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Rest blissfully in peace, our beloved Simi. Forever loved

Posted by Chi Ladeinde on May 12, 2022
1 year today
Dear Simi,
You remain in our hearts, our gists, our memories…..our wishes…we wish you could be with us. I miss you girl!
Posted by Chigbogu Onyeka on May 12, 2022
Continue to rest in peace, Simi.
Posted by Folake Oshungboye on May 12, 2022
You are lovingly remembered today my friend. Rest on angel
Posted by Chi Ladeinde on February 18, 2022
Dear Simi,
We should be counting 40 today.

Memories of you linger- lovingly, boldly, kindly and memorably ; just as you were.

Your death still makes no sense to me shaaaaa.

And if per chance you can see this, we miss you dearly.
Posted by Chigbogu Onyeka on February 18, 2022
...would have been your 40th birthday today, ore. Continue to rest in peace, amen.
Posted by Sarah Tuvey on June 28, 2021
No words can describe my complete and utter sadness Simi to hear that you have left this world. I have so many wonderful memories of us, having our babies together - you first with Dipo, me learning! Using each other as a sounding board, your amazing laugh and smile, your sensible guidance and supportive shoulder, our mutual love of food and comparing Caribbean and Africa cooking/dish names, that you and Oye always shared your dinner on one plate together, the many times in the hospital when you would fight hard to overcome your body and usually cheering you up with jokes about the English food. I loved working with you, but more so I loved being your friend. Your life before and your death now have both shaken me to the core, to remember how important it is to just live life and not put things off. I have always thought of you since you left Deloitte, and so wished we had kept in touch. We have missed you very much.

To Simi's beautiful children my heart pours out to you. I know Simi would have been everything and more to you. She was such an amazing woman, capable of so much and always with a smile. You can be so proud of your mum. Please do reach out if there is anything we can do to help you xxx I am so very sorry for your loss. Your mum was so strong - she would say to keep going, to live life well, to do the right thing and to be happy.
Posted by Chi Ladeinde on June 2, 2021
I am hoping that at the end of these words, I’ld wake up and realise it has all been an awful dream.
Yesterday, we said goodbye to you. It was difficult, it was indecipherable and it is unfair. Oreeeeee, the valedictorian of all valedictorians, my favourite mixologist....Simi!!! Are we really not going to eat your fish anymore? No longer will we bond over food?? No more opportunities to share valid plans and aspirations for our children???
Your departure is never going to make sense to me. My head will continue to shake in disagreement. You lived, you loved, you were loyal, beautiful, intelligent, down to earth and confident....Simi, you are God’s best and you now dwell with Him without fear, pain or worry. I’ll miss you my friend but we’ll see later.
You are now an angel. If you can see this, please watch over Dipo and Tumininu.
Posted by Bukola Akintola Jegede on June 2, 2021
It's unbelievable that you are gone and no longer with us,you were ever smiling, playful,never too serious,I was not one of your closest friends but you touched us all in one way or another,you always had space in your heart for love.,I ransacked the whole of my house to get glimpses of the cultural day memories of pictures we all took remembering jokes we cracked but couldn't find till date. I remember your suprised call to me long time ago from Uk just to know how I was doing ,you even died on my birthday 12th May.ensuring your memory stays forever in my heart............I will forever be happy that our paths crossed,I will be grateful for your kindness always to me,teasing ourselves as Omo ijesha,I pray that God gives your family and friends the fortitude to bear this loss.
Simisola...... Sun re ooooooo,.
Posted by Ogemdi Oguh on May 31, 2021
Ohhh wow.Shock n pain in my heart it is but what can i say,Knowing ure in a better place consoles me.Ure were so gentle kind and filled with so much wisdom.U contributed to my success in life and remained close despite the distance.ill surely miss you.Your work on earth is complete.
Posted by Oluwole Ogunde on May 31, 2021
Words fail me! But the best thing to do is to celebrate you because you were one of the kindest, most given human being. You give your time selflessly, I borrowed your notes, you tutored anyone who needed help, and was never in a rush to leave. One thing our class will never forget is you sneezing hahaha. We always have to count it and if you don't sneeze 7 times, we know it's not complete . I'm glad I was able to chat with you in October and we talked for almost 3hrs. Fly with the angels my friend. Heaven gained an amazing human.
Posted by Dorcas David on May 31, 2021
My dear Simi, words can't explain how I feel right now, little do I know that you sending me a birthday wish was the last wish I will get from you. We were far apart but yet you still make time to reach out always. You are a friend indeed, I wish I called when I said I will, I love you but God loves you more. Rest in Peace my dear Friend!
Posted by ADEYEMI ADEBAYO-JACOB on May 29, 2021
I have delayed writing this because I still find it hard to believe that we are writing Tributes and saying Goodbye...
I have read our last conversation (chat) uncountable times and I still hope that I could wake up from this dream...
You are full of wisdom and a depth of knowledge that is rare... An Angel who dwelt amongst us...
Despite the distance and time apart, your love still felt so near... I really don't know how to feel but I know I MISS YOU... No more pain my dear; you are "Living in Peace" now ♥️
Posted by Wumi Akinyemi on May 29, 2021
My thoughts and prayers are with the family
at this time. Simi was always so full of life anytime I saw her. We had a lot of friends in common so I was bound to bump into Simi in one social event or another.she was always very hard working, industrious and well rounded business wise I remember teasing her once that Simi can sell anything to anyone . Will miss your lovely smile and down to earth personality.Though you are in a better place, your life and memories live on and will linger through your family and loved ones.
Posted by Kathryn Witts on May 26, 2021
Dear Simi! How sad to receive the news if your passing today. I loved working with you, remembering our laughter at staff suppers and people asking if we wanted a vegetarian option. Your kindness, laughter and sense of fun were a joy. I know that your are not gone forever, rest in peace, free from bodily pain, and await with patience the reunion with your children and family. May they be comforted by the Lord and retain fond memories till you meet again. ❤️
Posted by Simisola M on May 26, 2021
Oh Simi!... to think I thought of you a few weeks before i heard. You were the first other Simi I met back in staff school... Continue to rest in the Lord. Will never forget your laugh...
Posted by Ben Tuvey on May 26, 2021
Dear Simi, we had some great years working together and I will remember your smile and laughter the most. I wish we had kept in touch after you left. You're gone way too soon and we are thinking of your family and your young children. I hope they keep fond memories of the wonderful person you were close to their heart every day. Sleep well my friend.
Posted by olufunke Tikare on May 25, 2021
Simi, It was a rude shock to hear of your passing on. The pain and memories are fresh. Rest is what you have gained though too early. We would hold on to the memories, smiles and laughter.
Sleep, sleep on. You are greatly missed.
We’ll meet, but till then, hold the fort.
Posted by Yewande Adeliyi on May 25, 2021
Darling Simi! this is still so unbelievable that I am writing this tribute for you. Only if I knew that when we spoke abt a month ago that that would be the last time I would be hearing your voice, I would have spoken longer and told you what a great friend we are and what an awesome mum you are to Dipo and Tumi. Only God knows why this had to happen. But you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. You my friend will be sorely missed but always fondly remembered. Goodnite dearie!! Sun re o!!
Posted by Tem AD on May 25, 2021
I honestly can’t believe I’m involved in another funeral planning or even having to write on another forevermissed page. How can one see you during school run and be told that’s it- no more parking in the same section, waving, standing by the gate among other simple things  Though heavy hearted but we grief not like those without hope- our hope is in Him and we hold on to the assurance that this journey of life isn’t the end and there is life after by the side of our Lord. May His peace be with you till we all meet again on the streets of gold. In the time being watch the Lord grow with Dipo and Tumi.
Posted by Nomfundo Xenia Ngwenya on May 25, 2021
My dear friend Simisola. It just seems so surreal that three months ago you were lovingly comforting me while I was grieving, yet now I write of you in the past tense. I am simply at a loss for words that can sufficiently express my utter devastation. All I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you Simi for teaching me what kindness, loyalty and selfless giving look like. Thank you for creating some of the happiest memories of my travels. You, Mummy and your entire family welcomed a total stranger and gave me so much of yourselves every time I visited Nigeria. When we spoke recently, you promised you would visit me with Tumi and Dipo as soon as lockdown ended. I was so looking forward to spoiling you in Jo'burg and Cape Town. But I accept that my plans must submit to God's will. I hope I'll have the opportunity to extend that love to your beautiful children. Lala ngoxolo, my friend.
Posted by Folake Oshungboye on May 22, 2021
Simisola, words can’t express the deep saddest I feel writing a tribute for your untimely sudden demise. I am comforted knowing you are in a better place where no hurt or pain can come to you. You had such a big heart and extended your love and warmest to my family and for that we will forever be grateful. You have completed your assignment here on earth and left the race for the rest of us. We will do our best, God guiding and helping us. Rest on Now my beloved friend ❤️❤️
Posted by Mariam Abass on May 21, 2021
Simi...this still feels hard to comprehend that we are planning your funeral but I take solace in the knowledge that your last days were peaceful, blissful and filled with moments you loved. I used to call are irreplaceable Simi.....I'm sorry we didn't conclude our last conversations but I know you are in a better place Simi. Though no one can replace you in their lives, we will do our best to take care of Tunmi and Dipo for you....May God give us the wisdom and strength to nurture them in ways pleasing to you. Sun re o Simi.
Posted by Chigbogu Onyeka on May 20, 2021
Simi, ore mi. I am writing this with a very heavy heart. I truly feel that I have failed you. The last time we saw / spoke / communicated was during Ada's 40th birthday, March 14th to be precise. I remember saying that I will be more proactive in keeping in touch. Pandemic and lock down happened, had you permanently in my mind but procrastinated, until today. I sent you a text this morning at approximately 9:19am, asking how you and the kids are doing. Never got a response only to find out 3 hours later about your demise.

I am truly sorry, ore. I have no idea if keeping my word would have changed anything...who knows, knowing that at least there was one additional person you could rely on could have been useful. I am comforted that you are definitely smiling down on us from Heaven. Telling us that all will be well. My heart goes out to your kids, siblings, people that are connected to you / affected directly or indirectly with you. Rest in Peace, ore. You have ran the good race and handed over the baton for us to continue. We will take care of things here to the best of our ability / capability.

Forever in my heart.

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Posted by Chi Ladeinde on May 12, 2022
1 year today
Dear Simi,
You remain in our hearts, our gists, our memories…..our wishes…we wish you could be with us. I miss you girl!
Posted by Chigbogu Onyeka on May 12, 2022
Continue to rest in peace, Simi.
Posted by Folake Oshungboye on May 12, 2022
You are lovingly remembered today my friend. Rest on angel
her Life

Simisola Motunriyi Aina Iyi-Ojo’s Journey through Life

Born February 18, 1982 in lagos Nigeria where she grew up, to Ms Gbeminiyi Bosede Olatunbosun and Professor Solomon Iyiola Adisa Ojo).

Simi (as she was known) graduated from University of Lagos Nigeria with a First Class Honors Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Geography. Upon completing her National Service in Lagos, she went on to the prestigious University of Cambridge (New Hall) in the United Kingdom, to complete a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.
She started her professional career with a top four accounting firm in Reading UK where she settled. She spent over 10 years rising to a leadership position in the Taxation practice, before venturing out to continue her career as an independent Tax, Project management and Change consultant.
She was a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians in the UK.
Although baptized as a child in the Anglican communion as a baby in 1984, Simi had her confirmation in the Catholic communion in 1994. She was a member of the BACCA Group at Saint Bede’s Church in Basingstoke.
Simi got married in 2007, and with her ex-husband, had two lovely children, Oladipupo (Dipo) and Oluwatumininu (Tumi), through whom she will forever be remembered in our hearts, as we see her love, light, and joy radiate through them. She enjoyed spending time with her children and taking them to series of activities. 
Simi was a connoisseur of Yoruba (South West Nigerian) cuisine, a strong and resilient woman with a unique sense of humor and a personality that was a welcome addition into any setting or room.

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Shared by Busola Denton on May 26, 2021
Rest in perfect peace Simi.