This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Solabomi Erinoso (Okonkwo), 45 years old, born on February 7th, 1976. Passed away on July 1, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tayo Oye on September 19, 2022
Solabomi it is really sad to hear this you and I still spoke in April last year not knowing that will be the last
May you rest in peace
This was a Rude shock to me
You were such a very nice lady
Posted by antony olorunfemi ambekem... on September 19, 2022
I can’t believe you have left us I just found out today it’s a big shame, you were such a very lovely person and was nice to everyone around you. May the lord be with the kids you left behind, rest in peace solabomi
Posted by Stella Naiye on July 2, 2022
It's been a year already Sola, keep resting in peace.......
Posted by Abiodun Ipadeola-Onanuga on July 2, 2022
It’s been a year already.... keep resting Madam Sola❤️
Posted by Weyinmi Aggreh on July 2, 2022
Continue to Rest In Peace Solabomi.
Posted by Yewande Keshinro on July 2, 2022
It’s been a year already…..continue to Rest In Peace Solabomi.
Posted by Eyitemi Taire on July 1, 2022
One year already. O ga o. You are loved & you are missed. Sun re o.
Posted by Folabomi Salami on July 1, 2022
Continue to rest dear, and may God watch over your family always.
Posted by Iyabode Ayokunle on July 1, 2022
Continue to rest in God”s Bossom Solabomi . A rare gem you were ❤️
Posted by Hadrat Mustapha on July 1, 2022
I know you’re resting well..We miss you and will continually pray for your family.
Posted by Hector Edemson on July 1, 2022
Today July 1st 2022 marks exactly 1 year since you left to be in eternity ...My fond memories of you in Ghana is the Papaye food that you like so much and bought even back to Nigeria with you ....You were so encouraging and I will not forget you in a hurry .....Continue to rest in the bossom of the almighty till then.......
Posted by Solabomi Adisa on February 7, 2022
You meet some people very briefly and they leave a mark in your heart. That’s the way you are to me. Continue to rest peacefully namesake. 
Posted by Dolapo Conteh on February 7, 2022
You could have been a year older Madam Solabomi! But God knows best. Keep resting and happy posthumous birthday ❤️❤️
Posted by Iyabode Ayokunle on February 7, 2022
Happy Post Humous Solabomi !

I miss u terribly .
Posted by Yewande Keshinro on February 7, 2022
It would have been your birthday today…..still can’t believe you’re gone. Continue to Rest In Peace Solabomi. Happy posthumous birthday my dear friend.
Posted by Hadrat Mustapha on February 7, 2022
Happy Birthday Ma’am..I am sure you’re having an angelic birthday..Keep resting❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Patricia Amadin (DL Pat) on July 17, 2021
Dear DL Solabomi, I am still tongue-tied over the rude, extremely rude news of your passing. You were such a DISTINGUISHED LADY angel. In the brief three years or thereabouts that I knew you, I loved you every single time you spoke or smiled. And you always wore a smile, sis. Always! You were indeed an angel. I am all the more heartbroken because I never even knew you were battling.

You cared so much about our projects in DL that you volunteered your account for the last one. Little did we know that that would be your last contribution to the fight against Cancer. You called and sent messages all through the #endsars and lockdown to ease my trauma. You surprised me with food just to let me know you were thinking about me. You were so considerate that you never for once shared your challenges. You, our sister, would rather not burden anyone.

May the Lord bless your soul, darling Sola. May your wings be light and fluffy to take you all the way to Heaven. Eternal rest, I pray thee and may the Holy Spirit comfort all you grew to know in love. Rest sis. Rest in the bossom of the Lord!
Posted by Weyinmi Aggreh on July 14, 2021
A woman of strength , always on the move .

Hmmm Solabomi

Rest In Perfect Peace

Posted by Tosan Ikomi on July 13, 2021
Sola bombom!!!To say i"m still shocked is putting it mildly but who are we to question God. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Olayide Abe on July 12, 2021
Solabomi!!!, it's hard to believe you're gone. But what can we say? God is the ultimate time keeper of our lives. I'm glad I knew you, I'm glad our paths crossed in Federal Government Girls' College, Sagamu. I'm grateful for your input in my wedding plans, how you wanted everything to go so well, how you opted to do my makeup. Thank you!!!
I pray God rests your soul and comforts everyone you've left behind. May He make way for your sons in life in Jesus name. It is well
Rest on beloved
Posted by Beatrice Olumhense on July 12, 2021
Solabomi and I share 2 alma maters FGGC Sagamu and University of Lagos. I further had the pleasure of working with her at Airtel's Event & Sponsorship department and she was always so eager to learn and grow. She was such a warm, caring and deeply devoted person to her craft.

We would catch up at events and her vivacious personality always came through in conversation and watching her career growth made me so proud.

I will miss her dearly

My condolences to her family and I pray that the beautiful memories they shared together will be their consolation.

Rest in Peace darling Solabomi
Posted by Cynthia Ejimnkeonye Okafo... on July 12, 2021
Madam Sola, the strongest woman I know.

I write this with a heavy heart because I would never have imagined that you’d leave this world so soon. I felt that your type would live long and be the classiest grandmother or even great grandmother, but life has its shocking ways.

You loved and cared for me, like a big sister. You were more than a boss. You taught me a lot of things about the marketing and events industry. You taught me to be a strong leader and never give up when faced with challenges. I admired how you took care of Olamitide & ChuChu; you gave them the best life; I hope to treat my future kids like you did your kids.

Not long ago you called me to tell me about an opening for Marketing Manager in a reputable bank. You reach out all the time to know how I’m doing. We planned to do a lot when I get back. That’s how much you wanted to see me grow, and I promise to make you proud in this life.

There’s a lot to write, but these tears won’t stop pouring. I LOVE YOU, Solabomi. I will never forget you. 

Rest in God's love ma.

Your Cynthia.
Posted by Adenike Iyelolu on July 10, 2021
Words fail me Sholabomi.

The tears just won’t stop rolling.

Who’s going to care for your boys??

Who is going to love and live for them like you did Sholabomi??

You were one sweet and gentle soul, little wonder you tagged me your school mum the moment we shared room in Moremi hall of OAU. We bonded from the very first day.

Your last visit to mine shortly before the pandemic outbreak was filled with great testimonies of God’s faithful and kindness. We even planned a vacation together with the kids as soon as it was safe to but little did I know …

Olusholabomi, as I fondly called you, I wished this wasn’t true, still hoping it isn’t true…

So painful to hear you left, you left too soon Shola. My heart is all so broken. Lord have mercy on us all and protect her sons in Jesus name.

Rest on sweet and gentle soul. Rest on Sholabomi Erionosho
Posted by Funmi Odusina on July 8, 2021
My dear friend and sister Solabomi,

I have tried a few times to write this tribute. Each time I try to start. I just break down in tears. I am devastated.

But here goes.....You have been a dear sister and friend to me. One of my closest friends.

The times I visited Nigeria you were always there and with gifts for me to take back.

Most times you visited the UK, you would always make time to see me whether it was a business trip or pleasure.

You were a hardworking lady but never too busy for me.

I remember the last time you were in the UK which was just before the pandemic, we hung out with the kids. It was really fun as always. You made sure to book your hotel near my house so we could hang out. We made plans for when next you would be in the UK with the kids where we would go.

I cannot believe I wouldn't see you again. My heart is broken

I love and will miss you loads but God knows best. A rare gem is gone. May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Sleep well my friend
Posted by Adeyinka Atilade on July 7, 2021
Wow, Solabomi, we met in Russia during the world Cup in 2018 and since we chat. your entrepreneur connection is out of this world. you have play your part sister. God will continue to bless and uphold your heritages. we miss u
Posted by Oyeleye Bola on July 7, 2021
I call you my sister , we laughed and you call me twin that’s because I look like you. My carbon copy.
I remember the first time we spent time together. It was just after my graduation. You made it special for me. We travelled ,
you took me sightseeing and made me try new things. We got to the airport and security said your mom looks young and we just laughed about it.
From the work experience to the life experiences you gave me I am forever grateful.
You are reason I love experimental marketing so much.
You were a fighter and I know you fought to the very end .
I will always miss you and I am sorry I never got to tell you how much I love you . LOL we were so stubborn …. Often we got mad at each other and I thought you will let me in one last time. Farewell Aunty AKA my sister
Posted by Okorhi Denye on July 6, 2021
I lay on my bed, wondering, thinking, heartbreakon, lack words to express my feelings.
I remember all your mentorship, words fail me o.
The memories, I know God got you now.
I know you're resting in his arm.

Rest on Madam Sola.
Posted by Bomi Salami on July 6, 2021
What are the odds that you will meet someone, some 33 years ago, who practically shares your name. Folabomi and Solabomi in the P class! So expectedly our names were usually interchanged for the other and I wholeheartedly associated with Solabomi, so much so we called ourselves namesakes anytime either was introducing the other to an acquittance and we had a few opportunities to do so on the job.

Over the last few days I have, unashamedly, questioned God on this sudden irreparable loss. But then I have been reading about you and have found consolation in the fact that you lived well and you loved well. I can attest to your warmth and most certainly your determination, your openness to share and your belief in helping others. We talked about collaborations, this is a very rear gesture in our line of business, but you welcomed it. Very big hearted you were. We talked about life in general.

I also recall when we started the group on Shaggy Impact, you called me and said you wanted to be a part of it, as you wanted to give back. You wanted me to remember to call you once we kicked off.

Our last chat was when we were both searching for a particular TV/Content producer and you ended our conversation with 'this too shall pass" after you asked me how business was going and we both prayed about the pandemic.

Like many others I have struggled with writing you a tribute until this very moment, because it's so, so painful. So painful.

I pray for comfort for your children, siblings and the rest of the family and your friends. I know how hard this is, it brings home a personal loss I suffered some years ago, but I'm convinced that God will help you all and bring you succour when you least expect. Olamitide and William will by God's grace and mercy achieve great feat, they will be positive change agents in their generation. Amen.

May God keep us all.

Goodnight namesake mi. You will be truly missed.

Folabomi Salami

Posted by TAJUDEEN BAKARE on July 6, 2021
Rest In Peace my dear friend, may almighty God grant you eternal rest in the best of abode in heaven.

You will be remembered forever…
Posted by Tayo Olubode on July 6, 2021
Rest In Peace dearest Sola.
Posted by Titilayo Oyebola on July 5, 2021

Dídùn Ni Iranti Olododo (Sweet Is The Memory Of The Righteous).

Good night dearest!
Posted by Babatunde Keshinro on July 5, 2021
You will surely be missed. Rest In Peace 

I pray the Good Lord gives your family and friends the fortitude to bear this loss. Amen
Posted by Kelechi Osuji on July 5, 2021
Sola we had plans for activation events this month. This is so unbelievable and surreal. Anyways God knows best.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Thank you for teaching me about brand marketing. Rest in peace lovely one
Posted by Olayemi Gbadebo on July 4, 2021
Solabomi , may your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace and may God in His infinite mercy comfort and hold all the people you left behind.. It is well.. Sleep well beautiful one..
Posted by Patricia Okeke on July 4, 2021
ShollyB! Gone too soon….

How can I look at all these pictures of you so full of life, yet knowing that you have exited this world and gone to meet our maker?

Seems like forever that we saw days, but I’m here, wishing I could just talk to you again.
Indeed God knows all things and I know you are in a happier place. May God grant your family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss.

Until we meet again, rest on.
Posted by Oluwabunmi Hundeyin on July 4, 2021
Solabomi, Thank you for blessing this earth with your quiet and warm presence. It is a shock to realize one of us is gone. I believe God has taken one of his angels. Even though we weren’t close you attended my surprise bridal shower. I am sure many are blessed just knowing you.
God himself will comfort on all sides Your family you left behind. Adieu
- Bunmi Bammeke
Posted by Olufunmilola Olumide-Alad... on July 4, 2021
Writing this tribute is surreal. I simply cannot comprehend that I will not see you again on this side of existence. My consolation is in my faith that God loves you most and you are resting in his arms right now.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace dear sister.
Posted by Uduak Ekpo-Ufot on July 4, 2021 I used to call you, it is well, God knows best and will give those you left behind the fortitude to bear your irreplaceable loss. Rest In Peace, Sis.
Posted by Dolapo Conteh on July 4, 2021
Solabomi, why so soon? Knew you in 2017 when I had to manage your acct. Although it was for a few months, I admired the hardwork and tenacity. You never took no for an answer, to you, everything was possible. I knew I had to do more to please you. I got to know you better and realized beneath that strong personality is a very kind hearted human being. You gave me and Lara free ticket to shows. I was at your son’s tenth birthday!! It was a privilege to be associated with you. Really hard to speak of you in the past tense Solabomi. I will surely miss you. May God comfort your entire family! Till we meet again
Posted by Tosin Durand Oshodi on July 4, 2021
Hmmm Solabomi

Words fail me . I sat down and went mute when I saw your pic and the message.

To think we still spoke a few weeks ago when I needed an artel contact.
And as usual we went on to talk beyond that and catch up

Right from corona to saggy you have always been a constant friend .

Life indeed is so fickle and so fleeting !!!!

May God grant you prefect peace and uphold your children and family.

Sun re dear friend

Tosin Oshodi

Posted by Olajide Mafolabomi on July 4, 2021
I am really shocked to hear this. I haven't spoken with Solabomi in a very long time, but she was a close colleague of mine in the Celtel days. I remember her kindness and enthusiasm, and always felt she would end up being a star in the marketing department. Of course she rose to run the Brands team afterwards.
Godspeed. Heaven has gained another angel. May God comfort your loved ones.
Posted by Olufunke Isichei on July 4, 2021
I just always remember how gentle you were. How calm and unassuming. This is such a rude shock. Please Rest In Peace dear. Rest in Power
Posted by Titilope Oluwasina on July 4, 2021
Solabomi, I'm still finding it hard to believe..... though we've not been in touch for some years but memories of our growing up years remain with me. Your kind heartedness from a tender age brought us together and you became my best friend in primary five. I was really excited when we gained admission to the same secondary school where we were classmates, housemates and friends. Though we lost contact for some years, we saw again a month to my wedding and you attended with the short notice.
You had words of comfort for me close to four years ago when I lost my Mum whom you were her namesake. on Solabomi. The Lord will comfort your family and all the loved ones you left behind in Jesus name.
Posted by Funke Akisanya on July 4, 2021
First unbelief, then shock and now a deep sadness. May the Good Lord continually be with the family you left behind.
Rest In Peace. Good night Solabomi.
Posted by Kunbi Adeoti on July 4, 2021
Just shocked.....You are so vibrant and full of life ...been pondering. You were beautiful in and out. May your soul rest in peace and the Lord comfort all your loved ones.
Posted by Yewande Keshinro on July 4, 2021
I'm still in shock.......Solabomi are you really gone?????
You had such a beautiful soul, I don't even have the words to express what such a fantastic, strong human being you were. Rest in peace my dear in peace.
Posted by Victor Akpojovwo on July 4, 2021
...these tears still roll, how could this be? Madam Solabomi is your time on this earthly plain really done?

There’s no other YOU, for the Opportunities you created were remarkable!!!

Words aren’t enough, this pill is too hard to swallow...

I grieve!!! but most importantly, I celebrate the life you lived, I’d continue to make you proud “somehow”

Rest in Glorious Peace - the world sef don Dey cast finish
Posted by Gbemi Fatoki on July 4, 2021
What can I say, I am still in shock. I was still looking at your WhatsApp profile picture yesterday reminiscing about my short journey with you.... didn't realize it was your subtle way of saying goodbye..... All I can say is God keep and bless the little angels you left behind..... rest on madam.
Posted by Gloria iwuh on July 4, 2021
Still disheveled, unsettled, shocked, dazed, dreamy help me with words....i am lost for words...that you are gone is untrue. I have to believe but refuse to accept..i will always miss you. You were a big sister not just a boss! May God rest your soul and may his perpetual light continue to shine on you. Farewell Madam Sola....
Posted by Yeside Ajidagba on July 4, 2021
Solabomi, I am in utter shock, disbelief. How?
Rest in peace, just rest. God knows best.
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Posted by Tayo Oye on September 19, 2022
Solabomi it is really sad to hear this you and I still spoke in April last year not knowing that will be the last
May you rest in peace
This was a Rude shock to me
You were such a very nice lady
Posted by antony olorunfemi ambekem... on September 19, 2022
I can’t believe you have left us I just found out today it’s a big shame, you were such a very lovely person and was nice to everyone around you. May the lord be with the kids you left behind, rest in peace solabomi
Posted by Stella Naiye on July 2, 2022
It's been a year already Sola, keep resting in peace.......
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Memoirs with Madam Sols

Shared by Gloria iwuh on July 4, 2021
Too many stories, memories, despite the short time with you will always be cherished and remembered. THE HOLIDAY                                                                    . "The swim suit saga" just look at yourselves...."you better get into the water like that".                          "The birthday treat"  following the accident at the hotel..upgraded room and receiving a small lit cake in a bathrobe was too emosh!                                     'The Rwanda Drive Thru" the experience will never be forgotten..
"Time Management" wo you people, I will leave you and go" Tope and I muttered and laughed over it....hahahha even in holiday we were under strict rules... ....
"Aerobics" keeping fit amidst work
"One on One" self development and general wellbeing talks
Motivational talk....

Thank you Madam Sola..You touched  lives in various ways. 
We love you and keep resting in God's Bosom

The holiday

Shared by Temitope Owojaye on July 4, 2021
Too many memories but the holiday to SA with Gloria comes to mind all the time. We had forgotten to dry our swim suits from previous water park visit and was going to the lake in sun city. Solabomi said “both of you better get into the water like this” we did and had the best day of the entire week.  I miss you so much