Our dear husband, father, and grandfather went to be with the Lord on February 11th, 2019. While we mourn with heavy hearts, we rejoice and celebrate the incredible life of this great man, who touched so many lives.
  • Born on May 14, 1934 in Ilesha, Osun, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 11, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our dear husband, father and grandfather Sir Sunny Jegede who was born on May 14, 1934 and passed away on February 11, 2019. While we mourn with heavy hearts, we rejoice and celebrate the amazing life of this great man who touched so many lives.

This website shall serve as an avenue for all who would like to have their memories of him published online and in the programme for the night of tributes in May 2019.

We thank you for all your love and support.

Posted by Gbenga Apampa on 17th March 2019
He called me 'aburo'and to me he was a mentor, an encourager and a friend despite the wide difference in age. He brought a unique aura to his position as General Manager in his time that remains a reference in Total Nigeria Plc for those of us who worked alongside him. A leader in a class of his own. Interested in me, in my career, in following about my children, my parents even though for many years I was out of the country, showed a man of many parts and a tender compassionate man at heart. His speech at the burial of engineer Adeyinka recently, brought back memories of the great man and of a generation of Total Nigeria PLC of which Pa Jegede will remain an indelible icon. Everyman will have his appointed time to depart. May God teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. I treasure the fond memories of this great life.
Posted by Olasimbo Reuben on 12th March 2019
My Boss...My Dad by "adoption"...words cannot really explain what you are and what you mean to me. What I have become today and the woman that I am was made possible because God made our paths cross a very long time ago. You were/are one in a million and if it was possible for a girl to have two fathers, I would clearly have chosen you. I worked with you for more than ten years during the period I would refer to as my formative years. All my "firsts" were with you. With you I could do no wrong because you loved me and believed in me. You gave me wings so I could fly...and till today, I am still grateful that I met you and worked with you and for you. That I am a graduate today was because of you. Thank you Uncle Sunny. I can never thank u enough. Your sense of humor was just out of this world and people who came to visit you in the office then would always ask how I'm able to work with you. If I could talk to you now, I know u will still find a way to joke about death. Like the joke about 95 year old Ijesha man that died...his family wrote these words on the program "the enemies have done their worst...". So me too I want to investigate o. Mo fe roo oku yin o You were genuinely concerned about everything about me...so much so that you would even sometimes attend my church just to watch me sing. My family adores you. You were there for us when we lost our parents and I believe you would have seen them now. If I continue, I'm sure this application will log me out. Uncle Sunny Jegede, u lived a good life. You were loved by so many and you cared for so many. You prepared your eternity here on earth. I'm sure you will enjoy your eternity because u deserve it. U were a Legend. An unsung Hero and if you were given a chance to engage death in a battle, I'm sure u would defeat death just like u did when u had that dangerous accident. Sleep on dearest soul...we love you but God loves u more and I'm sure u are cracking jokes there now. I'm so jealous
Posted by Kayode Jegede on 12th March 2019
-Adunola Olowookere (nee Jegede) Fondly called SUNNY by my late father. He was a man full of fun and laughter Never a dull moment with him He played jokes and to him it did not matter As I look back overtime I find myself wondering Did I remember to thank you enough for all you had done for us, the children of your brother, late Pa. George Olatunde Jegede? If we have forgotten to show our gratitude enough for all the things you did We are thanking you now. We will always remember: That special smile That caring heart That warm embrace you always gave us anytime you came to Ilesa to see your brother of sweet memory. You are forever loved daddy. Sleep on my father's bestie.....
Posted by Funmilayo Faturoti on 9th March 2019
I met him years ago and there was no dull moment with him. He was an icon a good honest and great man. I remember our trip to Togo with mummy I laughed all through the trip. People like him are rare and he will be greatly missed. One great thing I loved about him is he always prayed for me, even with my challenges he reminded me that all will be well. A great saying of his that I will never forget is "no one can sting the beetle".But the has gone rest. Sleep on great one till we met again.u will be missed. Sun re
Posted by Kayode Jegede on 6th March 2019
-Mrs Kikelomo Johnson Adekoya My dearest uncle. I called him daddy. He was more like a father to me. So caring and loving. He was a pillar that supported our family. Always making sure we were all together in love. No words can describe the way I feel as I write this tribute. I love the way he loved me, no pretense, no partiality. He made it a must to visit me whenever he was in London. He came to London every year for many years and he would make sure he visited me, even after I got married. He was such a loving father and grandfather.... I remember his advice to me before I got married. Never to settle for less. Daddy was so considerate and always wanted the best for us. I have so many good memories with him that I will cherish forever. When I got a call passing the news that daddy had passed on, I could not believe my daddy had really gone. I mean why should he die? I saw him as someone who should live forever. But I thank God for a life well spent. He lived and enjoyed life. Daddy you will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Your kindness, love and guidance will be cherished forever. Rest in peace daddy. Love you forever. Even after you are gone In our memories You forever live on. Your niece Kikelomo
Posted by Kayode Jegede on 6th March 2019
-Engr. Kanu Ukonne REMEMBERING OUR OGA SAO JEGEDE ESQ. It was a sad day when the news of his demise filtered around. First the shock and disbelieve until confirmation came officially from the company secretary. A very bitter truth to accept that our most revered colossus Oga Jegede had answered the home call. He will be remembered for many years to come as one of the founding fathers of modern day TOTAL Nig. Plc. He had a passion for human capital development. He was gifted with an extraordinary talent of identifying young and brilliant graduates who joined the organization in the early Eighties. He called them high fliers. Oga Jegede personally as a General Manager (the second indigenous after Engr. Teju Oyeleye) nurtured this crop of young graduates and saw them as the future generation of the company. At that time, TOTAL was one big happy family. It is a statement of fact that he championed the growth of these high fliers giving them opportunities with high responsibilities. Many succeeded working their way up to Executive levels. TOTAL was the major beneficiary of this reward based on skill and merit. For many years she was a clear market leader and enjoyed a handsome share price over and above the then 8 majors. Notwithstanding, his high position in the pyramid of hierarchy Oga Jegede was by nature a kind boss. He intermingled freely with all grades and classes of staff. A 100% detribalized leader he only saw two elements in staff i.e. skill and potential. He was a gifted orator who could hold his audience captive for hours with his an adorable fluency in the use of spoken English. His close friends confessed that he expressed himself better in English than in his mother tongue Yoruba language. He was a very humorous person and full of storytelling. His personal assistants called him a workaholic. He thought Senior Managers to close from work only when they were tired. And he lived by example. Many times he left his office at 10pm. Network and LPG Markets expanded under his watch. He implemented the Federal Government’s policy on the fight against deforestation by establishing LPG (Cooking Gas) plants in rural areas across the country. He relocated Territorial Offices closer to the market place. He was everywhere teaching and mentoring. His relationship with his Paris principals was cordial. Many of them who had worked with him were always coming back. These very senior people were J. C. Lepage and Mr. Perpignani, the grandfathers of TOTAL Nig. Plc. Then later J.C. Boilon, and Mr. Verlet. His departure marks the end of a golden era. As we mourn him today and in the days to come, it is quintessential to thank him for teaching us the benefits of hard work, attention to details, love for one another irrespective of our backgrounds and for regarding TOTAL as one big happy family. May his soul Rest in Peace, Amen. Engr. Kanu Ukonne
Posted by Kayode Jegede on 5th March 2019
-Olajumoke Odumosu ( Née Akingbade) To an Uncle that genuinely loved. I had heard so much about how caring you were but I didn’t experience this until I lived with you. I am glad I did. My stay with you was precious: I remember you making me hot Milo every morning before going to work. I remember you insisting I was driven to work even though my job was about 3 minutes away. I remember you waiting for me to get back from work before the family had dinner- you always wanted us to eat together. I remember those yummy meals cooked by Mr. Bani - I sure gained some kilos. I remember you ensuring Mr. Bani took care of me- he was exceptional. I remember our nights of bible study and prayers. I can’t remember us missing a night. I remember having the opportunity to connect with my lovely cousins who are just as caring as you! I remember how special you made me feel, you’d say “Jumo, Jumo, my angel”.., I remember... I remember... I remember you as a wonderful Uncle that genuinely loved. I didn’t see your passing coming, -at least not so soon, but I take solace in knowing that you are resting. I loved you, I still do. You will be greatly missed
Posted by Kayode Jegede on 5th March 2019
-Kay Jegede Dad, you were an absolute legend. As a child, you were the most affectionate father I knew, and throughout my teenage and university years, you sent these amazing handwritten letters. I'll never forget our long talks about your childhood and professional career, and your sense of humour, which remained with you until the end. Rest well dad, your memory is blessed. Love you.

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