." It won't be long. You are going to be with your brothers again! Keep chargin'! Joy Maynard-Reid
Posted by Arlette Andrews on 8th April 2019
Dear Tony, My condolences to you. It must be very difficult to lose another sibling in such a short space of time. In my mind's eyes I can see Sherwin, in the strength of his youth, bounding down those stairs leading to the classrooms under the cafeteria. He is resting now, and I pray the Lord will uphold you during this time of loss.
Posted by Angela McElroy on 8th April 2019
Dearest Tony, this is so hard to comprehend. I have many memories of Sherwin coming over and playing the piano at the house on Chellaston Dr. I'm so sorry to hear, may our heavenly Father surround you and yours with His love.
Posted by Tony Rugless on 8th April 2019
Sherwin, You are gone. My brother, you and Junior have gone to rest. It's so hard to imagine a world without either of my brothers in it. That's all I've known all my life. You are resting now, waiting for Jesus to call your name and give you a brand new body and eternal life. I will carry the Rugless name with pride and dignity while God gives me life. I love you, Sherwin. I look forward to being in heaven with you. Your brother, Tony
Posted by Toni Worges on 8th April 2019
Wish we had a chance to see each other again but I guess that's just going to have to happen in Heaven. Toni Clarke (WIC)

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