Come celebrate with us the life of this wonderful woman we knew as Mom and Grams. Shirley, as you all know her, has had a marvelously full and wonderful life, filled with travel, excitement and a lifetime of wonderful friends. Her consuming passion to help and uplift others has led to contacts around the world who love and remember her and have become a part of her life - many of them have helped to brighten her life and enrich her aging years as she slowed down and traveled less, staying closer to home.

Please enjoy with us a few memories from that life in pictures and feel free to leave your own comments and pictures in a tribute to Shirley in the space below.

Dennis, Diane, and Doug

Posted by Richard Huntley on March 8, 2022
What a blessing to me: Shirley's love of life, love of her family and the many friends she has and most importantly, her love for Jesus her Savior, who she is now with! I look forward to seeing her again.
Posted by Virginia Davidson on March 6, 2022
For me I remember your mother from a child’s perspective. So, I see Shirley giving monologues at showers for weddings, babies, house warmings. I especially remember the ones in which she would chew gum making all the sounds and mouth movements, even rolling the gum in her hands. I laughed so hard !  I am laughing now. 
Posted by Jim Cascagnette on March 5, 2022
Remembering Dear Shirley on this special anniversary day.  We all miss you!
With much love,  

Posted by Richard Huntley on March 6, 2021
I'm missing very much Shirley's Christmas letters but more than that, my yearly phone call with her! A beautiful lady IS missed.
Posted by Donald Thompson on March 5, 2020
Shirley was one of a kind, and I will never forget how much she encouraged me when I was a student at Middle East College. She really loved people.

She was the best of the best. She accepted people as they were rather than what she wanted them to be. She helped me in a time of crisis, and I will never forget her.
Posted by Jim Cascagnette on December 26, 2019
Merry Christmas Dear Shirley.   Missing you so much. Regards always to Denny, Doug, Diane, and kids.  xoxoxoxox  -Jim
Posted by Lawrence White on April 13, 2019
Shirley was such a wonderful lady. Grant and Shirley generously opened their home to the faculty of La Sierra Academy for social events. And Shirley continued her generosity when my Shirley came down to La Sierra University to work on her Ed.D during multiple summers. God has a special robe and crown waiting for Shirley Macaulay.
Posted by Donna Bennett on March 27, 2019
What a legacy Shirley has left! She was the matriarch of a wonderful family, and each one of them knew just how beloved they were by her. For those of us who called her a friend, I must say she did a wonderful job of making us feel special as well. I was a classmate of Diane's at San Gabriel Academy, and then later at La Sierra College. Shirley was one of the moms who chauffered Diane and our group of friends in the years before we could drive. During that time, she earned her reputation as a "fun" mom. She embraced us all, never judged us, would laugh at our jokes, and sometimes even joined in our antics, much to Diane's chagrin. Over the more than 50 years that I knew her, Shirley was always a bright and shining example of love in action. Her life was a testament to her Christian faith. She walked the walk, as they say. I loved her upbeat attitude, her easy laugh, and the twinkle in her eyes. I loved hearing about her adventures, and there were plenty of them. I was always impressed by her Christmas letters and photos, and her ability to write those clever poems of hers. She will be sorely missed by everyone who loved her.  That heavenly reunion can't come soon enough.
Posted by Ray and Maysie Helms on March 21, 2019
We first met Shirley and Grant when our two children were attending LaSierra Academy. We enjoyed spending time with them in their home. One of our fondest memories was taking Shirley soaring and watching her enjoy her first flight in a sailplane and celebrating with milkshakes in Julian after the flight.
A friend like Shirley can never be replaced. She was the most loving, generous person who touched many peoples lives. She had a great sense of humor and always had a smile for everyone. It was our pleasure spending time with her. We will miss sharing lemon meringue pie, anything chocolate, and other goodies with her. She loved life and will always be remembered as a very special friend. We look forward to meeting her again in the earth made new.
Posted by Sharon A Ruble on March 19, 2019
My dearest Shirley,
We first met when I flew from Walla Walla to stay With my niece Catherine Eastwood ( 2005 ) while she had laser treatments for brain cancer. You opened your home to two strangers and made us feel so welcome. I have many fond memories of shared meals bible studies and a trip to Disney Land. You gave me the courage and confidence to drive in traffic I was certainly not used to.
But most of all I will miss you and your fun and adventurous Christmas poems. Love Sharon
Posted by Margaret Baird on March 19, 2019
I first met you when Grant became our principal at LSA. What wonderful social functions we had at your home! You were such a classy, gutsy lady, always full of fun. I appreciated your Christmas letters after I moved to New Zealand in 1985 and having lunch with you on my return visits to La Sierra. It was special being able to show you and your sister around Wellington when your cruise ship berthed here for a day. You touched so many lives in a positive way. Thanks for the memories. With love, Margaret
Posted by Monica De Lange on March 16, 2019
We first met Shirley and Grant at the home of Uncle Ken and Auntie Betty (Vine) - who lived just a short distance from Sunset Circle. What a kind, happy, funny, serious, generous, thoughtful friend she was! She and Grant came to visit us in Norway - what a privilege! When we came to California in 1994 for a visit with our three lively boys, who offered to take them off for an evening of mini-golf, but Shirley! It was an evening they have never forgotten - and is secured in their memory by the 8 pages of photos that she put together, plus captions - and sent to us in Norway! All our boys - and we - sorrow at the loss of such wonderful friend. We will miss those fun-packed, witty Christmas poems that left us with a chuckle and a smile. We thank God for her, and for the example of love she gave. We look forward to a round of mini-golf in heaven!! With kindest greetings to the family - from Per and Monica
Posted by Barbara Abrahamian on March 13, 2019
Shirley was a role model in many ways. She was curious about life and the world, enjoying new people and experiences. She had an adventurous spirit. She was intuitive. compassionate and humorous while being understanding, calm and supportive. She had a gift for staying connected. Her letters were legends. I will miss them and her. She made a difference during difficult times.
Posted by Bob Peach on March 12, 2019
Dear Diane, Doug, and Dennis:
I was instantly sad when I received your note about your Mom's passing, but then a big smile spread over my face--I couldn't help myself--because Shirley's smiling and joyous face flashed onto the screen in my mind. I had the privilege to spend a year getting to know Grant, Shirley, and Doug the year we all shared when I was a student abroad at Middle East College in Beirut, Lebanon. Shirley was largely responsible for helping to keep me sane and functioning in a foreign place far from home with her amazing hospitality and love for everyone around her. When We went back home and I started my Senior year at La Sierra University what better venue to have as my first date with Cherylin (my future wife) than at a faculty home party at the Macaulay's. Shirley took a special interest in the development of our relationship, Thanks, Shirley! I hope your place in heaven is right down the golden street! See you there.
Posted by Teri Pollard on March 11, 2019
I just smile every time I think about Shirley and the laughter, joyfulness and soulful talks we had. There was always fun happening at the Macaulay house and you never knew who you would meet. I met Shirley when I was a rotten teenager but she just thought I was the best! She and Grant took me skiing the first time and taught me how to ski. She was my inspiration for 47 years and I looked forward to her Christmas letters. It was always the first one on the card wall. A life well lived, a life of purpose fulfilled, a loving, playful, adventurous, caring and special woman. May she live on in the way we look at the world, the way she taught us. Much love for this precious woman. ♥️
Posted by Judy Northrop on March 11, 2019
Dear Doug, Lyn, Diane, Dennis, Bryan, and all,
I was so blessed to have your mom and grams in my life. I met her in the 1980s (I was then Judy Tinker) and admire her cheer, spunk, creativity, and friendliness! Although we were not often in contact, yet on the occasions when we did get a chance to chat, I was very blessed and comforted by her sympathetic heart. Her Christmas letters were great! My mother, LaVerne Northrop, has enjoyed her friendship in years past, and I believe she was in more frequent contact with her. I miss her already. God bless you and comfort you in your loss (and ours).
Posted by Bryan Macaulay on March 10, 2019
My amazing Grams is gone.
She lived a life full of love, family, close friends, travel and her god & church.
She took me on my first roller coaster at Knotts Berry Farm when I was 9. That same year we went to the Olympics in LA.
She took me on a 2-week safari in Kenya, Africa, when I was 15 and then a Mediterranean cruise visiting Italy, Greece and Turkey when I was 18.
She taught me to love unconditionally and explore the world and all its different cultures.
She died peacefully with her 3 kids and 2 grandkids (my sister and me) by her side.
She is the Macaulay Matriarch and she has left her indelible impression upon this world!
I miss her so much you Grams!
Posted by Debbie Velasquez on March 9, 2019
Shirley, We will miss your Christmas poems! We enjoyed the years of celebration, fun and laughter at Dorothy's cookie parties when you were in town for a visit. You were always a joy to be around and we loved all your stories. Rest in peace, Love Dale, Debbie, Allie and Chrissy Velasquez
Posted by Bob Holland on March 9, 2019
I have lost a very dear and real friend. I first met Shirley and Grant in 1972. Later, I worked for Grant at La Sierra Academy. 
Shirley was always friendly, cheerful and outgoing. She was always focused on the love of her Savior for other people. I spent many hours in their home, and was treated like I was one of their own sons.
Earth's loss is Heaven's gain. Rest in peace, dear friend.
Posted by Sandy Leonard on March 9, 2019
I met shirley in the 60s. I was about 10. She had just bought an appliance that was new to the world. She had not yet tested out how to cook much in it let alone frozen peas. So for our visit, she opened the door to her new microwave and tested the cooking time for peas at 2 minutes. We all marveled at this new contraption. She was never one to hold back. She was a risk taker, afraid of very little, and welcomed all that life had to offer with open arms. Shirley was there for me when my Mother died in 2011. Her wise counsel and love will I hold deep in my heart, and I soooo look forward to seeing her in paradise.
Posted by Donald Thompson on March 9, 2019
I am saddened to hear of the passing of Shirley Macaulay. She was a great help to me when I was going through some hard times while a student at Middle East College in Beirut, Lebanon. She was very cheerful and had a positive attitude. She brought the best out of people.
Posted by Virginia Davidson on March 9, 2019
Diane, Doug, Dennis,
  From my childhood memories, I am speaking of your mother and father. I have vivid memories of birthday parties, adult parties, church choirs led by your dad, monologues by your mother, laughing, eating her wonderful baked beans (I use the recipe all the time-Shirley's Baked Beans). I love the poems we received each Christmas. Doug, I remember you playing your trombone. Denny, I so enjoyed accompanying you when you played the trumpet! You were an excellent musician. Your mother had the talent of being a great hostess and friend. I'll never forget your father allowing me to sing in the church choir when I was only 10 years old. I wish we had had more time as families. I remember coming to your home in LA. And, then seeing you at La Sierra. I'm sorry your Mom died. But you have wonderful memories and if you want it, hope for meeting her in another life!
Posted by Jim Cascagnette on March 9, 2019
Dear Shirley, I will always be grateful for the months that I spent with you and Grant (and Raj) back in 1984.  I have wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Love, Jim Cascagnette
Posted by Richard Huntley on March 8, 2019
Many years ago, as a high school junior or senior, can't remember at this point, I came to the Macaulay residence to pick up Shirley's daughter Diane, for a date night to our youth group meeting. While waiting for Diane, I was having a conversation with Shirley and I absent mindedly ran my finger across one of the lamps I was sitting next to, making a finger mark in the dust on the lamp. Shirley caught me!! And after all those years, 50+, joking all the while, whenever I would visit her, she never let me forget that incident. Several times many years later while visiting her in Riverside, my greeting at the front door was, Shirley, I am her to check your lamps! She was my friend, a fellow believer in our Lord Jesus, and I will miss her greatly. Her annual Christmas letters/poems with only the humor Shirley could come up, her zest for life and adventure and always wanting to make a positive impact on those around are some of the things that I will hold dear as I remember her life. I am blessed to have been her friend all these years.
Posted by Myrna Hanna on March 8, 2019
I went to Lebanon in 1973 as a volunteer after graduating from college. It was then I met the most wonderful people, Grant and Shirley Macaulay, who were at Middle East College for that fall quarter. They "adopted" me, and I will be eternally grateful. When they went to see sites in the country, they took me along. I will never forget a trip up the coast to north Lebanon and also sailing on the Mediterranean the day the 1973 war broke out in Israel. I loved being part of every meal they hosted. Shirley's goal was to entertain every student before they went back to the States, and I think she made it. We had meals on Friday night, Sabbath lunch, Saturday night and sometimes Sunday night. She was like my mom, and I loved being able to help her prepare the food and be co-hostess. I have never cut up so many carrots in my life since I helped her with the preparations! 
Through the years since I came to California in 1979, it has been wonderful to keep in touch with Shirley. During the time that I was single, she and I enjoyed concerts and plays together and I was even included in one of her “girls” nights at her home. She was a wonderful encourager and counselor. It was always good to see her at the LLU Councilor meetings, and I was even able to be on the trip with her and the Councilors when we went to the balloon festival in Albuquerque. I loved her Christmas letters. What an inspiration she was and an awesome example of how to grow older with grace, style and flair. She was so full of fun and life and always brought joy to every situation. She was a precious and dear lady, and I am so deeply blessed to have known her for the past 46 years. She will be greatly missed!!
Posted by Carol Romo on March 8, 2019
Shirley was my friend for over 30 years as I raised my 2 boys (also long time friends and school mates of my aunts in nursing school) and I always called her my 2nd mother. She was so much to so many people and the love of Jesus truly shone through her face and her actions... For many years, she had a woman's Bible group in her home. It was a place that we could all come and study the word, pray and share with each other. A small tribute does not do her life justice... She lived her life with love, generosity, humor, compassion and the pure joy of being a child of the most high God. She would send a Christmas letter every year with a personally made poem of humor and as always sharing her readiness to see Jesus. As always these notes brought joy and always a little smile and they stayed posted on the fridge for most of the year. She would tell of her antics that year and picture of various adventures... I will always smile when I think of Shirley, even as my children and I would search through the crowded Riverside Church congregation for the always beautiful pure white hair that we lovingly referred to as Q tip an image that also made her smile.... I am grateful to her children for honoring her wishes and inviting us to share once again in her beloved house that she shared with her husband Grant.
What a blessing.. What a beautiful life. I love you Shirley...
Posted by Gail Ross on March 5, 2019
Although I only knew you for 10 days or less when I visited Riverside with Diane in 2018 I thought you were rather amazing!! You watched tennis and knew the players!! You did puzzles in the newspaper with exactitude and encouraged me to do the same... Which I did! You always looked fresh and beautiful when you walked down the stairs with grace to greet the day, and enjoyed every moment of eating out at any number of restaurants. Diane told me only some of your adventures which were many and I saw the beautiful treasures you brought back from countries near and far. I admired your faith in God to see you through both of life's trials and joys. Should I have the good fortune to live to 96 and have your health to the last I would be grateful. You will be missed and remembered by many!!!

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Posted by Richard Huntley on March 8, 2022
What a blessing to me: Shirley's love of life, love of her family and the many friends she has and most importantly, her love for Jesus her Savior, who she is now with! I look forward to seeing her again.
Posted by Virginia Davidson on March 6, 2022
For me I remember your mother from a child’s perspective. So, I see Shirley giving monologues at showers for weddings, babies, house warmings. I especially remember the ones in which she would chew gum making all the sounds and mouth movements, even rolling the gum in her hands. I laughed so hard !  I am laughing now. 
Posted by Jim Cascagnette on March 5, 2022
Remembering Dear Shirley on this special anniversary day.  We all miss you!
With much love,  

her Life

Early Life

Shirley was born September 23, 1922 in Chicago to Alfred Belzer and Martha Myhre.

Older siblings, Margaret and Kenneth, were born several years before Shirley, then she was joined by her younger sister, Beverlie.

She attended high school for two years in Chicago then transferred to Broadview Academy and graduated in 1939.

Higher Education

In 1940 Shirley travelled to California to attend Nursing at the Loma Linda School of Nursing graduating with her RN in 1944. While still in Nursing she met Grant Macaulay (while he was washing windows in the dormitory) and later was asked to marry him. She laughed because nurses were not allowed to marry before graduation - so she married him the day after graduation!

Family and Career

In 1945 her first child Dennis was born, followed in the next few years by a sister Diane and a brother Doug. Shirley worked nights in the hospital so she could care for the children during the days.

Subsequent careers - necessitated by family moves, acquiring degrees and certifications as needed were - school nursing in 1960s; high school counseling; elementary teaching and graduate school in counseling.

In the 1970s - 1980s, after a small inheritance from her parents, Shirley began investing in small rental houses, building a successful real estate portfolio, while supporting Grant's career in Education, hosting many faculty and staff parties, and caring for her aging father-in-law. 


Recent stories


Shared by Teri Pollard on March 9, 2022
I am so grateful to have been able to know Shirley over the years. I strive to live as she did with each day being an adventure and joy!  Thank you for these remembrance events each year so I can realign with all that is Shirley

Lived Life as an Active Participant

Shared by Tami Jacques on March 18, 2019

I don’t remember Shirley ever being on the sidelines. She was an active participant in whatever event she was attending. She and Grant were often part of Jacques family occasions from the time I started dating Brian John in 1979 until the last few months of her life. She always jumped in with both feet like she didn’t want to miss out on any excitement! The attached photo is from our family album of the Jacques’ 1983 4th of July Party games and epitomizes Shirley in my mind: “Let’s do it!” Rest in peace, Shirley, until we meet at that ultimate Party!

Christmas letter

Shared by Missy Burgdorff on March 9, 2019

I always look forward to getting her Christmas letter  since she was a good friend of my grandmas she will be greatly missed.