Let the memory of Shirley be with us forever...
  • 79 years old
  • Born on April 28, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 5, 2013 in Costa Mesa, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Shirley Ann Hunter, 79, born on April 28, 1934 and passed away on December 5, 2013. "Mom forever in our hearts you will be!" Scott, Peggy, Steve and Amy

I know how much you all loved her~  what an honor it will be to celebrate her beautiful life and her lovely soul.

Shirley Hunter Memorial
Thursday, January 9 6:00 pm

University Synagogue - Center for Spirtual Living
3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine CA 92642

Kris Shelton will be singing along with the Center band some of Shirley's favorite songs.

Shirley Hunter loved potlucks! We encourage you to bring a dish to share, enough for 5 people.

Please contact Patty Turrell who will be coordinating the food.

pturrell@cslnm.org or call 714-754-7399

Posted by Stephanie Love on 23rd July 2018
Shirley will be forever in my heart.
Posted by Amy Hunter on 28th April 2018
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you❤️
Posted by Steve Hunter on 28th April 2018
Hi mom, Happy 84th birthday to you today. I will celebrate your birthday tonight with a double shot of Johnny Walker Black Label with 3 ice cubes and a twist of lemon. Just how you like them. Wish you were here to drink it with me. Oh yeah you are! Your spirit is anyways. I'll see you tonite. Mom, I love and miss you very much and even though we had many disagreements in our lives I still love you and wish you were still alive to have them with me, Cheers and Happy Birthday Love you, Your son Steve
Posted by Amy Hunter on 5th December 2017
I can't believe it's been 4 years and it still feels like yesterday. I miss you Mom and think of you often, especially around Christmas. This was your favorite holiday. I know you are around because not only can I hear you sometimes in my heart but since you have passed I think your art of cooking is in me. All I have to do is ask myself what you would do and bam all the ingredients I've never really used just come together. Thank you for your gifts~All My Love Amy
Posted by Amy Hunter on 28th April 2017
Happy Birthday Mom! You are in my thoughts and dreams. You will be forever missed!
Posted by Amorra Raa on 28th April 2017
Dear Shirley, At the change of seasons, I think of you and the wonderful Prayers that you wrote for our Center's Services. You always gave beautiful tributes to the beauty and abundance provided by Mother Nature. And now you are truly One with Her and all that Is! Hover near, we need You! with Eternal Love, Amorra
Posted by Amy Hunter on 6th December 2016
Miss and Love You very much!❤️
Posted by Roberta Wrye on 5th December 2016
Think about you often, Shirley. I will always remember our trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Posted by Jean Jack on 5th December 2016
ice cream spoons I think of you every time I use them!
Posted by Amy Hunter on 9th May 2016
Happy Mother's Day...kiss,kiss
Posted by Amorra Raa on 29th April 2016
Hi Shirley, I think of you so often, especially regarding my landlord duties & responsibilities. You had so much earthly wisdom, powered by a great love for humanity. Thanks for hovering around - I feel your kindness, and I'm grateful you're in bliss - with no physical pain. With eternal Love and Gratitude, Amorra
Posted by Amy Hunter on 28th April 2016
Happy Birthday Mom! We love and miss you very much. I know you are watching over us and one day we will be together again. Much Love
Posted by Steve Hunter on 6th December 2015
Another black label rocks. I can do that. Wish you were still around mom, Merry Christmas Love Steve
Posted by Amy Hunter on 5th December 2015
Merry Chistmas Mom! Love you and Miss you very much❤️
Posted by Steve Hunter on 29th April 2015
Happy 81st mom. Had another JW black on the rocks with a twist of lemon with you tonight for your birthday. Wish you were around in person, I do feel your spirit around with me all the time. Love you very much Steve
Posted by Amy Hunter on 28th April 2015
Happy Birthday Mom! I have thought about you all day and I miss you so much! I wish you were still here! The girls are good and Emma really misses you and the Grammy nights over. Hunter is getting ready for college, we visited it today and had lunch after. What a reality check. Wow Mom where has the time gone? I miss you and being able to tell you all about the kids... I will forever love you and keep you alive in my family...I wish we had more time but I am honored I was there for you in the end. Happy Birthday Mom ~ Forever Missed & Always In My Heart! Amy
Posted by Amy Hunter on 28th April 2015
Happy Birthday Day Grandma...We Miss you and Love You! Hunter, Emma and Abby!
Posted by Steve Hunter on 5th December 2014
Hi mom I just wanted to say on the eve of the first year of your passing that I love you very much and I miss you tremendously. It's been so hard this last year without you. I find myself at times starting to drive to your house to tell you something about my day, then realize your not there anymore. Our wanting to call you just to say hi. I miss you a lot mom and tomorrow night I'm going to have a drink of your favorite scotch with a twist of lemon (Johnny Walker Black Lable) oh I'll make it a double !! Don't worry mom I won't drink it until after 5:00 p.m. Cheers to you mom. Love you. Steve
Posted by Roberta Wrye on 2nd September 2014
Only today in an online search for you dear Shirley, did I find that you had left us. I am so sorry that I hadn't been in more recent touch and no one contacted me re your passing. Today I came across a note you had writen to me in a journal you gave me when I moved. You still are one of my dearest friends and I remember so many fun times at your house at the pool. Your laughter remains in my heart.
Posted by Donna Sanford on 28th April 2014
Dearest Shirl, Knowing you for the last year of your time with us was a sheer and on-going Blessing. All things good...All things Bright and Beautiful...Life and Light and Love, Warmth and Cheer, Compassion, and Delight, all of these qualities and more are affirmed by your very essence, by your presence, your very Being. Thank you from the very depths of my heart for being my friend, sharing little visits in your wonderful home...created by you to accommodate all of those you loved and who loved you, a space that radiated the Brilliance of your Heart. Love you, Shirl...always.
Posted by Beth Morley on 28th April 2014
potluck in the spheres tonight! see you there in my dreams, dear friend. oh, what fun we'll have. xox Beth
Posted by Alice Brewer on 9th January 2014
Sweet Sweet Shirley, I will miss your sweet reassurance and love that just emanated from your essence. You have always been there when I needed assistance with the Jr Church and sharing your home with us. Your caring and concern for my family is so appreciated. You made such a positive impact in our church and in my life. Thank you.
Posted by Brittney Hunter on 9th January 2014
Shirley, Thank you for the love and kindness you always showed me. You are the most amazing mother and grandmother to such a beautiful family and I am so blessed to be apart of it. You are such a strong person and you taught me so much. I will always cherish the memories and time I got to spend with you. I will never forget when we watched Hysteria together and all of the wisdom you shared with me on my journey to becoming a teacher. Right before I walked down the aisle at my wedding tears of joy came streaming down my face and you gave me your handkerchief and you told me it was "something borrowed something blue." That was so special to me and it meant more to me than you know.Thank you for everything Shirley Hunter you are missed more and more with each passing day. I love you so much Grandma Shirley! Love, Brittney
Posted by Donna Sanford on 9th January 2014
Shirl, You've not been gone a minute from my heart and mind. Each time I drive in the direction of your delightful home, filled with the color and the magnificent Life in you and all around you...I remember our talks on the couch with the 2 precious ones smashed up against our legs. I was fortunate to spend a fine amount of chat time with you over the last almost 2 years. It came to be partially because of meeting you at Jim's little church at Mesa Verde back in the 90's. Your beauty and sparkle and embrace for everything and anything always stayed with me. How fortunate I have been to have the time I did with you before you left this dimension. You will never be gone, you are there in your brightness with just a thought. I love you. Always, Donna
Posted by Evan Hunter on 9th January 2014
Grandma, I have so many amazing memories of you from so long ago all the way up to the day you passed. Memories I will never forget like you taking me and my brothers to the beach in that old Honda and I don't know how but every time id get sun screen in my eyes and you were always there the help me wash them out. Or going to your preschool and being apart of your class for the day. Or going to the movies and watching you argue with the lady at the window for every discount you could possibly get, then falling asleep in the first 15 minutes lol. I love you so much grandma you are such an amazing person to everyone you come across. You have such a huge heart and care about everyone. I hope one day I can be 10% as amazing as you are. I am so happy you were able to attend Brittney and my wedding, a day I will never forget and was so much better that you were there with a huge smile the whole time, not to mention that epic speech :) You will live forever in my heart I couldn't have asked for a better grandma. Love always & forever, Evan Hunter
Posted by Jane Kennedy on 9th January 2014
Shirl, The sunset tonight was just like you - brillant, joyful, expansive and filled with the love of the Universe! Thanks for gracing us with your friendship on this human journey. Your laughter, wisdom and love live on in all of us. With much love, Jane and Jean-Pierre
Posted by Nathan Hunter on 8th January 2014
Grandma: Thanks for the stories and the talks. You helped shape me to who I am today. I'm proud to be involved in education, as you were so proud of that. My favorite memory of us is being able to share a very special dance with you on my wedding. Thank you so much for that. You will never be forgotten. Lots of love Your grandson, Nate
Posted by Anna Cotton on 8th January 2014
When I think of Shirley, I think about the love and compassion she had for other people. I met Shirley at the Center for Spiritual Living – we had an immediate connection. Our friendship grew when we started a monthly group “tea party” of ladies connecting together with tea, food, support and wisdom. We could always count on Shirley to go over her allotted time of sharing – she loved to share her wisdom and knowledge. Right after I met Roger, my future husband. Shirley hosted a small group from the church. This was another potluck event and a means to meet and grow together spiritually with other members of the church community. Roger and I had just started to date. Shirley (and few other members of the group) tried very hard to not have Roger and I sit together; but it was an impossible task. Roger and I were meant to be together. At our wedding Shirley created and read a beautiful prayer – another wonderful gift she had. She could pray and her prayers were superb. She was a part of our wedding from the day we started planning it. She would help in any capacity she could, including hosting our rehearsal dinner (because she loved having parties in her home). If her walls could talk there would be many, many memories and stories. I remember the Oscar’s every year at Shirley’s – her annual 4th of July party – hosting book clubs, card playing groups, - she did not need an excuse for a party – she just loved having people in her home. Her home was one to share and experience. Shirley – you are missed. It’s still sinking in that you are really gone. I know your beautiful spirit lives on in another dimension. Where ever you are I know you are hosting a party or reciting a beautiful self-written prayer or sharing your wonderful wisdom about life and any other category that is being discussed at the moment. Enjoy!
Posted by Dylan Hunter on 8th January 2014
Grams.. You were the best Grandma a guy could ask for! So strong and positive. I learned so much from you. Ill always carry you in my thoughts and heart. I love you so much! Until the day we meet again.. ..<3 Your Grandson, Dylan
Posted by Cynthia Jones on 8th January 2014
Dear, Sweet Shirley...you have been the face of the Center since I've been there. I will think of you always with much respect and love. You are a wonderful example for me of how to be a no-nonsense but still loving person.
Posted by Deanna Hunter on 8th January 2014
Shirley, I am so lucky to have met you and you have left such an impact on me. You are so strong and invincible. I will miss you dearly and cherish the 4 years I got to have with you. I promise to love and cherish this beautiful family you have made and built.I will miss you dearly. Love you always, Deanna Hunter
Posted by Daniel Noel on 7th January 2014
I hardly knew Shirley. The little I know is an unusual drive to generosity, as she graciously opened her house and her refrigerator to a monthly meeting of friends who talked about deep political and spiritual issues. May she rest in peace and receive an abundance of thoughts of gratitude from those she touched. Love,
Posted by Jean Jack on 7th January 2014
My dear friend and neighbor for six years! You were the best neighbor and friend one could have. You were my sounding board at a time in my life where I needed straight talk and an unbiased opinion. We laughed and cried! Your love of family and God was evident in everything you did. We shared many recipes, meals, and celebrations! Thank you Shirley! I love and miss you! Jeannie
Posted by Mary Ann Hunter on 6th January 2014
I have sat here to write many times. I have called many times- it is final now. Today is the day I honor my mother-in-law. Today is the day I shout out loud how much I love her. Today is the day I will tell the world about her love, ability to see things clearly, her open arms and her desire to keep the FAMILY. She always gave me much needed advice. She showed so much pride for my sons and my growing family. She was not really my mother-in-law but I was her included daughter. We shared many cups of tea and I cherish all our talks. She was always there for me. " My Angel: My heart is full of memories with pride I speak your name. Though life goes on without you it will never be the same." I now look to the heavens for advice and I am sure God is getting some from her now! She was determined, assertive, loving, caring and kind. She will remain in my heart for ever. She taught me not to "sweat the small stuff" and to always look for the good! I am so happy to have had her in my life. I feel that she is at a better place - no more pain - no more suffering. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give into you. Not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27 I will miss you Shirley - mom - you will live in my heart until I meet with you again.
Posted by Lynne Fiedler on 6th January 2014
My dear precious friend Shirley…what a special amazing wise loving friend. You have added so much to my life – your heart so generous your spirit so huge! Your readiness to always be there and have FUN !! Your wonderful inspiring prayers…I appreciate and value all that you are and all that we shared. Your opening your home for my class was so wonderful and meaningful…and definitely the perfect place with your energy and love all around. I do hear you advising me… and your wisdom shining through. You are but a love thought away and always here in my heart. Thank you for all our special moments in time I know we will meet again. In the meantime I see your freedom and wings and dancing in the light of Spirit with your beautiful smile and laughter ringing clear. Your kindness and clarity and knowing yourself so well ….and our first lunch together and opening your heart to me. How precious you and know all is well and your babies are being well loved up and taken care of Shirley style!!! Blessings to you always my dear friend.
Posted by Tom Thomas on 4th January 2014
You left us too quickly Shirley Ann. We didn't have enough time to say a proper goodbye or to try to accept it. We'll miss you a lot. God Bless.
Posted by Mary Pascoe on 4th January 2014
Dear Shirley: What a wonderful friendship we had! We did so much together: traveling, cooking, reading, dancing, attending every symphony, ballet and drama that we could and in the process learning, laughing, living and loving. I miss you now and always will
Posted by Christine Lundgren on 3rd January 2014
Shirley was one of the first people I met at church and I loved her instantly. She generously donated her house for the "tables of eight" and I got to know her better. Shirley was a bright shining light you could see the love eminate from her being. I remember talking about when she left this body at her service she wanted to have "What a Wonderful World" performed. And in our world it was wonderful because of Shirley.
Posted by Colleen LeVoir on 2nd January 2014
I still can ‘t believe it Shirley You have ever Gone to be with the Divine~All the lIfe You have shared with so many with Your Honest and Wise Words, Your infectious Smile and Your generous nature – You Shirley shower Love to All! I will always remember the Lettuce plant You brought to the Center office – Just because! Your Kindness enveloped for You quite a following of Shirley Lovers! I am definitely One of the Many! Gone to soon – Whatever You call the Divine know “It” is both Universal and Local – You shared with Me when My Brother was in “confusion” a true story of Life – You shared a book about War and the Soul. I shared it with Him and You lead Him to find a new search for His own Soul- and We would talk about You during our visits – He referred to You as that Wise Woman – that’s how I will always hold You in My memories – that Wise Woman with the New Purse! I Love You Shirley! Colleen
Posted by Beth Morley on 2nd January 2014
There are so many, many things I admired about you, my friend..... Strength. Sparkle. Clear intention. Big, big love for everyone. A great laugh. An amazing hugger. An ear tuned to the heart. Always pointed in a positive direction. Grateful. Enthusiastic. Willing. Serving while smiling. Always sharing spirit and soul and the very best of yourself. The kind of woman I aspire to be, but rarely get it as right as you have, Shirley. Let's visit in dreams and prayers and every time I look at a rose or a cloud or a tree.
Posted by Joy Brenner on 1st January 2014
Dearest Shirley, I will miss your warm and welcoming hugs when I visit the Center. Each time you did a treatment for me, I felt your care and understanding. You were and are the personification of love and kindness. We love you still! Sorry I am out of the country and will miss your service but send love to your fortunate family.
Posted by Sylvie Cote on 1st January 2014
I was so privileged to have met you and your babies Sophie and Buster :)you were all so sweet. I was so grateful that you trusted me for caring for those 2 beautiful creatures. You were always the kindest lady.
Posted by Mary Hardesty-clayton on 31st December 2013
My Dear friend Shirley......so many wonderful years, memories and laughs shared together as fellow Practitioners at the Center for Spiritual Living!!.....You and I were real comrades in SOM classes doing treatments for each other and laughing and crying through the demonstrations of our prayer work. You were a trooper on our various retreats never pulling the age card but being fully present and participating in the glory of your bright consciousness and spunky personality. We had a special bond that is hard to put in words but we truly enjoyed our Soul connection. I can never help but smile when I think of you. You brought a spirit of enthusiasm to whatever you were doing and I still sense that now . With some tears I will say that I miss you but I am feeling your joy and enthusiasm as I type so I know that all is well with you and that we will surely stay connected in Spirit. Blessings to all of Shirley's family that she loved and spoke of so affectionately through the years. Mary Hardesty Clayton
Posted by Clayton Guy on 31st December 2013
Shirley, I will miss you a lot. You helped in my journey with Religious Science as a practitioner and were just a good friend. You were always positive and upbeat and your smile was very welcoming to me. Love you lots
Posted by Patty Healey on 31st December 2013
Dear Shirley, We had years of friendship, dancing, laughing, reading and so much more. While I celebrate you moving into your joyful new life, I miss you terribly. Love forever, Patty
Posted by Mara Pennell on 30th December 2013
My dearest friend, I will miss our talks. I will always remember the times we shared in teaching youth, being practitioners and most especially our friendship. You are very dear to me and continue to be so. I love you. Thank you for being in my life! Love, Mara
Posted by Sue Snyder on 30th December 2013
Dear Beautiful Friend, I have so many fond memories of you. We shared so much bliss at our monthly tea parties. You always had great stories to share with us about your life. One of my fond memories about you was at Anna and Roger's wedding. I was trying to snap a good picture of you and your smile was so small. Finally, I said, "Shirley. Think of the last time you had really good sex." Wow! That was the biggest smile I'd seen on anyone. You will be forever missed and you know what? We're all coming to join you some day. Get the tea ready. Love, Sue
Posted by Patty Turrell on 30th December 2013
Dearest Shirley, Your smile could light up a room and your sense of compassion and generosity went beyond measure. Your presence at the Center meant the world to us and we will hold you in our hearts forevermore. With love and gratitude. Patty T.
Posted by Petra Walter on 30th December 2013
Thank YOU dear Shirley for everything you have contributed with your wisdom, kindness and amazing uplifting prayers. I have been blessed by you in so many ways. Thank you for all you have done for us and for the awareness you have created that all is always in perfect alignment with the divine. May you rejoice in the light and travel on to many more places that you will fill with love and grace. YOU are missed.
Posted by Joan Wise on 30th December 2013
My Dear Friend, You were a true friend and blessing to me here on earth. Your prayers and support were a source of comfort and strength for me. I enjoyed the fun and laughter we shared at diners together and in your pool. You and Your blessings will continue to be with me. Love Joan

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