His Life

Simon Tsui, (Hong Kong/Canada), passed away on 2000 Jan 01 at his home in Canada peacefully. He was born Dec 23, 1957 in Hong Kong. He kept single in his life but with full of friends. 

When he aged about 12, he found himself is a uncontrollable kids, lousy at home and escaped from school one or two times a week, even though he attended church weekly but it didn't help a lot in his life. It leads the result of semester was all red to see parents, dropped school after, we called, F5. Fortunately no one has time and capable to look after him in that year, adults was all work so hard for long time and same age probably has same problem or hard on their work.

After quit of school, his body suffer accidentally piece by piece in the following years, he still had great chance much more than his friends in the church. He had no outside friends beside church because he was not a talkative teenage but he was really hard work on his every job. So one day he had decided to move away from his situation where he had lived for over 20 years even though he has had a girl friend at that moment. He cared about her but he knew more than that is he has had to change no matter what would happened to him in front of the road he just picked, he was totally doesn't like what he was doing ... (what is that, sorry, I won't and never tell you, and I can't, you know because I was gone) if you insist to ask and curious to find it out what is it, but I believed that nobody would like to tell you, they all knew what I am, they will respect me. Because they all were my friend. Then I moved to Canada, my new life rebirth there in 1984.

I just said that I had much chance than someone besides me, I had change a lot after 3 years in Canada. It miracles my family when I travelled back to Hong Kong for a short holiday, they saw I had a big change on the attitude and manner, I was totally a new person not the one before they knew and lived together for over 20 years.

Over 15 years retired living standard life in Canada ...

After working on production business for a few years, Simon decided to start his own practice on setting up a new business named "Video Image Studio" and he had claimed himself as a Art Photographer and Video Editor.

In 2010, his business went through various name changes as new partners joined, his company serves from private and corporate event to "Pre-planning Your Own Funeral", this is a big change in his life and a great opportunity to caring the world.