My Hero,My King.

Shared by Shawn Gaubert on June 7, 2021
He was a special soul with the ability to be my rock and foundation. The one who sacrificed for my happiness, he supported my every dream and was my biggest fan. He inspired me, motivated me and made my life happy in every aspect.He would make things work and never took the easy way out. He was loyal.smary.and passionate about all life. He had a bright light and a heart of gold. He loved me unconditionally. He was my king. He loved me as I am he loved when I sang to our grandbaby, he loved to make me laugh and he was and will forever be my king,my greatest love,my hero. That is who my Simon Czerny Jr. was. My hero. My king. Simon,I miss you so very much.

Bright light ☀️

Shared by Shawn Gaubert on May 28, 2021
Today marks 20 weeks without him. If there is anything I want someone reading this to know it's that Simon was the brightest soul I have ever known. He is missed more than words can say. I wish everyone that ever knew him could leave a story about his life, there are few people who have the ability to draw people to them the way my Simon did. Everyone was a friend, and he was so honestly good that people were touched by his smile, his hard work was always recognized,his laughter was contagious and his smile lit my heart on fire. I will never know such a beautiful, great and gentle man again because Simon was a rare soul in this world. 20 weeks without you,my love,my best friend, my soulmate, and every day is harder. I still reach for you at night and I miss your comfort. I miss you, every single thing that made you who you were, I miss you. I'm not sure how to survive the upcoming holidays, Father's day, you were an amazing dad, Halloween, your favorite holiday and the day we were going to be married, your birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, you always helped me with the turkey. This will be the hardest days without you. I don't know how to get through this life without you by my side. You were supposed to be my forever. God took you home to soon.

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