Siby will be greatly missed by all her family and all the friends who were fortunate to know her.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on February 28, 1948 in Laurens, South Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on June 21, 2014 in New Castle, Indiana, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory Siby Shaw, 66, born on February 28, 1948 and passed away on June 21, 2014.  Her family and friends will miss her smiling face and positive outlook on everything that life threw her way.

Posted by Dan Shaw on 28th February 2017
Siby would have been 69 years old today and we all miss her so much. Wish we could celebrate your birthday with a dinner as we had done in the past.
Posted by Bob Kirby on 22nd February 2017
My sister's birthday is coming up. I am having an emotional day again. It took me until August of this year to get back to work full time. Big Pharm helps with the depression. My loving wife came into my office just now and reminded me of some sweet memories we shared with Sib and John. I miss you so much Sib.
Posted by Judy Mitchell on 22nd June 2016
Love you Siby. You will always be in my heart. RIP.
Posted by Bob Kirby on 21st June 2016
Still not much easier. I love you Sib.
Posted by Bob Kirby on 22nd June 2015
I have been a poor administrator of Sib's site. It has just been too hard. She never turned her back on me no matter how crazy I got and I miss her so very much.
Posted by Judy Rozelle on 28th February 2015
Happy Birthday Siby....We love you, give everyone standing beside you a hug from us. You are missed deeply.
Posted by Dan Shaw on 28th February 2015
Today is Siby's birthday and it makes us miss her more knowing that she will not be able to celebrate with us. We will always remember her and hope she is in peace knowing Katrina survived.
Posted by Judy Rozelle on 16th September 2014
I miss my Brother as much as I do my Sister in Law. She was a special lady who I became very close with. Since their passing, I have been preparing for our first daughters wedding, and I have a memorial that we are setting up because I know they were planning on being at the wedding. As I look at all of our family reunion pictures, Sib and I were in the same golf cart several times. This gave us time to get closer as we were by ourselves to talk. I love my Brother and his wife Siby and I miss them every day. I sure hope you two are gardening, golfing, holding hands and watching down on the family that misses you so much. Love sent your way !!!!
Posted by Bob Kirby on 12th September 2014
Chapter Two - Growing Up with Siby Siby was my BIG SISTER. She was ALWAYS cool to me! We grew up in the typical American family - dysfunctional. Siby is most of 7-years older than me so I was always chasing her around, begging her play board games or cards with me and trying to weasel in on her and her girlfriends' get-togethers. I can remember Sharon, Linda and Barbara. Sib shared her time well enough with her punk brother when we were children, but by the time I hit 5th grade I was in charge of getting her out of bed and ready for school. Sib was a late sleeper if left to hear own devices, while I was at dawn or before. Often times I would offer her the half-cooked bacon or toast in the oven that I'd make us for breakfast but usually she declined. When Sib and Chuck Bever hooked up a few years before I was deported to Alabama, that put a jet engine on my relationship with Sib and Chuck. Chuck was extremely good to me and I think that he convinced Siby to let me tag along from time to time. Chuck, Siby and I were good friends for years to come. Neither of them ever turned their back on me when I needed them throughout our lives. More later.... Bob Kirby

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