So many memories!!

Shared by Judy Bridgewater on September 18, 2020
Shirley will be missed by so many and I am one of them.  She was one of the "village" that raised me during those wonderful days of Shades Mountain Bible Church.  One of my fav stories is her "teaching" me how to drive a stick shift in the church parking lot.  She showed me a couple of times and then got out of the car and told me to practice.  I got to the bottom of the parking lot and could NOT get drive it back, no matter how hard I tried.  We laughed about that for years and she even talked about it the last time I saw her last year.  

She was always an encourager and support her, always had a hug for me and her smile and laugh could light up a life or a room.  Thank you, Wynn, for sharing her with me and ALL the others!  ❤❤

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