Posted by Nancy Barrera on September 16, 2021
I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I miss our conversations. I want to thank you for the friendship, and laughter you brought into my life. You definitely made sure that I didn’t take anything too seriously. I have to say that I laugh a lot less without you here Bree. Until we meet again, rest in peace.
Posted by Ellen Ruda on July 14, 2021
I can't remember a time when Soai wasn't in my life. Though we sometimes would call him Uncle Soai in reality Candi and Soai were our bonus parents and we were so lucky to grow up with them and the girls as our second family. He is present in so many of my memories from camping as a child to wood cutting to graduations to taking tequila shots before Hazel's wedding to calm his nerves. I will never forget his laugh or the greeting between him and my dad.  I find comfort in that Soai and my dad are so the same. One of their favorite stories to tell was how everyone in town would mix them up and say "How you doing, Fred" but it was really Soai or vice versa.  I look at my dad and I see Soai in his laugh, his smile, his grandiose storytelling, his infinity for cracking open some cold ones while sitting outside under the trees. They truly were brothers. Though it pains me to think I won't be able to hug or talk to him again I know he is at peace and watching over us. I know that he wouldn't want me to be sad but would want me to continue to help others and embrace times with family. His death has reminded me that we must not take moments and people for granted and to embrace every experience and for that I am grateful. 
Posted by T K on July 13, 2021
Soai was always talking about "his girls" to his marking crew. ...The funny things you would say, or do, how smart you all are, how talented, how sweet and thoughtful. Each day he'd have a new story for us that would end with him shaking his head and laughing at your perspectives of life. He loved you all deeply. He loves you still.
Posted by Tobie Goldbeck on July 11, 2021
I am so sorry for your loss. I have a cabin in feather river homesites. I Have meant soai out there a couple of times always willing to help with whatever you needed.
Posted by LouNthelm Tadao on July 10, 2021
You left so unexpectedly & we are left here with so many questions but we know & understand that only God knows the answer. Today as we bid our last farewell may your soul Rest In Peace until we meet again! Brother Soai all the memories will remain in our hearts forever. See you on the other side ❤️
Posted by Adam Crowther on July 10, 2021
Seeing Soai in the office was one of the highlights of my time at the LNF. His calm attitude, subtle smile, and chit chat seemed to make the days better. For me, he will always be a keystone of my memories there. It warms my heart to know that Chase and Hazel gave Soai a grandchild before he passed so suddenly and far too soon. It saddens me to know that his gentle soul has departed, he will be greatly missed. Farewell, Soai.
Posted by jory uong on July 8, 2021
Unko..komeng I cannot be there to bid u farewell. Just know my children will know ur name and ur family. I cannot ever repay ur love and kindness to me from day 1. You helped shape my life alongside my Pops Ericson. I grew up with all of you strong male figures....Ericson, Soai, Keoloah, Marlo, Higgins, Toshiro, Fred, Bruce,Sam,Marcil, Mike in Chico, lol maybe that's why I am single...I have too many expectations because of all you guys have taught me. I miss u all soooo much. And I Thank you unko Soai for always being there for me since 5th grade thru my hectic high school and on. SULANG AUNTY DEN, IMAIM, AND SULI-KAU....I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR U ALL. XOXOXO FROM TX.
Posted by Sami Ngotel on July 7, 2021
It’s difficult to find words for something like this because it feels criminal to have to say them so soon. There’s not a time in my life I can remember that you weren’t near and dear and that remains very true to this day. Memories of you are scattered throughout, and in every single one I can remember the love you always radiated. From birthday parties, camping trips. Graduations, weddings, and births all the big life events and many smaller moments stand out clearly. The Ngotel’s have always had a counterpart in the Ikesakes. A second family, and a second set of parents we all felt so blessed to have. Still blessed. It’s difficult to imagine going forward without you here creating more memories with us while I pretend you and dad drank all my beer when I really bought it specially for the both of you. Too soon and I’ll miss you don’t cover it. I love you couldn’t mean more. But know, we’ll all be okay because you taught us how to love and be strong and live life to the fullest. Love you dad. Always and always.
Posted by Wayland Keizi on July 5, 2021
Bestest man I ever met.. I am gonna miss you and thank you for your time, all the time.. Remembering those days when you came to check on me, stu and ashman.. Per Den istructions.. You were our dad then and you will always be our dad.. Love you very much.. It's hard but we'll get through it.. With up guiding us in every way.. Again ak meral di ourueng sulem ra temem El bilskak.. Love you Soch..
Posted by Jackie Osima-Soaladaob on July 1, 2021
A father, role model, and an inspiration to me, my family and many others. Last time we had a conversation together was a father talking to a daughter ending with I love you . From day one, you loved and supported us through good and bad times. A father figure to us who loved his family and quick to lend a hand when we fall. One thing I will cherish forever is your love, support and openness. May be gone but will forever live in our hearts ♥️.
Posted by Maria yinug on June 26, 2021
I am forever greatful for you and your family to take us in, Verna and I when we first came to Susanville from Yap. You welcome us with open heart ❤. You and Candi and the girls became our family like parents to us and that I will aways remember and forever thankful. May God continues to bless Candi and the girls now that you are gone. You are with the angels. I know you have touched so many people, family and friends alike. You will always be in our hearts forever ♥ 

Posted by Siaby Temol on June 25, 2021
Dear uncle Soai
Your the best uncle ever I had. I tried so hard to make grades good. And that day you passed away my mom was crying and told me that you passed away so me and Elsie were crying and once me Elsie and Imaim and Suli and mom saw you and was crying and when we left I started crying about you. The next day I told you to move the stars and you move the star so I knew you were up there . Ok I will go pls be on my side and Elsie’s side ok .I love you and miss you
Posted by Duet Glasper on June 25, 2021
I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing. Words cannot describe this difficult moment, but if this is the last time I get to say goodbye then I know I will do so with the knowledge that I consider myself blessed to have lived this life as your cousin.
You touched so many lives by your selfless and countless acts of kindness.
The benefits of your hard work is a living testimony for so many.
Soai, you were and will always be an inspiration to myself, the entire family and anyone who came to know you. You have left a void in the family that will never be filled.
While we mourn today, we also take comfort in the fact that your mission on earth have been fulfilled. We thank the Lord for your life and bid you farewell until we meet again. I love you ❤️
Posted by N Baules on June 23, 2021
It breaks my heart that you were taken so unexpectedly. Your memory will never leave us and live long in our hearts. You are always loved and will never be forgotten. May your soul rest in peace uncle Soai! ❤

Posted by Lakers Fanz on June 23, 2021
You will missed Soai but you will remain in our heart until meet again. You are a wonderful man n most of all is ur wonderfully heart, very caring n always help everyone. Love u missed you until we see each other again.
Posted by P Lee on June 23, 2021
You will be greatly missed and thank you for your kindness. Go rest high and may you be our guardian angel.
Posted by Ariel French on June 21, 2021
Over the past couple of Summers, I have been like Soai's unofficial admin. assistant, helping with the Rec. Residence inspections and permits. I learned so much from him in such a short time. Not just about work, but about how people should look at and treat one another. Soai always spoke of his family as if they were his end all, and of his wife as the most patient woman alive. (Because no one else could put up with him, as he would put it). My heart breaks for your loss. It was an honor to be called "Sister" by Soai. I will never forget him.
Posted by Linda-Denny Gibbs on June 21, 2021
One of our special PMA boys. Jesus is coming back soon Soai.
Posted by Lakers Fanz on June 20, 2021
We all going to missed you Soai. Rest in peace until we meet again
Posted by jory uong on June 19, 2021
Unko.....from when I first met u in were always such a support for me. Sulem a diak kubes.
Posted by Heather Murphy on June 18, 2021
My condolences!
Posted by Lou OneStone on June 18, 2021
His last song request..Rest in Peace Braddah..

Walking Away by Jonny Lang

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