Loved Christ
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  • Born on February 6, 1966 .
  • Passed away on May 2, 2018 .

This site was created in memory of Sonya Stebbins née Staiger by her husband Albert as a place to share her presence and the love that she gave so freely to all of us who feel her loss.  Her legacy lives on in all those whose lives she touched.  I invite any who knew Sonya to contribute stories, observations, photos, videos, ... .  Sonya was a bright light to many people and these mementos should still bring a smile to those who knew her.

Sonya suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on May 2, 2018 from causes we do not yet know in her home less than a mile from the home she was born into.  Yet her loss was felt deeply in different parts of the globe where many tears were shed.  It is hard to understand why God would take her from us at such a young age of 52 years.  Though we may know she is now in a better place my pain (and perhaps yours) from this forced separation will remain for a long time.  -  May 30, 2018

Posted by Hema Mani on 22nd October 2018
I absolutely have no word to explain my grief for Sonya. She is such a wonderful lady and truly lived for others and dedicated her whole life and always offer Prayers for the well-being and good health for the whole world. She always looks out for an opportunity to help people and traveled all over the world wherever she could and offered her Prayers, time & help for the needy people. She was so loving and caring to everyone. Even whenever she pass-by my home, she never missed having a few words with me & my wife and never forget to checking my parent's health, my Boys education. Even when she was going thru Spine Issues and pains, she always worried that she couldn't travel to help people and never worried about the pain she was going thru. My family truly miss you, Sonya. With Lots of Luv, Mani & Hema
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 30th September 2018
for Sofia Choudhary She was a beautiful soul and a very compassionate human being. I was lucky and blessed to have known her , even for a little time but it was beautiful.
Posted by Shirley Kapina on 17th September 2018
Our memories will never fade because Sonya was a vibrant light and example to all of us. I remember her slender erect figure at Grace Covenant as she listened attentively to every word and praised enthusiastically the "King of Kings." I especially remember our trip to southern Illinois to attend an evangelistic puppet ministry and bring back VBS resources for India. Her face lit up with excitement as we viewed a set of beautiful gospel pictures and when I said she could keep some of the extras. I always enjoyed our fellowship at my home where she brought only "healthy" foods to share. I will always remember her self discipline as sometimes being too hard on herself and perhaps others. Her passion for prayer for our nation, Chicago, and souls was her calling. It was a labor of love that never rested. She is enjoying her reward now and a beautiful rest in the Lords presence. She will always be very much alive in my heart because of the legacy and example of love that she left. I am so glad to have known her and will miss hearing her sweet voice but know I will see her in "Glory."
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 15th September 2018
for Chris and Abigail Stirling Sonya was a huge influence in our lives. She lavishly sowed into us and our community to help our walk with God. I am eternally grateful. We are still reading and distributing materials from our library that she helped is build in Lancaster, California. Her legacy in the kingdom of God lives on. Her kindness generosity and love for the Lord inspired us. Also her words that she would write in the emails, you could see her tenacity for the truth and to encourage the body of Christ.
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 15th August 2018
for Shelli, Guy and Lia We were so sorry to hear about dear Sonya. She played a big role in our life and didn’t even know it. We always talked about her, and we were wondering what was going on and why we haven’t seen or heard from her for a very long time. She is in our hearts and we were so very sad to hear the news. Also wanted to tell you a little story about her, the first time we have met we asked her how she was and she answered - "I’m blessed". From that day on when we talked about her we never called her Sonya, her name for us was Bless. We were definitely blessed to have met her and you, so thank you for that. You are in our hearts and thoughts, Shelli, Guy and Lia August 12, 2018
Posted by Bill Rockwell on 17th June 2018
Most people in life do not meet someone as kind and generous as Sonya . Her passing is still tough for a lot of us, still kind of hard to believe. My wife only spoke with her a handful of times and was very touched by basically everything she had to say. Albert and Sonya have been very kind and generous to me for a lot of years. Not many people pray for you on a constant basis. We will miss the constant caring and thoughtfulness we got from Sonya. We are very sorry Albert has to go through this. I could not imagine. We are ooking forward to seeing him soon, I'm sad that my daughter's won't get to know her until we're all in heaven someday. God bless you Sonya you will be remembered everyday
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 15th June 2018
for Karen Metteer ... the special occasion is the very bittersweet and full awareness that your beloved is with her beloved Maker and Craftsman; the one who made her so tender and special to all who met her. Now I send you this card that so reminds me of her personality: light, bright, fragile, tender and so very beautiful in its darting, hovering, and wind-drifted flight. ... Karen M - Grandview, Missouri May 25, 2018 [see butterfly card in gallery]
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 14th June 2018
for Dr. Erik Ramberg (Sonya always called him "Dr. Erik") Sonya was a ray of light wherever she went. It was always a pleasure to see her. I’m so very sad that she is no longer here. Thinking of her is thinking of the great traits of humanity such as kindness and decency. ... Erik May 5, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 14th June 2018
for Kim Grise Sonya, You have always shown me great kindness - and genuine kindness in all things you do. You inspire me to be a better person. Every day you would go out of your way to make me smile. A very empathetic person, you always picked up on my emotions. We never got the chance to get you that kitten. We didn't catch that coffee we went on about. I never got to thank you for all you had done for me as my friend, in such a short time. I always looked forward to our talks, and although I felt that perhaps you were far better than I deserved in a friend - I am so happy to call you one. I am Honored and Privileged to Have Known YOU! And YOU ARE THE AMAZING ONE. All my Love Kim May 9, 2018
Posted by Pastor Song on 14th June 2018
My dearest sister Sonya , my heart aches to hear you leaving this world so soon. It's true that your real home is not this broken and mess world and you left this world so soon to be in where you belonged. Your love and your generousities will remain forever in our hearts. I will always remember the words you wrote frequently to me; "To be more closer with God and have intimate relationship with Jesus, this is the main priority for your ministry." I have learnt a lot from you to be more fruitful for Jesus Christ here in Myanmar. Oh, We are still trapped by the fears of living in a world immersed in hate and living for matter, greed, pride, and violence, etc... Now, You're freed to the joy of life where there are no more fears, no more tears, no more hate, no more bloodshed, because you are being with the One who has already shed his blood for you. We love you and will see you again in appointed time at our real home. With behalf of Our church and ministry Pastor Song Myanmar
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 12th June 2018
for Frank McConologue I first met Sonya and her husband (Albert) the day of the solar eclipse (2017), we looked at the eclipse through a safety lens I had borrowed from the Fermilab weld shop. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to meet this great couple. Sonya was so kind to me, she spoke of God, nature, and the virtues of being a good human being. I'm a better person for having had the opportunity to have been graced with her presence. I will miss this beautiful lady. Frank McConologue, Lockport, IL May 9, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 12th June 2018
for Mike & Sigrid In loving memories of your international evangelist acts of kindness and boldly sharing the good news. Ministering to the broken hearted, reaching out to the poor and needy! You and your husband Albert have been a great blessing to us. We will see each other again in paradise. Shalom in Yeshua's Love. Mike & Sigrid - Petersberg, Germany June 6, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 12th June 2018
for Deedra Sonya was the consummate evangelist. She was always concerned with living rightly before the Lord and always concerned about those who do not know the Lord. She boldly shared her faith with whoever she came acrossed. Sonya truly lived out her faith before others. I believe that she will continue from her new home to be an influence on this world. Well done sister! Deedra, Dallas, TX May 9, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 12th June 2018
for Joelle M You had sooo much love and life. You always were praying for everyone's spiritual growth, concerned for their eternal soul. I know you walked with God and He walked with you. You are home now! Resting from your race. One day sister, we will all be together, feasting at His table. Enjoying eternity forever. So this is only a temporary goodbye. Joelle M - Los Angeles, CA May 9, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 12th June 2018
for Pastor Song "Dear Lord Jesus - we feel so alone. We have lost our best sister who heart is all about for Jesus Christ. it is quite daunting to know that I will never see her on earth and receive beautiful and powerful messages but I am sure, i will certainly meet in heaven where there is no more pain and death. Praying that when those dark times come when sadness wells up within our hearts that Holy spirit will be there to comfort and help us. Let us forward, when the roll is called up yonder, we shall be there dear brother Albert. What precious Sonya have shown in the life of the poor people and for our church will remain forever!!!! With sadness and prayers Pastor Song and the church" May 3, 2018 Yangon - Myanmar
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 12th June 2018
for Nitin Yadav "You and Sonya both are lovable to me and I am blessed that I could learn lot of things from you knowingly and unknowingly. Sonya introduced to me to the Holy Bible and since then the life has got now a much deeper sense and appreciation toward Lords blessings which HE has given to all of us. I am thankful that because of Sonya only, I could percieve and became the receiver of God's blessing in no time. She uplifted me and I will always keep you and her in highest regards. We all one day will have to start a new journey and I only wish that we all should start the new journey under Jesus' blessing and love." Nitin Yadav - Assam, India May 14, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 11th June 2018
for Alessandra "'I have no words for what happened and I’m sorry if can’t find right words to make you understand my feelings in this moment. I can only cry and cry since I had these news. Sonya was not a guest of the Hotel Park Palace, she was not a pen friend, she was just a special person, a special friend to me and I can’t believe she is not here, with you, with me, with her family and friends any more. I just met her 2 years ago, do you remember? She was the same one, gave to me lots of gifts, chocolate, other small things, anything that could say to me: “ I’m here friend, for you, that’s my love for you”. Now, it’s true, she is with God, the Thing which she needed for living her life, her purpose for living and making the people understand how big it could be this love for Him. I can’t stop crying dear Albert, I miss her a lot. I’m so sorry that I can’t be there, I wish I could be there to see her a last time and say how much I loved her." Alessandra - Pisa, Italy May 10, 2018
Posted by Albert Stebbins on 1st June 2018
Let me start this by saying that Sonya was the best person I have ever known. I am a far better person for having been married to her for nearly 18 years. I don't yet know how to live without her. I love you Sonya!

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