You will be with us forever, Mom.
  • 90 years old
  • Born on October 7, 1923 in Paris, France.
  • Passed away on May 31, 2014 in Kingston, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our mother, Sonia Malkine, 90, who was born on October 7, 1923, and passed away peacefully on May 31, 2014. She will be in our hearts always.


Posted by Cristina Potters on 7th October 2018
On your birthday, much love from here to where you are, Sonia. In Mexico, we believe that as long as someone remembers you, you continue to live. Your friendship was one of the big joys of my life and I remember you with love. Today and always...
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 7th October 2018
Missing you, as always, Mom ... thinking of all you gave us.
Posted by Jeanne Rosen on 4th August 2018
Dear family of Sonia Malkine, I am a descendant of Jules Verne on my mothers side. I have been watching "A French Village" and was searching for non fictional accounts of the war in France. Specifically the brave people who resisted instead of collaborating. I came across the interview with your mother on youtube. I fell in love with her. What an extraordinary human being. I hope that some talented writer will write her autobiography. I feel we would all benefit. She will live on in my heart and mind. Blessings to you her family
Posted by Tom Haycraft on 16th November 2017
I just came across a YouTube interview with Sonia. By God I wish I had met her. What a marvellous, funny and brave woman. RIP
Posted by Mary Anne Malkine on 8th October 2017
It has been a privilege knowing you. Looking at the gallery of photos I am reminded of the so many rewards of sharing time with you. Hope you are finding the joy of sensations you so loved here on mortal ground. Miss you.
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 7th October 2017
Missing you, Mom. Requiesce in pace.
Posted by Shayan Malkine on 7th October 2017
hi Mom - thinking of you today, and every day; missing you lots. thank you for everything you did for us. loving you always.
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 31st May 2017
Visited your grave with Cybele, Morgan, Sasha, and Tristan yesterday, Mom. The children planted some forget-me-nots at the head of the stone. "Love you, Nana," Tristan said softly as he was working. We all love you, we all miss you, and we are all so sad that you are gone.
Posted by Roberta Hudlow on 31st May 2017
I only knew Sonia as a performer who came to St Louis and performed a couple of times when I worked with the Focal Point coffeehouse. She was warm and delightful and told stories of her life. She told some about her activities during the war. She told the story of singing on the hill behind her house that I put on this site before. Along with her delightful friendliness (she even gave me some life advice) was that marvelous voice. I am so glad that I have recordings to recall her presence. I was just looking at one of her albums and planning to play it. I shall play it today and think of that lovely lady who is singing somewhere today as the birds listen.
Posted by Julie Parisi on 31st May 2017
I think of Sonia often with love & gratitude and I miss her. I love you Sonia!
Posted by Shayan Malkine on 31st May 2017
hi Mom :) you are always with us, and we with you. thank you for your singing, your love and your light. how fortunate we are in you.
Posted by Aurélien Roulland on 19th May 2017
I just finished reading her mom May Picqueray's "Pour mes 81 ans d'Anarchie" and thought Sonia would be still alive. She appeared next to her mom in a documentary made by Bernard Bessat in the 80's, and that's how I discovered her voice and life. What a loss !
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 7th October 2016
Missing you, Mom.
Posted by Roberta Hudlow on 31st July 2016
Such a wonderful, sweet voice. Once, when she was in St. Louis, she told us of the time she was singing out on the hillside? behind her house and she suddenly realized that there were birds around her that seemed to be listening to her. She expressed her astonishment, but we assured her that we were not at all astonished. Of course the birds listened to the birdlike purity of her voice. I still listen to the three albums that I have.
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 31st May 2016
Thinking of you today, Mom, as always. For those of you who would like to hear her singing in her prime, Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest interviewing her is now on youtube. Rest in peace, Mom.
Posted by Robert Singleton on 6th November 2015
As an original member of the Red Street Band, I played harmonica on champagne, Bourbon and Cheap Red Wine. I just wanted to say that it was an honor to know Sonia if only briefly and to share her music.
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 7th October 2015
Thinking of you today, Mom, wishing you were here with us on your birthday.
Posted by Wiliam Leone on 31st May 2015
Wonderful memories of your Family gatherings in Shady and the weekly dinners at Shayan's with you. Hearing your voice on this site makes me happy and feeling grateful to have known you! Love to you wherever you are being now, Maybe you and my Mom are hanging out! Abhi
Posted by David Hornung on 31st May 2015
It has been a year? Miss you Sonia and the sound of your voice this Sunday morning still makes time stand still.
Posted by Monelle Richmond on 19th December 2014
First Christmas without you, and we miss you so, Mom.
Posted by Corey Le Fevre on 9th December 2014
I loved listening to her sing and play her hurdy gurdy. She was such a lovely woman and very much missed.
Posted by Mary Anne Malkine on 8th October 2014
We miss you on your day of birth and every day. I miss your sparkle and charm but thinking of you brings it all back to my heart. Love you Sonia
Posted by Marie-May Nielsen on 7th October 2014
Une pensée de Marie-May et Mio
Posted by Cybele Nielsen on 7th October 2014
Happy Birthday, we miss you Nana
Posted by Léo Nouchi on 2nd October 2014
Bonjour. For the past 2 years I've put my children to bed listening to Madame Malkine. Right after reading for them. Her singing has had the most beautiful effect on my son. Who has autism. He falls asleep like a kitten every time. It may seem as a bleak tribute, but for me and him it's great. As well I want to thank Mme Malkine for her fighting in La resistance. It is thank to women like her we today breath the free air of democracy. Un respectueux grand Merci à vous Madame Malkine.
Posted by Cristina Potters on 9th July 2014
I met Sonia in 1969 or 1970 and we became close friends. In 1972, I moved to Woodstock, where she lived and became my mentor in town. Her generosity in introducing me to her friends and colleagues allowed me to know people I might never otherwise have met; it also gave me the opportunity to have the best job in Woodstock. Those are the tangible effects of our friendship. Less tangible and more important were the deep respect and love I have always felt for Sonia, the companionship of her children, and the friendships I forged with others due to her dear love for me. I well remember long nights making music before fires in one or another of our mutual friends' homes, a particularly special night in Vermont with Margaret MacArthur and other musicians, and countless nights of food and talk in Shady. Sonia, I can scarcely believe you are no longer on this plane. Your crystal voice sings on this website, your beautiful face slides by in the photos, and I write to you from far away in Mexico City. You are farther away still, but close to my heart in spite of all. Love--a word too small.
Posted by Lorne Brown on 22nd June 2014
Having never met Sonia, I am perhaps singularly unqualified to pay tribute. But she has influenced me greatly in my career as a storyteller and ballad singer in Canada, and I feel I would like to say something. She strikes me as one who has that awesome combination of strength and gentleness, one who knows the value of simplicity, and one who loves tradition. I'd wager she made a wonderful Christmas cake, probably from her mother's recipe. All this with a sense of elegance. But it is her repertoire I feel somewhat qualified to talk about. As a lover of traditional music, I feel keenly the loss of yet one more singer of traditional songs, We are a dwindling breed, swamped in the rising tide of singer-songwriters. Sonia's repertoire was French, as opposed to the French-Canadian repertoire I am familiar with. It was by listening to her pure voice and simple accompaniment - 'tis the gift to be simple - that I learned some gems I might otherwise be unaware of. She had a particularly fine collection of Breton songs learned from her mom, but could also sing songs from Provence in the Occitan language of Italy and Spain. How I wished she had published a song book with these wonderful songs, and the stories behind them. But I have her CDs, which I listen to with pleasure, and learn from. To her family: thank you for sharing your mom with the world
Posted by Karen Pardini on 18th June 2014
I have wonderful memories of your mom, Christmas trees and songs, gentle love.Her music filling our community, how lucky were we! Sending love to all of you and peace for Sonia.
Posted by Cate Tomlinson on 17th June 2014
When I was young I attended a concert at the Woodstock Playhouse with my Mom in which Sonia performed. I was mesmerized by her beauty, the lute, and her sweet, sweet voice. She was part of the authentic Woodstock of the early years. She will be missed. Rest in peace, Sonia. Thank you for all the beauty you brought into our world. Your family carries on!
Posted by Cindy Cashdollar on 15th June 2014
Sonia was the essence of elegance, wrapped up in a talented package. Fond memories of being young & thinking how "cool" she was, and she raised a family just as such. Another gem In Woodstock's crown of the glory days.
Posted by Chanara Richmond on 15th June 2014
Dapper Jim wore your beautiful scarves everywhere. Now I'm the one wearing them. And when I do, I think of you, just as he did. Your beauty, in all of its many forms, remains with us. I need to thank you from the depths of my heart for giving me the most sincere, heartfelt compliment that I have ever received in my entire life. Ever. You blessed me deeply. Thank you Sonia. Heart Connections are deeper than memories. They are eternal. If you see Jim, give him a hug for me.

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