Help us remember her passion for life and community.
  • 74 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1940 in Canada.
  • Passed away on May 6, 2014 in Ottawa, Canada.

This memorial website was created in memory of our dear Skye Faris, 74, born on January 25, 1940 and passed away on May 6, 2014. We will always be grateful for her.

Posted by Jake Morrison on 6th May 2018
Thinking of you this weekend Skye. We were up in Wilno for Polish festival - Jasmine's beau's mother's family is there - and took a drive on Doyle Mountain Road. The house looks much the same but you definitely have left. Strange how that is. love, Jake
Posted by Jennifer Ladd on 6th May 2017
Thinking of you Skye, in India, here, and in your home. Blessings and gratitude for being such a healing spirit.
Posted by Kaariina Saarinen on 14th May 2016
ahey ONNEE MU, today I begin a 7 day intensive REIKI 3 training with a young woman from ORCAS ISLAND. and I will be sharing your LIFE force Book with her as well as the Tibetan Medicine Buddha practices. You are so loved and remembered! one of the skye dharma, named almost daily in our honouring of the Grand Masters of REIKI! Mahatma loved one, Mahatma for all of our relations and for our children and grandchildren!
Posted by Jake Morrison on 6th May 2016
This is the second spring of your passing, Skye. I think of you your joy and your love as the buds burst.
Posted by Kim E on 26th January 2015
Skye - under a big blue winter sky we made a labyrinth on the frozen Ottawa River and thought of you as we released the old world and called in the new. Your inspiration and love is carried by many of us here.... blessings to you sweet sister of the stars
Posted by Frank Tettemer on 25th January 2015
Frank: "Hey, Skye. Want to go to Toronto, and attend a workshop on Gender Equality? We could stay at the Friends centre, on Lowther. I know it's last minute. What do you think? Want to go?" Skye: "Why would you not?"
Posted by Bill Dare on 30th July 2014
As Blair encouraged... a little Paul Winter and wolves for Marylou (recent version, a little sadder than I remember it), Bill
Posted by Celeste Vermette on 2nd June 2014
Skye's name stands forever with the Reiki Masters of my lineage. I call upon her healing ways and her humour, I call upon her when I visit the Lemurians of Mt Shasta, I call upon her generous hand when I attempt art. A sister in many dimensions, I will know you wherever we meet next ~ C*S*V*
Posted by Kat Elliott on 1st June 2014
Dear Skye May your beautiful spirit shone on forevermore. Blessed be, sat nam
Posted by Jill Carr-Harris on 31st May 2014
Letter for Skye Faris On the Occasion of the Commemoration of Her Passing June 1st, 2014 Ottawa Dear Skye: You brought smiles to our faces so often. You lit up our spirits a multiplicity of times. We cannot forget you Skye. You were an angel in flesh. I had heard about Skye Faris from Canadian friends long before I had to the occasion to meet you. People told me of your love of India, your skill at Reiki and your happy go lucky personality. But we first had a chance to meet you in person in 2005 when our dear friend Jayprakasham mentioned that you had come to our center in CESCI, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu (India), this was a powerful moment that echoes through my memory as if it happened yesterday. You were sitting at a table there with such a big smile on your face, so full of joy that I could hardly believe it was YOU. You brought smiles to our faces so often. You lite up our spirits a multiplicity of times. We cannot forget you Skye. You were an angel in flesh. In 2008 after the big march in India, Rajaji came to Killaloe to meet you and friends there for a week. You took him around the area introducing him to Paul Swartzentruber, Kathryn Winkler, who later became great friends. Rajaji never stops telling the story of how he had to frequent the outside toilet from your straw bail house in the middle of the night when it was 20 degrees below zero..! You brought smiles to Rajaji’s faces often. You lite up his spirit a multiplicity of times. We cannot forget you Skye. You were an angel in flesh. In 2009 I came to Killaloe to stay with you, visit the library, the art at the old house on the main road in town, to meet many of your friends and attend an organic market. I really felt then, that we had developed what is called in India, Saheli or a bond of sisterhood that bound us forever. After that you made a cross-America trip with Khrishnamal from India who had won an international prize. You did it at a fierce pace and you reminded us of your incredible service to others. You brought smiles to my face so often, Skye. You lite up my spirit a multiplicity of times. I cannot forget you Skye Faris. You were an angel in flesh. In 2012 and 2013 we had visits when you lived on both sides of Drummond St. and your long trip to Antigonish to meet Rajaji were all moments that we cherish. You were always driven by your dreams, Skye, and your dreams became our dreams and we carry them forward in your memory. You brought smiles to our faces so often. You lite up our spirits a multiplicity of times. We cannot forget you Skye. You were an angel in flesh.
Posted by Jane Keeler on 26th May 2014
Despite Skye's avowed 'luddite' response to computer culture, her presence is around on the net.... for example, check out Algonquin Tea... find her via Google in the PERG newsletter with her project the Red Xs --- How many died? and noted i the Copka ( Co-operative Policing Killaloe) newsletter a play she started and co-wrote is on the Joanna Macy website.... Algonquin Tea donates to In honour of our dear friend Skye Faris, social justice and peace activist, we donate to As her son-in-law noted " Skye's in the Cloud now."
Posted by Peggy Patterson on 25th May 2014
As I sit and contemplate Skye, I am filled with gratitude for her. How sweet she was! Such a cherished house guest. The person I took pleasure in doing anything for, although she asked for so little. I will always remember her phone calls: “The lady who laughs before she speaks.” She always left me feeling touched by a loving hand. I recall how she felt the pain of others, and steadily, creatively and compassionately strived for healing in the world. Despite the sorrows of life, her smile was always genuine. What a remarkable example of being the change you want to see in the world. She seems more present now than ever. Dear Skye. I rejoice in you.
Posted by Jennifer Ladd on 14th May 2014
I just loaded up some photos of Skye - though she and I met way back in the 1980's in Tamil Nadu these pictures are from 2007 when she and I remet at the Workers Home at Gandhigram. Then there are some pictures of when she came to the US to accompany Krishnammal on her tour in 2008. Bless her very lovely and feisty soul!
Posted by Jake Morrison on 13th May 2014
Note that a memorial will be held in Ottawa on June 1st, 2014 at 2pm at St. Gilles Presbyterian Church, 729 Bank Street (at First Avenue). All are welcome. This will include a time of silence and sharing, followed by a reception. Please bring written stories and photos to share with her family. Also, a group gathered on May 11th for Dances of Universal Peace and we also made individual prayer flags for a larger piece that can be hung near Doyle Mt or near one of the waterways she loved (location to be decided), until the winds are done feeding it to the sky. We used 8.5 x 11 sheets of cotton - leaving a hem at the top. If you are feeling inspired, and would like your piece/s to join the other pieces being made, please bring your squares to the June 1st gathering and give them to Kim Elkington.
Posted by Susan FLETCHER on 12th May 2014
My Sister, deep in the night sitting in stillness... silence... spaciousness... I accompany you as you slip into the eternal stream of the Great Mystery once again leaving us to celebrate your cloak of Skye... to bask in what remains Sister still always and forever Sisterhood till we meet again in other cloaks
Posted by Kaariina Saarinen on 10th May 2014
My darling Skye, your consciousness fourever moves through us. For my own journey, you were there at JS Woodsworth SS through your precious daughter Kathy.... peer counselling trainings and so much more. You were there as artist in residence at West Carleton SS and shared your tarots, your presence and the knowing of Conscious Cocreatorship. You initiated my daughter, Kirsti Conway, to summer camp and to Goldenseal!, Your initiations in REIKI post India and the Ghandian community were profound, there at Centrepoint House in Nepean, ONtario. The Bangalore symbol fourever resonates. We are gifted to have shared the Laundry LIne of your life in so many ways, darling and beloved SKYE. And now you return HOME, to the Oneness... with ease grace and joy. Dai koo myo; may your buddha light shine on fourever!

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