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A Wonderful Friend

Shared by Grace Grattechi on May 25, 2021
Soraya would never say no to a girls night out! Gosh, we had so many adventures. I met her when she had just immigrated from Turkey, living in the same neighborhood as her. When she couldn't understand me very well, I tried to teach her English, and enrolled her into a school. 

She will never be forgotten. 

Reading to Me

Shared by Miray Marie Burcu on May 25, 2021
My grandma was Soraya Burcu, and she would always read to me afterschool when I was younger. She would make me laugh so hard, with all of her funny voices. These moments should have been cherished more, and I wish I could go back to those times. 

Car Ride to the Duck Pond

Shared by Ophelia Burcu on May 25, 2021
I was younger than most of my siblings, and I remember my mother, Soraya, wanting to go to the duck pond when I was seven years old. Issiah and Ahmet, my older brothers, were 12 and 13 years old. My brothers didn't want to go to the duck pond, and complained the entire car ride there. My mother was getting very annoyed, and pulled over. Ahmet and Issiah got out on the side of the road, and said they would walk home. 
My mother had this megaphone in the car, for some odd reason, and screamed into it the Lord's Prayer, in Turkish, down the road. I was laughing very hard, and Issiah and Ahmet got into the car. My mother made sure they would enjoy the duck pond. We all laugh about this story every time my mother would tell it. 

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