Let the memory of SKYLAR MARIE be with us forever. You are here with us in our hearts but never forgotten. Now I lay me down to sleep an angel is always with me you were my twin and angel on you fly high above us I miss you to the moon and back
  • 1 year old
  • Born on July 20, 2009 in OXFORD, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on May 25, 2011 in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, SKYLAR MARIE WILKINS. We will remember her forever and to the creator of her page she went to be with God a year after my lil angel they are dancing in the heavenly skys with our amazing God.

Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on July 20, 2019
Rie Rie I look at this day your 10th birthday and try to think of what you would look like today. All I can remember is the sweetest and loving little girl . Our hearts are broken but you will never be forgotten.you are always are little angel. Happy birthday baby girl
Posted by Misty Perry on July 20, 2019
Today you would be 10 years old I’m letting balloons go from all of us and daddy asked me to let one go for him. I know he is having a really bad day as all of us are pray that all of our family on both sides get through this watch over me please and daddy as well
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on July 20, 2019
RIE RIE Today is a really hard day. I put some pretty flowers for you today from your daddie. He sends all his love to you he is really having a hard time. But GOD is going to get him through this hard time. We miss you so much our hearts hurt every day. I ask the Lord to help everyone get through this hard time. Sending you all our love.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on June 25, 2019
Give Uncle Chris a Birthday kiss and hug from us today. Tell him we sending him hugs and kisses and birthday wishes. Love you both and miss you.
Posted by Douglas Wilkins on June 24, 2019
I know daddy hadin' t been on here in a very long time im sorry I lost access to it an just figured out how to get back on here I just wanted to let you know that i love you an i miss you more an more everyday and it has never got any easier I know your up there looking down on me an probaly are very disappointed in the person that i have become because i sure am I can't even help my self anymore much less anyone else i made so many mistakes that i wish i could take back but i can't I know if you was here things would be so different it's been so hard with you gone for every one you would be 10 years old soon i wish so bad that you was still here you made me so happy the first time that i held you at the hospital I just knew the year's to come would be filled with so much fun watching you grow up taken you to school an, different events an places who knew that i would only get to share one beach trip with you an one birthday its so hard I don't even know how to exsplain it i hope you know just how much I love you an miss you i know your happy up there in heaven I just wish that God could have waited to bring you there because it was so much i wanted to do with you down here.........
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on May 25, 2019
Did you see the pretty flowers your mom and daddie and me and Pa put on your grave today. Austin tried to send you a balloon with a gummy bear on it but it was to heavy so he ate the gummy bear. I told he ate it for you. He was funny. Nothing takes the place of the hurt we have from you not being here. We just take it one day at a time and with the Lord's help. Forever in our hearts. We love you so much Rie Rie.
Posted by Misty Perry on May 25, 2019
Skylar today heaven another good person Ronnie Wilson is in heaven with you he will take good care of you til I see you again god please hold our family strong it gets harder every year I have struggled so bad I have even held a gun to my head but your brothers keep me alive I miss you so much please be with your daddy and me and everyone that loved you today
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on May 25, 2019
Lord give everyone the strength to get through today. Thank you for all our blessings.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on May 25, 2019
Rie Rie today is a hard day missing you so much. Daddie is really having a hard time without you. You are our Angel in Heaven. It's sad without you. I know Chris is watching out for you. Love you to the moon and back. My Angel Baby
Posted by Misty Perry on May 18, 2019
I miss you so much I’m not doing well here no one is that was close to you please help all of get through this I’m not getting better
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on February 6, 2018
Rie,Rie . Take care of Tiny for me my heart broke when he died. I told tiny you was going to take care of him for me. Don't poke his eyes like you use to. It was hard letting him go but I knew he was coming to play with you. Love you too the Moon and back. Always my Angel baby.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on January 28, 2018
My Sweet Rie. Rie. Well here we are in 2018. Things are just as bad as last year if not worse. I can't understand why people do the things they do. Its one thing for sure God will take care of things. Be granny Brogden guardian angel. Pray things get okay. Look over your daddie he misses you. Don't know what will happen??? I'm just giving it all over to Gods hands. That's all anyone can do. Love you to the moon and back.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on September 27, 2017
My Rie Rie give Chris a big hug and kiss today from us. It's hard to believe that you and Chris are not here with us anymore.We miss y'all so much.Love you to the moon and back
Posted by Misty Perry on July 19, 2017
Tomorrow is yet another birthday we don't get to see your beautiful face you will be 8 tomorrow I hope you have a wonderful day in heaven I miss you so much look over us down here on earth I know there are a lot of people who are having it hard especially with you being gone I love you my precious angel give mommy lots of strength because I feel like I can't keep living without you
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on May 14, 2017
Our Angels another day with out you and Chris. My day was so special everyone made it special. your brother's gave me the sweetest card made me cry. Daddie gave me a yellow rose bush
Posted by Misty Perry on May 14, 2017
Please give me signs today it's so hard without with you I can't sleep eat and barely breathe I miss you so much hayden broke down and started crying about you your brothers and me miss you so much how can I have a happy Mother's Day when I don't have you I have your brothers but I lack having you
Posted by Misty Perry on May 9, 2017
This week is getting closer to Mother's Day and you don't get to spend it with me you get to spend it in heaven I hear Mother's Day and I just want to cry because I am not only a mother to two wonderful boys but my baby girl is gone and I don't get to see you again until I die please send me some kisses and signs you are with me I love you and miss you Skylar
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on April 16, 2017
Happy Easter to My Angels. miss you and Chris so much. Hard today missing y'all.Have a big Easter egg hunt in Heaven. Love so much.
Posted by Misty Perry on March 31, 2017
I think things I'm choosing to do are right by letting nana and papa see your brothers because that is not fair to have u gone and take them away too I'm sorry mommy has been like this all these years but I'm the end I shed all the tears I think god is doing this for a reason and making me stop letting what others tell me to do and do what I think is right sissy watch all of us just because mommy and daddy didn't get along doesn't mean we didn't love y'all blow mommy a kiss and show me a sign me u are truest missed fly high my angel I miss you so much and I love u til I take my last breathe
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on March 8, 2017
Rie Rie we miss you so much. I would give anything to hold you and kiss you again. Hopefully better days will come.Love you to the moon and back.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on February 12, 2017
Rie Rie. I know that you and Chris was there to meet. Uncle Wayne today.He made his journey today he will be so missed. His pain is over may he rest in peace. I told Wayne when he saw you and Chris to tell y'all we loved and missed y'all and to give you and Chris a big big hug and kiss for us. So I know he did..Wayne will be there taking care of y'all until we get there. Sending hugs and kisses to Rie Rie and Chris and my Bo Bo
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas my Rie Rie. miss you so much. Christmas is not the same without you. This has been a very bad year. I don't think 2017 will be any better. It's so depressing now. Look over your daddy he could really use some kisses in the wind. I will be glad when things get better. Only God can help us. Love you my Angel
Posted by Misty Perry on December 25, 2016
This has been by far the worse Christmas I have had thanks to some sorry a holes I wish u were here I hope u liked your arrangement n tree me n Austin brought it up there I cried so much the last week esp last night going into this morning please let all the kios be over mommy needs u so bad your brother misses you so much please help us get through today tomorrow n the rest of our lives I'm so depressed I can't keep hurting like this it's so painful to know I don't get to see u or hold u or get u Christmas it makes me so mad
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on September 27, 2016
Rie Rie be with your daddy today .it's a hard day for us. Give uncle Chris kisses and hugs from us. You and Chris are so missed. We love both of y'all so much. Everyday is a struggle. Your daddy needs you and Chris things are so hard for him.love you
Posted by Misty Perry on September 26, 2016
Here today gone tomorrow but in my heart there will always be sorrow I wish I could see who you would be today but God needed you and took you away. Words will never express the pain I feel it still all seems so unreal. My heart will never be the same but I miss you to my dying day. Watch over your nana and papa and father today I know it's a hard day for them as well they need you to blow them kisses. I love you babygirl and miss you til my last breath
Posted by Misty Perry on September 21, 2016
Today is your brothers 9th bday he got to stay out of school to go to the dr and the dr office let him get two toys and what did he want me to do go straight to your grave in the rain and put them on there he misses u so much we all do. It's still hard on all of us we love u and miss u give him a kiss from heaven to let him know u are with him
Posted by Misty Perry on September 15, 2016
Mommy cleaned your grave off and took off all broke stuff I washed your headstone I made arrangement on your grave yesterday I miss you so much it don't get easy on none of us that really do hurt from losing u and we all know it hurts your parents grandparents and brothers the most mommy has to see a heart specialist soon for my heart send your love from heaven I love u n miss u dearly I wish I could watch u grow up but I can't and it hurts more n more everyday
Posted by Misty Perry on July 20, 2016
Happy 7th birthday to the most precious angel in the world!!! Mommy misses u more than u will ever know no one or anything will ever replace you my precious baby girl I love you 4 the rest of my life and always will not a day goes by I don't think about u happy birthday send mommy a kiss from heaven today!!! I hope u like your balloons mommy and Austin put the pink princess one up there for you celebrate with all your loved ones from Boths sides of your family we will all see you again one day and some of sooner than later mommy has to go to heart doctor to see why I keep having these chest pains send kisses to everyone that knew u personally and loved you
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on July 20, 2016
Happy 7th Birthday My Rie Rie. Did you see the flowers daddie put for you? Our purple Angel has her wings flying just like yours do in HEAVEN. celebrate with Chris today. We think of you everyday. Your daddie still has a hard time without you as we all do. Because someone has the same name as you don't mean anything but they have the same beautiful name as you do. You will never be forgotten you are in our heart's. Everyday we miss you and wish you were here with us. Always in our hearts. Sending you kisses and Birthday wishes. Blow daddie a kiss in the wind. Love you Baby Girl forever and always.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on May 25, 2016
Our Angel baby. We miss you everyday. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you. I miss you so bad my heart breaks everyday. All our love.
Posted by Misty Perry on May 25, 2016
I wish upon a star that God would let me hold you in my arms. As the tears roll down my face I see u through gods grace I miss your laugh your smell n your frown I miss everything about u sissy that's y I'm get so down! I lost a part of my heart 5 years ago today wondering y God just took you away. I know I should not wonder or ? But how can I when your were my last inspiration. I wish I had one more day to kiss you good morning n goodnight but trust and believe I can't give up the fight! I wonder who u are today n what you would look like or what you'd say. As this day passes by you are working your magic in the heavenly sky. I just don't understand how u were ok all day then after 5 pm God just took u away. How my heart broke that day but still today the pain don't go away. The magic of God and faith you are the best angel for God to take away. You were put in my life for a reason but God took you home for another. I love you now, forever from you only mother. Go sore away and fly high in the sky I didn't even get to tell you I love one last time or even goodbye. I cry in a room alone wishing leaving the hospital I could have brought u back home. I hurt so bad I feel like I'm drying please help through all the crying. People tell me I'm strong but how is that so when I'm weak that you are gone. Miss you today and forever until I see you again when I enter heaven!
Posted by Misty Perry on May 25, 2016
I hope you liked your purple balloons me n meme sent u today at your grave and your purple angel figure I put there n the globe meme left you we have had a bad day we love u for the rest of our days here on earth
Posted by Misty Perry on May 25, 2016
You are gone today I hate tomorrow I bare with the pain from the sorrow as you sore in the sky and watch mamas life pass by!! You are with me each day no doubt but with you gone I can't help but want to scream and shout. I see your face all the time you are forever in my mind! I can't stop missing you in my life you were my own fleshing blood my only daughter and now you are a big missing piece of my life. I grant one wish as you are in heaven and I am here please help me get through another year. You are my Guardian angel but I still have so much anger please watch over your brothers and me and on our journey of life here on earth remember you are my world and I lost my heart. I miss you so much I alone but mommy will be with you again when God calls me home!!! I miss you Skylar Marie Wilkins forever my precious baby girl 'sissy'
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on September 26, 2015
Rie Rie give Chris a big hug and kiss today. Tell Chris we miss him so much.I know your daddy misses him and you so much. Lord give us strength to get through the day and everyday.I think of you and Chris everyday. y'all were my heart and joy. Love you and Chris .
Posted by Misty Perry on September 26, 2015
Skylar give your Nannie papa Allen and dad a sign today that uncle chris and you are ok it's a hard time for them and I know by losing you love you baby girl miss you til I take my last breathe
Posted by Misty Perry on September 25, 2015
Sissy watch over the Wilkins n perry families today today is a hard day for all of us give uncle Chris n grandma Ruth lots of love for us god took you to soon to watch over all of us it's so hard n y'all r dancing in the sky today bc it's raining we love y'all and miss y'all send Nannie papa Allen papa perry n mom n dad lots of strength
Posted by Misty Perry on September 25, 2015
Send everyone down here on earth joy and happiness you were my sunshine but now it is taking away from me i miss you so much and so lost some days and dont know how to pull out of it nobody understands i just sit in a blank stare and ppl wonder what is wrong but i cant seem to talk about it because it is so heavy on my heart and i just shut the world out and sometimes i think that is the only thing i know how to do. i see a dr for lots of issues and for my anxiety it anit getting no better so stressed everything with court and other stuff is on my heart and dont know what to do please let everyone have peace on earth and no pain and find all the happiness they have been looking for life I know i may not be that but god knows what will happen and thats who you turn to no matter what pain burdens an all you can overcome through him
Posted by Misty Perry on September 24, 2015
Everything is looking up baby girl mommy has been so sick for many years and they r in the process of of recalling it as we speak maybe thy can get this terrible device off the market I hate Essure it is a living hell I love you watch over me I miss u and wrap your arms around me tomorrow it will be 2 years grandma Ruth has been gone give all your loved ones hug and kisses for us
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on September 23, 2015
Rie Rie we miss you so much. Watch over your daddie this week. He is going through a lot. He misses Chris and you so much. September 26 we lost Chris Sending you hugs and kisses.
Posted by Misty Perry on September 15, 2015
I miss you so much baby girl I wish god would not have took you from me you were my only daughter and no matter what ppl think no little girl could ever replace you. I wish you were here with me please watch over mommy n your brothers esp the next 2 weeks I love you n miss you fly high angel I love you the rest of my life even though you r gone
Posted by Misty Perry on September 6, 2015
Please watch over your mommy today I'm not having a good day!! I miss you and want you back so bad I love you baby girl
Posted by Misty Perry on September 2, 2015
I know it has been a long time I have been on here angel you know I talk to you a lot and about you I miss you more than words can say. People say it gets easier no it really don't just harder. I try to keep my mind busy but it never stops I see birds now and then and call them you or if I get signs from heaven I say it's you. I hope you loved you flowers this year I had help from your brothers and Josie. You were my only little girl and god knows what pain I go through when will I understand not having you will be ok because I can't still it's too hard to think of sometimes I love you baby girl watch out for me and your brothers and keep giving me signs baby
Posted by Debra Duke on July 20, 2015
Happy Birthday little one. Still miss you and love you.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on July 20, 2015
Happy birthday our angel. We will never stop missing you. Think of you everyday. Watch over your daddy he misses you so much.You are in our hearts forever. All our love. Sending you hugs and kisses and birthday wishes.
Posted by Debra Duke on May 25, 2015
Skylar you are loved every day. Miss and love you
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on May 26, 2014
There are no words that would say how much you are missed and loved. Everyday is so hard without you. I miss you so so much RIE RIE. Sending you all our love. Hugs and kisses.
Posted by Misty Perry on December 13, 2013
Mommy misses you so much I wish god would answer my prayers that I have been asking him for everyday. I made you a pretty purple arrangement I rather being getting you gifts for christmas but that is the only thing I can give you and I enjoy doing it I hope Grandma and Aunt Wanda is taking good care of you until I see you again. Life is so difficult with all my loved ones that I was real close to is up in heaven but I will see all of you again one day please tell god to take care of us down here the world is getting worse and worse and life is hard as it is. I love you and miss you more than life itself Goodbye for now.
Posted by Rhonda Wilkins on July 20, 2013
Happy Birthday Angel, We Wish You were here with us. We are getting together with daddy, mama,Hayden and Austin today to send you balloons and have cupcakes that mama made you. You are so missed and loved. Sending you lots of kisses and hugs and Birthday wishes. Love you RIE RIE
Posted by Douglas Wilkins on June 16, 2013
daddy loves you and misses you i think this is the hardest fathersday iv had yet i know if you was here we would be spending the day togethere and i know you in heaven looking down an when i get to heaven we are going to make up for all these years we missed i promis daddy loves you with all my heart an you were my world id do anything to hav you back but just keep waitin on me sissy
Posted by Douglas Wilkins on June 11, 2013
FIRST off betty faye get off our daughters page an DO NOT talk about my baby mama this aint face book you are a disrespectful evil person to write on a angels page stuff that dont even concern my dead daughter it better stop BETTER NOT read anything else on here concerning my babys mother or your sons this aint a page for you or them its OUR DAUGHTERS PAGE TAKE THE MESS OFF

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