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"Peter" Shu Chun Pang
  • 67 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 10, 1946
  • Date of passing: Sep 21, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    California, United States

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, "Peter" Shu Chun Pang, 67, who passed away on September 21, 2014. He is survived by his wife, Monica, and son, Alex.  Known by his family, friends, and colleagues for his generous heart and considerate soul, he has always put others before him.  We will remember him forever.

A memorial service was held at St John Neumann Catholic Church on Saturday morning, September 27, 2014.  Special thanks to all who attended.  We are very grateful to the staff of St. John Neumann, O'Connor Mortuary, and Angel's Ashes.  As per Peter's wishes, he was buried at sea off of Alamitos Bay.

Because many of his friends and family are dispersed throughout the world, this online memorial has been created to celebrate his life.  We welcome your tributes and stories of Peter below.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Edith Lau on 24th September 2017

"My dearest brother, hope you know that your boy is an interventional radiologist now and you have a cute, lovely, 1 year old granddaughter. We are all very proud of them. Love you and miss you as always."

This tribute was added by Monica Pang on 22nd September 2017

"Dearest Peter,
" Always "
" I'll be loving you, always ...
   with a love that's true, always ...."
Your wife,

This tribute was added by Alfred Ma on 21st September 2017

"Great to know we have some time together.
We miss you and your family,"

This tribute was added by Debra Kakallis on 12th December 2016

"It is so hard to believe it has been two years.  Peter remains here at the laboratory in spirit, he has never really left us.  I can hear his deep voice singing Elvis as if he were standing next to me.  His physical presence is missed, but a man with such strong presence and kindness will never be gone as long as we are kind to each other.  I love you friend!"

This tribute was added by Edith Lau on 22nd September 2016

"Peter, still remember your kindness, cheerfulness and your love. I am proud to be your sister. Miss you, love you, wish we could have more time together ..."

This tribute was added by Dorothy Yim on 21st September 2016

"Looking at that photo of you two by the fence in front of the water in Irvine reminds me of the day Peter gave my brother-in-law Ted and us a tour of beautiful Irvine and had us to your house for ice cream served by Mona's mother. He was so generous and hospitable thanking us for the time in Hawaii, which was not expected."

This tribute was added by Edith Lau on 10th December 2015

"My dearest brother, I miss you and I forever will!"

This tribute was added by Emilia Frankel on 10th December 2015

"Dearest Peter,

Happy Birthday to you today.I  miss you so much. Sending Birthday wishes to you in heaven dear friend. Emilia Frankel"

This tribute was added by Kathy Yung on 10th December 2015

"Dear Peter,

Happy Birthday! Willie and I always made a point of calling you on your special day. I wish I could talk to you today. We miss you, dear friend."

This tribute was added by Alfred Ma on 22nd September 2015

"How time flies and you are gone for another year."

This tribute was added by Diane Irvine on 30th September 2014

"Peter and I worked at two different CBP Labs - he was in L.A. and I am in San Francisco.  We shared many phone calls and training trips together for more than two decades. Fun times. I was lucky enough to have one last, wonderful phone call with him a month ago.  He sounded amazingly strong and didn't show an ounce of bitterness.  I admire Peter's thoughtfulness, courage, humor, and incredibly brilliant mind.  I will never forget him.  Rest in peace, my friend."

This tribute was added by Dorothy Yim on 27th September 2014

"Immediately after Peter’s memorial, my husband and I headed to renowned artist Chris Ho’s to pick up his painting to display for our annual AACBP Show in the Huntington Beach Central Library in October, where in the past Peter brought Mona’s horse and calligraphy works.  My white husband started to explain where we’d just come from, and I whose family came to the U. S. from mid-nineteenth century Canton bringing the customs of the time, tried to hush him for fear of bad luck, or at least impropriety as Chris and his wife were within the hour headed to the airport for a long-awaited joyful trip to China. But as Chris reminds me, he’s not superstitious. Instead he was at once struck with the news and compassionate asking us to please convey his respect to honor Peter whom he also knew as the textile scientist for the government and moreover as Alex’s father and Mona’s husband. To my surprise, Chris told me he taught Alex Chinese painting in a class for youth in Irvine and knew Alex was now a physician. Of course I was aware Mona was my fellow student in Mr. Ho’s large class. One who in fact weekly brought a carload of eager students from Irvine to Laguna Woods for the Saddleback Emeritus class, where I recall perhaps first meeting Peter accompanying Mona. But I did not know Peter’s impact. I was remiss in notifying our circle. Peter’s presence cast a good wide net. And we are thankful and better for having known him.

For Chris Ho, Artist"

This tribute was added by Patrice Salas on 27th September 2014

"I worked with Peter in the Los Angeles Laboratory.  He was a wonderful mentor, teacher, and leader. We talked, we laughed, he critiqued, and we learned!  I feel very blessed to have known Peter and very privileged to have worked under him.  He will be missed!  Rest in peace Peter."

This tribute was added by Patrice Salas on 27th September 2014

"I worked with Peter in the Los Angeles Laboratory.  He was a wonderful mentor, teacher, and leader. We talked, we laughed, he critiqued, and we learned!  I feel very blessed to have known Peter and very privileged to have worked under him.  He will be missed!  Rest in peace Peter."

This tribute was added by Herman Pang on 27th September 2014

"Uncle 5, as I call him, is always a cheerful person in my mind.  My earliest memory about Uncle 5 is what Simon has said.  Those colorful tape are never used in the end.   My interaction with Uncle 5 does not increase until I start working in US.  

Since I live in Colorado, I almost pass thru LA everytime I went back to Hong Kong.   For varies reason, flight delay, or just stopping over, Uncle 5 and Aunt 5 always invite me to visit them.   The Dim Sum lunch.   The time where I have to take a shower in their friend's place.  The time we went to check out some painting.   The time  me and Simon visited him when angela was still a baby.  The walk we had around the lake near his place.

Uncle 5 gave me a phone call last month since I had a leg injury.  Although the leg injury is the topic of the conversation, we did talk a bit about life in general.   A bit more detail than our other conversation.   As much as I sense the unusual nature of it.  Subconsciously, I don't want to acknowledge it.

Uncle 5, ever the fighter, the optimist and a caring person.  Thank you and memories with you will stay with me."

This tribute was added by Simon Pang on 27th September 2014

"My first memory of uncle Five (五叔) occurred many years ago when I was still a young boy. An uncle from the country USA, he visited my family in Hong Kong. I remember he brought gift, a special coin for my brother. A few rolls of used colored tape, if my memory serves me right, was for me. For my brother and I, those were treasures.
I did not have a chance to know Uncle Five as a person until I started my first job in San Diego. He invited his nephew to his house during thanksgiving and Christmas, and treated me with kindness and respect. Uncle Five has a special charisma of relating to people. This fabulous personality likely stems from his genuine love of others, and also his true acceptance of who he is. The former allows him to care for people around him, with both words and actions. The later enables him to share his experiences and stories, freely with joy. Proud moments called for celebration and triumph. Humble lessons were passed on for the benefit of his nephew. I asked him to write down his legacy. I don't know if he ever did.
Uncle Five is special as he and I share a common faith for Jesus Christ. We not only prayed together as he battled the illness, we also discussed about our hope in a medically desperate situation. He agreed that he will go to heaven and meet God, but he also must continue to fight, because he must fight for those who so deeply love him. He must give hope to those who care about him.
五叔, our encounter is brief but colorful. We will be temporarily apart, but I will see you again in heaven. We will pick up our unfinished thoughts at that time. We will celebrate again at that time.
Simon 世民"

This tribute was added by Dorothy Yim on 26th September 2014

"Before I saw Peter only briefly helping bring Mona’s beautiful paintings into our American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting shows. Then in the summer of 2011 they took us up on an offer to meet us, making a getaway weekend to the island of Hawaii. When they arrived with a twinkle in their eyes, like two kids absent from school without permission, they told us if they couldn’t get standby seats to Kona, Peter had a day off, so they would have tried for a plane to South East Asia, anywhere. We were honored to have them in the ground floor bedroom of our resort vacation townhouse. Next morning, we saw 69 Beach through fresh eyes as Peter kept saying how special we had the strand all to ourselves, and then without hesitation he donned proffered snorkel and mask, dived into the ocean and swam all the way to and around a little rock island in the sea later recalling how the colorful tropical fish and turtle reminded him of the Caribbean.  That afternoon at the cowboy parade they found the viewing point right in front of the general store by the very announcer where his wife eyed and waved to the shy little children on the floats in the small hometown event.  Peter was patient. In spite of the brevity of their weekend, Peter and Mona calmly waited more than once while my son and daughter-in-law’s new baby napped or nursed before we could adventure out. On the one hike to see true native Hawaiian (not tropical) forest, he kept pointing out interesting unique features. He was so appreciative of nature.  Many a time I heard how for years Peter would fly cross country to on weekends to court Mona and after marriage to mow the lawn, so this weekend flying was not new for them. He was a dedicated loving family man. And he loved Mona so much. Asked whether he was bored when we took them to see the Chinese art on the Hilton grounds, Peter said he had joy in Mona’s delight. Seeing the museum pieces he told us of attending a work conference in the South, Texas?, and happening to see what he suggested might be, ancient art from China which led to the recovery and return of priceless antiquities. He could not have been more generous. Though we shared expenses, to thank us, he took us out for Chinese dim sum in Hawaii where he recounted Mona’s family story rekindled by the luxurious surroundings. Then again back home in Irvine where they hosted my family and my brother-in-law Ted who’d travelled with us, Peter showed us inside Irvine and welcomed us to their wonderful home where he was so happy to tell us Mona’s mother’s age and that amazingly she was still serving us ice cream.  Peter was in remission then. When his cancer returned, for Mona’s peace of mind, he asked my husband to drive them to his second opinion at the City of Hope. He also hoped to get well to go back to Hawaii. An opportunity missed. We were fortunate to have known Peter.  

Denny Konshak and Dorothy Yim"

This tribute was added by Alfred Ma on 26th September 2014

"We knew each other since our primary school days in SJA.  You were an outdoor type of person. With Christopher Fok and others, we often went camping together. We parted our ways after graduating from VTS and you continued to study textile in HKTC.  Afterwards, you moved to US. We did not meet each other until we visited you in Irvine some ten years ago and you drove us to visit Tony Tam.  
I was shocked when I heard from you in late July this year about your recurring nasal cancer and you were very brave to talk about it. I know you love your family very much.
Peter, we miss you.  I am grateful to have a friend like you."

This tribute was added by Tack-Yuen Tam on 26th September 2014

"Peter and I were good friends since 1960, when we went to VTS together (grade 7, 1st year of secondary school in HK).  He and I sat on the same bench (we have fixed seat assignment of 3 students on a long bench, I had the middle seat, and he sat on my left) for the first two years of our school life, six hours a day, five days a week.  We lived just one block from each other.  During lunch break everyday, he and I and Alfred would "race" each other to the bus stop 400 yards away to catch the bus to go home for lunch.  He won every time of course, being a good runner himself.
  I often went to his home to play.  I still remember his 4th brother ShuFun taught us to play contract bridge.  He also managed to let me borrow his new Sony 4-track stereo audio tape recorder, so that I could duplicate our favourite songs from his to mine.  At one time I had a serious fever and I could not go to school, and he was the first one to come over to visit me by my bed side.  We often went after school to the inner track of a race course close by together with Christopher Fok and William Woo, Alfred Ma and a few others.  Sometimes we ran around the course (1 round = approx 1400 meters), and sometimes we just played plastic ball soccer, using make shift goals and imaginary boundary lines formed by our school bags.  We had to watch out for the park attendants because we were not allowed to be on the grass other than walking.  When the attendant showed up, we just stopped and waited for him to go away, then we continued!
  After secondary school graduation I went onto matriculation and eventually HKU and he went to HKTC (Polytechnic).  We kept in touch with each other though we were in different schools.  In the summer of 1967, my first year in HKU, I dragged him along to a volunteer week long summer work camp to build a concrete wall along a stream in Aberdeen.  His cheerful personality and helping attitude had won him a lot of friendship amongst the campers.  I still have one photo of him holding two pieces of 4x4 as he helped to unload them from the roadside.  I'll upload it to the gallery.
  We lost contact with each other after he went to Carolina.  I also immigrated to Los Angeles in 1981.  Several years after I bought my house in Hawthorne, I got a knock on my door one evening.  Outside, there stood Peter!  What a surprise!  He told me that we was not even sure, but he somewhat got my address and he just gave it a try.  That was when he first joined the US Custom Department, and he was just renting a room in Torrance.  His home was still in Raleigh and he was commuting every weekend back home to see Monica and Alex.  I also met Peter's mother when she was visiting, and she even taught my wife how to use some fancy strings to create classic Chinese art patterns.
  After he settled in Irvine, he told me one evening that his 36-inch Sony TV had a problem.  I volunteered to take a look, and eventually got it fixed - for another week's of service, oh well so much for the "fix".
  We continued to see each other until one day he said that he had nose cancer.  I was shocked, but eventually he recovered, and even had a few more years of fabulous career life after that.  Three years ago, he told me that he would have a family cruise in Denmark that summer.  Later he told me again that he had to cancel that trip on the eve of going, as his checkup revealed that his cancer had suddenly reappeared.  Hope and disappointment followed after that, but he just hanged on.  I called him up on 7/25/2014 and he said he was not doing too well.  I offered to visit him the next day, but he said he would go to San Francisco to see Alex the next morning.  He also said that might be his last farewell to me.  I was afraid of calling him again after that, for fear of hearing the final bad news.  Well, that conversation was his farewell to me!
  Peter, we miss you and your family."

This tribute was added by philip chu on 25th September 2014

"All Asians believe in fate. It is the fate that brought us together.

When I took the college entrance exam in Taiwan, I had to fill out a list of schools and departments I wanted to attend. My parents reviewed the list five times with me. During the last review, we added Textile Department in. Guess what, my score put me into that department.

I got accepted by Georgia Tech, Clemson, & Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. I chose NCSU and got to know Peter.

When Yau Lan left, Peter invited me to be his roommate in the fall of 1973. So, I inherited the legacy of “2713B” and met all other 港仔. He taught me 廣東話. But I was never good at language. 我还唔識講廣東話. We took turns to cook. I got used to 飲頭啖湯. Peter found me the Fiat convertible. I thoroughly enjoyed the car. It is still the only convertible in my life. After the second year, we were all doing thesis only. We had plenty of time to hang out together.

After I graduated, fate brought me back to NC. I lived in Greensboro for five years. We spent many weekends in mountains and beaches. Most of us did not have kids yet. Those were the best time of our life.
Peter, I will see you again in Heaven.

p.s. for all my NCSU friends, there is a little secret I can tell you now. We are all lucky to be alive now. In  August 1973, the nuclear reactor in the Nuclear Engineering Dept in the campus malfunctioned. It was only minutes away from total meltdown. The whole Raleigh would have gone down with it. Don’t know if you heard of it or not. The school blocked all the news."

This tribute was added by Bill Bonocora on 25th September 2014

"I begged and pleaded with Peter for over two years to leave the cold of
Cortland, New York and come to the sunshine of Southern California.  Peter's decision to come to work for the Los Angeles Customs Labortory was one of the more memorable parts of my career.  It was certainly one the the best things for the Customs Service.  Peter was one of the most calming influences in our Lab.  He was a great man, dedicated to his job, hisd friends and especially his family.  Yet he had a humours side.  At a trade fair in front of at least 100 people many of them textile importers he picked up a pair of scissors and cut off half of his neck tie to demonstrate a point about textiles.  Monica and Alex you have our deepest sympathy.  I am so fortunate to have known Peter."

This tribute was added by Emilia Frankel on 25th September 2014

"I remember the day that Peter and I met. We both were hired in 1990. I have so many fond memories of Peter. He was an exceptional man of character and integrity. His wealth of knowledge was an assist to the textile team and the laboratory. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be an analyst on his team. I learned so much from him, especially on how to approach complex and challenging samples. He always knew how to bring out the best in all of us. He was also our shield.  His cheerful disposition and optimistic demeanor brought so much joy to our laboratory.  Peter was not only my team leader, he was my mentor and friend.  He will be greatly missed and will be forever remembered in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Edith Lau on 25th September 2014

"It is an honour and blessing to pay tribute to a man who is  not just my brother-in-law, he is my good friend, true friend and someone I have shared the joy and love in the past years.
I first met Peter in 1978 Christmas in North Carolina. We had a good time driving to Florida and the Disney World. Even though that was a short gathering, I knew he would be my good friend because of his nice personality.
Peter enjoyed nature. Last summer, Peter, Monica, Edith and I spent time in Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper in Canada. We walked a lot and enjoyed the sound of the falls in the wild. We spent evenings singing, chatting, watching TV and talking about the four corners of the world. That was such a relaxing and unforgettable vacation.
Peter was a very honest, sincere and helpful person. He not only cared for his brothers and sisters, he had a big heart for everyone.
Peter, I love you. As a friend and as a brother-in-law, I could not ask for more.
We all miss you but we trust God will lead you into a brighter and more beautiful adventure."

This tribute was added by Paul Wong on 24th September 2014

"I met Peter in 1979 thru another friend. I was a student from Greensboro starting a co-op assignment with IBM RTP and was looking for a room in Raleigh to stay while I was working.  Peter graciously rented me a room for two co-op sessions, so I have the privilege of living with him together for seven months.  He is smart and always helpful.  When I settled in Raleigh with my permanent job later on, it was his guidance to make my first home purchase so much easier.  I'm forever thankful for that.

Since his move to CA, we were able to keep in touch.  We were fortunate to be able to meet him and the family along with friends for lunch back on Aug 9 when my wife and I were in LA area. After lunch and afternoon tea, he led us to see some new houses in Irvine even though we all knew he was really tired because he felt like the place is tough to find.  Sure enough, without his lead, we wouldn't have found that place!

His fight with cancer is courageous and inspiring.  

Peter, rest in peace!  You will be missed."

This tribute was added by Ming Fok on 24th September 2014

"彭树椿是我此生最好的朋友。相识始自 St. Joan of Arc 小学五年级,一起进入维多利亚工业中学就读,成为挚友。他热爱跑千五公尺,有耐力,精灵活泼,是我当时心中的 Huckleberry Finn。因跟他一起组织儿时的暑假露营,经常到他的家里。彭伯母劳苦的给我们用厚帆布缝制帐营的点滴,常在心中。他们阖家上下的欢乐融洽团结氛围,给我很正面的感染。彭树椿到美国苦读成功,成家立业,我总觉得他的人生历程走得并不容易,他的积极面对和对别人的关爱是令人敬佩的。他的逝去勾起我很多的回忆。七月底他还给我致电嘱咐如何小心照顾我的心脏病。彭树椿,您是我最好的朋友,遗憾我没有适时珍惜。现在您安息了。您的家人和友人都会 proud of you and in fond memory of you!


This tribute was added by Ming Fok on 24th September 2014

"彭树椿是我此生最好的朋友。相识始自 St. Joan of Arc 小学五年级,一起进入维多利亚工业中学就读,成为挚友。他热爱跑千五公尺,有耐力,精灵活泼,是我当时心中的 Huckleberry Finn。因跟他一起组织儿时的暑假露营,经常到他的家里。彭伯母劳苦的给我们用厚帆布缝制帐营的点滴,常在心中。他们阖家上下的欢乐融洽团结氛围,给我很正面的感染。彭树椿到美国苦读成功,成家立业,我总觉得他的人生历程走得并不容易,他的积极面对和对别人的关爱是令人敬佩的。他的逝去勾起我很多的回忆。七月底他还给我致电嘱咐如何小心照顾我的心脏病。彭树椿,您是我最好的朋友,遗憾我没有适时珍惜。现在您安息了。您的家人和友人都会 proud of you and in fond memory of you!


This tribute was added by Karen Chin on 24th September 2014

"I am deeply saddened by Peter's passing.  May I express my deepest condolences to his family.  I knew Peter in Toronto and he brought a lot of laughter into my life.  He always had a happy outlook and I will remember his smile.  Thank you Peter for such good memories."

This tribute was added by Kathy Yung on 23rd September 2014

"I can absolutely and undeniably say that my life changed the day I met Peter Pang. I was a freshman at Western Carolina University. Four Chinese students, Peter, Edward, Conrad, and King, came to visit my dorm counselor, Dawn, on a cold, snowy January weekend. Dawn introduced me to her friends. We had the most marvelous weekend. It was through these four crazy, lovable boys that I met my husband of 42 years, Willie. Thank you, Peter, for leading me to Willie.

I cannot help but smile every time I think of Peter. He always made me laugh. I remember that I was surprised that someone "Chinese" could have such a marvelous sense of humor and get American humor. Peter was a master at humor. I remember being in California about 12 years or so ago with my son, Matthew. We met Peter for dinner. Peter spent the better part of two hours telling and retelling stories of his escapades with his Hong Kong friends. Even though Matt had heard some of these stories, he was thoroughly entertained by Peter's graphic descriptions and infectious laugh as he relived those happy memories. Thank you, Peter, for all the laughs over the years.

Peter's birthday was December 10. Mine is December 11. We usually talked on his birthday. We have kept in contact over all these years and miles. When our son, Matt, got married in California 10 years ago, Peter was our "contact" there. He suggested the restaurant at which we held the rehearsal dinner, and was instrumental in setting up the logistics. Some years ago Willie and I visited Peter and Monica in Irvine. They were very gracious. Thank you, Peter, for your friendship.

Peter, how like you to think of your family and friends, even when you were facing the end. I pray I deserve your kindness. I wish our world had 1 million Peters, but then, that's a silly thought. There will never be another you. I love you and will miss you greatly."

This tribute was added by Willie Yung on 23rd September 2014

"Peter was a couple of years ahead of me while we were studying in HKTC and I did not get to know him until I came to NCSU.  The time we spent together since then was one of the most memorable time of my life.  I remember well about the fun and follies we had together....a bunch of us, Hong Kong students, getting caught by the cops picking pears from the trees on Hillsboro street across the campus, Peter getting caught for setting off fire crackers at the dorm, Richard, Peter and I spending a summer together in DC, going deep sea fishing from Morehead City, and playing tennis, basket ball and soccer.  Peter was the one who taught me how to drive a car, and he was also one who introduced me to my wife, Kathy.  Like what everyone says about him, Peter has a very kind heart, an upbeat personality, and a warm and caring compassion about his friends and family.  I will surely miss him."

This tribute was added by Becky Ng on 23rd September 2014

"Peter, I still remember you drove me around downtown Raleigh when you heard I have not been to downtown after 3 years of stay in Raleigh. All your friends at NCSU will miss you.
May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Philomena Leong on 23rd September 2014

"A year ago during our family gathering Peter sang one of Elvis' songs. He did not miss a word in the lyrics. He was so talented. He loved interacting with people young and old. He always showed respect to the elders and enjoyed sharing his knowledge and experience in life with the younger generation. He always made sure that his family was taken care of and with Monica successfully raised a fine young man Alex. On 9.21.14 Our Lord called him back to be with Him. He is in a better place now. Peter, you will be deeply missed by your family and friends. May you rest in peace. Wai-Hay and Philomena Leong"

This tribute was added by Shuk Chong Thomas on 23rd September 2014

"Cherishing my life memories with Peter,my beloved brother5.
We went through a lot of ups and downs together over the decades. Thank you for the sweet memories of our childhood frolics in our house on Woo Hop Street, our hiking up the snowy mountain in Vermont soon after my wedding, our singing Cantonese opera on cruises and tours with Monica, and our talks about chemotherapy experience. I am mourning your passing but I take comfort in the memories of the good times we shared.
RIP. I love you, sister 3"

This tribute was added by Vondi Forrester on 23rd September 2014

"Peter, my friend, mentor, and fellow Textillian will always be remembered.  I enjoyed discussing the intricacies of textiles with him.  He cut quite a rug on the dance floor at Emilia’s wedding and would sing to us in our textile office during the holidays.  The yarns of Peter Pang will forever be woven into our hearts."

This tribute was added by Larry Ho on 23rd September 2014

"I feel very privileged to write this. I first met him many years ago when I picked him up at the San Francisco Airport.  Back then, I was just a student in my twenties attending university in California. I learned to like him a lot already: a warm and courteous person grateful for any small gesture of kindness. As time went by, I have learned that it is actually his nature of being so helpful to attend to the needs of others so I happened to be one of the fortunate many in his life time. He never hesitated to go to great length trying to do his best just to be helpful. It could be just gathering all the information needed to make someone’s life easier or working out all the details to make one feel overwhelmed. One time, I have shown some interest in buying his older Previa as a vehicle for transportation in Mexico.  Much to my pleasant surprise, he went to the great effort to sort out every possible detail of what is required in order to import it to Canada – Every technical detail from dealer’s paper work to contacts of the government department. It was too bad that finally we found out that the vehicle would not meet the Mexican requirement. Otherwise it would have been the perfect choice. Just from that incident alone I knew that it was from his heart that he wanted to help, regardless of boundaries and technical difficulties. His kindness exemplified his virtues of dedication and altruism.  
I can recall what a gentle and gracious man he was with a warm & sincere smile. He is always confident of what he does but never appeared to be overpowering. His advice was genuine and from his heart.  I love the way that he has shared his lifetime of fun and difficulties in his various careers. He had nothing to hide when we talked, always spoken in plain language with vivid details to make his point. In reciprocation, we have shared a lot of laughs coping with the good and the bad experiences at work and never failed to poke fun at ourselves as we approached our retirement.
I admire his stamina of endurance tremendously. In spite of the difficulties of his demanding position just before his retirement, he managed to persevere to work to his last ounce of strength just to keep his short-staff department running smoothly.  He has shown remarkable determination and courage to battle his cancer from day one, in spite of all the adversities. He was indeed a strong fighter who would never give up so easily in life.  We are deeply saddened by his departure and we will miss him very dearly.  On the bright side, if a person is judged by what he has done for others, he would be well honoured with God’s grace as he enjoys his eternal life.
Peter is someone we all had the great privilege of knowing. We love him so much!
Larry & Josephine"

This tribute was added by Pedro Quiming on 23rd September 2014

"I have worked with Peter since he joined the Customs Laboratory many years ago. The very first time I met Peter, I could see immediately his congeniality. His cheerful character continued for the rest of our acquaintance. As far as I am concerned, he is the most knowledgeable analyst when it comes to textile. As a Team Leader his door is always open to everybody who needs assistance. He is a person who would put down whatever he is doing when somebody would ask for help. Even when under extreme pressure, he could still remain calm. I never saw him get mad and had always very good relationship with his team and for the rest of the laboratory staff. It’s very seldom to find a person with a positive outlook in life even in a very difficult situation as what he has undergone and I admire him for his courage and tenacity. I surely miss Peter as a colleague and as a friend."

This tribute was added by Yan Lau on 23rd September 2014

"Peter, Conrad and I went to NCSU in September 1969 as the 3 “textile boys” from the Hong Kong Technical College.  We were close from day one.  Our first summer in the States was spent in NY trying to make some money for the tuition fees, with Peter and me working in a Chinese grocery store on Mott Street.   It was hard work but we had lots of laugh together.  After the summer, we joined with King Chan and became a gang of four living under the same roof for the next 3 years.  For the friends who knew us around that time, we left behind the legacy of “2713B” in Raleigh.  With Peter in the house, he always had a solution for everything.  His joyful personality and well-organized character kept four of us living like a family.  Like Conrad and King, I have very fond memory of the time we lived and played together with Peter in Raleigh.  That was the worry-free period of our lives before we all saddled with family responsibilities.  
I had the joy of having Peter with me when we drove from Raleigh to Edmonton, Canada in the summer of 1973.  We spent more than a week on the road, stopping at various places and talked a lot.  I learnt from him the mentality of “work hard, play hard, don’t worry and think positive”.
Luc and I saw Peter a couple of time since we left Raleigh.  He had come up to Edmonton twice.  We had touched base at time by phone.  When he called a couple of weeks ago and said he would like to say goodbye, he was so calm.  We chat for some time and wished each other well.  Suddenly, all the past memories of things we did together started to flash back.  I knew then those were part of my life!
I will miss you, Peter."

This tribute was added by Richard Yuen on 22nd September 2014

"Peter was a fighter, a leader, a man full of confidence and high spirit.  He was a lovable person always carried a big smile!  Nothing could bring him down!
We were classmates and friends since 1965!  Yes, it was 49 years ago!  But the images of Peter running on the track, playing soccer in HKTC were just like yesterday!  My first year (1971) in NCSU, Peter and Willie took me to Washington DC to look for summer jobs.  Peter took care of me like his own brother!  We worked in a Chinese restaurant - Jade Palace on 7th Street NW.  He worked as a waiter, I worked as an assistant cook. 12 hours, 7 days week!  Summer in DC was hot!  We worked hard!  But we had a ball!  That three months' of good time, brotherhood experience imprinted deeply in my mind!
I love you brother!  And I will see you later!"

This tribute was added by Conrad Chin on 22nd September 2014

"I met Peter at NC State.  We went to Hong Kong Technical College together but I did not know him then.  We arrived NC State together in fall, 1969.  We lived in the dormitory and hanged out together. It was hard adjusting to eating American food at the school cafeteria, so we would cook something from home together sometimes in our room.  After a year, we moved out to an apartment near the campus.  We lived there for many years.  Those were the best years of my college life.

I developed brotherly friendship with Peter and other roommates.  Peter was funny, and we joked a lot.  I received a call from Peter a few weeks ago.  He said he wanted to say goodbye.  I never believed that was our last conversation.

Peter, please rest in peace.  I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Shiu Fun Pang on 22nd September 2014

以學業為例,他單身上路,留學到NC State,在課餘工作:如到NY的超巿做小工,餐廳做侍應等,掙取大部份的大學費用。直到碩士畢業。
他的事業,不是風平浪靜,一帆風順。早期做的紡織業,因美國80年代,紡織業式微而要轉行,在政府化驗室做事,這過程中,要克服交通(家在Raleigh, NC而辨公室在2500里外的LA, CA), 心理,和工作上的困難,要邊做邊學,經年的努力有了成果,90年代,他成了化驗室的專才和主管。常常興奮地告訴我們工作上的小故事,包括毒販運毒的祕道等。
五弟,以後,我們常到北美的海邊或香港的海邊相聚,暢談兒時往事好嗎? 我懷念你,好好安息吧!"

This tribute was added by Luke Kwong on 22nd September 2014

"Remembering the time when Peter and us were good neighbour at Lakepark Subdivision, NC.
Remembering the time when Peter and I played league soccer together.
Remembering the time Peter and us went fishing at Falls Lake.
Remembering the time when Peter and his brother put on a good fun kungfu show at the Chinese new year celebration.
Remembering the time Peter had such a good spirit when we met in Shanghai during the World Expo.

All these pictures pop into my memory. Peter was a brave fighter. I do not know of anyone be able to go through painful radiation this long. We all shall remember Peter, a good old friend always with great spirit. "

This tribute was added by felix fong on 22nd September 2014

"Peter's life with us in our days at NCSU was definitely funny and  glorious!

Peter's strong will of challenging any difficulties in life were amazing and admirable. All of us: old friends, good friends totally agreed that.

His wholeheartedly attitude towards work and unselfishly treating his family were universally recognized by his coworkers and family members.

Each time when we saw Peter in the last two years, even though with his terminated cancer situation, he still acted so optimistic in life. He always try to share his future hope with us, try to know our difficulties in life and try to help us in resolving them. He kept encouraging my son in education and career selection, in work place management techniques ....

One month ago, when he was feeling a little better after chemotherapy, we visited him, we went out for lunch. He even joined us to see houses in Irvine; walking with a cane; joking about good life living in southern California. Who could have imagined that this is the strong man with only one month of life to live...
Peter, we really lose a good friend and mentor of 44 years.

Peter, we miss you!"

This tribute was added by Edith Lau on 22nd September 2014

"Despite his harsh and tragic life, Peter was talented, cheerful, generous, courageous, always put others before himself. He possessed a big heart and all the best characters you can find in a most beautiful human being.  I truly and honestly believe that if there are angels, he is an angel now. I am honoured and fortunate to be his younger sister. Even though we lived far apart for the last 45 years, instead of fading, our bond just got tighter and tighter. There are so many unforgettable, sweet, endless memories of our happy times together, times that he just jumped in and offered all his help when I needed it, no matter when we were growing up, studying aboard, or till now, a mother of two. He set a good example for me to keep my integrity and courage when it was my term to fight against cancer. Compare with him, what I went through was just a walk through the park. If there is a second life, or third or more, I definitely want to be your younger sister again and again. Now in grieve, I can find solace in knowing that there are no more pains and sufferings for you. My beloved brother, I miss you, I love you and I always will. May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Susan Shekell on 22nd September 2014

"I will forever miss Peter.  He was my mentor and my father figure.   Not only did he teach me how to analyze textiles but also many lessons in life.  Peter watched me grow from a young lady to now a wife and mom with two daughters.  I am honored to have known and worked with Peter.  He is the most amazing person that I have ever met."

This tribute was added by Debra Kakallis on 22nd September 2014

"I worked with Peter at USCS and then at CBP for many years.  Peter was always kind, compassionate and supportive as well as the hardest worker I have ever known.  However, my BEST memory was of Peter, when you least expected it, he would sing, usually something from Elvis, in rich-deep voice.  Although not a daily occurrence, always and uplifting one!  He could make you smile no matter the circumstance.  The thought still makes me smile.  Thank you, Peter!"

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