This page has been setup in memory of our friend and colleague, Simon. For so many at Nationwide that worked with Simon, please share your memories and messages of condolence that we can share with his family and friends.

Simon started working at Nationwide on 14th Aug 1991, working on our IBM mainframe as a System Programmer.  Over the 30 years he has been at Nationwide, he has worked in a variety of roles, always in or around the IBM mainframe.  His passion, skills and knowledge are well known not only to his colleagues but in the wider Mainframe Community.  His work on the Voyager Programme to introduce our SAP core Bank was pivotal along with numerous programmes and initiatives throughout his career. 

Simon was a joy to be around, very passionate about people and would go above and beyond to help others.  Simon was a family man, to wife Jo and two kids Sam and Catherine.  Tennis was a big part of Simon’s life, captain of Aldbourne Tennis Club, he also loved to take long walks with Rusty his dog.  He will be sadly missed by all that knew him.

Posted by Joe Varga on March 17, 2022
Can't believe that it's a year since you left us Hutch. You are never forgotten and still crop up as a reference to how to do things properly (as recently as last week!) Hopefully that would make you smile. Love and best wishes to your family.

Rest in Peace x
Posted by Jules warr on March 16, 2022
Every so often, you still bring warmth and joy when we talk about you. Your memory endures as does the love of those who miss you x
Posted by James Thompson on March 16, 2022
One year, and i'm still talking using memories and stories that you were the focal point of to explain things to colleagues.
This is how much of a big piece of my working life you were.

Forever missed.
Posted by Steve Johnson on March 16, 2022
I can't believe a year has gone past,
still remembering you and all the help and support you gave to me and so many others :
Hope your resting peacefully Hutch!
Love and best wishes to your family x

Posted by Christopher Knowles on March 16, 2022
A year today still remembering fond times :)
Hope your resting peacefully Hutch!
Love and best wishes to you and your family x

Posted by Trish Hughes on April 23, 2021
I worked with Simon on the Voyager programme. He was such a delightful chap, so dedicated to his work colleagues. Always had a smile for you and was always willing to stop and have a chat. He was very technical but had a great ability to put it into non tech language for me - he had so much patience.
A very warm, kind and gentle man whom I and so many others will miss so very much. RIP Simon, it has been an absolute pleasure to have known you, Trish xxxxx
Posted by Sarma Gnanasubramanian on April 22, 2021
Simon , Wonderful person true gentleman . It was a pleasure working with you and the several meetings we had for vulnerabilities, DiD reviews ..... Gone too soon RIP Simon you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Andrew Weaver on April 19, 2021
It was such a pleasure to work with Simon over many years. It was on the Voyager programme that we first started working together, Simon’s knowledge and enthusiasm was fantastic. He willingly shared his considerable expertise with others, I learnt so much from him. He was a real gent who is sorely missed.
Posted by James Rattenbury on April 15, 2021
Simon, I will miss the time we spent together, chewing the fat, solving problems or just nattering about things that are going on in and out of work. You've been such a wonderful colleague and friend over the last five years that we've worked together, no problem was too big or small to help me dive into or sort out. Its not often that you can say that you look forward to every catch up with someone, but I looked forward to every time we we're working together, you made work enjoyable.
Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Chris Horne on April 9, 2021
Gone much too soon. Your enthusiasm and gentle humour always made things somehow better. Even getting whupped by you on the tennis court was fun.
RIP Simon, you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Sharon Bull-Gerring on April 8, 2021
It was a pleasure to know you Simon, so friendly, helpful and kind. A True gentleman. You will be missing so much by so many. My thoughts are with all your family. Rest in peace Simon x
Posted by Paul Aggett on April 8, 2021
I first knew Simon from various IBM user groups we’d both attend, before eventually working with him at Nationwide.

As well as being an expert in his field, he was always someone who saw the positive side of things and brought real enthusiasm to everything he did, both in work and out.

Rest In Peace my friend.
Posted by Kerry Holmes on April 7, 2021
My heart and thoughts go out to all of Simon's family, friends and colleagues. Simon's support, knowledge and kindness had such a positive impact on so many people. It was an honour to have known him and he will be greatly missed by so many.

Thank you Simon. Sleep well you brilliant man x
Posted by Christopher Knowles on April 6, 2021
Simon I don’t know where to begin, after starting a new role within the IT Support department with absolutely no previous knowledge or experience and not knowing anyone you made me feel comfortable, welcomed and appreciated since day one. Always there for me for advice, support or just a general laugh and chit-chat. I will never forget how you radiated joy and enthusiasm in everything that you did and your good vibrations were felt throughout the whole department and by whoever had the pleasure of being in your presence. I’m going to remember your big cheerful smile and funny wit and banter that always made me laugh! I remember us laughing about how you started Nationwide the year I was born. I can contribute so much of my personal development within this role to you and I treasure you not only as a valued work colleague but as a cherished friend. I wish we had the chance to catch up again and go for a curry and a beer like we all used to before but I know that you are still there just in another shape and form. I pray for strength and solace for your family and for all the many others who’s hearts you touched whilst on this earth during these times and I will remember you with much love and fondness. And as you used to always say to end our weekly SAP change meetings...‘Same time, same place next week’... Take care Simon your memory lives on X
Posted by Wendy Ducker on April 6, 2021
I have very happy memories of working with Simon at NEM. Every summer we took a trip to Wimbledon, leaving very early to get in the queue for the tennis.
Posted by darren marsden on April 6, 2021
Rest in Peace Simon. you will be greatly missed by many. Thoughts are with family at this sad time.
Posted by lynn banagan on April 6, 2021
I have such fond and cherished memories over many many years of Simon both during the time he and I have spent at Nationwide and previously time spent as a couple of trainees. I did so enjoy our regular chats, catching up on friends old and new – like so many other’s I will miss your professionalism and friendship.
Posted by Alex Woolhouse on April 6, 2021
Simon, you were one of life's good guys. Always an absolute pleasure to talk to. Away from work I've never seen someone able to hit a rounders ball so hard and with such accuracy , I would always try and find a way to get myself in the same team as you to avoid having to field against you. You will be sorely missed by many.
Posted by gareth endicott on April 6, 2021
Happy to have met you Simon and the work we recently carried out together you drove with enthusiasm as you always did. Happy to have met you, such a lovely chap and always had a smile on your face. You will be missed.
Posted by Andy Coulson on April 1, 2021
It's decades since I first met Simon - he was hosting a user-group meeting in the then shiny-new HQ. He showed us around the building with considerable pride, both for the place he worked and for the job that he did. Whenever I met or spoke with Simon again, it was always with that friendliness that made you feel like you could talk for ages on any subject that happened along. A couple of months ago I happened to mention Simon to my wife, and told her that Simon just seemed to have a very similar sense of humour to mine - I was missing the point that Simon was all-round good humoured and shared that big humour with everyone. I recounted that Simon had been late to open a conference call I'd been waiting on, with an apology because of a problem with the cable under the table, which he then turned into laughter about gateaux in the chateau - the sort of surprise and welcome laugh that cheers you up long after. When I picture Simon now it's at a user group meeting, surrounded by friends and he's laughing that big all-body laugh that he did, that you could hear across the room. Thanks for the laughs, Simon. 
Posted by Steve King on March 30, 2021
Rest In Peace Simon,
Thanks for all the help, guidance and teaching over the last 20 plus years. It was a pleasure to have known you and worked for and with you, and you will be sorely missed.
Posted by Steve Johnson on March 29, 2021
Rest in peace Hutch
Thanks for all the help you gave me, you were Mr IBM and oh so much more, always there with advice and help, I learnt so much from you
I can't believe you are no longer with us.
you were my mentor and my friend...I will miss you, but so glad I knew you.
as JT has said... right now the “Silence is not golden”.
Love and good wishes to your family
Posted by Craig Phillips on March 29, 2021
Absolutely devastated to hear the news about Simon. He was a fantastic colleague, so knowledgeable and helpful. The place will not be the same without him. So, so sad.
Posted by Rachel Fry on March 29, 2021
My lasting memory of Simon will be the kindness that he showed me. He was truly a font of knowledge, and gladly made time to help others
He will be greatly missed
Posted by Ruth Whitehouse on March 26, 2021
Simon was one of the first people I met when I joined Nationwide, and over the intervening years I learnt a huge amount from him. He was always generous with his time and expertise and would help anyone. I remember long conversations about student finance when my daughter started university the year after Sam. I still find myself thinking "must get Simon to explain that to me".

Simon was a true gentleman and is very badly missed.
Posted by Samarpita Deb on March 26, 2021
Rest in peace dear Simon. I will always treasure the memories of your gleeful and smiling face when our paths crossed at NH. Your passion for work will always be an inspiration to many of us. May God give your family and friends the strength and love in these hours. we all will miss you!
Posted by Richard McLellan on March 26, 2021
Tbh I’m still in shock, I can’t believe Simon isn’t with us but I’ll never forget the positive impact he made on so many people.

Simon was kind, he was patient, funny, a great listener, a lovely geek and one of the good guys. I’ll miss his passion for life and his humility. I’ll miss his laughter, his can do attitude, his ability to make people feel at ease and his willingness to help his colleagues. I’m just glad I had the pleasure of knowing Simon. God rest his soul.
Posted by James Thompson on March 26, 2021
Rest in peace Hutch.
I have so much to be grateful to you for. From giving me my start in the IBM team, all of the help over the last 20 years, and some very happy memories.
I cannot quite believe I'm not going to be able to call you to discuss something new about zOS or camera lenses or bike fixes or spots on the Ridgeway with the best view, or any of the other odd topics we talked about as tangents to work.
More than a colleague, a good friend.
I’m going to miss you and right now the “Silence is not golden”.
My sympathies go to Jo, Sam and Catherine.
Posted by sharon Eyre on March 26, 2021
Thank you Simon for all the help you gave me, you were an absolute pleasure to be around. Such a lovely man, devastated you have gone especially as you approached a new chapter in your life with so much for you and your family to look forward to.
I wish I could have known you better. Heartfelt thoughts are with your loved ones.

Posted by Tony York on March 26, 2021
You will be missed Simon - thank you so much for the times that you helped me out and patiently explained things until the penny finally dropped. Also for the keeping the fun in work.
Posted by Russell Turner on March 26, 2021
I had so many memories of Simon. Many joyful hours on a tennis court with him at Aldbourne. He was full of energy full of bounce, a joy to be around. He will be sorely missed.
My sympathies go to his family.
Posted by Jo Puschnik on March 26, 2021
Dear Simon, I will miss you, your positivity and your enthusiasm at work. You helped me so much with your advice and passion for IT requirements. Pure determination to protect the needs of others, do what was right and make a difference. I am lucky to have fond memories of us putting the world to rights over the years. Such a kind and gentle giant that has touched the lives of so many.
Posted by Clive Whitehouse on March 26, 2021
Simon, you were such a positive influence in all discussions - be it about scanning the Mainframe for vulnerabilities to what we were going to have for lunch. I will miss seeing you about and being able to have that "quick" conversation about anything and everything - always with great humour and a big cheeky smile. As Peter said, you always left me in a better mood! You are greatly missed.
Posted by John Laverty on March 26, 2021
Dear Simon, thank you for your help and support over the last 7 years. You were such a great help when I joined Nationwide. You took the time to aid, to explain, to guide and to ensure we did the right thing no-matter how difficult it might have been.
You will be so sorely missed. My sympathies and best wishes are with your family.
Forever, John
Posted by Joe Varga on March 26, 2021
Dear Simon, I will miss you. I pray for strength for your family, I only knew you through work but you made a big impression on me. In time the sadness will turn to memories of a man who made a difference. Rest in Peace and fly high x
Posted by Jules warr on March 26, 2021
I am blessed to have many memories of Hutch. I guess my first encounter with him was when working on a project with the Z heads and DB2 teams. It was a strange group of people with nick names like Scoot, JT, Fingers and Kingy. He managed this team and immediately surprised me with his knowledge and enthusiasm. Over time Simon and the team became like a family to me. I always felt like Simon was always looking to make the best of any challenge we found, fix any bumps we encountered along the road and shared his deep pride in his team and his platform. Like any family we would occasionally not see eye to eye and would debate until we agreed to disagree but these were rare and always friendly.

I knew I could always turn to him for help and advice. More than a friend or mentor, a big brother.

I will miss him so much.
Posted by Peter Norris on March 26, 2021
I just wanted to say that Simon was such a lovely man to talk to - he always saw the fun in the most drab conversations; talking about SAP mainframes in the same way a comedian would tell a funny story! I finished every conversation with him in a better mood and bigger smile than I started it!

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Posted by Joe Varga on March 17, 2022
Can't believe that it's a year since you left us Hutch. You are never forgotten and still crop up as a reference to how to do things properly (as recently as last week!) Hopefully that would make you smile. Love and best wishes to your family.

Rest in Peace x
Posted by Jules warr on March 16, 2022
Every so often, you still bring warmth and joy when we talk about you. Your memory endures as does the love of those who miss you x
Posted by James Thompson on March 16, 2022
One year, and i'm still talking using memories and stories that you were the focal point of to explain things to colleagues.
This is how much of a big piece of my working life you were.

Forever missed.
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Shared by John Kidd on March 30, 2021
I knew Simon not only through family connections but also through work connections. I will always remember Simon as a thoroughly decent guy.

Thank you for always making us smile!

Shared by Ciaran Boast on March 29, 2021
Simon will be missed by all. I only had the pleasure of working directly with him on the Child Trust Fund Maturity Project from March 2020 up until January 21. At the start of each call, Simon would laugh and joke and lift everyone's spirits. We all found it strange working from home and he was very good at making everyone smile and seeing the funny side of life! I am really sorry to hear of his passing and send love to his family and friends. Simon was a great guy and i will miss working with him.