I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
Psalm 91:2
  • 55 years old
  • Born on April 24, 1955 .
  • Passed away on March 10, 2011 in Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved sister, Sophia Abraham who was born on April 24, 1955 and passed away on March 10, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Sophia had an amazing spirit and a true zest for life. She always had a positive outlook and was never afraid to take risks, making one of her mottos "The only failure in life is failure to try". We are grateful God put Sophia in our lives and would like to celebrate the wonderful life she had.

We would like to express our humble appreciation and gratitude for the many acts of kindness and expression of sympathy shown while we were going through a difficult time. Each prayer helped to ease our pain, each visit lightened our burden, and each phone call reminded us we were not alone. May God bless you all.


Posted by Abeba Isahac on 9th March 2012
It has been six months since I last visited, now it has been a year since you left us, yet, it all seems so surreal. I woke up this morning thinking of you and after praying, I lit a candle for you and put it right underneath the photo you gave to me of your Mother before you left us to meet her. I have it hanging on my walls where it reminds me of you both. May you both Rest in Peace.
Posted by Martha Gebrehewot on 15th November 2011
I miss you Sophia!
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 9th September 2011
Six months today since you left us, but it seems just yesterday that you were here among us. This morning I woke up and lit a candle for you and I felt your presence asking me not to mourn anymore. I will then make this my last message here. Rest you in peace my dearest Sophie
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 27th August 2011
lately we had a mild earthquake followed by a hurricane in New York City, and among those who called to show their concern, your voice was conspicuously silent, and we missed it sorely. Among others, it is at such times when you are most missed. Rest in peace my dearest Sophie.
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 14th August 2011
I thank Liya for her thoughtfulness, and the webmasters too for giving us this site where we can pour out our hearts. It is next to visiting your grave to say hello. Thank you all for this privilege. Rest in peace my dearest Sophie.
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 1st August 2011
I saw the pictures where the balloons went up and disappeared into the sky, as your colleagues planted a tree in your memory. At that moment, I liked to think, perhaps you were up there, together with the angles, looking down, to console us all. Rest in peace my dearest Sophie.
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 29th June 2011
So many times, I have had to refrain myself from picking up the telephone, and to share with you about something or another, the way we always used to do, when I come to the realization, that you would not be there to pick it up on the other end. Rest in peace my dearest Sophie.
Posted by Saba Gebrehiwot on 26th June 2011
I love you.
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 27th May 2011
It is only as time goes bye, that your absence and the emptiness you left behind, which makes your going away seem so real. I miss you more and more each day. Rest in peace my dearest Sophie.
Posted by Bisrat Negash & Gebrehiwe... on 13th May 2011
Sophia You were so full of life. We never thought you would leave us this soon. You were the kind that made the day a little more brigher, the night a little less darker. You were a crown jewel of family and friends. We will miss you a lot.
Posted by Rahel T on 11th May 2011
Sophia, May your soul rest in Heaven!
Posted by Abeba Isahac on 4th May 2011
How can I put into a few words the works of a lifetime that God granted our family to share. Truly, we feel blessed, and although we will sorely miss you, we will cling to the many memories you left behind. Rest in peace my dearest Sophie.
Posted by Elizabeth Semere on 28th April 2011
Sophia will always be in our hearts and memories. She will be missed dearly. Liya, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by Tesfu Isahac on 27th April 2011
"Sophia, Thank you for being who you are!! Loving , caring ,sharing...wonderful human being and you are my sister, Which I'am so proud of. Even though I miss you, you are a treasure that I keep forever in my hart"
Posted by Seferash Asfawossen on 27th April 2011
Sophiye, I miss you a lot. Being a good friend. I know you are resting in peace and one day we all meet again. You always been such an inspirational person to all of us. It is hard to loose a loving,faithfull and wise friend.
Posted by Sophia Omar on 26th April 2011
Liya, may her heart and soul find peace and comfort.
Posted by Aida Fitwe on 25th April 2011
I didn't get a chance to get to know you better but i will cherish the time we had. I know i will see you one day until then Rest in Peace.
Posted by Seble Ephrem on 25th April 2011
"Many are the plans in man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails". Proverbs 19.21. May all in Sophie's family find strength, serenity and hope in the Lord's Will.
Posted by Martha Gebrehewot on 25th April 2011
Sophia, it's a blessing to have you as a sister. You are an amazing role model in every aspect of life. You are my idol. I look up to you. I miss you.
Posted by Tegest Tesfaye on 24th April 2011
Liya, May God rest her soul in peace and give the condolenece to the family.
Posted by Elsa Mebrahtu on 24th April 2011
My condolences to you “ Lia “ and your family. May God give you strength to bear the loss and may your sister’s soul rest in peace. ... Elsa Mebrahtu
Posted by Bethlehem Ramet on 23rd April 2011
My Hero, As we are all passengers in this life, I know that you have reached your destination! It has been my greatest honor and privilege to have you in my life as a mother. And although you were taken too soon, you have instilled in me the values
Posted by Shewhat Eyob on 19th April 2011
Fairwell my beautiful Sophie, until we meet again in that peaceful place. Words can not describe how fotunate I have been to have you in my life. We have shared so many things; some challenges and lots of wondeful moments. My family misses you very
Posted by Biniyam Abraham on 16th April 2011
My dearest sister Sophia, I am very fortunate to have a sister like you in this walk of life. Your love and your continuous care for all family members is remarkable. Even though you departed from us, I will always remember you.Your Brother, Biniyam
Posted by L G on 12th April 2011
Sophia, words can not explain how much I miss you. I am so grateful God put you in my life as a loving and caring sister. Your resilience even when you went through the hardest time amazed me. Your hard work inspired me. I am so proud of you.

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