her Life


  • 1928 農曆十二月初三出生於香港, 楊子權與郭順貴之第六女兒。楊子權在英國域景洋行做買辨。精通英語,與洋人打交道。媽媽對她影響深遠, 於比利羅氏念書,有文化,亦懂西方文化。
  • 於麗澤中學讀書
  • 1950 八月初八, 西曆九月十五日: 與唐乃銓在香港結婚
  • 1993: 移民到澳洲墨爾本
  • 有四名子女: 唐建強 (娶黎靄倫), 唐建邦 (娶黄敏兒), 唐建安(娶關慧敏), 唐慧姿 (嫁馬岱雄)
  • 有七名孫兒女: 唐頌恩 (嫁梁光信),唐子豐(娶張嘉蒨),唐子正(娶彭靜妍),唐慧怡, 唐智仁, 唐嘉欣,馬燶寶
  • 暫時有三名太孫 (各位加油): 梁信謙,梁頌謙, 唐莉茵
  • Born in Hong Kong on 3rd December 1928 (lunar calendar) . Sixth daughter of 楊子權 and 郭順貴. Her Father worked as a buyer in a British Trading Company, well conversed in English with his frequent dealings with foreigners. Her Mother played a big part in her life. Her Mother studied in Belilios Public School, very cultured and understood western culture very well.
  • Studied in Lai Chack Middle School
  • 13th September 1950: Married 唐乃銓 in Hong Kong
  • 1993: Migrated to Melbourne, Australia
  • Four kids: Anthony Tong (married Clara Lai), Michael Tong (married Sandra Wong), Denis Tong (married Anne Kwan), Jennifer Tong (married Miguel Ma)
  • Seven grandkids: Stephanie Tong (married Samuel Leong), Aaron Tong (married Kasin Cheung), Justin Tong (married Penny Pang), Rachael Tong, Alexander Tong, Cecilia Tong, Eva Lone-bo Ma
  • Three great-grandkids (for now): Selwyn Leong, Shaun Leong, Syrah Tong