Posted by Joja Rs on May 9, 2021
It's very shocking to hear you left so early. You are so cheerful, smart and loving . You are always there for others especially in their bad times. Prayers.....Om Shanthi
Posted by Pramila Krishnan on May 9, 2021
Can't believe Shilpoo. Beautiful soul. Rest in peace now that you are with your mother ... it's just too soon dear for us.
Posted by Ganesh Iyer on May 2, 2021
Shilpashri was a very lively and kind girl. She was my marketing project team mate and we spent long hours working on the project.

The amul ice cream/ chai shop was our favorite spot in the campus where we spent most of the project hours.

Never a dull moment, she always had some witty word, something that cheers you up. She was a kind soul and always trying to help others in need.

It is hard to believe that she is not with us anymore. In such a short life, she accomplished a lot in terms of impacting lives around her positively. 

Rest in peace dear Poohlet, know that you will be missed by all your friends.
Posted by Ajin Abraham on May 2, 2021
I remember Shilpa as a lovely and supportive person. Hope she is at peace, wherever she is. This news came as a shock and it is hard to believe. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.
Posted by Namrata Kilpady on May 2, 2021
Shilpshri, you were a gem of a person. I will always remember you as extremely selfless, always eager to help, soft-spoken, and full of joy. You touched so many lives in your short time on earth, among us. I consider myself fortunate just to have known you. I feel Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote on success was about you:

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate the beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch 0r a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!”

I believe you are in a much happier place. Until we meet again.... take care, you beautiful soul. Rest in peace. Rest in power.
Posted by Liffy Thomas on May 2, 2021
A few of us from Bangalore were helping two other changemakers in their
campaign on rehabilitating special students of Technical Training
Centre for the Deaf here. That's when I connected with Shilpa.
I haven't met you Shilpa but I know from the
conversations we had that you were so ready to help.
Thank you for lighting up many lives. Love and prayers, RIP Shilpa
Posted by Masooma Ranalvi on May 2, 2021
You are beautiful. Softspoken, genteel and full of energy. Smiling. That's the face I will always remember. Life was too short but you mattered. You made the most of it. I remember a few glimpses of your free abandonment at the SCC lab in your beautiful free flowing gown. Love you and rest in peace Shilpoo
Posted by Deepak Aiyappa on May 2, 2021
We'll Meet Again...till then, you will be missed and always remembered!
Posted by Priyanka Kumari on May 2, 2021
I remember the first time we had met, it was your smile that broke all the ice between us and in an instant we started laughing together at nonsense jokes that we were cracking. You reflected so much energy that all our tiredness vanished and we actively started preparing for our sessions for the Jharkhand lab in the car itself. You are a powerhouse and will always be. Whatever little time I had with you was great. And I loved all your dresses, you pretty woman. I love you!
Posted by Gargi Kaushik on May 1, 2021
May God take you as one of his own and you find his love wherever you are. Rest in peace.
Posted by cassandra nazareth on May 1, 2021
Gentle Poo,that's how I will remember you Shilpoo.
We spoke often, met just once at the #SheCreatesChange learning lab 3.

Goodbye Friend.

Posted by Namrata Sharma on May 1, 2021
Despites, all that you have been through, I only got to know how well you have been able to managed and fight through life's struggles. I have been forever inspired. I remember when I was down with severe allergy you enthusiastically motivated me so I could facilitate the session in Jharkhand lab... that was the last I saw you.
I would never forget how responsive, quick and kind you have been, when we were trying to find employment for the deaf students of TTDC, Bangalore after their institution was up for demolition. Then all the lifting messages whenever I was down or giving up. Even in those brief (because a year is so less a time) conversations and interaction, I got to understand how big and kind hearted you are. There was an inherent zeal and protective side of you that you felt for others. You hide well your pain but you were very straight forward with your opinions. One of the best communicators I have met. I am unable to get over the guilt for not keeping in touch in the last few weeks that you were suffering.
May you find love, appreciation, healing wherever you have flown to. Rest in peace Shilpooo
Posted by Mayuri Bhattacharjee on May 1, 2021
Shilpoo will be remembered as someone always honest with her views and she gave me constructive feedback on my campaign. I remember her telling me about her campaign to give self defence classes, I hope some of us can start what she had visioned. She was so jolly and helpful without asking anything in return. Hard to come to terms with her loss. She will be remembered with love and respect.
Posted by Mugdha Swarnkar on May 1, 2021
Shilpa you are a rockstar and will always remain a rockstar wherever you are ! I still remember your candid and beautiful smile and
offcourse your world famous pink shirt ! I still remember how I used to wake up during our egmp classes after listening to your voice " sir I have a question ...." Your knowledge was commendable and so was your communication. But above all these you had a heart of diamond. You always encouraged me and helped me to see beyond me. Loved the way you used to take life all along on your own helping others and spreading love and warmth which I didn't even know about. For sure special angels would have come from heaven to take you along ! You will always remain in my heart ,forever young , forever alive !
Posted by Tejaswini Naik on May 1, 2021
i love you and you’ll remain in my heart forever

it’s still taking time for me to process this and i’m still unable to wrap my head around the fact that you’re gone. but, you’ll forever remain in our hearts and mind and our lives that you always brightened up with your adorable smile and that voice of yours.

thank you for lighting up our lives shilpoo
thank you for lighting up my life and always being a steady rock in my life, reminding me of who we were and that we’ve got this.
i know we’ve got this now for sure, because we’ve got you - watching down on us, shining your bright light and guiding the way.

your words will always remain in my head, will always remain with me - “teju baby, always remember that you have to smash the shit out of people who hurt you”.

until we meet again, shilpoo.
love you
from now, until eternity.

rest in peace, my love.
Posted by Kakuli N on May 1, 2021
Big hearted people like you stay forever. It is not length of your life but depth of your life that keeps you with us, always. Peace and love!
Posted by Richa Chadha on May 1, 2021
Hey my dear roomie. I still embrace the warmth and those discussions and our late nights deep insights of each other about the experiences and thoughts that kept us positive in our struggles. Yours expression are still alive in my heart, your melancholy voice and your teddy cuddles. I never wish say goodbye, you are and will always be in my heart. Take care my angel
Posted by Megha Bansal on May 1, 2021
Dont just be a woman, be a lady,
More than that, be a LEGEND

"If they can't understand you,
If they can't keep up with you,
You're better off without them..
After all you deserve all the sparkle,
You deserve all the shine.."
Quote Shilpu

Brightest diamonds are forged under the hardest pressures. You fought life's battle for long all alone.. But you'll be my most precious diamond, brightest star shining in the sky

A dear friend, lost forever,
Her stories incomplete..
Life will never be the same.
Posted by Guru Prasad on May 1, 2021
Hi Shilpa wherever you are! We were colleagues and cab mates for sometime. Enjoyed every bit of conversation we had on various topics. You were so genuine that I felt like stopping my two-wheeler in the middle of the road shout your name and give the good news of my son’s birth. You even suggested names for my daughter which wasn’t to be. Though not in touch always wished good for you. I couldn’t even eat the last chocolate that you gave on your last day in Aon. Always admired your ability to say what you want to anyone anywhere. Yes Gone To Soon life is so cruel at times my prayers are always with you
Posted by Sahida Khatun on May 1, 2021
First, when you used to reply to my WhatsApp messages, I used to get confused, which Shilpa is this? Then I discovered that you are another Shilpa. You are Shilpashree Aswathnarayana. Then I met you at Lab 5. You were such a warm person. Then we started preparing for the Jharkhand lab. You used to call me whenever required. Just leaving a message on WhatsApp was never your way of communicating with me. Then in Jharkhand, we shared our pains, dreams with each other. We had fun together. And in Ranchi Airport the last time I saw you. Then for Social Media Assignments...We used to do it together. You were always ready to help or give your expert comments on my assignments. You used to call me late at night or even when kid's online classes are going on. You wanted to make sure our group assignments are better than the best. You wanted to make sure that our relationship is always good with other fellow change-makers. You were a pacifier and a healer too. However, your sudden drop out from social media CLP due to your work pressure made me upset. After that, I didn't contact you. Wish I could call you too regularly. You used to stay alone. You told me that on the weekends you can't stay at home. Now I could feel how difficult, this pandemic was for you. You used to love my gumboots. Now every I wear my gumboots I will cry for you. Yes, I am an ex-TCS er and you are still a TCS er...
Posted by Shruthi Meera Shankar on May 1, 2021
I wish you get to feel and live as light and as beautiful an afterlife you so rightfully deserve, Shilpashri.

Your willingness to be forthright, genuine, collaborative and joyful is something I’ll always remember about you. Someone willing to live and learn is always a precious thing and that's who you chose to be. Thank you for the time and energy you shared with me, dear one.
Posted by Manjari Samal on April 30, 2021
I called you to come with the stuffs that you were collecting for an NGO in Bangalore. But somehow we couldn't make it and we will never now. Right now I'm feeling like a criminal for not checking with you. I don't know why I remembered you two days ago and thought to give you a call. And I didn't make that call too :(
You are a sweet heart ❤️
Posted by Ankita Anand on April 30, 2021
Shilpa was the most genuine and warmest soul ever. In each chat with hers it seemed like she's not just listening but really opening her heart full of love to you. Gentle, honest, extremely brave and so full of life. I am so sorry to have missed saying goodbye to you, dear Shilpa. I hope my love reaches you where you are right now.
Posted by Mohita Datta on April 30, 2021
Shilpa was my midnight friend. It’s tragic that over the last one month I was not able to keep in touch with my reclusive friend. Though she did not have any immediate relative to take care of her, and had lost care of parents early on, but she kept herself motivated & purposive. I always marvelled at her sharp thinking and recall. Her analytics of a situation were always spot on. We did make plans that whenever she comes visiting Delhi she’ll be staying with me. Unbelievable loss.
Posted by Keerthi Bollineni on April 30, 2021
With a heavy heart and tears, I never thought Shilpashree will leave us physically so early. Shilpoo, I spoke to you on numerous occasions sharing my thoughts with next generation change maker. Speaking to you is vibrant and dynamic. You are always in my memories and thoughts, as a young change maker and share your thoughts with many other youth whom I meet in my work.Forever yours MOM.

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