my daddy
Sir Mishael Ndubuisi Akwiwu
  • 76 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 16, 1936
  • Date of passing: Dec 28, 2012
Let the memory of Sir Mishael be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sir Mishael Akwiwu, 76, born on June 16, 1936 and passed away on December 28, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by chisom ajaero on 16th June 2017

"Daddy @ 81 - Forever missed and remembered

My darling Daddy, my super star,

I found this picture(see latest upload) in my bedroom and thought to keep it till today for posting. Taken on your 25th wedding anniversary on October 12, 1988. Typical of your lifestyle - the usual breakfast set-up, mommy beside you and Uju smiling away in glee before leaving for school.
Now I see the similarity in posture between Uju and Chinemerem my last card. Interesting!

Daddy you'd have been 81 today. I miss you.....big. Can't help but feel the vacuum of having not benefitted from discussions we would have had were you still with us. I'm in an interesting phase of life and I feel you would have been just the one person to talk to. I stay grateful to God for the privilege of having you as a father.

For your info, mom just got back into Lagos yesterday from London and she's fine. We doing ok to fit into your shoes to love and care for her just the way you did.

I remember you with love today and pray that you continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more.
Happy birthday dad! Love you."

This tribute was added by Chidinma Akwiwu on 13th December 2016

"I am sorry Daddy."

This tribute was added by Keley Akwiwu on 16th June 2016

Happy Birthday! Today you would have been 80years. How nice that would have been. I am sure we would have been planning a big celebrate. But even though you are not here with us anymore, we still celebrate the life you lived and in our hearts celebrate the special memories and happy birthdays we had with you.
Love you always.

This tribute was added by ochi ibe on 16th June 2016

"Dear Dad,
You would have been 80 today. Would have been planning to thank God for your and your twin sister. At your demise 3 + years she had expressed disappointment that you two wold not be doing the big 80 together, Little did she know that she wont even be here for us to lavish her with love and celebrate her. Well the two of you have gone to be with your Maker and I pray that you both are resting in perfect peace. We do really miss you."

This tribute was added by Ndubisi ogb Akwiwu on 16th June 2016

"Happy birthday daddy , Memories of you live on everywhere continue to Rest in Peace.

This tribute was added by chukwuma nwanunobi on 20th February 2016

"Nnamochie! I have only left you a tribute now because it is only now that I am able to start coming to terms with the shock of you passing away. You were and always will be my hero. As far as I am concerned, you are not gone because you will live forever in my heart. I miss the days we played scrabble, communed one on one, you taught me about life and told me things it was a privilege to hear . To think that those days are gone for good is a consistent source of heartache to me. I will try however to take heart in the fact that you rest in the Lord in heaven. I will not say goodbye because I do not acknowledge finality to your departure. Ka emesia Nnamochie."

This tribute was added by ochi ibe on 28th December 2015

"It's 3 years already, but your memory still lingers on. No wonder I woke up this morning feeling all kinds of downcast and i could not put my finger on it until i got this reminder. My hope is in the Lord who maketh the heaven and the earth and that one day we shall meet to part no more. Daddy you are sorely missed. sad to note that we will be laying to rest in 3 days time your gentle, jovial and amiable twin sister Ada Osimiri in who passed on to glory in September. Continue to RIP."

This tribute was added by ochi ibe on 17th June 2014

"Dad, I didn't forget it was another  father's day and the day after, your birthday. These two events either coincided or were within one day of each other as if you were born to be a  father and a committed and great one you were. I was in travel status so could not get to pen down my thoughts but the memories linger on and i trust that you are resting in  the Lord. We were able to get a post humous biography done for you so that years and years your effortless hard work and example will linger on. Imagine that we have since lost your ebullient brother in law with whom you shared many laughs and champagne bottles. My younger ones did a good job of remembering and there is really not much more i can say except that you should continue to sleep on in Abraham's bosom"

This tribute was added by Ndubisi ogb Akwiwu on 17th June 2014

"Still like fine wine your  memories linger in our  hearts getting better with  each passing  day .Making  us  realize  that  love  was  the  most  important without saying too much but implementing .Am  still looking  for  men  like you that will dine with all ,loved children and yet hands own with every facet of your business . Daddy your  shoes are hard to fill but with the love of open doors you have planted in us only the sky will be our limit .Happy birthday and continue to rest in peace . We really miss olugbuo!! ."

This tribute was added by chisom ajaero on 17th June 2014

"Dear Daddie, another Fathers' day/ your birthday has gone by without you. Beautiful memories of you on a certain Fathers' day, wearing your white tennis shorts and tshirt, trying to make 'Ogbono' soup in the kitchen for another fathers' day get together, flip through my mind. As the months go by I find that I miss the benefit of having you in my older adult life. Miss the would-have-been gists with you,  the children learning how to play scrabble with their visiting grandpa, the counsel on life's journey. Counsel...... that's what you gave out without restriction. I miss the way you used your fingers to snap your palms whenever you heard amazing news, the way you humbly went about picking up empty soft drink bottles around the house in Abba, the countless challenging games of scrabble, the 'jakwu', the 'oka' and 'ube' feasts in the parlour after meals, the sound of your hearty laughter when I told you as a child that I thought your money would finish during the construction of Abba house. It seems I'm going back into the decades as Parkinsons' gradually quietened the sound of your voice in the recent past...... Be that as it may, I write today with a heart full of JOY - Ogbo did get married, we did complete your biography, we are planning on reaching out to families going through the same process and in all, we are advancing with courage and strength as you always taught us to do and of course  looking up to God the Sovereign One and the Almighty and the solid Rock on which we stand.  It is a privilege from God to have had you as a father. Sleep on, O ye Knight in shining armour. I love you."

This tribute was added by Azubuike Akwiwu on 16th June 2014

"Dad,it almost 2 years since you left us. You would have been 78 years today. Yesterday was fathers day and I remembered how I never enjoyed fathers day on my own in the past couple of years because I had to always visit you. I miss you dad. We always argued over a lot of things but I wish you were here to answer some questions concerning haulage business And some traditional things. I also wished you were around to criticise the building of my village house and to eventually cut the opening tape.
When I do things now, I still marvel at how you were able to achieve so much with the limitations of your time. You were indeed a great man.
We remember you today on your birthday and hope that you are resting in bossom of the Lord"

This tribute was added by Nnembu Nwokeji on 29th April 2014

"Uncle Misheal was a legend to me. He had a way of making people feel special and I was no exception. He would always call me a pet name E-emmmbu! which always made me feel like a princess as a child. He made Abba feel like a fun place to be because his house was the theme park for all, full of fun, full of activities for all Akwiwu na umu. His house was always full of gist, full of people, full of love, full of food, drinks, and always open to all.  I was always excited to sneak to his house after we had been given strict instructions that we should go to bed.  I was always faced with the choice between going to have fun in uncle Misheals house where I had choices of Auntys to spoil me - Aunty Nkechi and Aunty Ochi, my special Uncles- Uncle Kelly and Zuby or movie night with Uju, Ikenna, Stanley, Amaka and Gogo or going to bed as I had been told to. I was always prepared to face the flogging the following day for disobedience rather than miss out. Though your house is still open to all, Abba does not feel the same without you. It was a privilege to have been left with fantastic memories with you. Rest in peace!!"

This tribute was added by Chukwuwka Akwiwu on 9th April 2014

"grandpa I miss you were simply the best.
that is why your gome but not forgotten
from your grandson"

This tribute was added by Edna Ngozi Akagbusum on 28th December 2013

"Daddy,                                                                                                                  "To live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die". Daddy, eventhough we miss you greatly, we are rest assured that you are resting in the bossom of our Lord. Sleep Daddy till we meet to part no more. Of a truth, we lost a gem! Adieu Daddy."

This tribute was added by Chidinma Akwiwu on 28th December 2013

"Daddy, your memory is still very fresh in my mind. Our few moments, in chatting, in silence…..I miss you. We have your picture in our home here in Canada, and every time Zina looked at it and said “ I don't love Grandpa anymore, because he is not talking” , my eyes fill with tears. I don't know how to explain to her that she will never see her Grandpa anymore. But I am happy for her because she knew you, I never knew a grandpa. You were the closest I got to having one and I loved everyday of it. I loved you as my father and grandpa, and I love you even more now that I know how much you loved me and how far you went to express it even in death. It means so much to me, I wish I had an idea, I wish……..Continue to rest in peace of the Lord Daddy. I miss you."

This tribute was added by chisom ajaero on 28th December 2013

"Dear Daddy, it's a year now and i am now able to light a candle for you. A rare breed and a fine gentleman you were... Most of all, my beloved Daddy. I thank God for making me fortunate enough to be fathered by you. I love you daddy , thanks for giving us the best of you. Your memory surely lives on, sleep on in God's  bossom till eternity. God, thank you for your grace to bear the loss for a year."

This tribute was added by chisom ajaero on 28th December 2013

"Dear Daddy, it's a year now and i am now able to light a candle for you. A rare breed and a fine gentleman you were... Most of all, my beloved Daddy. I thank God for making me fortunate enough to be fathered by you. I love you daddy , thanks for giving us the best of you. Your memory surely lives on, sleep on in God's  bossom till eternity. God, thank you for your grace to bear the loss for a year."

This tribute was added by Uche Charlie Isiugo Abanihe on 16th June 2013

"In loving memory of a father, uncle, in-law, friend and gentleman.  You are fondly remembered this day as you would have turned 77 years. We love you but God, who loves you more, knows the end from the beginning. So unto Him we bow!"

This tribute was added by Uchechi Metu on 8th February 2013

"To The Family of Mishael Akwiwu

Take comfort in knowing that the darkness of mourning will wane but the memory of your father's  life and love never will. As time passes a recall of his memory will illume your faces and  lighten your hearts.
De Mishael was a good man, a  hard working man and a man of faith . He was also a good friend of the Metu family and a friend of my father especially . It w"

This tribute was added by Ada Akanimo-Simmons on 6th February 2013

"May his soul rest in Perfect Peace and i pray that God will give the you all - Nkechi, Kelechi, Oby, Chisom, Ogb etcand your Mum the fortitude to bear this loss. The Lord is your strength an my prayers are with you all during this difficult time..."

This tribute was added by Uzoaku Nwakuche on 1st February 2013

"The world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts - William Shakespeare. Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Amobi Ibe on 28th January 2013

"dear grandpa, it was such a great homor and privilege to meet you and also to have you as my blood,we are forever going to miss you , that there is no doubt. Adieu!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Ebere Nwanunobi-M on 28th January 2013

"Who is really worthy to write a tribute for the man who was the real Grandfather of those of us whose mothers are Akwiwus? As adults, we finally are able to attempt comprehension of what it took to give us the Abba we grew up to know. Thank you for the life you lived, the unending sense of family you instilled and the ever-open doors you left. Uncle Mish, Adieu! With you, an era has ended."

This tribute was added by obiageli maduwuba on 16th January 2013

""My absolutely great daddy, i am still in shock but still grateful for the way you loved me in every way you knew how to, you taught the core values that has formed us and made me who i am. Thank you for being a wonderful dad i truly love you and will always miss you. We love you but God loves you more""

This tribute was added by Dr. Simon Ezeonyeasi on 15th January 2013

"Chief Akwiwu, businessman par excellence, We were brought together by Ogendu Hospital of those days,  i feel so sad about your demise, Chief you've only gone through a transition! By the grace of God, may your gentle soul rest in the Lord; Amen. My heart goes out to your wife, my sister, Oge, may you find solace in the Lord, Amen."

This tribute was added by Grace Ibor on 15th January 2013

"I salute YOU Sir, as you rest with our good God, I may not know you in person but I do believe "by their fruits, ye shall know them" I know a very good fruit of yours' that is touching lives and changing people for good. You have defeated death by living through her, the cycle will continue. Rest in the Peace of God."

This tribute was added by Edna Ngozi Akagbusum on 15th January 2013

"Daddy, my daddy! You are a special breed who treated other people's children as if they were yours. So, how do I write the tribute of a man who cannot die in my life?. Ebubedike, Agunwoke, Dike,Nwokeoma, Omereoha!  are you dead? Well, one thing is sure daddy, you are on eternal journey, that grants you eternal rest. Adieu Daddy!!!"

This tribute was added by Chidinma Ndukwe on 14th January 2013

"Dearest Sir...
...I may not have had the priviledge of meeting you in person, but I'm ever so grateful to have heard such warm and loving stories about you from your son Uju. I thank God for the life you lived and even more, for the legacy you've left behind. May you find eternal rest in the divine presence of the Lord... Amen."

This tribute was added by ochi ibe on 13th January 2013

"From Ven Prof Uche C. Isiugo-Abanihe, UI The demise of Sir Mishael was d end of an epoch. He lived well & touched many lives positively. I believe he also made peace with God by accepting Jesus Christ into his life. Given his protracted illness I thank God for calling him home at the time He did to rest eternally in His bosom. For Auntie Oge, Ochi & d children may God comfort or this loss"

This tribute was added by Ujunwa Akwiwu on 13th January 2013

"Daddy it has taken me so long to write this as i have refused to come to terms with ur passing and writing this means u are truely gone.I want to say thank u Dad for being the man u were in my life, for having the heart you had,4 loving our mother the way u did,U did so much and said so little, ur actions did speak louder than ur words. I will always love and miss u EBUBEDIKE! laa na udo"

This tribute was added by Adakunam Ifeacho on 11th January 2013

"Uncle Mishael! Even though you have moved on to where The Lord has called you, forever you will remain in our hearts. Thank you for being the best uncle to my siblings and I. Rest in peace uncle. Gone but never forgotten. May the good Lord grant the family strong hearts to bear such a huge loss. Laa na udo."

This tribute was added by azubuIKE aCHONU on 11th January 2013

Words cannot express how we feel but God Knows best
Rest In Peace.
Zuby & Uloma Achonu"

This tribute was added by Opuruiche Duru on 10th January 2013

"Dee Mish! Gaa nke Oma! You will be sorely missed by all the people you touched their lives. Praying for God to comfort you all at this time."

This tribute was added by Ndubisi ogb Akwiwu on 10th January 2013

"Ebubedike , ogbu abuo,ugwunna ,olugbuo ,daddy, we thank God for your life and will  celebrate you for ever. Thank you for teaching love by your examples .We will miss you for ever. farewell till we meet to part no  more ."

This tribute was added by ijeuru AKWIWU on 9th January 2013

I will forever miss you. I have so much to say but first thank you for being the best dad to me.i choose not to see your passing as a finality but as a transition to heaven where we shall meet to part no more. Rest on Papa m. love you"

This tribute was added by Nkechi Okoli on 8th January 2013

"Daddy my yaddy where are u.? In God's bossom I know, still cant believe u are gone ! U were the best u gave us ur best u thought us to share to ,u carried everyone along u loved people and cared for everyone that came ur way. Our home was open to all, who can fill the vacuum.? U raised nine nations singlehandedly I salute u the Hero of our time"

This tribute was added by Peniel Ibe on 8th January 2013

"he was the only Grandfather i knew and I'm blessed to have had the opportunity. I can now tell people I know an angel in heaven by name. RIP grandpa."

This tribute was added by Keley Akwiwu on 8th January 2013

I have many things to say but first i want to say thank you. Thank you for being the best Dad I could have wished for. You were many things so many people; father, mentor,teacher,provider,leader.....  the list goes on,but you were simply my dad and I love you so much words cannot  explain. I will forever miss you. Rest in Peace Daddy."

This tribute was added by Ikenna Ogbudibe on 29th December 2012

May his gentle soul find eternal peace in the Lord's vineyard.
Our prayers are with you, your siblings and Aunty Oge at this time. Be consoled in the abundant memories of love & laughter over the years, and more so, the privilege to be the one burying your Dad. Ndo nu o!"

This tribute was added by ochi ibe on 29th December 2012

"On the 28th Of December I lost my loving father, my friend, my hero of many kinds, the man who showed me true love and made it easy for me to understand the love of my heavenly Father in whom I wholly trust that my earthly father is resting in His bosom. Daddy, Ebubedike, Ogbu abuo, I miss you so so much but God knows best I surrender to Him"

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