Shared by LaDonna Wood Dragon Guess on April 2, 2018

its 9 years since you left us. I always have my memories of you. We have so many too. I think of you every where I go. Since you been about every where its not hard to think of you. I know you was with at Robbies wedding. I love and miss every day. How I wish I could only hear your voice.

Wonderful mom

Shared by Donna Guess on July 28, 2016

We was out on the boat. We stopped on the bank to swim. Bob was out in the and I was close to the bank. I grab her legs to pull her out in the deep water. She started yelling I can't swim. I stopped and then I realize yes she can swim. So our we went and I dunked her under the water. She is yelling for Bob to help her the whole time. What a great memory.

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