Let the memory of our beloved Sister Rose be with us forever!!!
  • 56 years old
  • Born on May 10, 1960 in Rivers State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on October 16, 2016 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sister Rose Ereba, 56, born on May 10, 1960 and passed on to eternity on October 16, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Edna Martinez on 21st December 2016
Sister Rose, I will always remember you for the love you had for me. You taught and guided me on how to be on the right path, and I will always be thankful. I love you and miss you very much!
Posted by Adolfo Mercado on 8th November 2016
It was a real privilege to work with Sister Rose in youth ministry for the diocese 2002-2003. I still see her smile when I gifted her a bottle of tequila for her birthday at the great meal we shared in the convent where she lived. Un abrazo, hermana from Adolfus.
Posted by Albertine Taylor on 4th November 2016
May the smiling light that Sister Rose gave out to all she met in her short time on earth continue to spread over the World. She made one feel love just being around her. Sister Rose enjoy your 'Reward'.
Posted by Karen Kriske on 4th November 2016
Sister Rose, much loved and truly missed by all of the lives who were touched by you in Sacramento California. Rest in peace lovely lady.
Posted by Sally Stovall on 31st October 2016
Dear Sister Rose, I was shocked when I heard of your passing. I will always remember the first time I met you at the Third African National Eucharist Congress (ANEC) steering committee conference call. I wish I could have had more time to get to know you but I will definitely miss your outspoken voice. On behalf of 2016 ANEC steering committee, we thank you for supporting us and for all you have done for our community. Rest in peace until we meet again.
Posted by Gloria Agumagu on 31st October 2016
Dearest Sister Rose, you were laid to rest today. May your soul that those of are departed handmaids behold your maker that called you to Himself. Your candles are brighter than you can imagine. Peace Perfect Peace our dear sisters fly like a bird to your creator Go...Go ..Go Amen
Posted by Roseline Adoga on 28th October 2016
Name, you are true ambassador of Christ. I am certain that your reward is waiting for you. Rest in the Lord! Adieu sis, Adieu true Handmaid.
Posted by Georgenia Aka on 28th October 2016
Sister, we will miss you as much as words cannot express. "Nnodi mma". I know we will meet to part no more. Anthony Aka Jr. asked "is it sister Rose, Sister Rose that is dead-Mom, why?, how?. Your baby-Ebube asked the same questions and she added, "Mom, do you mean dead dead?. I will give them a response as soon as I get one from God almighty.
Posted by Ernesto Sosa on 27th October 2016
Dear Handmaids and family of my beloved Sister Rose, It is with a heavy heart that I write to you to express my condolences for the loss of my dear friend Sister Rose. Many of you may have heard of our family through sister but allow me to give you a small glimpse of what she meant to us. My wife and I met sister close to 20 years ago in a providential encounter on our way to Rome . Adriana and I were excited since it was our first visit to Rome and as Catholics we anticipated with great joy being at the center of Catholicism. Little did we know that on that very day we would be blessed to meet a simple nun that would bring countless blessings to my family and others along the way. I will never forget the smile on sister's face as she boarded the train and asked if it was ok to sit with us. The cabin was empty so we enjoyed each other's company sharing stories and asking her religious questions which she graciously answered. As was her custom she expressed a care and a joy with two perfect strangers which only can come from the love of Christ. It was with sister that we were introduced to Divine Mercy and through Divine Mercy that my youngest daughter Ana and her little girl as she called her, would through the grace of God be cured of her Ventricular Septal defect. After that encounter and once she was transferred to the United States sister became our friend and a special member of our family. She was present at every important family event. The happy ones and the sad ones. She was there at the high school graduations and present when we lost Adriana's mother to cancer in 5 short weeks. I am sure I don't have to tell you how special she really was. She was cheerful, loving, caring, faithful, obedient to mention a few of her attributes. She edified those she approached. You could not help but sense her faith. In my own case she inspired me to grow in my faith and in my vocation as a father and as a Catholic. She was a true Handmaid of the Lord. To her family I want to express our gratitude for having shared her with us and with all of those people that she came in contact with as she went about living her vocation. Although I have never met you we know you through sister who in spite of the distance always spoke about you with great love and affection. Know that we are eternally connected as family members of Sister. May sister rest in peace and may the light of Christ shine upon her forever. In Christ Ernesto, Adriana Sosa and family
Posted by Rev. James Ogbonna on 25th October 2016
Sister Rose, you were truly an Angel that the Lord sent to guide us here in Sacramento and now that you have completed your work he has called you back. While you are no longer with us, your spirit and memory will remain with us forever. May your soul rest in peace with the Lord. Amen!
Posted by Christina Fitzhugh on 25th October 2016
Sister Rose...How my heart is saddened with the news of your passing. You were truly a gift from God. I will cherish the years we taught RCIA together, your guidance and your spirit will always be with me. May you rejoice with our heavenly Father , until we see each other in paradise. Please pray for me and continue to watch over my family. Xoxo!
Posted by Ntal Alimasi on 24th October 2016
Our deepest condolences to the entire Handmaids community from Fatou and I. Although shocked, we accept your departure in resignation and total surrender, We give thanks to God for your presence amongst us. On behalf of NAACUS, I thank you for your dedication, guidance, and prayers from the inception of our national organization. We missed you at out last (3rd) African National Eucharistic Congress, and were hoping for your return in the near future. May our God of Mercy welcome you in His bosom and comfort all those you leave behind. Amen.
Posted by Caroline Mbonu on 24th October 2016
Sister, your truly were a Rose in name and a Rose in person. You adorned our lives with the beauty that you were. Rest in peace, my dear Sister sister in the arms of the eternal Beauty, the God-self. Pray for us as we do for you. .
Posted by Caroline Mbonu on 24th October 2016
Sister, your truly were a Rose in name and a Rose in person. You adorned our lives with the beauty that you were. Rest in peace, my dear Sister sister in the arms of the eternal Beauty, the God-self. Pray for us as we do for you. .
Posted by Anne Egem on 24th October 2016
FROM: FR. Vitalis Anyanike Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016 I am deeply sad for this untimely death of our dear Sister Rose. She was very devoted to ACCCRUS and contributed to the growth of our organization. I pray God's blessings on her and may the Lord whom she loved and served grant her eternal rest. I will offer Masses for her and  for her family. My condolences to her family and to her religious family the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus. Fr. Vitalis.
Posted by Euchay Igwe on 22nd October 2016
The shock brought by the news of your death was a big one. I can't stop singing the song "Persons come into the fiber of our lives and then their shadow fades and disappears. 'All I ask of you is to remember me - as loving you' was your song to us before you left us in Sacramento. But how can we forget you. Even death cannot make us forget you. Wish I can get in the entire song. Your unconditional love of people, your zeal, patience, forgiving heart, encouragement, just name it, you had it all. My kids, your kids are asking why? Philippians 2:8 will not stop coming to my mind, the only reason I say maybe it's meant to be. Heaven has gained an angel. You are in good hands. You pray for us and we pray for you. It is our believe that there is another fellowship in heaven. Till we meet to part no more, rest in perfect peace
Posted by Fr. Mike Ume on 22nd October 2016
Dear Sister In Christ, Your enthusiasm for the ministry is contagious, You are ready and willing to work for the Lord. Your sense of collaboration is refreshing and inspiring. Your wonderful sense of collaboration in ACCCRUS both at the national and state level is unparalleled. As we Catholics pray, "God of holiness and power, accept our prayers on behalf of your servant Rose Ereba; do not count her deeds against her, for in her heart she desired to do your will. As her faith united her to your people on earth, so may your mercy join her to the angels in heaven, Amen,
Posted by Sr. Josephine Ngama on 22nd October 2016
My dear sister Rose, The news of your death was a shock to me. You were such a good soul, radiating God's love through your smiles and deeds. I have not and will never forget my first encounter with you over 30 years ago in PH when the Lord through your simplicity drew me to the HHCJ religious family. Your simple life and genuineness are the legacies you left behind. Rest in the bosom of your divine spouse until we meet again where there will be no more sorrow or death. Sr. Josephine Ngama, HHCJ.
Posted by Irene Ogbonna on 22nd October 2016
Dear Sister Rose, What fun we had, what great conversations, and so much laughter! I can see why heaven couldn't wait for you. Remember us with your prayers until we meet up with you again.
Posted by Irene Ogbonna on 22nd October 2016
Dear Sr. Rose, What fun we had, what good times we shared! I am not surprised that you have been recalled by your maker so soon, you will add your wit, your laughter and your joy to those already in heaven. Pray for us until we meet again!
Posted by Theresa Okongor on 22nd October 2016
Dearest Sister Rose may Christ who called you take you to Himself. May angels lead you to Abraham's side. Sleep and take your rest and pray for us. We love you
Posted by Cheryl Tholcke on 22nd October 2016
I am saddened to hear of Sr. Rose's death. I first met her when she came to the Diocese of Sacramento when I was directing youth ministry. Her smile and contagious laugh had me at "Hello." A great minister to all she met. Rest in peace, Sr. Rose. Keep an eye on us all.
Posted by Philo Bassey on 22nd October 2016
Dear Sr. Rose, the memories we shared in Sacramento Community are so fresh in my mind, I would have really loved you to be with us longer, but God decided otherwise. I will miss your smiles and lively spirit. May God grant your soul eternal rest and free you from all pain and sickness. I miss you dearly. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Maggi Onyi on 22nd October 2016
Dearest Sr Rose, suora mia! You just Walker go no look back! I loved use the pidgin English because that's what we love speaking when we are together. I will miss your laughter and warmness. May you rest peaceful in the Lord.
Posted by Mildred Okon Essien on 21st October 2016
ROSE no more pain or sickness, your joy and laughter will ever remain with us. We miss you. May your gentle and loving soul rest in peace. Adieu my dearest Sister Rose until we meet again.
Posted by Regina Ozuzu on 21st October 2016
Dearest Sister Rose, It is so hard to believe or even to fathom that you are no more with us. You have always been a faithful and obedient Handmaid. May He who called you to Himself grant you eternal peace and joy. Your lovely smile and spirit will be sorely missed. Rest in perfect peace!!! Amen.
Posted by Chinwe Nnokwutem on 21st October 2016
Dearest Sr. ROSE, Your life was a true example of a dedicated religious who in life or death honored the Lord, through your generous giving of yourself in the service of God and His people. I pray the Angles of God Whom you served to lead you safely into His Glorious Light. Amen. The memories of your kindness will remain ever green in my heart. ADIEU !! REST IN PEACE.
Posted by Florence Enechukwu, Mshr on 21st October 2016
Sr. Rose, may the Lord you had served as a religious sister now grant you a perfect Rest in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken back; blessed be the name of the Lord!" Job 1:21 May the Lord grant comfort and consolation to your natural and religious family, who mourn for your sudden death. Rest in the Peace of Christ! Amen!!
Posted by Las Nwoga on 21st October 2016
Sr. Rose, my good friend!! the memory and legacy you left for your brothers and sister in ACCCRUS will never be forgotten. Your gentle smile and caring heart will always remain with us all until we meet again.... I cannot believe your gone from us, it was just last year that we were all in Boston laughing and joking in my room... So that was it!!! Wow!!!! May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace my dear friend.... Fr. Las Nwoga.
Posted by Sr. Okereke on 21st October 2016
Dear Sister Rose, It is hard to know that you are no more with us here. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. O death you left a heartache no one can heal. You are forever in my heart. You are missed every hour of every day. You left your paw prints all over our hearts. Your gently love, your laughter, your forgiven soul, you are forever in my heart and in the heart of those you touched their lives. As you go to God and the Angels know that your memory will live evermore. Sr. Joanna Okereke, HHCJ
Posted by Anne Egem on 21st October 2016
Dearest Sister Rose, my heart is deeply saddened over your unimaginable departure from our midst. Sister, you were loving and real and left us too soon. Your beautiful spirit will live on through all of us. Know that we love you and you'll be greatly missed. May your gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Farewell to you my Sister.
Posted by Bibiana Ikwun on 20th October 2016
Sr Rose what can we say ? Only God knows the best for you. We are only human not God. Go where there is no more struggle . We will miss you, but God's will must fulfill. Rest in perfect peace my sister. you will remain evergreen in our heart. Please DO NOT forget to PRAY for THE HANDMAIDS. May your soul rest in peace Amen . Sr. Agnes Nnodu Canada.
Posted by Sr. Okereke on 20th October 2016
Sr. Rose, a loving and joyful sister gave many years of dedicated love and service in the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus. We miss you and will remember you forever Rest in the Lord. Amen Sr. Joanna Okereke
Posted by Sr. Oko on 20th October 2016
My dear Sister Rose, you were true to your name. Your ready smile and hearty laughter was as charming as the rose flower, the thorns of pain and distress never took these from you. I miss you. Rest in perfect peace now that the journey is over.
Posted by Bibiana Ikwun on 20th October 2016
Dear Sister Rose, so sad to know that you are gone. I will never forget your legacy of endurance, hard work, dedication to ministry and your infectious smiles. Thought I will miss you I am glad you are in a better place where you will bloom and shine as you behold your spouse every moment. May your soul rest in perfect peace and know that I will always remember you in my prayers.
Posted by Bernadette Ezeyi on 20th October 2016
Sister Rose,what becomes of those smiles, so captivating and sincere? You were so full of life that it is unbelievable to imagine you are no more.You lived out your life as a Handmaid as best you could. May God reward your generous heart. Rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Fr. James Aboyi,VC on 20th October 2016
Sister Rose, it was such a blessing to know you in this life and the assurance that we will meet again someday in God's loving alms. You really touched my life and I cannot thank you enough for your support and spiritual counseling during the challenging moments in my life. Rest in Peace Sister.
Posted by Gloria Agumagu on 20th October 2016
+ J.MJ May the God who rewards all good works grant you Sr Rose, eternal rest. Amen. You were truly a true and obedient Handmaid. May He whom you loved and served reward you with eternal bliss. Amen. Sister Bibiana C. Okoro,HHCJ.
Posted by Gloria Agumagu on 20th October 2016
Your death came as a thief in the night but it is OK. You are at peace now where there is no more pain. May the Angels guide you to the bosom of the Lord. Adieu my Sister you will forever remain dear in my heart.
Posted by Sr Lucy Ochilli on 20th October 2016
+ JMJ My Dearest Sister Rose, It's true you have gone before us to see the Lord but you have left a vacuum that no one will ever be able to fill. I still hear your unique voice whenever we sing together in the chapel. Bye for now dear sister until we meet again to part no more. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Be assured of my prayers, till then. Your sister in HIM, Sr. M. Lucy Ochilli
Posted by Germaine Ocansey on 20th October 2016
Sister Rose, may the Angels from heaven receive your soul into the bosom of your Spouse. Rest in perfect peace! Amen.
Posted by Charles BASSEY on 20th October 2016
The Lord gives and the Lord takes. As we mourn Sr Rose Ereba's return to the Lord, let us not forget that her mission on earth was brief but impactful. She has finished the good fight and our faith gives us hope in her resurrection in Christ Jesus. May God Almighty comfort all her family members, members of the Congregation she dedicated her life to and all the friends and fellow pilgrims she journeyed with. Amen.
Posted by Felicia Agibi on 20th October 2016
Beloved Sister Rose You have completed the race whole-heartedly. May you enjoy the heavenly peace that our good God has promised us.. Please pray for us. Rest in peace!!!
Posted by Felicia Agibi on 20th October 2016
FROM: ANA RAMIREZ-PALMER Dear Sister Felicia, I am heartbroken at this very sad news. Sr. Rose was a good friend. While we were students at the University of Sacramento, a graduate theological institute, Sr. Rose and I and one other student formed a study group so we could help each other in our theological and philosophy studies. We became good friends. We met weekly at my house and Sr. also became a close friend of my mother. She gave my mother spiritual support during her last days and comforted me after my mother's passing. My husband and I were very fond of our good friend, Sr. Rose Ereba, and learned much from her life and her faith. Please know that Sr. Rose had many friends here in the Sacramento Diocese where she was well known. Our prayers are with you and your sisters and with her family. God bless you, Ana Ramirez-Palmer
Posted by Felicia Agibi on 20th October 2016
FROM: Reverend Luis Fdo. Urrego-ch Monday, 10/17/16, 4:20 PM As pastor of St. Joseph Church in Sacramento, I want to express our deep pain for Sr Rose Ereba's departure.. We know that she is better now than we are... We have been missing her so much since she left USA... and know we miss her presence on earth... Our prayers are with you as her Sisters and with her relatives... Blessings, Fr. Luis Urrego-ch Pastor (916) 925 3584

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