Posted by Lisa Merschen on May 27, 2013
Dear Sooshie,

I was thinking about you with Choochers this past Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are still dear and so, so sweet to me. Choochers and I miss you very much. Hope you're happy with Lady Galadrial and Bundles and Moses and of course Mom and Dad. It would be so special...
Posted by Lisa Merschen on May 27, 2013
The message continued for you dear Sooshie...

Then, of course, it would be oh so special if you were playing up there with Melissa! Please cuddle with her up there for me until I get there with all of yous!

           Love with all my heart,
Posted by Lisa Merschen on November 1, 2011
What a sweet, precious kitty. I knew from the moment I saw her that I loved her. In the shelter she was asleep, sitting up, with her head tilted to one side. I was looking for another black and white cat as a sister to Choochers, but when I saw Sooshie, she stole my heart.

Loving to the end. We miss her. Love, her mom.

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