Posted by Rob Boyd on October 30, 2016
(The sons of a preacher documentary was going to be released October 30,2016. The day My brother was murdered October 30,2011.i got sidetracked with other things. But back focus on my projects. Will be release soon Will keep everyone updated). Our brother Sidney was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Detroit 10/30/2011. R.I.P. <3 . He had survived 18 years in prison, did his time and came home only to be murdered in the streets in front of his mother's home. We are still looking for the gunmen! #TSDLYB
Posted by ovella andreas on November 30, 2011
Know that Our hearts are with you. To all friends and family of loved ones killed by violence know that God will repay as stated in Romans 12. Vengeance is mines says the Lord. I will repay. Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. We will commemorate Sidney December 22, 2011, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church at the City Wide Night of Peace and Healing. All are welcome.
Posted by ovella andreas on November 30, 2011
For more information how you can unite in our campaign against violence in Detroit please visit

City Wide day of Peace and Healing, in Detroit at 6:00 Hartford Memorial Baptist Church. United we stand, together we can... We have a plan. God will heal.
Posted by ROBERT BOYD on November 28, 2011
the streets dont love you back movement have teamed up with Pastor Ovella Andreas. in detroit to get the message out to the people of detroit WWW.1440WDRJ.COM-THE BEST OF DETROIT GOSPEL-PASTOR OVELLA
DO you believe in the POWER of prayer? Do you need God to intervene? Do you need someone to pray with you? Call 313 871-6094 today at noon. I will be praying, God is listening, faith will be moving,
Posted by ROBERT BOYD on November 27, 2011
Our Brother Sidney daniel was shot and killed in a driveby shooting 10-30-2011 in Detroit. R.I.P. to all the streets dont love you back members thru out detroit mi and thru out all detroit prisons put the word out there is a cash reward to the person that lead the police to the aarest and conviction of this sucker who killed my lil brother we will let him no where ever you are you will get caught

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