"He lived 100 years in 51."
  • 51 years old
  • Born on July 31, 1962 in Kenya.
  • Passed away on July 7, 2014 in Lima, Peru.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Simon Douglas-Dufresne, 51, born on July 31, 1962 and passed away on July 7, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Ty Turere on 7th November 2018
It's taken me a long time to accept that Simon has gone. Really you led us somewhere as maa community of Narok, forever remembered .
Posted by Schiru Hinga on 26th April 2018
Remembering Simon with his red Range Rover Classic during his early days in Sanyati, near my neighborhood. Always kind and friendly, waving to kids as he drove by....Live forever free. Mingi love and peace to his family. Namaskaar
Posted by Schiru Hinga on 26th April 2018
Remembering Simon with his red Range Rover Classic during his early days in Sanyati, near my neighborhood. Always kind and friendly, waving to kids as he drove by....Live forever free. Mingi love and peace to his family. Namaskaar
Posted by Kate Flynn on 8th July 2017
Thinking of Ileana and Alfonzo (little Simon!) and all the DD's three years after Simon's passing. Missing that character, so full of life, who brought us all such joy! Love you all!
Posted by Neville Slade on 7th July 2017
having a glass of wine in Addis Ababa for you...never forgotten mate..kichua juu
Posted by Neville Slade on 7th July 2017
having a glass of wine in Addis Ababa for you...never forgotten mate..kichua juu
Posted by Krista Walker on 7th July 2016
my thoughts are with all of you today! you were so blessed to have Simon to love you in life and be with you all today in spirit! You are indeed a beautiful family that I was not privileged to have known except for one brief moment but your togetherness and strength and wisdom is so awe inspiring! I love your solidarity and your courage.....and sincerely believe that all those magical moments you have felt were indeed provided by the presence of Simon's spirit being amongst you...his soul living on within you...
Posted by Kate Flynn on 7th July 2016
Can't believe it's been two years! Still in our hearts!
Posted by Luca & Antonella Belpietr... on 7th July 2016
Everytime you have the joy of hosting Cassiopeia with us, we feel a bit closer to Simon and his love for life....
Posted by Alberth Aguilar Guevara on 16th September 2015
Mi querido y siempre recordado Simon, he tenido el honor y la suerte de regresar una partecita de tus cenizas al punto más alto de Cumbemayo, a ese lugarcito que tanto te gustó y al que seguiremos visitanto en tu memoria...
Posted by Simon Douglas-dufresne on 15th September 2015
Shirlie, Tania,Helen y Hugo, Impresionante y hermoso el Memorial celebrado por la familia y amigos en honor de Simón. Simón es el amigo que siempre tendré presente por que prefiero pensar que ha hecho un viaje para estar con otros Angeles Tuve la suerte de conocerlo cuando llegó a Cajamarca con Ileana con la ilusión de poder practicar su gran pasión por la aviación, habiéndonos propuesto reactivar el Aero Club de Cajamarca o formar uno nuevo, en ese entonces yo me encontraba en Cajamarca sólo y desde el primer momento Simón e Ileana me invitaban a pasar los fines de semana los tres haciendo un pick nic por el campo y dedicarnos a buscar sitios apropiados para poder hacer una pista de aterrizaje (Para Simón todos eran buenos). Simon como buen hijo, hermano, esposo y padre en todo momento me hablaba de su familia y Kenia, animándome a ir para a conocerlos( Con gran pena tuve que desistir de mi viaje por razones de salud) Cuando decidieron radicar en Cajamarca, Simón ya se había hecho una persona muy querida y conocida por la gente de la ciudad y del campo por su Don de Gentes, ahora lo tenemos representado por Ileana, Alfoncito, Peia y Dylan. Con un fuerte abrazo para toda la familia, Don Joaquin Santolalla Fernández TRANSLATION AS FOLLOWS: Shirlie, Tania,Helen y Hugo, ...Very impressive and beautiful Memorial celebrated by family and friends in honor of Simon. Simon is the friend I would always have in my thoughts because I prefer to think he is just doing a trip to be with the Angels. I was lucky enough to meet him when he arrived to Cajamarca with Ileana and with this great illusion of practicing his passion for aviation either by having us reactivating the Cajamarca Aeroclub or by conforming a new one, I was then in Cajamarca alone and since the first time I had Simon and Ileana inviting me to spend the weekends, having pick-nics by the country side fields and wondering for an appropriated place for a landing airstrip (For Simon all the options were good) Simon as a good son, brother, husband and father was always talking about his family in Kenya, chearing me up to come and meet them (With a big sorrow I had to desist from my trip and stayed home, my health was an issue) Because of his nice and kind way with people when Simon and Ileana decided to live in Cajamarca, Simon was already a very much loved and know person by people from the city and the country side, today we still have him with us trough Ileana, Alfoncito, Peia and Dylan. A big and strong hug to all the family, Don Joaquin Santolalla Fernández
Posted by Simon Douglas-dufresne on 15th September 2015
Hola Ileana, Hoy que es un día un poco difícil quiero decirte que tuviste la suerte de compartir tu vida con un ser humano maravilloso, con un hombre bueno y solidario; un buen esposo y padre, y eso es muy bueno, porque otras personas no tienen esa bendición. Yo doy gracias a Dios por haberlo conocido y a ti con el. En ese orden, no porque Simon sea mejor que tu sino por que el ya no esta fisicamente con nosotros; y contigo espero compartir muchos años y seguir gozando de muchas cosas, entre otras, los relatos sobre ese lado del mundo casi fantástico para nosotros, su kenya con sabor a safari, rios inmensos e hipopotamos. Lo recuerdo con su sonrisa de niño bueno y creo que así esta hoy, viéndote a ti y a su hijo, fuertes y saliendo adelante. Un abrazo muy fuerte con todo el cariño de mi corazón. Rosa Maria (La Dra. de la Notaria) TRANSLATION IS AS FOLLOWS... Dear Ileana, Today must be a very difficult day but wanted to remind you how lucky you are to have shared your life with such a wonderful human bean, a good and solidary man; a very good husband and father, and that is really good, because many other people never have such blessing in their lives. I thank our God for meeting him and to you with him. In that order, and not because he is better than you but because he is the one physically absent with us; and with you I am hoping to share many more years and continue enjoying of many things, among all, the stories about that side of the world for sure fantastic for us, his beloved Kenya with taste of safaries, inmense rivers and hipos. I remember him with his good little kid's smile and I believe he remains like that today, watching you and his son been strong and pushing to getting on again and move forwards. A big big hug with all the love from my heart. Rosa Maria
Posted by Cathy Darrell on 31st July 2015
Safari njema. Be safe Happy Birthday Simon
Posted by Cathy Darrell on 31st July 2015
Safari njema. Be safe Happy Birthday Simon
Posted by John Ryan on 5th July 2015
Shirley, Tania, Helen and Hugo. I never found out about Simon's passing till today when I saw something Rob Hart posted on the Pembroke page. I'm so sorry that it has taken so long. I remember Simon at Pembroke House School in Gilgil as one of the most tenacious and loyal people you could ever meet. He didn't know the meaning of defeat and had more courage and determination than anyone could match. I never got to spend time with him as an adult, as our paths went separate ways. But I imagine that the qualities that I saw as a youngster carried on for life and beyond. Kwaheri, rafiki!
Posted by Susan Allen on 24th June 2015
Dearest Shirley, Tanya, Helen, and Hugo, very sad to have lost our beautiful cousin Simon. He truly lived life to the full. I remember him taking a full moon flight at Kuki Gallman's Rodeo party! Must be very sad for you all and his wife and children to be without him in this world. I expect he will have a good party though with all our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Much love to you all. God bless and rest in peace dear Simon. Xxxx
Posted by Angelo Lenairoshi on 22nd December 2014
Simon,was a best friend of mine and also ma late mum Salino,i will remember him 4rever.its a sad news to me.
Posted by Neville Slade on 14th November 2014
to you all, its taken me a long time to accept that he has gone, I always had it in my mind that we would meet and have a beer somewhere again... I guess that wont happen now....why God takes when he does I will never know....from our time at college in Devon where we shared a house for three years, with the Citroen 2cv and rounding corners on two wheels and pushing it uphill in the snow,, lost in Devon in tuxedos, repairing minis from scrapyards,France, exams, wearing Stetsons in lectures, cooper Maseratis, driving bashed up old Volvos in Nairobi, and so much more, ..a really great man was Simon, ...I don't really know what to say or think, I have put off until now to write or even access the site, he did live life to the full, was always there to help without a second thought to what or how it would jeopardise himself, one could always rely on him...Knowing what I feel about Simons departure, I can only begin to imagine what all of you the family must feel, Shirley, Helen, Hugo, Tania, and Caroline and the kids and the family in South America,,, am so sorry for your loss....all I can end with is that we must all never forget what a great guy Simon was, and be proud that we had the time we did with him. They were moments that I will never forget. May he be resting in peace knowing that we all miss him.
Posted by Niki Headges (Kean-Hammer... on 14th September 2014
My greatest love to Shirlie and family - Simon was a rare person who's lit up the room when he entered, his laughter that warmed the heart, his kindness and spirit to make your life better and his inspired desire to live life, leave nothing on the table kinda guy, was infectious. Simon did know how he helped me along the way at various times, because I never stopped tell him and say Thank You. Asante Sana Simon, because you inspired me to live a full life and because of you I will continue to leave nothing on the table and carry your torch onwards and in my heart.
Posted by Luca & Antonella Belpietr... on 9th August 2014
Ciao rafiki... it is not hard for he who goes, but for the ones who remain behind. Our thoughts are with them, especially your kids. They had a fabulous father and amazing adventures with you. Your immense energy will be with them and us forever. Thank you for having walked the path of life with me, even if so briefly. I think of you often and it will be impossible not to feel you every time I will walk the Chyulu. I will have a smile, as that is exactly what you would like! Keep sending the good energy you have brought to all who had the luck to know you. Farewell my friend, we will fly together again one day...
Posted by Luca & Antonella Belpietr... on 9th August 2014
ciao Simon! last time you visited us, you saw I needed help as I was in trouble. You sent me all your good energy and you saved me. Now I am sending you all my good energy...arrivederci, my friend. See you again, in a better place. Antonella
Posted by Krista Walker on 31st July 2014
Thinking of you all today and hope that memories will make you laugh so that some joy will be had in celebrating this special day when Simon came into the world.
Posted by Simon Herd on 30th July 2014
Simon was a person who always made me laugh. Time spent with him was always too short. He lived a full life, fun and exciting. We will all miss him, so much. Go well.
Posted by Ronald Beaton on 21st July 2014
Farewell Simon. will have a beer in the next world. Pauline and my thoughts with you Helen and Hugo and the rest of the family.
Posted by Peter Ilsley on 19th July 2014
Fuzz Dyer sent this to us and we think it says it all. Impressions of a Pilot By Gary Stoker Flight is freedom in its purest form, To dance with the clouds which follow the storm; To roll and glide, to wheel and spin, To feel the joy that swells within. To leave the earth with its troubles and fly, And know the warmth of the summer sky; Then back to earth at the end of the day, Released from the tension which melted away. Should my end come while I am in flight, Whether brightest day or darkest night; Spare me no pity and shrug off the pain, Secure in the knowledge that I'd do it again. For each of us is created to die, And within me I know, I was born to fly. Cheers Simon have a good flight Pete
Posted by Krista Walker on 18th July 2014
heart felt thoughts are with you Simon and with your loving and beautiful family ..... I hope you have the power to enable them to know that you are right there and try your best to cast healing energy on Ileana so she can return quickly to your lovely children so that they may all be comforted....a flower for you ....
Posted by Pete & Ali Cadot on 18th July 2014
Our fondest thoughts and so much love with you all at such a sad time; Special strong hugs to Shirley. Pete & Ali, Chala, Torsten xxx
Posted by Cathy Darrell on 17th July 2014
Pole sana Tina Helen and Hugo. so saddened to hear of Simon's passing. We were all at Turi together and though long long ago I remember him well. Definitely full of fun and naughty sana. Be safe Simon rest well and our thoughts are with you all and his family. Cathy Mark and Paul Thompson and families. RIP
Posted by Christine Leonard on 16th July 2014
Dearest Tania, Helen and Hugo - so sad for you all at this time, and also for Simon's wife and children. Simon's laugh and his infectious enthusiasm will be so missed. I remember typing up his Sanyati advertising material in Safcon all those years ago when he was first starting with that venture. So happy to have known him. RIP Simon xx
Posted by Krista Walker on 16th July 2014
I received a letter from Simon once and it was with a photo of him walking on his hands. I only met him briefly as a teenager and our lives did not cross paths again but always hoped that we would all meet up again one day...now through this beautiful memorial page...I can see how happy and full his life was, with love-full, beautiful & creative children, beautiful wife, exquisite new land to call home and can only say that he was blessed to have the life he had. With so much love and appreciation surrounding him...he will be forever young and his spirit will always be with you Ileana, his children and his siblings and all those who made his life so wonderful. Look out for those little magical inexplicable moments ... they can all be attributed to Simon's Soul dancing in the morning breeze, lying beside you, holding your hands when you need guidance or feel afraid...he will always be close to you. My heart aches for you all, but I pray that you will feel his warmth and love comforting you....and find strength from one another and all those who are there for you.
Posted by Pebs Wheeler on 15th July 2014
Dearest Tania, Helen and Hugo. So saddened to hear the news. I always remember Simon hounding me at Mema's because I was eating chocolate! "A minute in your mouth, a lifetime on your hips" he would jaunt. He was like a caged animal at Worth...and obviously found great freedom and adventure as an adult. Prayers for you all.
Posted by Reina Gutierrez-Dula on 14th July 2014
I met him and shared with him just a short time, but enough to miss him for ever, He had the secret of life and shared it with everyone with his actions, for sure he changed many lifes as he went through. He now lives eternally...and has left a great amount of memories to smile and continue our lifes in joy...till we meet again. So long my friend!!
Posted by Gregory Renouf on 14th July 2014
I was at Worth School with Simon when my father was also the Art Master. My Father remembers him with great affection as I do. He had vitality, energy and one hell of a determination !
Posted by Julie Trayner on 13th July 2014
Simon – the ever life-loving, smiling, beautiful being. He wanted to saturate his soul with excitement and enjoy the best experiences of life on earth. He was fun, daring and intent on living life to the full. An inspiration. Very sad news to hear about his accident and to think I will never meet him again to infuse me with that infectious joy for life. My thoughts are with Helen, his wife and children and all those around him that he inspired each day. May his soul rest in joyous peace.

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