His Life

My Joker,his Harley

I met him on Facebook, after living a single mom life raising my son's I accepted a friend request from a man that would become my best friend, although I live in Georgia and he was in Texas. We liked a lot of the same things and after some time we started talking on the phone every day. Simon was so kind, I was in a very violent relationship and almost died, hence me staying single for 10 years,I had to heal mentally and refused to raise two boys in an environment that wasn't healthy, Simon was able to become such an amazing, patient and consistent man and he was able to become an important part of my life so we decided after 7 months of friendship it was time for him to come to Georgia and meet my little family. He was accepted and loved by us all,Simon was a unique soul and he made friends with everyone so easily. We enjoyed our first family vacation to Orlando Florida and went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Simon and my youngest son who at the time was 10 years old went on every ride together,I don't like roller coasters but I enjoyed watching my guys ride together, even though my boys weren't his biologically Simon called them his, they were never his step son's, they were his son's. For 6 amazing years I was blessed to have a life with my best friend and soulmate. We had so many plans for the future. But my heart was crushed on January 8 of 2021 when my amazing hardworking man decided to walk to the store across the street. He just wanted to buy a soda, he was crossing the street and was hit by a speeding truck and he died on scene. I lost the greatest man I have ever known and a piece of me died that day too. Simon was a gift from God,he truly was so good and kind,a gentle, loving man that was taken to soon. And his family in Texas flew his body back to Roma where he was laid to rest. I created a memorial on the side of the road where my beloved took his final breath and I visit that sight all the time,so many people were touched by Simon and often leave flowers and candles. I don't know why God wanted to take my love to Heaven but I wish he could have stayed,6 years was not long enough, Simon was supposed to be my forever. But I know he is still taking care of me from Heaven,he visits my dreams and some mornings I wake up reaching for him and begin to cry and out of nowhere I'll hear the birds start to sing their morning song or I'll come across something that belonged to him out of nowhere and I know he's with me,I know he is my angel, he will always be with me.