Posted by Omowumi Kolawole on August 19, 2021
Dad, although we came from the same womb, you were not just a brother, I know you as my daddy since I can differentiate between right and wrong. You performed this role to the very end.
You’re a father, a disciplinarian, then as a growing adult, my confidant, my adviser and my prayer warrior.
You demonstrated these roles with love, for me your daughter to have sound education you chose the educationists like papa Professor Makinde Baba Lagunju(both of blessed memory)as your adviser and mentor. So that they can monitor me and put me through with sound education. Daddy, you made sure that I went to boarding house in the second term of my Form one which I detested because my I didn’t want to leave my mum but you stood your ground. Little did I know that you were doing good to me. This was the best part of my education life.
You always made sure that my school fees are paid from abroad straight to the school bursary. I remembered one morning at the school assembly that our principal Baba Lagunju who happened also to be our Daddy’s friend announced my name after getting my fees of 14 pounds, 11 shillings and? pence. Baba said after mentioning my name ‘see me in the office your brother has sent your money from UK’. That morning you made me proud, you dignified me, I walked stylishly to the principal‘office.
Haa daddy you made me enjoy all these in this our little London with Big College’ Kiriji College.
Sweet daddy I can write a book but let me let me limit because of space assigned. I know my sister Adenike is already writing a movie about your selfless love and “abiyamo tooto”
Daddy I say well done, you always want the best for me, you scolded me, you disciplined me to teach me the best and I thought I was being punished for nothing I did not realise this until I reached a marriageable age when you discussed and advised me on some issues that our mum can not. Thank you so much.

I’m so grateful for all the education you put me through and all you taught me, when I got married you told my husband that I have not finished my education that he should continue where you left, he did and I just finished another degree some years back.
You were a disciplinarian, you did everything to instil in us the right values, prayers and discipline.
Your love for your grand children was amazing. You demonstrated this love in such a way that you gave everyone names that meant so much, you knew and kept their dates of birth, you were always the first one to call them and pray for them.
Your granddaughter who you nursed from birth till now, Olatokunbo Enitan, cried profusely and was very upset that so granddad will not be at my wedding or graduation and granddad will not be there for me, I told her God knows and understands all things and we take solace in God almighty for strength and courage.

You were an embodiment of,
Love and honour.
A spiritual role model.
May these good memories comfort us all in Jesus name.

Baba mi Akano omo kurumu
Omo alumeta aofin
Omo gbadamu
Sun ree oo
Baba Aladura, your legacy of prayer and selfless love will live on.
Baba mi Ayo ni o lojo gbogbo
Posted by Adebowale subuola Ayodeji on August 10, 2021
Pa. Adereni. A father to all Igbajo home and abroad. I can call him a father to the fatherless.
Baba Aladura with testimony.
Baba prayed through and we can see the results all around his Children.
You sew a great seed and your generation will harvest goodness.
Adeu Baami omo Owa oji
OMO Odo giri ayan.
OMO kuku fon keru bolojo.
OMO ilu meta ofin.
Rest in peace.
Posted by Aminat Motherline on August 3, 2021
Baba was a very nice man, his thoughts crossed my mind some minutes ago, I decided to drop a message on WhatsApp but it didn't deliver, then I checked his dp and I saw God!!!!!! I'm in tears. Baba and I started chatting last year, he was so nice to me, he always prayed for me, he would talk to me on phone for hours gisting me about his childhood and about Oyo state. The last time I heard from him was in April, 2021. And he asked about my fiance and when I will get married and told me to do quick that I should not waste time, I never knew that was the last time we would chat! He told me he was coming to Nigeria this year! I never saw him before but the few years I spoke with him were amazing, impactful and wonderful. He had some land issues and told me on phone last year during the pandemic, I gave him legal advise. I can't believe baba is no more. May his lovely soul rest in peace. Barrister Motherline.
Posted by Andy Alatise on June 22, 2021
It is true that Good people die everyday.Yet not all of them affirm for us the goodness in humanity,leadership and fatherhood the way Special Apostle Ayodele Samuel did. He passed away and left a legacy of positive experiences for anyone who took time to know him. Apostle Ayodele had a passion for serving God,helping the helpless,he was a dedicated father for his family/loved ones/friends and church members. He was a support render,cheer giver and spiritual motivator when someone is devasted.

His passion and handwork led him to become a great leader and octogenarian which it is by God Grace which money can never buy. He loved people and was willing to do the handwork it takes to build all relationships,Yet He made friends from the enemies. His humanity extended to all people around him any anyone else who knew him. He was so easy to know him like an open book just because of his kindness, loving,humbleness,jovial and pleasantry.

People says good tress last long in the forest due to its importances and values which He was. He lived a remarkable life-styles. He is a man of confidence,who always has positive importance and reflection on people He loved,very smart worker,God fearing, knowledgeable and caring man.
We loved you but Almighty God loves you the most because good souls don't extinct. You are gone but your legacy lives on. Fare well.

From Dr Andy & Mrs Claire Alatise Family.
Posted by Wummy Adewumi on June 21, 2021
Dear daddy, you will be greatly missed. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Funke Akiwumi on June 16, 2021
Continue to rest sir. We love you but God loves you more and called you home. Sleep a perfect sleep.
Posted by Adeshola Ogunmokun on June 10, 2021
Baba you left us all of a sudden knowing truly well that you are residing in the bossom of the Almighty Creator. We will forever miss the wealth of knowledge and the unrivalled experience that you exhibited amongst us. From the church secretary selection committee of which you were a member we say

"Baba Adereni as you are popularly called e sun re o"
Posted by H Elegunde on June 7, 2021
It is well. When daddy first came to London alone, my mummy gave him my phone number. I had not seen him for years. But he soon became my London dad, my confidant, Bible teacher and prayer partner. His support then was generous. It is well in Jesus mighty name. God will heal the broken hearts of all the people that he left behind. Olajumoke Oladele Elegunde
Posted by MamaBee Aderoyeje on June 6, 2021
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, daddy it is time to go home and your creator had made the call. Daddy I remembered the Bible college periods as old as you are, you still found time to study the Bible the words and your analysis into your writings were amazing you even published a book about the lent periods all that needs to know during the period of Lents. Daddy good night sir and rest well. God the comforter will comfort your families and the Church you have left behind.
Posted by Yemi Odetola on June 5, 2021
Thank you for the beautiful moments you shared with us and for the awesome memory which will remain with us for a long time. We shall miss your gentle and jovial nature. May the good Lord sustain the family and friends that you have left behind
Posted by Ronke Onas on June 3, 2021
Grand dad, Daddy Adereni
You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will always speak of a great person that you were and it will never fade. Rest in peace!
Posted by Lekan Oyabayo on June 3, 2021
Baba you left like a flash, very unexpected but we give God all the glory for your life. You were very young at heart. You related to both young and old with utmost respect.
I pray God be with the families you left behind. You children, grand and great grand children will live longer with better comfort. You will be dearly missed in the Church and in the light of Morning Star. Sunre o Baba Adereni
Posted by Ann Obayuwana on June 2, 2021
To my good friend Pa Adereni
Gone but not forgotten, we will miss you and I never knew the last time (one week before you passed on), We spoke together and had a good conversation would be the last time I would hear your voice, it was a great shock to hear that you had been called home and we will meet in again in Heaven. Baba was part of the Obayuwana family known to all, We would meet up in the UK and Nigeria spending time together. Thank God for his advice and prayer May his soul rest in perfect peace. Isaac and Ann Obayuwana
Posted by Laura Ifayomi on June 2, 2021
Grandpa, losing you was a shocking event that i couldn't come to terms with and is still a hard thing to do. You were a wise man and a good leader of our family. I'm sure God has a very special seat in heaven for you.
May you rest in peace

Love form your granddaughter, olabisi
Posted by Olufemi BAMIGBOYE on June 2, 2021
Your death was a great shock to me Baba Dereni as I often refer to you. You were an exceptional community man, a reservoir of history, a prayer warrior, helper of destiny and above all, friend to people of all ages that comes your way.
It is hard for me to bid you farewell at this moment when I am relying on your wealth of experience.
Posted by Biola Oloyede on June 1, 2021
Sweets are the memories of the righteous
Grandpa Adereni was lovable , respectable and will never look down on you regardless of your age . He was jovial and funny and always ready to pray with you .
God rest your soul Adieu Grandpa till we meet and part no more .
Posted by Moses Adisa on June 1, 2021
Baba Aderni,the news of your passage to life beyond came as a shock
The last time we spoke you were getting ready to retire to Igbajo for a quiet living
Our creator had spoken and who can query Him.Continue to rest until the day we shall all meet to part no more.Thank you so much for every contribution of yours.
Posted by Dr Yinka Holt on May 31, 2021
Sweet are the memories of the righteous. Uncle Ayo Adereni was a Godly, principled and loving man. Grew up knowing him when he returned to Nigeria briefly. He also belonged to the same Morning Star Band with my dad and would fondly refer to my dad as Brother. How I wish I could have had a chance to physically say thank you for all your contributions to my upbringing. I am however consoled that you are in a better place and the Angels welcomed you heartily. Sleep on Uncle until ressurrection day when we shall meet to part no more. 
Posted by Busayo Boyejo on May 31, 2021
Where can I start from .., BABA MI AYODELE ADERENI SUN RE OOO ... Thanks for the family story you made me to know .... Thanks for your fatherly true love ❤️ you showered me when I was in London ... you stood by me 24/7...Baba you re one in a million... Your death new came to me as a rude shock this afternoon... Good night Baba mi Tooto .
A o pade le ti Odo
Posted by Olayiwola Nadi on May 31, 2021
Baba of his blessed memory. Pa Adereni was a kind hearted man who levelled himself with the younger age group. Any where he went, he always made the avenue conducive and friendly, he never had grudge with anyone. He was a very jovial person never a dull moment. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace
Posted by Nike Adejokun on May 31, 2021
Dearest Papa Adereni - so sad that you are no longer with us. You were so kind, thoughtful, friendly, easy going and so easy to talk to. You always had a word of encouragement no matter the situation and your faith in God was the final answer to every situation that you found yourself in. Your joyful spirit will be deeply missed but it was great to have so many fond memories of our times together and so many wonderful memories. I learnt so much about Igbajo from you especially stories about my dad and your times together. Rest well Sir - you fought the good fight and finished your race strong.
Posted by Ola Balogun on May 31, 2021
It was a great surprise and to me when I was called by your daughter of your call to glory by God, we always speak almost every other week and I can't believe that you are gone because I was about to call you on the day I got the call, Daddy Ayo Adereni we speak like friends and you always tell me that I always call you each time you are down and that you learn more each time we speak, you are a real person who will always say it the way it is, I will definitely miss you, me and my family pray that may God grant you eternal peace rest on sir Baba Adereni.
Posted by Paul Oyetunji on May 31, 2021
Posted by Mary Adebayo-oke on May 31, 2021
It was a great shock when I got the news about daddy Adereni’s call to glory!! We were in the same Bible college some years ago. He was very dedicated and hard working, We also got public transport back from church, meeting at the station to get the train. He was always independent. Daddy was always very positive on the outlook of life, full of wisdom and knowledge. Always willing to share words of advice. Daddy Adereni was always courteous and friendly. He will be sorely missed. Rest in perfect peace sir. Me and my husband were planning to visit him at home but couldn’t due to the lockdown. Continue to rest with the Almighty Lord sir.
God bless
Posted by OLAWOYIN OLAGUNDOYE on May 31, 2021
To God be all glory, we the church of NEW COVENANT C&S Movement praise the Lord for the life of our father Special Apostle Ayodele Adereni for he is humble and cheerful always livening up the place wherever he is and bringing smiles and laughter into the lives of many.

He impacted both young and old positively and was impartial in his speech. We all love ❤️ you daddy Adereni, but acknowledge that God loves you most, He has called you to His bosom for eternal rest after living an exemplary life.
Rest in Perfect Peace.

Church Secretary 
Posted by Janet Ajewole on May 31, 2021
Baba Adereni I celebrate your departure to glory with your family. May your humble soul rest in peace. May God comfort your loved ones left behind. Rest in perfect peace sir.

Iya Ajewole.
Posted by Olayinka Odunoye Areola on May 31, 2021
To God be the glory for a life well spent
Daddy wa as i always call you always smalling I have been missing you for a while due to the Pandemic and i know i will missed you more daddy Nike may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace I pray almighty God to uphold your lovely family. Till we meet at the bossom of almighty God.
Posted by Prince Ogunmokun on May 31, 2021
To God all glory be for a life well spent, Daddy Adereni, you always put smiles to people’s faces and make us happy. We shall surely miss you sir. You pray for everyone that passes through your way, I remember in our last meeting on the zoom, you purposely prayed for all of us in the committee and the Church of God that night as if you knew you will not be at our next meeting.
I thank God for knowing you and for being a good father and a great leader. When I went to Nigeria for my ordination, the airline Lost my luggage and Sir, you took it upon yourself to stay awake all night at Orile Igbon with tailor that was making me an emergency prayer gown . That was beyond my expectations. I will forever be grateful sir.
Baba Special Apostle Adereni, May God uphold the families, friends and the Church of God you left behind in Jesus mighty name. Amen. God night sir.
Posted by Moses Niyi Adebayo on May 31, 2021
You shockingly left unexpectedly. You stood as a great Dad for me here in the UK. You always pray for me and my wife. You joyfully supported me and my wife with prayer on way out to my Dad's funeral, and you welcome us back with prayer. Little did I know that you are about to be called into glory.
Please rest peacefully in the bosom of your Creator, till we all meet again, and your families be protected and blessed with joy, and ripe old ages, in the precious Name of our LORD Jesus Christ.
Adieu Dad!!!
Posted by Oluwadolapomayo Bamidele on May 31, 2021
To My super amazing precious Granddad, even though you were my uncle but I dare not call you that because you are a father to my mother, I havent seen such age gap between siblings before (20 yrs) and your love for each other was amazing and pure. My mum would say Mo lo n ri baba mi, and she never joked with you, everything about you she took personal. Im grateful for the amazing times i got to share with you. Grand dad your priority was to keep us all in love and unity, Im so grateful for that. Grand dad, your endless prayers, Psalms, jokes, anointing oil and water was so special to me. You never gave up on me and always wanted me to be well and Ok. When I experienced a difficult time last year, you called me everyday to check up on me. You made our priorities, your priority. When I say Grand dad E ma worry, you will say ki lon she iwo omo yi, I know what I'm saying and I can deal with this, we have to sort it out. Your death is still a shock to me but I know you are in a better place.
You are one of the strongest, wisest, fulfilled and content man I have ever met. I thank God for the gift of you. These words are not even enough to express my feelings and say how much you meant to us all.
I will definitely miss you loads. Baba mi Ayodele Samuel O di gba ooo. E sun re laya olugbala ti di ojo ajinde. I love you forever papa. I will always make you proud and never forget your advices and kind words. Ayo ni oooo
Posted by Nike Awobimpe on May 31, 2021
A father to many you are! Your memories are treasured . You brightened every corner you are and impacted so many lives. Sleep on Dad, till we meet at Jesus feet.

Abosede Onilude
Posted by Toyin Tukasi on May 31, 2021
The first time we met as inlaws was filled with singing hymns and prayers which gave us the assurance that our daughter has not just found a godly husband but a godly family. All our fears were put to rest. And every other moment with you was with joy, laughter and prayers. Your stories about your early days were inspirational and touching. Your character and personality were magnetic as you remind me so much of my own late Father. You were prepared to meet your maker as you found peace with the notion of it. You have run the race, you have fought the good fight. I pray that your crown of righteousness is waiting for you as we all hope to receive ours too one day. May you continue to rest in peace and rise in Glory in Jesus name, amen.
Posted by Elizabeth Nicholas on May 31, 2021
Uncle Ayo a good friend / an grand dad to my kids they never had , I’m deeply shocked and heart broken
Thank you for your prayers, encouragement ,love kindness & support. You always kept me going and I will miss you so so much , You fought a good fight ! “ It will be well “ you always said !
Farewell my dearest - forever in our hearts Thank you RIP.
Liz / Lorettah/ Blanche /Phoebe & Hannah
Posted by Kemmy Ebonny on May 30, 2021
There is a time for everything under the heaven, a time to be born and time to die. It's a news I was not expecting but we believe he's in a better place. May the Lord grant him eternal rest and uphold everyone he left behind and give you comfort and give us all the fortitude to bear the great loss.
Posted by Banke Adereni on May 30, 2021
Father I can’t believe you are not here with us anymore. What a life, a time to be born, a time to die, you are now with the Lord.
May your soul rest in eternal peace. I will miss your words of encouragement and prayers.
A fope folorun, lokan ati login wa
Eni sohun iyanu.....
Posted by Tunji Aina on May 30, 2021
I am still in great shock of your exit Daddy! However, I take consolation that you're far in a better place with your maker, where there's no sorrow nor sadness. You were an exemplary of true love to everyone in your sphere of contact...I will forever miss you and your words of wisdom.

Continue to rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Nike Awobimpe on May 30, 2021
Dear Father, Friend, Confidant,

My father Ayodele Adereni, your last words will remain forever in my heart, now the battle is over, you are more than a conqueror, you are now an overcomer. Baba mi , abiyamo to to, a father to all, a true soldier of Christ. I will forever miss, I am short of words, but I know we will meet again in glory.
Ija dopin
Ogun si tan, olugbala ja gun mo lu,
Orin ayo la o ma ko
Rest on daddy..........

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